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Neil Patel and Eric Siu bring you daily ACTIONABLE digital marketing lessons that they've learned through years of being in the trenches. Whether you have a new website or an established business, learn the latest SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization and general online marketing tactics that work today.

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  • nealtucker
    The Best
    One of the best marketing and entrepreneurial podcasts out there. SEO, social media, video, influencing, etc. It’s daily, short, digestible, and actionable. Listen to this podcast!
  • A. Bitz
    Favorite Episode is...
    The biggest mistake when you guys got started episodes have been my favorite. As someone in the earlier stages as a digital marketer it is inspire to see the journey you both had. Thanks and keep it up! Super cheers 😊🙏🏼
  • Pantsoffury
    Phenomenal content
    I usually don’t write many reviews, but I had to write one for these guys. They offer fantastic, valuable information and insights into different marketing techniques. Also, I’ve found their marketing tips to be extremely helpful in implementing ideas in my marketing plan. Keep up the great work, guys!
  • guy starly
    Power of setting examples
    Great tips! Please consider setting an example for professional communication. Using the word “like” numerous times in each sentence detracts for conveying key ideas, sounds immature (junior -high, kid speak). And unprofessional. Clients expect us marketing professionals to be articulate in all forms of our communication. Thanks for your consideration of the examples we set for each other. Keep the school going!
  • Ckim198734
    Love this podcast
    Eric and Neil are great. They have been in the marketing game for a long long time so I value all the advice they give. I love how practical this podcast is with lots of awesome advice. Keep up the great work guys.
  • jmd6871
    Excellent advice!
    I just moved into a new job as Director Of E-commerce for a small to mid brand and I love these short but very useful tips that I can put to work right away!
  • Aboychuk
    One of the best marketing podcast
    I love the format of this podcast. All episodes are short but in the same time full with valuable and actionable information. Thank you guys for sharing your knowledge.
    This a continuous Ad
    Too short and most of the time is an Ad for what I think is there own hosting service or someone is paying. Not recommended. Don’t let names sell you trash
  • JP3600801
    Great content with amazing value
    I am a new marketer I recently graduated with a bachelors in marketing. I started working full time a week after graduation at a marketing agency and am fairly new to the real marketing world. I started listening to your podcasts and I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time. The content you guys provide is high quality but also short and right to the point. Love the content keep up the great work!
  • sirsee001
    So much value
    The value they provide is amazing! I’ve been able to use these tips to help me level up at my job and my personal reselling business
  • Jesse 1246289525
    They are literally geniuses!!!
    These guys are so ahead of the marketing arena! Thanks for all the content guys!!
  • Blue Owl Night Bird
    Listen to this to help your business
    Even as a freelancer, the information provided in this podcast is extremely helpful to running a successful business. Really like that the episodes are short, sweet, and to the point- you can quickly listen and then get on with implementing the key insight.
  • Housley21
    The best marketing tips from successful entrepreneurs
    Eric and Neil have created a great marketing podcast. I love the short and quick daily episodes and that you both have grown very successful businesses so we can trust your suggestions. I will say one thing that can improve your show for newbies is to explain an acronym when you say one ex-CRM. Also-Quick question: I have my website ( posts in a forum, am I better off creating pages for each post on my site or does that not matter in SEO? Thanks for helping me and so many others!
  • Abeversg
    Perfect Format
    The tweet equivalent of marketing podcasts. Great topics that get to the point and at a digestible length, oh and delivered by two well respected thought leaders.
  • Prepper Website
    A Powerful Duo!
    The value and advice that Neil and Eric provide is to good to pass up! There are many times when the information provided on their podcast causes me to get on the web and do more research on the topic. Thanks for the time and effort guys! Keep up the good work! - Todd
  • Earth science is my Jam
    Great tips for the entrepreneur/marketers
    The longform episodes from the live event are awesome. I hope there will be more like this in the future! We have been able to implement many of these strategies in our business, Feliz Reef. Despite being a fish food company, we use many of these tactics to grow our business 🐠
  • Chas Micheal Micheals
    A guiding light for a small startup
    Long time listener since the pre-launch of our startup. We are always evaluating strategies that apply to our business and testing them out. Can’t thank you guys enough for all the insight we’ve gained over the years. Keeping inspiring more small business owners to take the leap like we did. Thanks from Brad & Jill at FIXY Makeup.
  • jimmy5677
    Changed my life
    I am a seasoned marketer with 25+ years of experience. I have my own consulting business but have noticed more and more Clients need digital expertise and I just dont have it. I found marketing school and it has changed my life. The material is dead on and I love the bite-sized chunks. Just enough to grt you started and I save a lot of the episodes and come back after I have gotten started and want to go deeper. Thanks guys. Keep up the great work.
  • Sumbitchazztrix
    Good stuff!
    Good little insights that are easy to digest and apply.
  • Dave Amirault
    Remedial at best.
    If you’re insecure about your knowledge in digital marketing this will be fine. Don’t expect anything advanced. Also, the obnoxious intro / outro are a total waste of your time and will make you smash the +:15 every episode. Someone buy these two some proper audio equipment. It often sounds like they’re recording from the bottom of the ocean.
  • thecharmedstudio
    Microphone issue
    Enjoy this podcast but Eric’s microphone really tinny sounding. distracting for me as a listener.
  • rbcarson2039
    terrible audio
    I can not take this content seriously with the terrible quality audio. I want to like it but I can't.
  • podcastdom
    One action tip every time
    Love the to the point action tips, not 15 tips that are overwhelming but one every time which makes it possible to implement. Also great that there is no rambling about nothing for 10 minutes like in so many other podcast, Eric and Neil get straight to the point. Thx a lot. Dominique from Switzerland. I wonder if you keep the emails you scraped from your list regularly and try to reengage people after like a a year or two when they might be in the different place? Or delete them altogether?
  • CMJPro226
    Great daily dose
    NEW REVIEW I’m decreasing this from 5 to 4 stars. It’s an excellent show, but recently it’s been coming out later in the day instead of being there when I wake up. That means I can’t make it part of my morning routine, so I’m starting to only occasionally listen to it. =========== PREVIOUS REVIEW Little snippets to listen to over coffee each day. Always useful, always short, alway there 7 days a week.
  • tpmagicman
    The best there is!
    The best there is! Actual helpful and usable information. Trustworthy source!
  • BigDsa
    I work in a large marketing group and learn something every show. I love the quick focused episodes. Grow your marketing knowledge on everything from SEO to Email.
  • oifusmca152a
    Timely information to grow your reach
    As I listened to this episode I was sending a bcc email at my day job with a 27 word title because our marketing team said compliance would approve it. Thank god I can use real techniques for my business! Thanks for the knowledge guys!
  • Jon1229
    Worth the small investment of your time
    These guys provided easily digestible nuggets of marketing wisdom on a daily basis. They have enriched my life in two short weeks.
  • lt232
    Concise way to be up-to-date on social
    Great, concise way to be up-to-date on social media strategies. I love listening to this podcast while I’m driving to and/or from work. Thanks guys! Good work.
  • Mr Kidzrock
    I’m telling you too
    I tell all my friends to listen to this podcast. I love the hit and run format. But don’t worry, no one’s getting hurt. A five minute back-and-forth between Neil and Erik will leave you with at least one or two golden nuggets to put in your back pocket. I want to hang out with these guys. You should too
  • Meofzack
    I love and live for this podcast. It’s a part of my morning routine. Neil and Eric please keep doing what you are doing. I learn so much, and so appreciate you both. Super Amazing!
  • selahabrams
    Pure GOLD! Can you pls pls pls talk about Hemp CBD mktg?
    Awesome - love the brevity! Can you pls pls pls address restricted products like Hemp CBD? Goog/FB have no love for us 😫😫
  • SeanDSmith
    Amazing way to learn marketing
    Having made a major career switch from being a band director to becoming a digital marketing manager for a senior care agency (1776 Senior Care), this podcast has literally helped me every day. The strategies I was using before now have super powers! Thanks guys for putting this out there and making my morning runs start out with some easy to use knowledge.
  • James Bond III
    Binge listen
    Great content! I listen at 1.5x speed to get the information faster. I’ll binge listen, sometimes for hours at a time. I think my record is 50 episodes in one day. Keep it up! I’ll finish listening to all the episodes at some point.
  • Gerads
    terrific podcast great insights
    Love this podcast. Short, high yield episodes with really actionable advice. I binge these episodes a week at a time but find myself always wanting more. Great inside information into what really works to grow your traffic. We used a lot of the ideas on marketing and SEO to nearly double the traffic of our medical reference website - Keep up the fantastic work guys.
  • LauriePR2016
    Excellent tips and ideas — one caveat regarding PR episode!
    As a long-time PR/Marketing professional, I entered into digital long before most of my contemporary colleagues. In this ever changing new media world, I have learned over the years that even “Marcom vets” can never stop learning! Love the way you present pros and cons with real examples. I have to say I was a little put off by the hiring a PR episode 😁. In my humble (yet seasoned) opinion, today’s PR professionals do much more than only media placement. In many cases (like mine), PR is also about managing ongoing public reputations (personal!and business) on social media and the Internet in general. This includes engagement and just keeping social audiences growing through a passive publicity approach —marketers don’t always take on that task with the right angle! Furthermore, I can’t always rely on my clients to do that for themselves (especially busy executives who cannot be online 24/7. In some cases, I have to also help clients put out the right content on social media, write owned media content (not always part of marketing’s job!), press releases of course and/or fight fires in regards to content that is put out about them (crisis management!). I also plan events, represent clients with regard to incoming media requests —among other daily management functions! Hence the need for a retainer. Food for thought! The last, love what you do!
  • Jason Etter
    I consider this my morning news
    This is an excellent show for anyone in or interested in marketing. It's clear, concise, and always makes me hungry for more. Keep it up and thank you for this commitment to good relevant content.
  • leigh gree
    Great energy and advice
    I love the scope and pace of this podcast. The insight is highly valuable and Neil & Eric insert a wealth of marketing knowledge in a small daily dose. On the off-occasion they don’t agree, it’s even more interesting. My morning multi-vitamin!
  • valli gurpa
    Eye opener for beginners
    I’m beginner for this digital marketing field and this guys and Neil Patel really have the solution/answers for all the digital problems. His digital stuffs are helping people to shine in digital marketing field. Thank you both for all these podcasts (we I get content for my business)
  • Alianna113
    Perfect podcast for an integrated marketer
    This is a great podcast for a marketer looking to expand their knowledge in all areas marketing BUT it’s also great for a small business owner who may not have the financial bandwidth for a marketing team. The concepts you learn will strengthen your ability to succeed with your integrated marketing strategies. I feel these guys coach many topics with a long haul approach- establishing longevity with your strategy. I just love it! Thank y’all for kicking so much marketing butt!
  • MrWryt
    Golden Nuggets! Actionable Tips and Advice
    You guys bring really solid, actionable content creating and marketing advice. What I appreciate most is that you’re speaking from experiences — heavy doses of results and less of theory. That’s why I’m here for these nuggets — THANKS!
  • Easton
    Best Digital Marketing podcast!
    Hey Eric and Neil, I just want to start out with, how much I appreciate the knowledge you share with your podcast. It’s inspired my passion for SEO, and to continually learning about digital marketing strategies. Being a marketing major concentrated in digital marketing, this is my go to learning platform, that helps expand my educational process. Keep doing what you do!
  • alexpalase
    Extremely valuable!
    Thanks for the consistent knowledge!
  • Josh\
    My Go-to Podcast
    Perfect Bite size pieces of value. Easy to digest, perfect duration of time. Get through a whole episode on a short drive or power through a few on a longer drive. It’s been my new favorite podcast. It would be cool if they added one small actionable step to implement the tips featured in each episode.
  • Erik Harbison
    Your must-listen marketing knowledge resource
    Neil and Eric provide more valuable and actionable marketing tips and ideas in less under 10 minutes than any other marketing podcast. Period. Keep the tips coming! PS - congrats for being the only podcast that can use the word ‘guile’ effectively.
  • Diver911
    Daily Coffee
    Since I’m not a coffee drinker, your podcast is a great way to start the day. Quick and easy tips and quite a few of them have been passed along to my marketing clients. I love that you are direct and to the point. This is one of the few podcasts that I don’t speed up to 1.5x
  • joanlovestotrav
    Whatever business you’re in...
    This podcast dishes out bite-size chunks of information that’s clear cut. Often, this duo is entertaining. That’s what I love about Marketing School. Sometimes, I binge listen if I’ve missed a few episodes but typically, I listen and digest the information and I’m back for more lessons the following day.,, and coming soon:
  • Nick batcheller
    Love These Guys
    Thanks for providing me with easy to digest and actionable insights and content. I leverage the tools and knowledge from this podcast evevery day with my clients at Pureformance Digital Marketing. THANK YOU! Looking forward to the live event.
  • The One & Only Sanders
    Great show but Hate the intro
    Love the show, but the intro song is like nails on a chalkboard. Seriously though, everyone cringes from the intro and outro! Please change it. PS Love the show, thanks for everything you guys do!
  • Apolloscorgilife
    Eric Spoke My Language
    I love this podcast! I don’t typically write reviews, but when Eric said, “tell your dog 🐶 about it” that clicked with me on a psychological level (my dog is with me 24/7 @apolloscorgilife, guilty plug). All the content is great and to the point. I do wish at times the podcast lasted longer, or the intro was shorter. I like to binge episodes whenever I can, so I’ll hear the same intro 5 times in half an hour.
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