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Neil Patel and Eric Siu bring you daily ACTIONABLE digital marketing lessons that they've learned through years of being in the trenches. Whether you have a new website or an established business, learn the latest SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization and general online marketing tactics that work today. With over 50 million downloads and 1,400 episodes, you're sure to find something that will help you grow faster. If you're interested in being a guest on the show, e-mail to get on the waitlist.

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  • haoxcmdnabkickd
    Washed Out
    Half the content is used for advertising. Other half repeats the same point. Don’t waste your time.
  • Health_ Coach
    Practicle information on the go!
    Very enjoyable, lightweight podcast episodes packed with practicle information on the go!
  • Alonso w/Victoria 21
    Neil is the real Deal
    I have used tools Neil have recommended many years ago and helped me so much. Thank you Neil.
  • Benchairman
    Pretty bad, because
    1. The Intro and commercial takes longer than the few paragraphs they talk. 2. It’s a typical marketing strategy to aim for visibility & ranking to serve the Apple Podcast engine. It reflects that they don’t like doing / creating podcast anymore. You guys lost the spirit! Therefore, I am out!
  • Chris_audience
    Great show!
    One of the best podcast on marketing out there. Period. This show is really good. Highly recommended!
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Eric and Neil, hosts of the Marketing School podcast, highlight all aspects of digital marketing and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Mini Makes It
    Very easy listen and very actionable
    I have been listening for years but I use overcast and have never really got a chance to come here and leave a review. I have a long commute so I find these podcasts a little too quick but I am sure for the average listener that would be a huge plus. Eric and Neil work well together.
  • Connor22!
    Easy and to the point!
    I love this podcast because of its format. Sort episodes on topical subjects. Their is show notes and they are titled accurately so you can jump around to what is relevant to you at the moment. I am just starting my career in digital marketing and management so any tools they talk about and strategy is super helpful!
  • Mocha Mona
    Quick and informative
    I love listening to this podcast every morning before I start my work - marketing day. Great marketing advice and down in a couple of minutes!
  • Potato_is_good
    Great show!
    This podcast is as easy to follow and comprehensive as it is informative and valuable. Neil and Eric do a great job of breaking down their topics in a way that is enjoyable to listen to, and they each have a great deal of advice and marketing expertise to share with the people!
  • galaxyhero123
    Great Podcast!
    I love this podcast. The episodes aren't too long and these guys teach great marketing skills.
  • N_5466
    Very informative!
    Episodes aren't too long and the hosts offer tons of useful information to help people in what can be a very intimidating field! Would definitely recommend people check them out.
  • hawk0209
    Production has declined
    I enjoyed the short format but recent episodes have declined. The audio is poor, the intro is broken, it skips around, and it seems more like they had a phone conversation then edited it into little podcasts. Yes, I know they are using clubhouse but, with that, it seems subpar now.
  • JenNippsOnline
    Bite-Size, High Value Information
    I am typically intimidated and somewhat overwhelmed by marketing. This podcast gives me information I need in actionable ways without adding to the overwhelm. That’s always a good thing.
  • ParadisePecan
    Way Too Short
    These episodes are way too short. The purpose of podcasting is to listen to deep content for at min 30 mind and ideally 1 hr. A five min marketing spot is annoying. For someone who focuses so much on long form content marketing by writing I am surprised that Neil Patel would put his name on this short form audio content.
  • Luvgooddeals
    Part of my daily routine
    One podcast was all it too for me to subscribe and become an avid listener. These guys are so well informed and speak in a way anyone can understand. I rarely take the time to write reviews but I had to after binging on their podcast for 2016 to present! I keep a notebook of their podcasts that’s how valuable the information is. Keep it up!
  • MoneyMentorMeg
    The Reason my business has leveled up!
    5 years ago my biz was 99% local referrals and I knew I wanted to pivot and grow my business in a different way. After watching and listening to Neil, I got enough new ideas and resources to start making that change. Today my business is self sufficient with leads coming in from online, B2B, videos and my database. I would not be where I am at with over 2 Million in Revenue without his value and advice. I have one entire Virtual assistant who focuses on SEO and better content! Thank you Neil!
  • idontknowwhat14
    This content works better as blog
    25-30% of content is the intro and ads…. The tips that may be useful is lost through the fast-paced short chats.
  • Charlotte Petit Noble
    Neil Patel is a Big Deal
    Love Neil Patel. His skills and knowledge make a huge difference. I know that if I am looking for the best value in terms of Seo and online marketing, he is the one I am listening. Always shares great stuff and bring the best guest ever!
  • A. Bitz
    Favorite Episode is...
    It’s pretty good for short form
  • Tosh913
    Incredible tactics and value for any business
    Okay. Look here.,Neil and Eric give incredible value and specific tactics with each podcast. My mind gets blown each episode . I feel like my synapses are firing at all ends. Like becoming super human with all this SEO information. now I must apply!!!
  • DGorsha
    Addicting and a MUST for today’s marketers
    This podcast keeps me well-informed in all areas of marketing which helps me remain relevant in my industry. Experts, Eric and Neil, share everything they’re hearing and learning including what they’re implementing in their own businesses. The episodes are fast, easy-to-understand, and addicting.
  • Grusha - ElitePodcastBookings
    Awesome Content!
    Kudos! Looking forward to your upcoming shows!
  • Red Punch Design
    Slow Down Bro
    Pros: Short little biz tips/ lessons. Cons: The one dude is either on a 3day coke bender or they 2x his vocal track.
  • Xeipher
    School For You But Conferences Only For Leads
    UPDATE - This is NOT a daily podcast. Just another trick. I would never hire or recommend either of these car salesmen. All they care about is their own traffic and getting more leads. They don’t care about you or your business. I love the format of this Podcast. Daily, short marketing opinions from two guys running successful companies. I just wish they would be up front and say “fill out the form on our website and we’ll see if your a good fit for our conference”. Instead, they make it sound like anyone would be able to attend. Although, in their latest episode their opinion was that you should vet your conference attendees. Because you’re only going to want the high value people in your community coming to your events. Not those other podcast listeners. Come on guys.
  • MGD1234567
    Useful for Everyone
    I'm not in marketing but I do a lot of work that overlaps the skills marketers use. I've found this show very helpful when it comes to promotion, web design, SEO, and more.
  • nealtucker
    The Best
    One of the best marketing and entrepreneurial podcasts out there. SEO, social media, video, influencing, etc. It’s daily, short, digestible, and actionable. Listen to this podcast to get better at content marketing every single day. It’s seriously that good.
  • HiddenTactics
    Why was Neil there?
  • Sprocket19
    My go to podcast just like evergreen tactics podcast
    All your information has help my business in so many ways! If you like SEO and marketing I would appreciate support and you checking out my podcast evergreen tactics podcast! But Neil is a genius at marketing and a thought leader in the digital world!
  • DDodge2
    My Go-To Marketing Podcast
    Great podcast! Can't tell you how much it has helped our company navigate some difficult times and emerge better and stronger. These guys give - and give - and give. Not only do they keep giving out free content that has helped us tremendously, but they even respond to emails and tweets - always giving helpful advice. When it comes time for us to look for outsource help in marketing, I would look nowhere else. Thank you again Neil and Eric!
  • Pantsoffury
    Phenomenal content
    I usually don’t write many reviews, but I had to write one for these guys. They offer fantastic, valuable information and insights into different marketing techniques. Also, I’ve found their marketing tips to be extremely helpful in implementing ideas in my marketing plan. Keep up the great work, guys!
  • guy starly
    Power of setting examples
    Great tips! Please consider setting an example for professional communication. Using the word “like” numerous times in each sentence detracts for conveying key ideas, sounds immature (junior -high, kid speak). And unprofessional. Clients expect us marketing professionals to be articulate in all forms of our communication. Thanks for your consideration of the examples we set for each other. Keep the school going!
  • Ckim198734
    Love this podcast
    Eric and Neil are great. They have been in the marketing game for a long long time so I value all the advice they give. I love how practical this podcast is with lots of awesome advice. Keep up the great work guys.
  • jmd6871
    Excellent advice!
    I just moved into a new job as Director Of E-commerce for a small to mid brand and I love these short but very useful tips that I can put to work right away!
  • Aboychuk
    One of the best marketing podcast
    I love the format of this podcast. All episodes are short but in the same time full with valuable and actionable information. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge.
    This a continuous Ad
    Too short and most of the time is an Ad for what I think is there own hosting service or someone is paying. Not recommended. Don’t let names sell you trash
  • JP3600801
    Great content with amazing value
    I am a new marketer I recently graduated with a bachelors in marketing. I started working full time a week after graduation at a marketing agency and am fairly new to the real marketing world. I started listening to your podcasts and I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time. The content you guys provide is high quality but also short and right to the point. Love the content keep up the great work!
  • sirsee001
    So much value
    The value they provide is amazing! I’ve been able to use these tips to help me level up at my job and my personal reselling business
  • Jesse 1246289525
    They are literally geniuses!!!
    These guys are so ahead of the marketing arena! Thanks for all the content guys!!
  • Blue Owl Night Bird
    Listen to this to help your business
    Even as a freelancer, the information provided in this podcast is extremely helpful to running a successful business. Really like that the episodes are short, sweet, and to the point- you can quickly listen and then get on with implementing the key insight.
  • Housley21
    The best marketing tips from successful entrepreneurs
    Eric and Neil have created a great marketing podcast. I love the short and quick daily episodes and that you both have grown very successful businesses so we can trust your suggestions. I will say one thing that can improve your show for newbies is to explain an acronym when you say one ex-CRM. Also-Quick question: I have my website ( posts in a forum, am I better off creating pages for each post on my site or does that not matter in SEO? Thanks for helping me and so many others!
  • Abeversg
    Perfect Format
    The tweet equivalent of marketing podcasts. Great topics that get to the point and at a digestible length, oh and delivered by two well respected thought leaders.
  • Prepper Website
    A Powerful Duo!
    The value and advice that Neil and Eric provide is to good to pass up! There are many times when the information provided on their podcast causes me to get on the web and do more research on the topic. Thanks for the time and effort guys! Keep up the good work! - Todd
  • Earth science is my Jam
    Great tips for the entrepreneur/marketers
    The longform episodes from the live event are awesome. I hope there will be more like this in the future! We have been able to implement many of these strategies in our business, Feliz Reef. Despite being a fish food company, we use many of these tactics to grow our business 🐠
  • Chas Micheal Micheals
    A guiding light for a small startup
    Long time listener since the pre-launch of our startup. We are always evaluating strategies that apply to our business and testing them out. Can’t thank you guys enough for all the insight we’ve gained over the years. Keeping inspiring more small business owners to take the leap like we did. Thanks from Brad & Jill at FIXY Makeup.
  • jimmy5677
    Changed my life
    I am a seasoned marketer with 25+ years of experience. I have my own consulting business but have noticed more and more Clients need digital expertise and I just dont have it. I found marketing school and it has changed my life. The material is dead on and I love the bite-sized chunks. Just enough to grt you started and I save a lot of the episodes and come back after I have gotten started and want to go deeper. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.
  • Sumbitchazztrix
    Good stuff!
    Good little insights that are easy to digest and apply.
  • Dave Amirault
    Remedial at best.
    If you’re insecure about your knowledge in digital marketing this will be fine. Don’t expect anything advanced. Also, the obnoxious intro / outro are a total waste of your time and will make you smash the +:15 every episode. Someone buy these two some proper audio equipment. It often sounds like they’re recording from the bottom of the ocean.
  • thecharmedstudio
    Microphone issue
    Enjoy this podcast but Eric’s microphone really tinny sounding. distracting for me as a listener.
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