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Host Payne Lindsey returns with season 3 to investigate the North West Montana disappearance of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner, an indigenous woman who went missing from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in 2017. Up and Vanished is a true crime series that investigates mysterious cold case disappearances. Season 1 covered the disappearance of Georgia high school teacher Tara Grinstead, resulting in 2 arrests, and season 2 focused on the disappearance of young mother Kristal Reisinger from a remote mountain town in Colorado, a case that has since been reopened.

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  • 8goingon9
    Tara G case
    I followed this case when it happened. I never stayed caught up on outcome I really enjoyed this podcast. I really liked how the host recapped often as couldn’t listen straight through whole case. Episode 23 was least fav as I thought the Australian psychologist laughed and related to intellectual delayed as stupid . thought it was extremely unprofessional. other than that it was very interesting and thorough.
  • txlashgrl
    Payne is an amazing investigator and storyteller! Keep up the great work reporting TRUTH even when it’s hard! Tell your Grandma I would love her Cowboy Cookie Recipe 😉
  • Weavfam_
    Up & Vanished
    My favorite podcast!
  • Anomaly today
    Great podcast so far.
    Very interesting podcast so far (season1). Please less background music. It takes a lot of energy to process all the background music leaving me tired after a few episodes.
  • Mager Time
    100% listen
    I have listen to a lot of true crime podcasts. This one is by far on the top of the list. I love how. I love how Payne Lindsey investigates and tells his story. He is a very caring person and would do anything to get the truth.
  • The OnionEaters
    Bad from the start
    In the first few minutes of the first episode we are told the police break down the door. Then a few minutes later the police get a key from the neighbors, unlock the door, and go in. ?? It gets minutely better but without some solid investigative work it just covers the same stuff over and over again. Could easily be a 3 episode podcast. No real reason to drag it out. And of course there is no ending. Though the 'killer' is revealed the case isn't over but the season is. I'll just get notices from the Atlanta Journal Constitution to find out what happens. ** UPDATE**. Can I give it the proverbial zero stars? Now you have to pay for this. Why would you do that?
  • AshAlex3
    Love it!
    THE BEST PODCAST EVER! The way it is all put together, all of the work that is put into each season is absolutely incredible. I’ve never heard any other podcast like this one, it’s amazing.
  • shippy1957
    Why i listen to podcast
    This podcast was the reason I started listening to Podcast . Payne’s storytelling has a laid back intensity. He seems fearless in his search for truth.
  • Donniel0ng
    Grandmas are the best.
    How great is it that granny came thru with a new clue and fresh cookies all within ten minutes.
  • Emamarama
    Pulled a fast one
    Terrible journalism, went down every path and never ended up with the actual suspect. Self congratulatory and full of hubris
  • Lupita2640
    Great job!
    Just started listening and love every minute of it. I’m amazed of how much work it has been put into this podcast. Thank you for the effort it’s been put to help solve cold cases. Amazing job!
  • Lose the background beats
    Can’t listen
    What’s with the beats in the background?? Can’t even hear what you are talking about.
  • M0:)
    Anything that Payne touches is gold. Love all of your podcasts!
  • pod walker
    I’ve had it
    Jenn and Pumps had a great recommendation. Enjoyed you on their show and am enjoying your true crime podcast
  • Elizap123
    This guy didn’t even discover anything
    So basically after this podcast host pointed the finger at every single innocent man that ever even looked at Tara, the police arrested the responsible parties who turned out to not even be on Payne’s radar?? Lol. Sensationalism at its best. Not really worth the listen. Mostly fiction and conjecture, sadly.
  • Moondors
    Great podcast
    I loved the first season. Payne has such a great voice, but more important a great passion for what he does.
  • Thankful for this app!!!!
    One of the best
    I love this podcasts and the stories that are told. I feel like there is a lot of thoughtfulness that goes into telling these stories. I enjoy the production and sound quality of this podcast.
  • BAM1979
    Up and Vanishd
    This show. The connection with the families is strong. You get hooked in the trailer. Thank you for your work. Best audio out there!!!
  • Holls2u
    Since the beginning
    This podcast series is fantastic. I’ve been around since the first series covering Tara Grinstead. I still follow that story. I remember when it became tenderfoot and the story of the first crime con. Just a really cool true crime story told in an incredibly palatable manner. Perfect for work. I also thought I’d try the subscription and tenderfoot+ is worth it. I only pay for one other podcast that’s unrelated. The extra stories are worth it all. Enjoy and hopefully you’ll join the fam too. We love the content and variety.
  • Jackson holloway
    I am riveted each time a new season comes out. I also think that Payne’s voice is easy to listen to and I love that his Grandma makes cookies for prizes. 😁 Haha! Great podcast! I highly recommend!
  • Whousesthis
    Season 2 HORRIBLE audio
    I can’t listen anymore. These recordings are torture to listen to. I liked season 1 and I’ll give season 3 a chance. Do not waste your eardrums on season 2
  • Meggw
    Season 2
    Season one was fantastic! What happened with the audio in season 2? I have my car stereo up, and my phone up and I still can’t hear / understand some of the interviews, but I can sure hear the adds clearly!
  • nperone12
    Great podcast - Less Catfish
    I loved this podcast, but my least favorite was Season 2. Catfish is the most annoying person I have ever listened to and I would’ve like less of his interviews. His thoughts are like word art. Just words everywhere and nothing makes sense. But Payne does a good job with these stories and with narration!
  • Deri on the go
    Well done
    I appreciate the work, time and respectful approach taken. These are difficult stories to listen to for a number of reasons and are important to be shared. Great work.
  • RedCharl
    Abandons podcast format for S1
    Shifts to TV documentary.
  • Zootoppia
    Victim statements
    Lmbo at these “victim statements” and how they portray her as this upstanding person. She may have been but didn’t want to talk about how she got around. This Anita Gattis is a JOKE. I can’t stop laughing at her 15 minutes of fame speech.
  • Bekki0074
    Excellent Investigative Podcast
    I stumbled across this Podcast while waiting for a new episode of my favorite Podcast. I started with season 1. I will be honest, at first I wasn’t sure if this was going to keep my attention, however after the second episode I was hooked. The episodes got better with each one. I ended up binging all of season one in two days. I noticed on one of the later seasons that there was an update on the trial. The update mentioned that they had covered a previous trial from the case, so of course I wanted to listen to that, but it wasn’t listed under season one. I found it by clicking on All Episodes. I have just started season two and I am so happy that Payne is covering this case.
  • Deeghoulie
    This fell apart quickly
    I was enjoying this podcast despite some of the corny elements like the flashback voice and the music, but then towards the end of the first season it was less of a podcast and more of just long, rambling, and repetitive phone call recordings. The final straw was the Brooke episode, the glaring lack of professionalism was really unsettling. And then the monologue in the next episode presumably trying to explain his passion and evolving connection to the case… it was just a bit gross and arrogant.
  • Micde88
    Great, but the journal reading was humorous
    “Tick tock oh the clock is painful, all sane and logical” is lyrics to a song and Bo wrote it in his journal. The psychologist trying to break down the meaning of “Bo”s words made me scream. He was just writing down song lyrics and you guys were trying to get in his mind. Too funny. Great job though, love the show
  • fjkjvbj
    Great true crime podcast. The first season is definitely the peak, binged the entire thing playing House Flipper. The other seasons are good as well and I look forward to its return.
  • A1988te
    Payne Lindsay is insufferable
    Despite being an amateur and having zero education in journalism , Payne is very cocky about his work here it’s extremely off-putting. More often than not, he gets puzzled by legal matters that are very familiar to True Crime fans, and the listener has to wait for someone to explain to him what it means. And then once he’s learned it, he has the audacity to repeat what the other person just said to him, as if he’s teaching us something. Before deciding to dive into a world he has admittedly zero knowledge of or experience in, he should have at least familiarized himself with how jury trials work. Has no reason to be so cocky. This podcast was by far the most uninformative I’ve ever listened to.
  • jimmylovebk
    Never disappoints
    I agree with grandma, Payne’s voice is so smooth and comforting. I’m not surprised so many people trust him with their stories
  • booksholic
    Great show! Great Narrator!
    This podcast is awesome, as well as the narrator. I think it’s pathetic the evil that exits in this world and people such as Payne try to bring out the truth while having to withstand the backlash of doing so. It takes a mighty fine journalist to persevere and succeed at such a difficult undertaking. Thank you Payne for your true dedication to this project in trying to uncover the truth behind this undeserving death.
  • Jilllybeans814
    Very interesting and entertaining. However, the amount and volume of background music is so annoying and distracting. Turn it down please. Other than that you do a great job and I can tell you put a lot of work in
  • Phillyamy11
    Good podcast but not the Unknown Season episodes
    I love Payne’s narrating and love everything Phil Holloway. Tracy Sargent is a gem and would to hear anything with her in it. I also love Payne’s grandmom! I think he is doing a good thing bringing light to cold cases but I am however struggling with the episodes from Unknown Season, which are for tv. The music intro, over dramatic narrator, Payne’s voice is sped up in parts and this edgy way Payne gives his opinion about a suspect had me skipping to the end of episode 1 2 and 3. 4 (Jennifer Kesse) isn’t as bad. It just doesn’t sound like the Up and Vanished that I have grown to enjoy. I gave all 4 episodes a chance. In the first episode about Jodi Huisentruit I actually said out loud “Payne, Omgosh no” when he was basically antagonizing suspect John Vansice for a sound bite and then described him as angry. I will keep listening to the new seasons but not the tv episodes. I appreciate the investigations and empathy Payne shows to the families. We listeners feel compassion for them too.
  • Abby C ☺️
    Amazing podcast!
    So well written. It’s enticing and draws you into the story of these amazing people who were lost. Nail biting episodes that have me anxiously waiting to start the next!
  • Kinz_84
    Season 2 - unprofessional journalism. Terrible podcast
    There are a lot of bad true crime podcasts. This is the prototype for a horrible true crime podcast. So, for the positive: interesting true crime stories. I’ve listened to season 1 and 2. Entertaining. And, I do give credit to any of these podcasters as they bring attention to unsolved cases and generate interest in a cold case (which would otherwise not be there). So of course that’s a good thing. In the case of season 1…the renewed interest in the case may have helped in the resolve (although, I don’t think we can necessarily claim that—the podcast mentioned nothing about the people ultimately arrested). But sure, the attention to the case didn’t hurt. Could be coincidental…who knows. I think the host is assuming a lot of credit for the development of the case solving—more than is due. But anyhow, here’s what I don’t like about this podcast: to me there is a very obvious difference in the coverage between this podcast and others (like Serial and Tom Brown’s Body) that are covered by professional journalists. Some of those differences are production related (like the low sound quality of recordings and the cheesy ominous background soundscapes—the latter of which I honestly do enjoy—but more so in the fact that, the host Payne Lindsey does nothing to validate the credibility of his sources (in this podcast they are are horribly unreliable). Season 2 is complete nonsense, Payne Lindsey interviews people that haven’t even met the victim, and devotes all of the run time to people discussing town rumors—things they’ve “heard”. There was even a cringing moment when one of the sources gave his opinion based on the astrological sign of the person of interest in the case. Oh yea, and the “counselor” he interviews is a psychic. Great. Basically, the whole podcast is about the town rumors and intuitions. He does not talk to any law enforcement…just talks to a bunch of LSD junkies. Every piece of information is “I heard” from someone. It’s terrible. And Payne goes on to start referring to the disappearance as a murder, and warns the “murderer” to know that their day is coming. This is very amateur, laughable journalism. (At this point, we have not confirmed it’s a murder by the way). A professional journalist would be very clear on what is fact vs. hearsay, and would be VERY careful in quoting things that have disputed credibility. This host is a busybody stirring up town gossip in order to make an entertaining story.
  • nativeofsac
    Love this podcast!
    Just recently found this podcast and am a serious fan!
  • Allison McBride
    Truly one of the best podcasts out there. He is so honest and real about how he feels and he truly wants to help people. Payne is seriously such a good man & all his podcasts keep you wanting more!! 100% recommend to anyone!
  • erin.anderson
    Save yourself.
    Save yourself - listen to something else. The caliber of both the journalism and production are low (the audio volume is all over the place and an abundance of empty air). The case of Tara Grinstead is interesting in itself but Payne’s attempt at true crime is over-dramatized, painfully scripted, and exhaustingly redundant. At least half of each episode is spent rehashing information previously covered almost exactly as it was previously covered. Several episodes should never have been included, they’re 100% a waste of air and time. It is unbelievable how dramatic Payne is, claiming to be shocked at one time that his dad called him (I’m not exaggerating). There are SO MANY unnecessary guests that provide long-winded speculations based on their limited involvement or lack of involvement with the case, on the limited details of the case or with the sole intention of propping up Payne’s ego. Payne “fanboys” himself constantly - I lost track of how many times he or “others” suggested that he’s owed credit for solving this crime. Worst of all, Payne is defensive of any criticism from others and accusatory of those unwilling to participate in his podcast.
  • Chritcher
    One of the best out there.
    I have listened to many True Crime Pods and I have to say that Payne keeps me wanting more. Wanting more as in, “don’t stop now”. I listened from beginning to the subscription wall and I was never disappointed. I may agree or disagree with the way Payne asks or doesn’t ask something and that’s ok because it’s ME returning every episode. The only bad part of a great podcast like UAV is that you know about how many episodes are left and we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel yet in solving the case, but thank goodness we are not at the end .. we have time .. he’ll get us there or at least get us thinking. I do not disrespect any of the cases and the people in them. I talk about how the story is given to us each episode. The difference is a good story and a bad story is the teller. This Pod is one of my all time favorites.
  • ReneeRaleighNC
    Best True Crime Podcast Hands Down
    I stumbled across Up and Vanished when I was looking for a new podcast to listen to. Payne Lindsay does an amazing job bringing this cold case back into the public eye. His investigation into following leads, finding names/people that were never at least made public during the initial investigation is detailed, personal to the local community and full of facts. Thank you Payne for finding this cold case and working to bring the truth and Justice to Tara Grinstead and her community!
  • creelville29
    Fast Pace and awesome!
    You have set a standard for podcasts that, so far, all others can not reach. Fast pace and not repetitive like so many others! No cliffhangers!! Great job!! If it doesn’t have Payne’s name attached to it, I can’t listen. 🤷‍♀️🥰
  • Jules3231981
    Great show but….. NOT Covid booster ads
    Absolutely Great show but pushing the Covid booster ads, ever other ad is over the top! Adds are necessary, I get that, but other ads would be great!! Thx!
  • Georgie1023
    Awesome podcast
    Great podcast highly recommend
  • D. Donowitz
    Always Great Content and Production
    Man I love all Payne’s stuff. Up and vanished is always incredibly bingeworthy!!
  • LividLivs
    Interesting story but…
    So, I enjoy this podcast a lot, somewhat at least. I will say the following though: It’s incredibly repetitive. • You can tell that he reuses audio multiple times, either in the same episode or the previous/next episode. • It is so very clear and obvious that a good amount of the conversations and audio recordings, from both Payne or someone else who is being recorded), are completely scripted. I understand not being able to act, but not being able to hold a conversation that at least seems organic while being the host of a podcast? Eh. It should be a specialty. • I didn’t like the tone that Payne had with Bo’s old girlfriend whom he confessed to. He had a somewhat hostile and aggressive approach when speaking and questioning this woman. I don’t care what we’re talking about, but he as a professional shouldn’t be speaking to anyone like that. Isn’t he a southern boy from The Bible Belt? • It’s true, this is Payne’s world. Basically everybody listening to him and believing him is doing it off of bias opinion. Payne is able to create and tell his own story, his way. People here are automatically believing what he’s reporting to them. And it is not a non-bias approach. — Anyways, check it out if you want. I never review podcasts but, I had to get this off my chest lol.
    Awesome True Crime Podcast
    Payne weaves a true crime story like no other! The twists and turns of each episode is like a rollercoaster ride! You are a expert at shaking the leaves out of the trees! Thank you for helping the families and friends get answers!
  • GrammaSW
    Just the best!
    The best podcast I have listened too. Absolutely not one complaint here. Nothing happening on this one that gets on my nerves. So very well done and detailed. No time constraints. Just wanting the story. The truth. My only complaint is I need another Season!!!!
  • Lovetolive06
    On Repeat
    Great podcast of interesting information but my goodness the same thing is often said over and over and over and over within a singular conversation.
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