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The Business Boutique is a growing community of women who are making money doing what they love. In each episode, business coach and Ramsey Personality Christy Wright takes a deep dive into topics like marketing, selling, social media and profits. Episodes include featured interviews with top experts in each of these areas. Christy delivers motivating and thought-provoking messages while sharing stories of women who have found success that will inspire you on your journey.

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  • Heather
    Episode 91 👍🏼
    I just listened to episode 91 about being authentic. Thank you!! And I’m going to check out Darling Magazine as well. They have such a meaningful message and mission statement.
  • wmccandless
    Great advice, but too religious
    Christy has a lot of good advice, but it’s challenging to listen past all references to God. For someone who is secular and believes a person’s strengths do not emanate from a divine spirit, it’s hard to hear Christy and her guests give so much credit for their success to someone other than themselves. If you believe in free will, which is arguable we even have, then God has nothing to do with our successes and failures in life.
  • MegFinn11
    Such an eloquent and inspiring speaker
    I can’t say enough about this podcast. Somehow Christy manages to encourage and inspire through Gods love and teachings while at the very same time giving the best business and personal advice. I’ve listened to her consistently when my business was just an idea 7 months ago and somehow the pieces fell in place just so and now instead of an idea I have a BRAND. Thank you Christy!!! Love you so much.
  • Oh no it's co
    So motivational
    I’m in my first year of business and found this podcast 7 months in. I binge listened to it almost every day while working on my apparel business. It really gave me the motivation and focus to power through my first holiday season and I am taking so many new tips and strategies into 2020 I can’t wait to continue to crush goals and grow my business with the help of Christi and the BB
  • Oohlalalindz
    Blown away!
    Love the 1st episode with Christine Caine! I can’t wait to see what’s next for my life and this podcast!
  • gracevandy
    Life changing for real!
    I started listening to this podcast when I quit substitute teaching to work in my art business full-time. The easy thing to do is listen to Christie’s sound advice, the challenging thing to do is actually put it into action! If you do, the latter, the changes in your life & business will be astronomical. I started listening with only a few sales on Etsy & now have over 1700 sales in just one year. Christie has been my main source of information & wisdom & I am so thankful for how she links business with Christianity. I never feel “off” after listening or defeated by overwhelm. There’s power in the Holy Spirit & the way Christie intertwines walking with Jesus & working in my business has been life changing for me in the best way. THANK YOU!
  • DahiannaSB
    One of my most favorite podcasts of all time!
    I listen to a big variety of podcasts, all with the intention of gaining knowledge, motivation, and perspective. The Business Boutique podcast is hands down one of my favorites! I am working on starting my own Business and Christy’s knowledge, advice and upbeat attitude help me keep going through the tough times! She has a way of getting me out of my own head and helping me put my thoughts into action! Thank you Christy and team! God bless you for your tireless work in helping women like me feel confident and comfortable starting our own business!
  • Allison8469
    Listened to All Episodes!!!
    I came across Business Boutique Podcast sometime this summer- not sure exactly when - I have listened to every episode some multiple times! There are several will listen to again! The resources, the interviews, the great conversations- thank you for having a podcast that everyone can learn from! I’m adding Christy Wright’s book to my birthday/Christmas list (December babies know what Im talking about).
  • Anne Kuehl
    Anne Kuehl
    Christy Wright is an absolute dynamo (and sweetheart) of a teacher, speaker, writer, and interviewer! This podcast is power packed with expert testimony, coaching through personal and professional obstacles, instruction on the oftentimes confusing relationship between faith and business (and women of faith in business in particular), best business practices, and developing an achievement oriented mindset. I have grown so much under her coaching... listening in weekly is so encouraging, challenging, and empowering.
  • jmar821
    I discovered the BB Podcast by listening to Dave Ramsey. I have had ideas for building a social media management business, but haven’t had the proper insight how to get things up and running. I feel so inspired and motivated with every podcast I listen to and I am ready to start putting my thoughts and ideas into action! Thank you Christy!
  • reyeolores
    I don’t like that she interrupts the guests too much
    I used to like to listen to her but lately she talk too much when it’s time for the guests to talk she doesn’t let them finish a whole thought .
  • JoshCrist
    Insightful, entertaining and actionable 🙌
    I feel completely at home listening to Christy and her guests - bowled over by their brilliant advice and nourishing (also inspiring!) conversations. This podcast is the secret ingredient for any entrepreneur who's looking for tools and lessons on how to improve their business & life without draining their bank account & well-being. HIGHLY recommend listening & subscribing!!
  • cgarnhart
    Listen to EVERY Episode.
    I came across Christy Wright through Pat Flynn’s podcast. It was divine intervention! She is fantastic in her ability to recognize how women can use their gifts to create a businesses in their areas of passion and expertise. Listen to each episode even if you don’t think it pertains to you. For example, I don’t have an Etsy based business but there will ALWAYS be a nugget of wisdom that’s applicable to you and your journey. Keep us going Christy!
  • peterbarnhart
    Inspirational Podcast!!!
    I stumbled across Christy’s series by accident because I listen to a LOT of Dave Ramsey. I feel so blessed to have found these became her words truly inspire me to go after my dreams and goals!!
  • naturallybecoming
    Episode 82: Succeed At Anything by Understanding the Importance of Discipline
    I started listening to this podcast since June of this year out of curiosity and I really like how you integrate business principles and concepts to everyday living. Even though I don’t own a business I can relate to the life applications! Listening to this episode made me understand what happens when I make excuses for myself and I’m not intentional and disciplined with my goals. No wonder I’ve lost confidence not only in myself but in God. Thanks for doing this episode and for having Dave Ramsey speak about his thoughts on discipline. I didn’t grow up with a dad so listening to him is like listening to a caring father. Thank you again!
  • Amber Loden
    You speak to my heart
    Thank you! You remind me that being a women means being strong! That I’m not just a mom, or a wife, although those are amazing gifts I’ve been given from the Lord, I am a DREAMER!
  • E-dub the health advocate
    Gf, you knock it out of the park all the time, eh time I listen to your podcast you tend to touch exactly what I’m going through and address my fear that’s holding me back from accomplishing my dreams. Ty for being you and I’m still scared and I have a friend to encourage me on...
  • melouise414
    Helpful and Grateful
    I had listened to Business Boutique a few times a couple months ago, but sort of forgot about it. Then yesterday, I looked it up again while I was working hard in the barn, and decided why not? I was incredibly blessed and even shed a few tears with the concept of building a business and going for your dreams. Don’t let yourself be held back because of others or fear! I also felt like she gave really great tips to help with social media as well as spiritually bringing God into every detail. I have been working so hard, and it not really paying off in the financial area, but God has provided so much information through this podcast, and other people, that I believe that I am in the right spot😁. Thank you again for sharing your experience and journey. Keep up the good work! Mel Mel’s Equestrian Services LLC
  • yvonnec626
    So many good ideas
    I really enjoy this podcast. I wish we could throw Ken Coleman and Cristy in the same podcast so I can find my business’ sweet spot!
  • Straughber
    Love this podcast
    Helps me on all the areas of business and life :) I love it, she’s straight forward, real and really cares of serving others
  • Dancerkaeti
    You Rock
    You are inspiring me so much to get my business with my momma off the ground!!! Thank you!! ❤️❤️❤️
    Amazing podcast
    Christy is real, passionate, smart and a Godly woman you will feel empowered to become more than you think you can and reach for the stars. She’s practical, real and very business savvy.
  • lizBD1
    Today’s podcast was amazing!!!!
    I loved the story of HOPE you brought to the world today!!!! So so so encouraging 💗 thank you for all you do & so fun to “meet” Bob Goff on the podcast he was so fun ♥️
  • jennybutlermd
    Every woman should listen to
    Even if you are not a business owner you will gain great tips and lessons from this podcast. I do not own my own buisiness and I do not think I ever will. However I listen to every episdoe. Christy is such a hilarious, humble, caring, and fun host. I wish I could have her over for dinner and become friends!
  • lighthousebaker
    Excited but HOW?
    I am impressed! I am encouraged BUT I am stuck in how to get my business off the ground and producing even after Farmers Market! I am a vendor with baked goods! I need to keep this up all year! How can I get my “out-of-this-world” Cinnamon Rolls off the “ground” and up where people want them?
  • hlcs*
    Every time I listen to Christy I feel so inspired and positive. She is just a light in your day and she helps you to find it in yours. She is a wealth of actionable information. Make time to listen!
  • cathyn1215
    Encouraging and gave me hope 😀
    Glad I found Christy through Dave Ramsey’s site. I’m about ready to give up on my real estate business, I’m in business debt and was totally debt free aside my house prior to this first quarter of this year. After just one episode, have hope to pull thru.
  • Konnections TA
    She’s a Saving Grace
    It’s been nearly one year since I started listening and binging all things Business Boutique. I was slightly ready to give up on my business when I started applying Christy’s techniques. I took the plunge and joined the Academy, and then signed up and attended the Business Boutique conference by myself. It was a boost of energy and optimism for me and my business. I grabbed the new planner and everything else has been history. I’ve more than doubled my business income so far this year. Christy is down to earth, energetic and provides such great step by step advice. I just love her!
  • boro jen
    Thank you!
    I love Christy’s energy and enthusiasm. Her ability to teach and encourage is so uplifting! I am a small business owner in Murfreesboro and look forward to hearing her podcasts on my commute. I am learning so much from you and your guests. Thank you, Christy for all that you do to help us. You’re amazing!
  • DulceMariaJ
    Forever Grateful
    Christy’s podcast has given me the courage and tools to pursue my dreams! THANK YOU! Update: I avidly listened to this podcast for atleast a year before I went to the BB event. I left so inspired and determined to take action. I just released my first product!!!! I’m grateful for all the topics Christy talks about because I’m able to apply them to my life and growing business. You won’t regret subscribing, it is life changing!
  • Dude2343668
    Amazing resources, encouraging people
    I’ve been listening to Business Boutique this summer as I launched my private speech practice. What an encouragement it’s been to be introduced to so many smart, authentic and engaging people! I keep a running notebook to write down all the links, quotes and ideas shared each episode. Keep up the great work and thank you!!
  • abale29
    Keeps me going
    Love the encouragement that comes from learning and realizing everyone was where I am once.
  • Bekah Kaluf
    A Must For Your Business
    Christy’s podcast is hands down a must for your business! Her words are life giving and have helped me in countless ways with my small business! She’s so fun to listen to-you won’t regret it!
  • Living life in health
    Finding your true self
    This podcast is a shot of God centered growth for your business or personal growth. I love how I’m always blessed with the right content for me when I listen. Christy comes with energy and love as the shares the hard truths into our world. I respect her focus on God, family and dreams (business) for each women in her space. Thank you for this podcast that gives us balance within our life.
  • shannondsmith
    Christy’s Podcast is so relatable and informative! I always walk away feeling a little smarter and definitely more ready to face any new obstacles! Thanks Christy!
  • Courtney's Confections
    If you want to succeed, listen!
    Two months ago, I was ready to give up on my business. Out of desperation, I reached out to other cookie business owners asking for advise on how to grow. One business lady highly recommended this podcast. It’s been two months since I’ve started listening and implementing what Christy and her guests teach, and wow, my business has changed tremendously! I’m doing more business than I’ve ever done, and God is opening doors that I never imagined. Thank you Christy for sharing your wisdom, stories, and gifts to help business ladies like myself to succeed.
  • Janel0216
    Always helpful!
    I’ve had a successful home organizing business for the past 7 years & recently decided to transition my business to teach women how to manage their time & get organized in online formats. Making that transition has been overwhelming at times. Christy’s podcasts have helped me gain the courage to make the leap. She has a wonderful selection of podcasts that inspire, motivate, and give on point advice to overcome my challenges. I just scroll through and pick a topic that is relevant to where I’m at and I ALWAYS get great advice!! Thank you Christy for being my much needed mentor!
  • Barefootnelly
    God Sent
    Christy always has a really valuable timely word! I have learned so much from her!! So thankful I don’t have to walk this journey alone.
  • Gina R Dee
    This podcast is helping me and my mom achieve our dream of starting our own business! We just bought tickets for her conference in Nashville and we can’t wait!
  • roundbrushsalon
    This podcast played a huge role in my business life and the inspiration I receive from it has become a necessity. I already had my business idea and small space but my business one year ago was nothing compared to what it is today and Christy Wright was always playing on my phone or in me head, she sees the value in human beings and is a breath of fresh air.
    I Love Christy’s Perspective
    Christy, is fun, charismatic, well informed, and I am so blessed that their is someone from the Ramsey Solution to help guide women to have successful businesses from a Christian Perspective.
  • Brinlynn
    This podcast was very inspiring. It helped me look at building my business differently. I am trying to build a freelance design business so that I can be home with my baby and spend more time with my family. I had been really overwhelmed with where to start and this really opened my eyes about the ground work, allowing me to prepare differently.
  • DMBbarry
    I listened once and threw up all over my kitchen table.
  • lakinstanfield
    Faith centered advice!
    I attended my first Business Boutique event in November of 2016 in Nashville. To say it made my heart soar is an understatement! Today, over 2 years later as I listen to Christy talk with one of my favorite encouragers, Lara Casey- I had several moments where I was almost drawn to tears! These two women want to help! Not only do they want to help, but they are going to stay rooted in the word as they guide us. That right there is a golden nugget that has earned and keeps my trust. Great advice, inspiration and foundation for stepping into God’s purpose for my life!
  • Braverbolderliving
    Exactly What I Need To Hear
    Every episode teaches me so much! I have been battling the lies filling my thoughts since I started my business last year. But I cling to God’s Word and hear Him say trust me. It is not by my strength but His. Your podcast reminds me that I am not alone. I am so excited to join Business Boutique Academy on Monday.
  • My3kidsss
    Just starting out...
    I’ve been slowly starting a business making gifts and apparel, and a friend suggested the Business Boutique podcast. All I can say is WOW!! Christie’s enthusiasm shines in each episode and each guest has something — even if a tiny idea— that helps me. Not only in launching my business, but in my personal life. I’m excited to keep on listening & learning! Thank you Christie! Teri Chason
  • Kinger45
    Fortune Favors the Bold
    I have a hockey skating technique business. I am a petite lady in a male dominated world, but listening to Christy and reading her book has helped me gain the tools and confidence I need to build a growing business. Also, she has inspired me to look beyond the dollar signs and contemplate what is the legacy of my business? How am I using my business to impact the world and glorify God? Christy, hurry up and announce you Nashville event! I am definitely flying out from Los Angeles to see you!! Thank you for using your gifts to help so many of us.
  • Olaundra Grace
    More Than A Business....
    Two words...Absolutely Inspiring! Christy, I have been listening to your Podcast for two weeks now and I have become a SPONGE! I can’t get enough. I find myself on a daily basis wanting to know more and more. There is so much I can say about “Business Botique”, but one thing I know for sure you are changing lives. There was something you said that I will forever keep in mind “...but there is a group of people that God wants to use me to help them”. Here I am saying to myself, “Well, the market already has this, How can I make a difference, Is there room for what I have.” I am in tears as I write this. Christy, thank you so much for blessing us with your gift of encouragement and inspiration! You have given me something you can’t buy in a store. One day I look forward to meeting you! Thank you for Business Botique!💜 Grace From Augusta, GA
  • adrea from redeemedmadenew
    Can’t recommend enough!
    I started my business Redeemedmadenew in 2018 and found Christy shortly after. Her podcast has helped not only educate me on many different aspects of my business but helped keep me inspired and motivated when things were slow. I’ve listened to almost every episode and just can’t get enough. Thanks for being so down to earth!
  • Kenziecoolkid
    Love Christy Wright
    Y’all, no joke, I prayed for the Lord to send me someone that was a godly person and was highly knowledgeable in business that I could follow to get good information from! I am 20 & just started my own boutique and I knew nothing about business but knew I was called to it. I don’t know her at all personally but I follow her on insta, listen to her podcast and purchased the book and planner! She is amazing & knows her stuff!
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