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Host Payne Lindsey returns with season 3 to investigate the North West Montana disappearance of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner, an indigenous woman who went missing from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in 2017. Up and Vanished is a true crime series that investigates mysterious cold case disappearances. Season 1 covered the disappearance of Georgia high school teacher Tara Grinstead, resulting in 2 arrests, and season 2 focused on the disappearance of young mother Kristal Reisinger from a remote mountain town in Colorado, a case that has since been reopened.

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  • Furikake-chan
    More please!
    Loved the podcast. Editing is well done, making the content more interesting and entertaining. I’m looking forward to the next season but I can’t stand the lady host’s voice in season four that follows Ryan Duke’s trial. Her voice is muffled? Like she has too much saliva…I’m sorry but I didn’t listen to the season because of it. Otherwise, great podcast.
  • T.Wipf
    I wish I could rate specific seasons. Season 1: easily 5 stars. All the rest were hard to follow and lost interest so quickly. Thinking this show is a one hit wonder.
  • mms445
    25% great - 75% filler
    Interesting podcast but I find myself skipping a lot of episodes and content to get to the point and outcome. (The gratuitous back-patting in season 1, yeah - that did not help…)
  • roadsidedistractions
    If only
    I do really enjoy this podcast. But I have to say, I’m finding the Kristal Resinger episodes hard to listen to purely do to the audio mixing of the recorded phone calls. Straight up cacophony, no matter who the caller is. Practically inaudible, extremely frustrating.
  • Mlatherton
    Podcast is fine
    Podcast is fine. I’m only here because I’m listening to season 4 Live at Crime Con and it is absolute bilge. So cringe.
  • A1988te
    Despite being very amateur and having little to no knowledge of criminal law, Payne is very cocky about his work here it’s extremely off-putting. More often than not, he gets puzzled by legal matters that are very familiar to True Crime fans, and the listener has to wait for someone to explain to him what it means. And then once he’s learned it, he has the audacity to repeat what the other person just said to him, as if he’s teaching us something. Before deciding to dive into a world he has admittedly zero knowledge of or experience in, he should have at least familiarized himself with how jury trials work. Has no reason to be so cocky. This podcast was by far the most uninformative I’ve ever listened to.
  • B3asy
    Fun show but Payne Lindsay has some sort of God complex
    This podcast is interesting and informative. It had me at the edge of my seat...... until I realized just how inflated Payne’s ego got from all the praise he had gotten for “solving the case.” Once I heard his own inflated ego and delusions of grandeur I was unable to keep his pompous smile out of my head when listening to his voice. Really ruined it for me when he gave no credit to investigators and actual community members and officers, but instead heaped all of the credit and praise upon himself.
  • Schoncher
    Looooooong in the tooth, loses objectivity as the facts come out
    It’s an interesting story, but this non journalist lost any false semblance of objectivity when he interviews the accomplice’s ex. And then he admits this is a podcast about the victim (rather than the story). The episodes are very repetitive, and around this point I started skipping all the Q&As and filler episodes. If you want a straightforward story, it would be better to simply Google any of the countless articles on this. If you want superfluous details and misguided speculation, then you will like this more. Oh, and there’s a know-it-all lawyer for your listening pleasure. The upshot is that the podcast clearly added emphasis and awareness to a cold case. Listen with one ear. Also, I dropped a star because the commercials are so tenderfoot repetitive for a podcast about a killer that it was noticeably annoying.
  • Itsok100
    Sad - Subscription
    I love this podcast! It was the very first of cast that I ever listened to and I was hooked!! I even recommended it to all my friends! I searched for other podcast by Payne and have listened to those as well…. I’m so sad that now the only way that I can finish listening is to buy a subscription. 😭I can’t 😭😭😭😭😭 3 stars because I believe it’s a good podcast but I can no longer listen for free….
  • Girth Boy Tierney
    Crestone chased you right out of a moment when podcasting was actually going to mean something. Good work Don.
  • Kaycee4545
    Everything Payne touches is golden, I love this podcast!! So excited for the new season
  • Recondoc08
    Amazing Show
    Wow, this has to be the best true crime podcast i have listened to. Payne has the perfect desire and grit to find justice for anyone he has had a show about. I respect his strong desire for justice for the victims. I wish him much luck and positivity to press forward till he finishes what he started.
  • kmclaney
    Very interesting
    I love this series, always so interesting
  • nobody can spell my name
    Great to listen
    I listen while working & find it interesting. I am glad to know someone is trying to help. Keep up the great work.
  • %%$$&&
    The Best
    Up and Vanished is the best true crime podcast out there to date. Being part of real time investigation having question and answers listening to interviews makes it very exciting. Please keep it going
  • AFunnyGal
    Payne needs humility
    The interview with (I believe it was, not going to go back to identify it was him) Bo Dukes in season 1 ended it for me. Payne saying he knows what exactly he would do in a situation like that, with Tara’s death, rubbed me the wrong way. Righteous. Cocky. I don’t care who you are, you have no clue what you might do in that moment. Payne could have used much better language, but this shows his lack of neutrality and empathy.
  • aramory
    A local
    The first season took place in the area I grew up in, so I was immediately hooked. Loved the investigation!
  • Emmaleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Gods work
    Yes! Keep doing great work.
  • N Hitchcock
    Get the answers
    I have always been a follower of true crime, cold cases and justice. Wanted to always help where ever I could. Just don’t know how, I listen and research and follow. Wish I would be apart of change and voice. Love your podcast. Not just a podcast it’s a voice for people who don’t have voices. Keep it up.. -china
  • ashmullz
    First podcast
    This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened too & I’m hooked!!
  • Shove your subscription
    Pay extra to get the whole story? LAME.
    It’s pretty crummy that the only way to hear the original creator and host of this series now is to pay for a subscription to a separate channel. Some listeners started with the podcast years ago and got hooked on not only the story, but how it was told. And now the only way to hear the complete version of the final act of the story is to pay for a separate subscription? Not cool.
  • EmmyB1023
    Payne you keep on amazing me with your work! Up and Vanished is the best true crime podcast I’ve listened to!
  • kls1012
    Only Listened to Season 1 but Host DRAGS the story out…
    I cannot bring myself to listen to another season of this podcast bc I listened to the 1st season on a road trip and although the story itself is interestint, it was brutal how much Payne DRAGS the story out!! There were multiple episodes that were completely unnecessary and we ended up skipping through so many parts of most episodes bc it was dragged out convos/interviews, constantly repeating information, and so much talk about himself, that felt unrelated and honestly really boring. I’ve listened to many many true crime podcasts and I’ve never been so irritated by how much the host wasted my time.
  • itselizabethrose
    A favorite
    This has been one of my favorite podcasts for years. This was the OG crime podcast when I started listening and honestly there’s never been a show like it since. The hosts are awesome.
  • val2121
    Trial narrator is robotic
    So hard to listen to that lady in the trial portion of the podcast episodes. Like, SO hard.
  • kechkak2
    Honestly this podcast is my daily addiction. It opens your eyes to what’s going on in the world. Love that it’s not scripted.
  • BlakeBoe
    This is top notch.
    The quality and purpose of this podcast is top level. Thank you for your sacrifices and energy in making this podcast a reality. Would love to see your gift go down a rabbit hole of the roots behind the results of all your victims stories….shame, addiction, and fear. True empathy humility and compassion are illusions with those giants in the way. Keep up the great work, you are making a difference.
  • tMichaelr
    Great podcast
    Very well done.
  • Stacey from Dallas
    Grandma is Season 1 MVP
    Love hearing clips with your Grandma! It adds a small emotional break from the disturbing content. Great research & interviews
  • BroncoMtn
    Making an Impact
    Just listened to Tara Grinstead podcast and what an impact you had for Tara’s family and friends. Great approach to true journalism and calling out the dysfunction at many levels and many groups within Irwin county, the power of journalism solved this case and the dedication to focus on the massive holes in everyone’s story!
  • stillnotanonymous
    So unprofessional and bad
    Listened to one episode, that was enough to know that these people are NOT journalists and have no idea how to investigate a story or report it, they just want to throw out completely unsubstantiated theories and suspicions. Avoid like the plague.
  • HoustonHomemaker
    Love Payne!
    We listen to a lot of true crime, Payne has consistently been one of our favorite hosts/journalists to follow. This podcast is one of the top 10 we always recommend to friends getting on board with true crime podcasts!
  • Jupiterdummy
    This podcast is incredible! You have done an extremely good job For this being your first podcast. Keep up the good work!
  • TruthSeeker is a troll
    Payne Lindsey lacks integrity, humility, and the ability to both effectively investigate a case and recount the established facts in a succinct manner. He has not solved or even made significant headway in any of the cases covered in his podcast, yet he frequently puffs up his own ego as if he is responsible for cracking every one of them. Do not recommend.
  • LaShon T
    I love Payne Lindsey’s persistence!! Binging Season 1
    I have really enjoyed this podcast! Thank you Payne Lindsey for investigating Tara’s murder and sharing the details with the world. I love this podcast!
  • vnycum
    Love it
    I just started listening to this recently. Great Podcast and hosts. Keep up your hard work.
  • gerberadaiseu
    Great Podcast!
    This Podcast has all of the things that I want in a mystery podcast.
  • Absjean
    Could be better
    The cases sound interesting but the podcast it’s-self is poorly done. 7 minutes in to the second season and I have heard two adds and audio of a little kid sneezing but still no clue what the case is actually about. I kept listening and the interviews are pointless and don’t add anything, the host is self righteous, and the episodes are poorly organized.
  • jx2easy
    Poor Technical Quality
    Commercials twice as loud as content.
  • Alpha Anna
    The BEST Podcast for Investigative Journalism
    There is real humanity, real stories, and heart in this podcast. Payne is upfront, honest, fearless, and demonstrates a level of care that makes you want to help and participate. Every season has been great- the first was mind blowing. However season 3 and shedding light on tribal injustices that have been occurring for YEARS. If you love true crime but want a reminder that people are out seeking the truth, not just letting mainstream media pump out artificial news, then I highly recommend listening to this podcast. Also- How can Paynes gramma adopt me because she is just lovely ☺️ #cowboycookies
  • roots59
    From the moment that I started listening the very first episode, I have been absolutely hooked with this show. The narrative, investigation, and production of this show is amazing!
  • coollonita
    Host obviously is insanely narcissistic, the “George Harrison” account was obviously the host and an entire set up thing he did. I felt sick listening to that. He tricked the private investigator, he likely hired the lady saying the dude was “her client” im so sure. And surprise surprise the dude wasn’t actually a student. The host has shirts that say if I go missing call him, and apparently did Tara trivia. Just a really sick person. Him playing the news stations saying a podcaster got the case reopened or whatever was such sickening proof of his narcissism, he literally had nothing to do with it and wasn’t anywhere near the right track with the “investigation” he did at all. The person responsible was not even in his scope. Yet he takes credit for solving it.
  • Erin Lynne 789
    Love it
    One of my favorite podcasts, listened to season 1 and 2 twice! Just waiting for my batch of the famous cowboy cookies
  • megjorgy4
    Hard to Make Sense Of
    While I believe the stories being told are incredibly important, the podcast could be better put together. It is very hard to follow what is happening. Some episodes end with a cliffhanger and then the next immediate episode doesn’t address it. Instead, Payne moves on to talk about something completely different. There is a constant back and forth between storylines. I thought it would be better in later seasons, but it is not. The into song is unbearable. It gets worse in Season 2. I’m disappointed because I had heard good things about the podcast. I just finished season 2. I don’t think I will finish.
  • Cbr1234
    G. O. A. T. Podcast
    This podcast never ceases to amaze me. I had NEVER listened to a podcast until Payne came out with the Tara Grinstead case. Payne is out to help solve cases, not just report random facts, which is why I think this is the best true crime podcast out there. My only CON is the terrible Nina lady during the trial reporting. Her voice is excruciating. I’ve listened to every episode and every season, but I couldn’t stand her voice. But, THIS show is unbelievable. Payne, appreciate that sweet grandma of yours. Love it when you have her on the show! Cowboy cookie giveaway soon?????
  • You know who 2
    Mediocre at best
    The biggest mistake Payne made was not just waiting until the trial was over and doing the podcast himself. The trial series felt rushed and not complete. Payne has had very little to say about the outcome and it’s disappointing. I am curious to see if they will follow the new charges. Can someone let us know? As supporting fans we need to know!
  • shmaan
    Interviews need edited down
    I’ve been wrapped up in season one, which I would say was excellent and interesting if not for the LONG, annoying, repetitive, unedited interviews with the investigator, Nancy Grace, the high school Buddy, etc. etc. While these might have been interesting interviews, the whole job of a podcaster is to feature the highlights, not the endless droning on of one person after another. Quickly losing my capacity to stick with it, and that’s a shame because the story and research is compelling.
  • D-eee
    Definitely kept me Entertained was hooked right away 🔝👏
  • Colorado_girl23
    Captivating Podcast. Keeps you on the edge of you seat
    This podcast has kept me on the edge of my seat. I’m consistently needing more answers 😂. Currently I’m in season 2 episode 9 and just blown away.. wow. One of the best true crime podcast I have listened to. Season one had me hooked. And season 2 is just as good. Excited to see where it goes. And how season 3-4 are. I’m flying through each episode. And thankfully I didn’t start these when they came out. Because now I can fly through each episode.
  • Benz18merc
    I love podcasts that don't waste time with their own input so much, I want to hear the case period and he does is magnificently. thank you!! At times I feel Payne can be cold towards people he's interviewing but he must have his reasons.
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