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Host Payne Lindsey returns with season 3 to investigate the North West Montana disappearance of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner, an indigenous woman who went missing from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in 2017. Up and Vanished is a true crime series that investigates mysterious cold case disappearances. Season 1 covered the disappearance of Georgia high school teacher Tara Grinstead, resulting in 2 arrests, and season 2 focused on the disappearance of young mother Kristal Reisinger from a remote mountain town in Colorado, a case that has since been reopened.

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  • Happygoddess
    The best investigative reporting!! Payne has taken a podcast and a potential killer is now on trial. Can it get any better? You will love this. Love Maurice, too!!
  • squivs01
    The best.
    Payne Lindsey you’re my hero.
  • Gabrielle188
    Well done
    Love this podcast. You really get invested in these cases. I also follow Payne on social which says a lot, because I don’t usually go out of my way to do that. Take a listen.
  • ck0000
    Love but missing episodes
    Love this podcast, however I subscribed to tenderfoot + for Paynes weekly recaps and only got one so I’m bummed I’m not getting what I paid for…
  • Sharbear73
    I want Payne back!
    Ninas voice sounds like a robot! I can’t listen to her another minute. I’m so sad! Payne, please read these comments and come back. Don’t let your amazing podcast go down in flames over this.
  • Caroline.NYC
    This is so awesome but…
    If Nina calls him Bo *DUKE* one more time I’m going to loose my mind!!! Aside from that I’m so pleased with this trial coverage. Go Payne!
  • kday
    If you already know the answers to the test because your friend got you a copy of the test. Did YOU really truly ace it, or did you cheat? The makers of this podcast don’t get credit for solving a missing person(s) case because they already knew who committed the crime. And they knew who did what. So, no they shouldn’t get credit for solving this case. What they do deserve is a pat on the back for putting pressure on the GBI to make a(n) arrest. So stop feeling yourself. Sit down and be humble. In four seasons this podcast has only one successful conclusion. At some point it gets too dangerous for Payne and crew to continue investigating. Oh, the arrogance of a fool that believes they’re something that they aren’t.
  • News huntress
    Need new host
    Nina is ruining this season for me. Especially the episode with her and Philip in the bar. She constantly interjects, interrupts and adds nothing of value.
  • Yumjoi
    Love up and vanished…..BUT
    I can’t handle the narration; sounds like Siri or an automated voice. Pls pls, next season, can you switch the narration.
  • Linhartk
    I LOVE this podcast! Highly recommend!! The fact that you called your grandmother, just made me a listener for life! She’s right ya do have a phenomenal voice. Also the main reason is the great content.
  • speare789
    Too Big for their Britches
    I have been a die hard fan of this podcast since it originally started. Season One is definitely the best season, but it seems like the more successful the podcast becomes, the more it moves away from what made it too good. I do not enjoy the episodes hosted by Nina and the others. I listen for Payne because he seemed so authentic in his discussions and “investigation.” These new hosts come across very artificial to me with exaggerated radio voices and their constant interruptions of people involved in the cases (listen to the episode with Nina and Phil Holloway for a prime example.) It seems like if you want to hear Payne anymore, you have to pay for a subscription. I don’t listen to all of the episodes anymore and even unsubscribed because it’s just too many new hosts (no Payne) and too many ads.
  • kathpeters
    Listen to them all!
    Love true crime and how much Payne actually cares about the cases. All his podcasts are worth listening to!
  • ElisaNoa
    Late to series - Beware spoiler
    I just found Up and Vanished and started listening to Season 1. Enjoying the series and excited to listen to more seasons. However, please beware that a commercial for a later season just played during S1Ep9 that gave away the ending of season 1!
  • HeddleOh
    R This is by far my favorite! I’m totally following the Duke’s trial!!
  • Spr1ng26
    Went too hard on Brooke
    Prayers to the family of Tara and ask involved. I was going to give it 5 stars but the way Payne was handling Brooke didn't sit right with me. If you're job is to stay objective and let people tell their story, why were you treating her like she did it? She's telling you what she knew and how she feels and you're basically telling her she's wrong to feel that way. That's not your job. She loved him. Her feelings are involved. Of course WE would like to think we wouldn't empathize with a killer, but we've also never had to.
  • 0616CNH
    Best crime podcast hands down
    LOVE this podcast. It’s so well done fe content to production and everywhere in bw.
  • meganicolemph
    One of my favorites.
    This is a great show. I will forever listen to anything Payne produces!
  • amj4368!
    Terrible audio
    The audio from the court room is impossible to hear. And the hosts never restate or summarize what was said so it’s difficult to follow.
  • VonnyDee
    Voice of S4 is horrible
    I was excited for this season but I can’t deal with this lady’s voice. So cold, bored and disconnected.
  • Becky.h23
    Payne is amazing!
    Absolutely love this podcast! Each episode from every season has you on the edge of your seat. Payne has done an amazing job trying to solve and bring light to these missing persons cases. Im enjoying the extra bonus episode from Tenderfoot plus especially during the Ryan Duke trial! Keep up the great work!
  • Tuffaroni
    Is no one paying attention?
    Payne isn’t the host any more because he was subpoenaed to court!! Quit ‘1 star’ reviewing him because he isn’t hosting the show any longer!! He CANT!
  • m.a.k.d.
    Love the podcast,Nina’s voice is unbearable
    I almost cannot listen to the podcast that I’ve loved for so long. Nina’s voice and the way she talks is like nails on a chalkboard for me.
  • Joi9987
    Terrible audio
    Stories are great, but the audio from the phone calls in season 2 is TERRIBLE! Had to stop listening because there are whole episodes with rambling interviews where you can’t understand anything.
  • Anna_Moore
    Not The Same Podcast Anymore
    As a longtime fan of the podcast, it makes me sad to admit that Up and Vanished just isn’t the same anymore. I understand that cases develop and so do the podcasts that cover them, but I feel like we used to be able to feel connected to Payne through his coverage of Tara’s case. Now we have to pay to listen to episodes that feature him? I just don’t agree with that. Also, the new host is not it - plain and simple. Her reporting is monotonous and most of the time I feel like I’m listening to ASMR, which is not a compliment. The podcast has also become very subjective of Ryan’s trial. I understand that the hosts and guests have their own feelings towards the case and have every right to voice them, but it feels like we’re getting less true trial coverage and more time is being spent on personal opinions. Bottom line - Up and Vanished has seemingly lost whatever made it unique in the beginning.
  • ra =raquel
    Payne is insufferable
    Great show, but I find him entirely way too self righteous. Typical white dude. Do not like him. Show would be better without his condescending nature.
  • Lmccoy2410
    Episodes Won’t Play
    I would love to listen to the two newest episodes but neither will play. Considering I’m paying to listen them, I’d think this would be addressed. Anyone else having an issue?
  • Katie Sundseth
    Love this podcast. Usually.
    Was so excited about the trial of Ryan Duke. The first official episode of the jury selection was BRUTAL to listen to. The hosts voice was very hard to listen to.
  • BrenElice
    The original set of series was wonderful. Dead and Gone lost the plot.
    What the heck happened in the episode about devolved into a long verbal riff about one of the Dead’s songs while leaving the missing woman in the trash.
  • RunFaster37
    Why do people like this?
    Kristal goes missing in Crestone Colorado. He fly’s to Denver and pretty much hangs there and calls a few people. Zeros in on the guy that we already know did it. Can’t prove anything. The end…
  • skidMarks PI
    Payne is team ryan, unbelievable
    C’mon Payne listen to ryans confession. Ryans was a monster then and especially now making Tara’s family go through this spectacle. Making her love ones sit through this is just wrong. Bo AND Ryan need to rot in jail.
  • HBSVs Mom
    Love the podcast
    Love the background details, the justice seeking motivation for Tara and the approach to finding the truth.
  • Dr K Yoda
    Nina rocks!
    Nina! You should become an attorney. Love your play by play! It’s very thorough. As a former resident of Marietta, Georgia (my hometown) having a Granny from Albany, Georgia- I was very familiar with this case. This podcast has been awesome! Thanks for covering this case as the families and friends finally get closure.
  • cantthinkofanythingclever
    Too biased, & the commentators are yikes
    I really appreciate that Nina provides a summary of the trial day by day, but I’d really wish she would keep her own opinions, assumptions, and interpretations out of it and just relay the facts so we can make our own mind up. Also, in her summaries she sounds so robotic, it’s awful. Her intonation and pacing sounds like an AI, but when she’s conversing with the host (I’m sorry I forgot his name), she sounds more normal. I also could really do with out Phil Holloway’s commentary. He’s such an egomaniac my god, half of it is an ad for his own podcast, and everything he says is so biased. The show at this stage would be better served just relaying balanced info instead of very clearly and heavily being in favor of the defense.
  • Krysia24
    Great podcast.
    Love the info and deep dive from the start on this case with this podcast. There’s a somewhat similar local unsolved murder case in my area. Here in Pittsburgh Rachael DelTondo was a former teacher who was rumored to have a relationship with a former student and also had issues with certain local law enforcement officers. The police force has gone through se real police chiefs and scandals since this happened too. I’d love to se a similar podcast done with a thorough and independent investigation as was done here on the murder of Tara
  • lkhtr*+
    Where’s Payne?
    Have listened since the first episode but the new women's voice is sooo unsettling … we need Payne back. I’m not sure I can keep listening 😔
  • nixfinity
    Trading Places
    Duke & Dukes— this entire story is an overhyped Trading Places joke without any physical evidence besides a potentially planted glove. It’s a tragedy, but the only people dumber than these Georgian cops were the two outstanding morons arrested as in the movie. Most of this pageant nonsense leads to bad things too
  • CKThomas445
    Really well done!
    Payne your voice is perfect for podcasts and while the new female reporter is obviously wicked smart, her delivery and voice is not as engaging. Maybe it’s just the presentation voice that is a bit overdone.
  • jeffnanna
    OMG Great!
    Oh my goodness this is a great podcast!!!
  • ArtGirlSAH
    Tara Grinstead trial
    I’ve tried to listen, but cannot take the terrible sound from the courtroom. I had followed the story on your podcast early on. Is there a way to fix the sound from the podcast side of it? I would like to keep up with what is happening in the trial. I also tried to watch on YouTube on the Law & Crime channel. The sound was bad there as well and I will write to them also.,
  • Herrow herrow how low
    So Confused - No More HOLLOWAY
    Why is this podcast suddenly treating the only person charged with Tara’s homicide, Ryan Duke, like he’s been “wrongfully charged??” He killed Tara with Bo Dukes, and possibly others. That’s a fact. Major journalistic integrity issues with Philip Holloway and another defense attorney (female) directly involved with the podcast interfering with the direction of the very story they’re “telling,” by convincing Ryan Duke to fire his public defender and HELP HIM hire the female Defense Attorney who’s as a guest on this podcast. Ever since the switch, without any explanation as to why they suddenly think Ryan should be found “not guilty” of the very crime this podcast was supposed to be focused on solving — they’ve done nothing but repetitively and shallowly advocate for Ryan’s [alleged] “innocence.” Just because, based PURELY ON SPECULATION, Ryan may have had LESS to do with the homicide than his buddy Bo Dukes, does not make him innocent! He did it. Everything points to the fact that he did. He did not falsely confess. There’s no evidence of this whatsoever, and this case does NOT rely on any “expert witness” or solely on the Confession, but on actual PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. And now, this “Seasons,” I’m already so annoyed with Payne handing off his podcast yet again to Holloway, for him to ramble on and on and on from the perspective of a DEFENSE ATTORNEY, not as an INVESTIGATOR, for the very trial Holloway interfered with by getting the defendant PRO BONO Defense Attorneys. This is completely unethical and I cannot stand how REPETITIVE Holloway is. Every single episode he rants about the SAME EXACT “points” — essentially reasonable doubt this, reasonable doubt that, defense attorneys could sieze on this alternative suspect we’ve uncovered in this podcast, blah blah blah! What are you doing? Are you trying to help this man walk free for what he did? That’s exactly what you’re doing. If Payne wants to paywall the only episodes he appears on this season, then this is no longer the Up and Vanished podcast. This is a cash grab. And further, is it ethical to delay Ryan’s trial by 2 years by intervening and getting him to appoint these Defense Attorneys directly involved with this podcast, who caused the delays by suing the state for not covering the costs of their trial experts? Ryan has PRO BONO attorneys. Every attorney has to clock a certain number of Pro Bono hours every single year to keep their legal license in good standing, and they’re making a name for themselves on this case. When you work pro bono — the expenses come out of your pocket. The state doesn’t pay for your legal expenses just because your client is indigent. That’s what public Defender’s are for. That’s what lawyers DONATING their time is for. It’s not pro bono work if you’re demanding the state pays THOUSANDS of dollars in legal fees towards your own case. You’re creating these expenses for the state by calling a bunch of expensive “experts,” without any consideration fo the fact that most pro bono defense attorneys PAY FOR THESE EXPERTS themselves or ask them to donate their time for this pro bono case. There were 3-4 episodes in the FIRST “Ryan Duke Trial Series” dedicated just to Holloway complaining about the state not paying for this expense! The state is already paying his THOUSANDS in filing fees and THOUSANDS in Jury Trial fees. The state doesn’t have to pay for a VOLUNTEER attorney’s experts $700-$900/hour fees. That’s profiteering off our justice system. You’re making more than enough to cover these fees on your own. How bout next time, remove the “expert” from your podcast for getting too close to the subject. In this case, this is the KILLER. What are you doing? I’m done. *104 episodes of this podcast I’ve sat thru, 56 hours of total listening time* And for what? For you to try and help the killer get exonerated? For Holloway to takeover the podcast and bore me to death with his condescending repetitive drivel that I could go hear from literally any cookie cutter defense attorney? Have some journalistic integrity and NEVER get involved with the subject. That’s documentary ethics 101. I should know, I’m a filmmaker — just like Payne used to be. You know better. You can’t taint the subject matter, you can’t interfere, you can’t shape the narrative. You’ve broken every single one of the most important ethical rules in Journalism and Documentary filmmaking.
  • TamField
    Who are these people who are narrating?
    The new broadcasters are not passionate about the story. Asking questions about where they are eating where they’re sleeping.Also, telling her to have fun in Ocilla?? Payne Lindsay made us believe in this case and discussed the important issues. I really love this podcast, but I am disappointed with the narrators.
  • crazykittylitter
    Payne’s thoughts
    I love this podcast..and have followed every case! Tara’s case has me intrigued…Payne..do u think Ryan is guilty? I think not..cover up for Bo
  • karykush63
    Great podcast
    Payne makes the listener really care about the case simply because HE really cares. I’m hooked.
  • JGod619
    Are the rest of the episodes going to be just for paid subscription users only?? I LOVE this podcast, but I’m not going to spend my teacher salary on it. Sorry!
  • pattimadfi
    I have been a loyal listener & love Payne Lindsey. I’ve been looking forward to following the trial & now they are going to charge us!!?? No thanks. I will watch the trial on Utube. You are successful only because of loyal listeners & then we get this!! Very disappointed.
  • Dwana777
    New listener and already love it!
  • Brittwoo22
    You are awesome. I wish someone like you would look more into the Micheal Champers case from Hunt County.
  • hmr2017
    Amazing podcast!
    Such a great podcast!! Can’t stop listening. Can definitely say I am hooked!
  • Begelll
    You either die a hero, or live long enough
    To see yourself become the villain. Season 1 was amazing and really shows what good investigative journalism can do. Since it was because of this show the Criminal was ousted and hopefully justice wil be served. As the show progresses, season 2 was just god awful. The editing is terrible. The interviews should have been Re-told with actors as it’s so hard to even understand them half the time, or just a nothing burger that served no purpose and really didn’t need to be in the show. Season 3s a repeat, it’s to much of interviews and barely any information is presented to really understand the scope of the crime. I’ll still hold out hope for season 4.
  • Gehenna17
    I really love this Podcast. I can’t stop listening. Payne is awesome he does such an awesome job it’s like you’re there with him.
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