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FantasyPros provides hard-hitting fantasy football analysis while keeping you entertained. Get the tips needed to win your league from a trusted network of 100+ experts. Find out who to draft, pick up and start while receiving analysis of the latest news from around the league.

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Recent Reviews
  • corymccullough
    Must listen
    Very informative and entertaining. Love listening in my car between sales appointments
  • cRaZy8sE89
    Best FF Podcast
    This podcast gave me so much insight that it helped bump me to first place standing in 3 of my 4 leagues. Thank you so much for all that you do!
  • eddycoro01
    Rip Mike Tags
    Love the show
  • Medic-Nick
    Flex spot
    Am I insane for flexing gronk because I have kelce, my other choices are CEH, mattison, Kamara and Henderson. Full ppr, If I flex Gronk who would you sit. Thanks guys you do an amazing job.
  • ♠️ACE♠️
    Segment Announcements
    As soon as you cut out the new segment announcements, I’ll rank you a 5. The new female pre recorded segment announcements that “break up” the segments are so bad and not needed. They sound cheap. Check out The Fantasy Footballer to see how that’s done.
  • Meloisafellow
    Great Advice
    I love taking your guys advice, overall entertaining content.
  • welcomehome777
    Awesome!! #1 in my league
    Just started listening to this podcast this season. I’m currently #1 in my league and couldn’t thank these guys enough!
  • giantGman2
    Stop the Dan and Kyle in the morning jingle it’s stupid. These guys are ok .. they take themselves a little too serious especially Kyle . Lighten up it’s just fantasy football
  • TheUnfilteredTruth
    Good but I wish it went back to how it was
    I used to listen to you guys every single day. I’d even replay shows because I loved the dynamic between Joe, Dan, Yates, and Tags. Obviously, we lost an amazing human. It was never going to be the same without him. However, the vibe of the show has completely changed and I miss the old environment that was cultivated. Between the literal voices of the new people on the show to the dynamic of the relationships, it just isn’t the same anymore and doesn’t make me want to come back the same way. I will still support Yates’ dynasty podcast every time - as Yates runs it very well and consistently. I hope you guys can turn everything back around. I miss Tags.
  • Chakkbtgh
    Got to love them trade and start and sit advice nothing better
  • Mike Zaremba
    Best Fantasy Podcast
    Love everything about FantasyPros. My go to platform for all fantasy advice. Keep it up guys!
  • chico splat
    Definitely my preferred fantasy content to consume!
  • NickyD5
    Great show
    Gives great advice!! No one better!!
  • DanK2120
    Great podcast
    I listen to the show everytime you guys are on and usually give out really good advice each and every week love the show
  • Sef Elo
    Best Fantasy Podcast
    Great insight, could leave it on while I’m in the car and know what players to use for each week and what waiver wire pick ups to get
  • Ffballer0225
    Awesome fantasy advice!
    This information y’all give out has helped me win a fantasy championship before and will put me in the best spot to win again!
  • Snyderman12
    Great Listen
    This podcast has helped me out a ton with FF. I thought I was pretty good when I came into it, but this has increased my insight and helped me keep winning. Would recommend!
  • CZoots21
    The best in the Biz
    Listen to every episode you guys put out. Keep crushing it
  • Andrew Banuelos
    Fantasy Pros
    Best fantasy league information given on a weekly basis 💪🏽
  • PhillFA
    To be honest I’ve been listening to the FantasyPros at about the same time I started winning. They are very dedicated researchers and put in all the time many cannot. You guys rock. Thank you
  • CBM007
    Love the show
    but please stop with the opening ( in the morning) it’s creepy
  • I want the front camera
    Great show
    Love it, great advice and a hilarious cast
  • Hillwest36
    Great show
    I really enjoy this podcast! I particularly like the DFS shows, I listen every Thursday/Friday and it’s helped me learn a lot about playing DFS. You guys are great, keep it up!
  • Kcrawdad179
    Great advice
    Great fantasy advice! Gives great insight and updates on what you need to win every week !
  • Adam1998Gomez
    My favorite fantasy football podcast!
    I enjoy the consistency of the episodes that are released. The relationship the guys have on the show keeps it entertaining and engaging throughout its entirety. Made me a better fantasy football manager by far. Looking forward to more great content!
  • RoShow17
    Good Ish
    Not gonna write a long review of how much I love the show. I do and everyone else does too. Unless you’re a hater. Love the guests wish there was more people of color as guests.
  • CKderpsalot
    Great Podcast
    Love the FantasyPros podcast, always insightful with on target weekly knowledge for Fantasy Football. Same goes for the FantasyPros website. Go to space for all things Fantasy Football.
  • demeetius
    Quite brilliant tbh
  • SorWnnr24
    Miss Tags
    One of the best fantasy football podcasts for years but please drop the “Dan and Kyle in the morning” jingle.
  • Jarrett Langrell
    Best FFB Show
    Week in and week out you can trust these guys to give you great advice ahead of your fantasy matchup each Sunday! I personally love to listen on my long commute to work!
  • Ant1248378
    Accurate & Professional Analysis
    I listen to Fantasy Pros on a daily and they give me the best accurate analysis on fantasy football players in todays game. Won my latest league by listening to the starts and sits, trades, and adp rankings. They rarely disappoint!
  • Jordan Roiko
    Second year player, second year listener
    This show always gives me great advice and helps me with my weekly lineups. I’m new to fantasy football and this show has helped me immensely!
  • Jordao Tylan
    Great Advice Great Show
    Love the hosts and love the advice. I always tune in for good waiver wire pickups and lineup advice. Timestamps help me find the most relevant advice even when I’m crunched for time. My favorite fantasy football podcast!
  • rhaughton
    Best in the Business
    I love listening to the FantasyPros on my way to and from work. The various opinions helps me stay on top in all of my leagues. If you want to dominate in your leagues you need to subscribe
  • Dominaters14
    Trade Targets week 9
    Love the content. Great advice and I use it when deciding my starting lineup.
  • GronkyKong26
    I love this podcast. Not just your average fantasy podcast. It’s very entertaining and informative. Has helped my team tremendously this season.
  • Antg273402937
    I love listening to the podcast on my way to and from work, it’s always a nice way to de-stress while keeping up with my fantasy knowledge. Love the daily- every other day pods and the guests that come on
  • The lil guy
    Honest Review
    I’ve been a subscriber for over a year and this has provided the most consistent data and information regarding fantasy of any site I’ve used. Would recommend 10/10
  • treygw92
    The best of the best
    I listen to a handful of different fantasy pods and Fantasy Pro’s is by far the best. The insight is always incredibly helpful, and there’s just the right amount of humor to keep things fun and interesting. These guys all know what they’re talking about and make it so much easier to stay on top of all the happenings
  • BlakeEberhardt
    Highly recommend!
    What a great podcast! Fun, intelligent, and statistical geniuses!
  • $$$$$$$$$$so good
    One of the best podcasts of its kind
    The FantasyPros podcast is as insightful as it is entertaining. The hosts are have exciting takes on everything fantasy football.
  • LK8991
    I use their ratings every week
  • Tkddab1
    Beat fantasy footballers around
    Really love this podcast and the crew, never fail to provide deep insight and advice for all of our needs each week. My favorite episodes are the kick off, and can safely say my team is a contender because of these guys!
  • maestroman01
    Great Info
    I love your podcast, Dan, Kyle,Joey P and the late Tags You guys help me so much in Dynasty I really appreciate it Keep up the great work
  • attilaLSG
    insightful and fun
    their episodes always have a fun atmosphere while providing top fantasy football content to listen to.
  • meenbean
    Great fantasy football content!!
    Have been a loyal listener for a couple years now and thought it was about time to leave a positive review! Entertaining and helpful stuff!
  • jdmslt
    Must listen for newbies!
    First year of joining a work fantasy league and I went in thinking I would just auto draft because I had no idea what I would be doing. I had a week to listen to podcast while at work and said heck I’ll give it a shot and ended up drafting thanks to the information from these guys and I am now 6-1!
  • troymedeiros21
    Best Fantasy Advice Out There!!
    I have been using FantasyPros for the last 5-6 years. In those 6 years, I have made it to the playoffs every year and have made it to 5 championships, including winning last year. To put it into perspective, I only play in 1-2 leagues each year. I give a TON of credit to FantasyPros for their advice. I look forward to watching/listening to Kyle & Yates every week. RIP Tags
  • Eapolica
    Prestine podcast
    Am I writing a review to get free stuff from prestine auction? I want to say no, but the answer is yes. They provide good content as well! I’m a big fan of the pod even if they were giving away free stuff!
  • Arkie_Guyy
    Great Info
    Follow and listen on their website daily! Best follow for fantasy info on Twitter! Great work!!
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