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FantasyPros provides hard-hitting fantasy football analysis while keeping you entertained. Get the tips needed to win your league from a trusted network of 100+ experts. Find out who to draft, pick up and start while receiving analysis of the latest news from around the league.

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  • Brett&Lance
    The Stephen A Show
    Why are Erickson and DeeBro all the sudden yelling at each other? New script? Dial it back, I can get that on espn any time of the day.
  • NakedSnowNinja
    Ads before your podcast?
    Putting ads before your podcast is completely classless. Will no longer listen.
  • Tbubin_3
    Only a dummmmmmy would rank Aiyuk over Deebo 💀💀
  • Justaguyteyijgtowriteareview
    You guys are great
    Love the knowledge guys. Keep it up !!
  • Killerkitten11
    Great advice, very knowledgeable
    These guys helped me get into the championship!
  • jseew
    This was my first year playing in more than one fantasy league. I ended up playing 8 leagues total, made the semi’s in 5 of them! The other 3 I missed by a hair. I have two championships this weekend, and I can really thank this podcast big time! I listened religiously all season, thanks for all you do!!!
  • Nastradamus23
    2022-2023 Season was a success
    Although I didn’t win the ship. I’m in running for third and it was all thanks to fantasy pros podcasts and in season app. Legit.
  • damiancervantes
    5-star review
    this podcast has helped me with my bets and just overall the content to always tune in to!
  • Cash Money$
    Great Fantasy advice!
    Been listening to this show daily for a few years now! Played in three leagues this year and made playoffs in all three( 1st,1st,and 4th) through the regular season standings. Always have very knowledgeable information to help me improve my teams throughout the year!
  • mhbuilt
    Honest and reliable
    Fantasy Pros is my best option for honest and reliable reviews and I can get the information that I need in a timely manner, as they always seem the first to disclose information. Leading me to win games. Thanks Fantasy Pros!
  • matt_carli
    Big fan!
    Let’s go!
  • Tringle10!
    Great advice and fun listen
    Listening to this show has brought me onto a lot of different players to try and draft/pick up. Will definitely continue to listen!
  • bentmenke
    Great podcast for fantasy info
    Always is helping me out with value fantasy information to help we win my leagues.
  • Brandon Barrow
    Love what you guys post
  • jhend145
    Fantasy football
    This is an excellent podcast with great insight on fantasy football! Thank you for all of your help
  • Babyblue43
    My favorite pass time
    I have spent entirely too much time listening to this podcast! I am looking forward to spending way too much time this summer prepping for my leagues with your podcast being one of my main sources!
  • Kuhnamie
    Loving the podcast
    I have used Fantasypros for start/sit advice for years and did not realize until this season they have a podcast! Love the differing opinions on players, the frequency of content and most of all the analytics. What has helped me the most has been info on picking up waiver wire pickups and developing rookies.
  • Emily Mousel
    Husband loves this podcast
    He listens almost daily - it’s one of his faves!
  • DavePO43
    Great podcast
    This podcast has helped me a lot in my fantasy season this year, I heard about it from a friend and every week since then I’d listen. It’s my go to for advice and I’m in first place getting that championship next week - David O
  • My Fitness Consigliere Michel
    The secret sauce
    You help me consistently dominate my leagues. Thank you.
  • Spquilici
    FantasyPros are the Go-To! #podcastpros
    By far my 1st go-to podcast to listen to every single week! I quite literally only listen to other podcasts when I’ve already listened to all of FantasyPros episodes for the week Last year I won 1 of my leagues and got 3rd in smoother - This year I’m on the potential track to win both (if Zay Jones’ underwhelming performance doesn’t sandbag me in the semi finals…) Thank you guys for existing and constantly keeping me on the forefront of the game!! PS- I just recently discovered the show notes you guys have for every show and when I’m in a pinch or have limited time before a game, those show notes help me go sniper focus and skip straight to the update I need!
  • Medic-Nick
    Hey guys I really need some of your magic. Flex one L. Murray, AJ Dillon, Palmer or Doubs full PPR. Thanks Nick.
  • Lukonway
    Great and informative show!
    Been listening to each show and it’s been incredibly useful in my fantasy leagues and reaching playoffs!
  • Justin Bernhardt
    Championship Advice
    Started listening to these guys regularly this year both here and occasionally on YouTube. Spent far too much time in the past reading articles and stats myself and making the occasional playoff run but this year I’ve been dominating my leagues and gotta give all the credit to my switch to podcasts 👍
  • chowbaaron
    Very Nice!
    Love their podcast and videos!
  • RYnoGMoney
    Great for fantasy and football fans!
    This is great not just for fantasy football - but for NFL fans as well. Great entertainment mixed with even better insight!
  • SchadracAbaki
    Most Consistent Fantasy Pod Out There
    Always on point with exactly what we need week-to-week in the fantasy community. Each day is assigned a topic, from reactions to the previous week, to trade targets, to every matchup and what to expect from each relevant player. Really appreciate you guys!
  • Daltbug
    Amazing FF podcast
    Been listening to this show all this year and has really helped me win a lot of matchups! Keep up the good work guys!
  • Joe Matrullo
    Thank you
    I been listening since June and been taking all the advise and what a diffrene it has made so just want to say thank you fellas.🙌on making the playoffs in both leagues in large part to the podcast. Thank you thank you
  • oN 1 aLL DaY
    Fantasy Pros!
    Definitely the most useful place to go for ff news and updates!
  • gariw395
    Fun and helpful!
    Great podcast! It’s become part of my daily drive in to work. It has all the useful information you need to help with your fantasy football teams and it’s delivered with some humor. Keep up the good work Fantasy Pros!
  • IRM2112
    Informative and Entertaining Pod
    Love the energy and passion that comes from the hosts, as well as the great advice and insights!
  • Chagan10
    Favorite Podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, I always enjoy the advice and suggestions you all give.
  • lueckjacobb
    Informative Pod
    Love the guests and comparisons between different rankings perspectives
  • Charger boy 43😝
    Big Pod Energy!
    These guys do it all! Everything you need to get through your fantasy season, from expert injury analysis to in depth start/sits and waiver wire excellence.
  • Ericfnreed
    FantasyPros saved my season
    Thanks for all of your awesome insight. Every week I was able to make moves to get the best waiver pickups including C. Watson, K. Walker lll and J. Fields. I am in the playoffs finally thanks to your help. I will continue to follow. You guys have the best fantasy football podcast!!
  • Vondudenstien
    The best
    My favorite podcast to listen to every morning
  • Surferdude1212121212121
    Best Fantasy Podcast out there!
    This podcast is amazing for Fantasy Football season. Not only does it make Fantasy more enjoyable but I get the inside scoop on every NFL team delivered in a nice, easy to listen to format. Give it a listen!
  • Detroit All Day
    Christmas ham with Sam Darnold
    Always fun to be on with the Pros! Also, it’s always blast talking fantasy football with Joe & Andrew! Thanks for having me! Chris @DetroitBeastie
  • Junk gas
    Most Insightful Fantasy Podcast
    I absolutely love the variety Fantasy Pros brings on this podcast, whether it be starts and sits during the season or trade ideas. Listening to other opinions on players from these guys always give me another reference. People are winning their leagues because of the awesome work you guys do!
  • ProspectiveLSATconquerer
    Best fantasy help out there!
    Take their advice and improve your fantasy abilities! Love their team! Big small Andrew is the best!
  • bskwnf
    10/10 but I wish they would do kickers
  • Kynziebugger
    Love everything FantasyPros
    Such an informative podcast, website, app, you name it! My go to for everything fantasy football.
  • Boossss2112
    Where to go for fantasy football needs
    Any question of who to start or how the next week should be played out can always be answered by checking them out
  • Normanmercury
    Wanna win? Listen to these guys!
    I’ve won at least one league every year for the past 3 or 4 years because of these guys and their Podcast along with their Playbook app. Do it up!
    This show meets ALL of your fantasy needs
    I found this show at the beginning of last season, and I’ve now clinched 2 straight playoff births after finishing runner up last season (thanks Derrick Henry). Show is entertaining and informative. Part of my daily work routine.
  • PawlMo
    Fantasy pros
    Great analysis all year every year👌
  • KStar715
    Helped crush my fantasy in 2022!
    I’ve been listening since before my draft for the 2022 season! I killed my draft with an A+ rating with taking advice from the podcast, and am currently 1st place in my 12 man league heading into playoffs with a bye! I listen daily while getting ready for work, and utilize the information for my weekly waiver wire picks and who to play. I’ve learned a lot from the show and I truly enjoy listening. It’s full of great information with great guys. I’m the only girl in a 12 person league and love that I’ve been able to crush it with your help!
  • x Obey x
    Competitve Insights for that extra point
    A great podcast full of wealth and knowledge. I'm new to fantasy football and the AI had me 2nd to last in a 12 person league. I was on a losing streak but with the insights and advise that I got from this podcast and shows, i had started making moves, and locked in a playoff spot. These guys make it easy to be able to set a line up and feel very comfortable about it. They are also very funny, and have great conversational moments. Very awesome show, and thank you! Keep up the great job and LACES OUT!
  • CoryMancieri11
    Christian Watson Jersey
    I’ve been trying for every jersey!!! help a homie out!!!
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