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Up and Vanished is an investigative true crime podcast hosted by Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey. Season 1 covered the disappearance of Georgia high school teacher Tara Grinstead, resulting in 2 arrests and a trial that is still unfolding. Season 2 focused on the disappearance of young mother Kristal Reisinger from a remote mountain town in Colorado. On September 1st, Payne returns with season 3 to investigate the North West Montana disappearance of Ashley Loring HeavyRunner who went missing from the Blackfeet Nation Indian Reservation in 2017.

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Recent Reviews
  • CNM67
    Stellar true crime podcast
    This podcast is absolutely phenomenal! The writing is fantastic the interviews are captivating and the stories are all griping. Keep up the good work Payne!
  • Tay_Lore
    Great detailed work
    Payne and tenderfoot make great work putting together an incredibly detailed and beautifully engineered podcast. Payne makes it clear that the stories are more important to him than the show itself and it absolutely shows!! I love tuning in to hear updates and learn more. Keep up the great work and thanks for the cookie contest!!
  • tk123456789101112
    Up & Vanished
    Payne Lindsay is a fantastic podcast host and he researches his topics very throughly, delivering information in a clear and engaging manner. I highly recommend Up & Vanished to anyone looking for a new podcast to listen to, as well as any of the Tenderfoot TV productions.
  • this is a ajoke
    My favorite podcast
    The Tara Grinsted case in season 1 was the first podcast I ever listened to and I have been hooked ever since! I listen to a number of podcasts but this is my go to for stories that need to be told
  • jmaoxm
    The catalyst!
    This podcast was definitely the catalyst for my true crime obsession! Before listening to up and vanished, I hadn’t really found the world of true crime podcasts. Now I listen to many! No matter how manyOther podcast I listen to, I still find this one to be my absolute favorite! Every story he tells is even better than the last.
  • kmay531
    Sparked my love for podcasts. Payne is a wonderful story teller and truly cares about the people in the cases he investigates.
  • cheez29
    Best of the best
    This podcast is very well executed. Not only one of the best crime podcasts, but truly over all great story telling. It’s filled with interesting side information and stories. Very entertaining. Always leaves me wanting more!
  • lephughes
    Absolute Best
    Up and Vanished season 1 was the very first podcast I had ever listened to - ever. Not only was the case addicting, Payne’s voice was mesmerizing and I binged it as much as possible. Season 2 didn’t disappoint and 3 is proving to be just as good. Keep up the good work, Payne and crew! These cases need to be heard and solved.
  • OMyBell
    Favorite Podcast!
    I’ve been listening to true crime podcasts for a few years now, this podcast was one of my firsts and has been my favorite! The listening quality is always great and researched so well. Even though the reasons these podcasts have been made is sad and devastating they are bringing closure to the families and communities. Keep up the good work!
  • montanamaegirl
    Love this podcast
    One of my favorite ones to follow and I’m so happy that Payne and his team are doing this current season on Ashley and her disappearance. So many missing indigenous woman in Montana and other areas. Heartbreaking.
  • bearsmomma7
    Gig life listening
    We love listening to and discussing each episode as we do our driving job. Thanks for keeping our brains active while we work.
  • grayhorseco
    I’m just here for the cookies
    This podcast is the best of the best! If Payne can create such amazing work, I can only imagine what grandma’s cowboy cookies are like. Please let me win them 🤞🤞🤞
  • kyliegio
    One of my favorite true crime podcasts!
    I was immediately hooked after the very first episode about the Tara Grinstead case. The interviews/phone calls with various experts and persons of interest keep the show interesting. On top of that, the fact that his podcast reignited the search for answers that eventually led to two arrests regarding the Tara case is amazing. I am currently catching up on Season 3 and I can’t wait to see if (and hopefully when) we found out what happened to Ashley Heavyrunner. Keep up the great work!
  • moises mommy
    New listener
    Hey up and vanished team I just want to say how much I enjoy listening to this podcast although I am just finishing this first season which I can’t stop listening too., I can’t wait to catch up to live up and vanished episode., and Payne where can I order some cookies if I haven’t gotten to that episode yet. Anyway thank you for such great work appreciated the show
  • one_4_peace
    Easy on the ears…
    Always intriguing stories and good flow. Sound design is smooth and easy to listen to. Great job!
  • Akmdad
    Great listen
    I’m very picky about podcast and how the host delivers the story. This podcast is nothing short of amazing.
  • rockymtn girl
    Thank you for bringing attention to the MMIW community. 🧡🧡
  • Hardknock Mom Life
    It’s amazing how invested you get in all these lives. Seriously, sometimes I drive in circle so I can finish the end of an episode before I get home. I’m sure the neighbors think I’m crazy. Thanks Payne! 😉
  • Adrienne5446
    Important issue
    I’m glad Payne has decided to use his platform to draw attention to missing and murdered indigenous women. Stay safe out there Payne
  • HollieM1231
    Fantastic in depth podcast
    I just started listening to the new season, but the other two seasons were very in depth and easy to follow. There will always be ratty people out there thinking they are better than everyone else giving good podcasts bad reviews but as I’ve learned over the years, you have to listen for yourself to get a good perspective on whether a podcast is ‘good’ for you to listen to. Payne does a great job of backing everything up and putting the story in a format that’s easy to follow along. I hope that this season leads to the same outcome as the Tara Grinstead case. Keep up the good work and ignore the jealous trolls.
  • jbenn196
    New season
    So excited for the new season!!!!
  • Heav0904
    Fell in love
    Just like Payne’s gram, I love Payne’s voice. Your music is very hypnotic as well. Looking forward to solving a cold case with everyone! 💜
  • Anastasia Beaverhausen01
    Great podcast! After season one. 😉
    I wasn’t a fan of the first season but there’s much improvement in season two. Season one had way too many recaps and q & a’s; it seemed like he was stretching for material. It was hard to get through. If you skip through those episodes and just focus on the episodes that report info, it’s noteworthy. Im glad he’s unbiased and attempts to reach out to gain perspective from all points of view. I also appreciate that he chooses cases that the mainstream media would typically not pick up. Those who are missing-their stories are important too. Kudos to you Payne, you’re going to go far with this! Your work is important.
  • LesabelleM
    I love how this show doesn’t waste time telling you the podcasters thoughts too much or what might have been said or done. Going right to the sources for interviews makes it feel like we are investigating with you. Keep it up.
  • hayleyhayleyhay
    Great podcast!
    Very well written!
  • Cksquires
    Best Podcast
    Up and Vanished was one of the first podcast I ever listened to and it set the standard so high. I found myself not being able to shut it off and emotionally vested in the lives of these missing people. I have listened to all 3 seasons so far and I cannot wait for the next episode to come out. It’s always my first recommendation when people ask about podcasts. Keep up the GREAT work.
  • kristinbogda
    A must listen!
    Payne does such a good job.
  • Mandyb33
    Payne is so engaging! I get so mad when I have to get out of my car mid-episode. Thorough research, genuine human, and you can hear how much he actually cares.
  • MikeWest33
    I’ve been listening to Payne some nice season 1 and my gosh this show is a trip! Payne just goes all in and I give him respect for the work he does. Hope this series continues for a long time!
  • boston408
    No Payne, No Gain
    Of all the true crime podcasts…Payne is the absolute best. Thorough, riveting, genuine…not to mention the best voice of all time! Bringing light and gains to dormant cases. Awesome stuff.
  • Olivia BM
    Always fair and informative
    Payne is fair and objective but compassionate and understanding. He’s easy to listen to and I always learn something I didn’t know about before like indigenous culture. Great for my slow dog jogs.
  • jbaron44
    Glad it’s back!
    Thanks for bringing back this series. Any updates on trials for Tara case?
  • araywr
    Season 3
    This is a huge problem across the country and thankful up and vanished is covering it. Pain though I listen because I love podcasts your words at 31:30 to the end on episode 1 season 3 absolutely moved me and I feel that should have been the trailer if it wasn’t. No wonder grandma is so proud.
  • soleira187
    My favorite
    This has been my favorite podcast since the first time listening to it. I think Payne goes above and beyond to get to the truth and to get cases solved!
  • DaisyTheLuther
    Let’s keep Ashley Loring Heavyrunner in the spotlight!
    Hoping you guys can shake things up and get to the bottom of this one, Payne.
  • msHenkel
    Great season
    Love the setting ✌🏻thumbs up!
  • rlg1221
    Favorite podcast!
    Up & Vanished has kept me on the edge of my seat since Season 1. I recommend it to everyone.
  • AllieBCruz
    An advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves
    I’ve been a listener for awhile and really love this new season brings awareness to native women going missing.
  • Badandboujee2300
    Payne is the man
    One of the BEST podcasts. I love that Payne stays objective. Just listened to season 2 after starting season 3. The way he handled Catfish John was seriously impressive.
  • beebaby5000
    I am a true crime podcast addict. I also feel that learning about and bearing witness to indigenous stories and histories is both my responsibility and privledge as a white settler on turtle island. I am glad that Payne is using his platform for the right reasons and I commend his storytelling abilities. Thanks for the content 🙏 I can’t get enough.
  • Rmkkrmkk
    Sooo goood!
    This podcast is the first I listened to and introduced me to the world of true crime podcasts. Payne and his team are respectful of the families involved while getting putting out factual, valuable information. Such a great podcast!
  • BPM7e
    So delighted it’s back
    I have been a fan since S1 which was amazing. I am so interested in this unique case and the great storytelling it contains. Bravo for another strong season.
  • Makeup cc
    Grandma‘s cookies!
    I thoroughly enjoy your approach to solving these up and vanished crimes. You certainly do have the right voice for radio and podcasts. To be so young and take on such big stories. Very impressive. I highly recommend this podcast. I enjoy as I take a walk every day. When the episode is over I’m yearning for more.
  • Ajsteh
    Looking forward to a new season
    Been hooked since season one! Payne does a great job telling these stories and bringing them to light when many have forgotten.
  • trey9ManU
    Amazing podcasts
    If you haven’t checked out any of his podcasts then get your sh** together and listen to ‘em! Keep up the good work brother
  • Fan#Mup
    Best host of any true crime podcast ever. Excellent show. Excellent team.
  • Sher SLC
    Loving so far !
    Enjoying the new season, little disappointed in the short length of each episode.
  • Savannah meador
    Great investigating Stories.
    Great investigating story telling. I look forward to your podcast. You have a way of telling a story leaving you wanting more. I have hard time getting out of my car when I reach my destination I want to keep listening. Great work on helping these families during a difficult time in hopes of finding answers. Great Job.
  • Cindy l. Word crazy
    Incredible!! Can’t stop listening. Thorough and thoroughly entertaining investigative reporting. All three seasons!
  • Cattails8
    Bringing a Voice to the Missing
    I have truly been hooked on this well created and edited podcast that gives a voice to those whose voices have been silenced.Payne and his team are not afraid to ask the hard and important questions, bringing in experts and doing insurmountable research.Along with working with the loved ones of the missing, the Up and Vanished Team does this with respect, critical thinking.strong journalistic ethics, and interactive media to allow us to join in on the cases. Up and Vanished provides a unique interactive experience trying to bring some justice to the world.
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