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Think art history is boring? Think again. It's weird, funny, mysterious, enthralling, and liberating. Join us as we cover the strangest stories in art. Is the Mona Lisa fake? Did Van Gogh actually kill himself? And why were the Impressionists so great? Subscribe to us here, and follow us at for further information and fun extras. © 2023 Jennifer Dasal

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  • feadadfadfdagfdg
    Thanks for the memories
    I have enjoyed listening over the years. Have learned a great many things. Sorry to see you go, but best wishes for your future.
  • Ren Annette
    Thank you !
    Heartfelt thank you for this great podcast and all the best to you as you move on.
  • kiyomi_noel
    Art Historians, Unite!
    This is one of the best art history podcasts out there! Ms. Dasal eloquently explains the drama that is art history in a refreshing and digestible way. She does her research, sets the scene, and gives us a good amount of backstory behind every artist she highlights. I definitely recommend this to anyone with an interest in art or art history.
  • UnicornTac0s
    Very Entertaining, Very Informative!
    I’m really picky with podcasts and I only enjoy a very select few. I work as a freelance artist and listen to books and music while I work and found this podcast to be absolutely fantastic to listen to. I find it really challenging to get into new podcasts, but not this one! I listened to over 20 episodes in the first day of listening and I’ve never reviewed a podcast if that tells you anything. If you’re a female creative type, it’s not just entertaining, but full of girl power and inspiration. I cannot recommend it enough to any woman who wants to learn more about women in art. Information about such a topic is something you probably don’t even realize that you don’t know. It’s all around a phenomenal podcast made with lots of love and care and deserves a listen by everyone. Thank you so much to Jennifer for sharing this podcast.
  • ChrisWilliam0295
    I needed a break from my true crime pods and my friend sent me this. I was amazed and before I knew it I had binged hours getting lost in the stories. The host voice is very soothing and makes it so much better.
  • el Gato noir
    The Art Thief
    I think this interview was one of the best. I enjoy your podcast. Anyone interested in art will be rewarded by listening to it. Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf. 👍
  • Mountain Kate
    Love the topic and materials covered. Wish the host’s voice were more soothing.
  • Dragoon 149
    The Passion of the Host is Plain to See
    Jennifer can make even an episode about art and artists that I don’t really like sound interesting. Smart but approachable, this podcast is for anyone from newcomers to MFA’s. Plus, new sorts of content like her books and the art news episodes show that Jennifer still has a lot to offer.
  • Knowing More in NYC
    Keep Jennifer Podcasting
    I’ve been listening to ArtCurious podcast for some months now and look forward to her new episodes with real anticipation. I like her sort of informal, narrative yet erudite approach to her topics. I’ve always enjoyed art history but my experience is not extensive, so I’ve appreciated the expansion she provides on specific works of art, of well known artists, but also deserving lesser knowns, often women who have made unknown contributions! I hope you will listen to her wide array of available podcasts, past and present, and join me in providing her support in this difficult time for podcasting! Knowing More in NYC
  • Podliverlover
    Just discovered - new and fresh info
    I just discovered this podcast and love the new information and fresh way it is presented. I’ve enjoyed every single one of the 10 or so I’ve listened to and look forward to finishing the rest
  • Savanah Jane
    Wonderful product/content
    These episodes are wonderfully researched and produced. They are well put together and fascinating in their subject. Listening to them greatly supplements my studies in my university art history classes, plus some fun facts and insights that aren’t usually discussed! The only suggestion I would have is to include a catalog of sorts to make it easier to find all of the interviewed guests and their books! And I’m not sure about the computer version, but at least on the mobile version, the pop up ads make the website difficult to navigate.
  • poooppppppppppppppp
    Wow 🤩
    Omg so good 😊 you should look at this text! There is one thing though…WAY TO MUCH ADS!!!! Thank god you can skip stuff! 🎨but all the art 🖼 talk is happening me so much I am a middle schooler at lively and it was so hard to do art until I started watching this! But that’s all I will say bye ✌️
  • brushstroked
    It’s been so long since I was in an art history class so it is nice to get a new perspective on this intriguing subject. Im so grateful for the host and her scholarly research and the attempts to pronounce names correctly, a task most people online do not bother with. The only criticism I have is, now that you have run through all the “usual suspects” of art history, how about some fresh perspectives. I’d like to see a series on female surrealist, like Remedios Varo, Dorothea Tanning and Leonora Carrington to name a few. How about a new take on Tamara De Lempicka? Fernando Botero, so misunderstood as the guy who paints “fat people “ could use a thorough review. Let’s shed some light on some well deserved art masters that might not be so familiar. I love the women behind the art series you did!
  • julienoel1717
    the placement of ads is unfortunate
    Like the art history and stories but the amount of ads and their placement ruins it for me. takes me out of the story.
  • butterchub
    Glad there’s a bunch to binge!
    I accidentally discovered this podcast and am LOVING it! I’ve always loved art, though I’m no professional, and these stories have made art history become even more alive!
  • WWOR01
    Wonderful podcast
    I started this series a little curious how a podcast about art history would work. Jennifer is an engaging storyteller. She helps me understand the history of the piece and about the history of the author. Jennifer tells the stories in well thought out, but tight narratives. After you get caught up with this series, check out the series on women artists of the renaissance.
  • cdatguti
    Great content
    However, the ads……….. Horrible! Half of an “a Little Curious” episode is ads! Thank goodness for the forward button.
  • lookingagainandagain
    Perfect for those who dearly miss sitting in art history class.
  • Rockymack10
    I love the podcast podcast
    Oh I absolutely love this podcast since my parents made me refrain from listening to scary podcasts I found this one and I am like I’ll try something newAnd I’m so glad I did because this podcast is the best thing that has ever happened to me so thank you,Jennifer thank you so much for making this podcast I love it love it love it ❤️
  • Tankgrrllll
    I tell anyone who will listen about this!
    This is the first podcast thats ever held my attention. Not just hold it but KEEP me coming back to binge shows while I work or travel or clean..anywhere I have a moment. Thank you for introducing so many fabulous and important women artists! My 13 year old son even listens with me in the car, creating wonderful conversations between us. Thank you!
  • Lindsay Hall
    Oh man, how I love this podcast. It’s been on my list for SO LONG and this past week I finally gave it a listen…and I’m already nearly half-way through all of the episodes! I’m a full-time artist so I spend most of my working hours listening to podcasts, and as a previous art-history major, I feel so fulfilled to have found Jennifer Dasal’s work. But the thing is, this podcast is for anyone. I will absolutely be recommending this even (and maybe especially) to friends that don’t think art is that interesting; this is sure to change their minds. Jennifer is a master storyteller, and the topics she chooses to focus on are extremely engaging and fascinating. Obsessed.
  • Murphy's Mutt
    Every Picture Tells a Story
    Found this podcast after reading the book with the same title. Jen consistently uncovers the often overlooked backstories that enhance one’s appreciation, if not understanding, of the artist.
  • nastia_fuj
    Great podcast! Needs to get out of Europe :)
    I listened to all the episodes since discovering this show last month. Very entertaining and interesting! I love to hear the stories and am inspired to look up the art Jennifer talks about. I feel like I learned a lot about European art. Would be great to hear more about art and artists from Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. So far I think there were only two episodes about non-European art. Thanks so much Jennifer and team and keep it up! I do skip the commercials though, kind of a lot of those
  • Em_Zach
    Loving this podcast!
    I am so surprised to find such an exciting podcast on Art History. I minored in art and am about to begin teaching art, and wanted to start brushing up on my art history. I researched and found this podcast. I’m SO happy I did. I am so intrigued and have caught myself eager to listen to the next episode.
  • Miriam Schulman
    Love geeking out over art history stories!! @schulmanart The Inspiration Place
  • namastayhome
    Best art history podcast out there!
    Hands down the best art podcast out here. Interesting, high production quality, and entertaining.
  • davidmjester
    sponsorship crazy
    too many commercials
  • MEJ004
    Obsessed with ArtCurious
    I’m so happy I discovered this podcast! I love it so much. I’m glad I have so many seasons to work through (since I’m so late to the game), but I will be devastated once I run out of new episodes. Jennifer Dasal is a wonderful writer and her delivery is excellent. She has an infectious energy and enthusiasm for art and the episodes focus on the same aspects of art history that I enjoy. Can’t recommend enough!
  • nchxosnfjc
    Great but...
    This is a great podcast and has many details that it’s worth a listen. The topics are well chosen and researched and alternate perspectives are presented. The one downside is that each episode has 6-8 minutes of ads so the playtime is misleading. I believe the author cares very much about sharing her love of art but it appears she also cares the same amount about sharing ads with us.
  • Dinaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    Love it
    I love this podcast, and when I checked out the audio ebook from the library, I sent an email asking if there was a pdf of accompanying artwork, Jennifer herself responded with a super-sweet email and the pdf that I asked for…I think art is so much more wonderful when you know something about it…and even though i live in BFE Arkansas, I am just 30 minutes away from Crystal Bridges and sometimes I just go there to people watch…I once followed around a group of 20-something yr old boys/men in wife-beaters and swim trunks and watched them exuberantly interact with the art…and since that day I’ve tried to do both - learn as much as I can about art, and then forget everything and look at it like it is 10 feet tall right in front of me and the ‘shrooms are starting to kick in, lol
  • Oviogia
    Perfect Way To Get Into Art History
    I looooove this podcast. It’s informative and very well researched. I have always wanted to learn more about art history and this podcast keeps me engaged and curious for not only the artists but I find myself wanting to delve deeper into those time periods and places mentioned as well. Keep doing what you guys do!
  • DandelionDaisy
    Commercial overkill
    The content is great, and Jennifer does such a wonderful job of bringing art history to life and contextualizing it. But the commercials are just over the top. 7-9 minutes worth of commercials in every single episode. Commercials in the beginning, commercials at the end, a 5 minute long commercial break in the middle, and sometimes 1-2 more commercial breaks in addition to that? I broke down one episode I was listening to and roughly 40-45% of it was commercials and bumpers. I understand the need to see some profit from investing so much time and energy into something but this is extreme.
  • lovebeutj
    I've been searching for this!
    What a fun and interesting podcast! I am not an art student in any way. I am a casual museum goer and an avid learner. As such, this podcast is addictive, insightful and, again, FUN! Thank you!
  • ChristopherJG
    Really fun if you love art
    Well researched and knowledgeable. Like intriguing detective stories. I enjoy listening while stuck in LA traffic.
  • B-Bia
    Intellectual Art Diagnostics
    No random banter, I know sometimes that fun, but I appreciate the real historic facts. Best art podcast I’ve listened to in years. So sad I’ve missed out on this podcast for this long. Can’t wait to go through all these episodes and recommend them to people I know.
  • Kathansendrawings
    Always interesting!!!
    Love both this podcast and book!! I’m always learning something interesting on here... I find it fascinating!!! I’d give it 10 stars!!!
  • LLG711
    Great content .... keep it up! ❤️
  • corvuscorax1993
    Best Podcast Ever
    Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge, has such a good speaking voice and riveting storytelling ability, and she brings a little bit of art into my week and makes it better each time I listen. This is a great podcast for art lovers and art laymen. It can be a bit heavy on ads, but I’m all for supporting a working woman led show with my time and money.
  • Radon S
    Love learning about art
    Art is not something I was very interested in until listening to Jennifer. This podcast makes me so much more educated on the art world.
  • Zaptrax
    One of the best
    Interesting explorations of art and artists always with intriguing insights.
  • Nicky McNickname
    Informed and genuine
    Jennifer’s authenticity, professionalism, and enthusiasm are engaging and effective. These podcasts are well-researched, carefully prepared, and effectively delivered. There’s a fair amount of buzz-phrasing, cliches, and over-generalizations throughout, but for most listeners, who may be encountering much of the content for the first time, this may well be a plus. Jennifer avoids focusing solely on the artists and artworks that have already received massive coverage, but avoids getting into inconsequential esoterica. Beautiful speaking voice!
  • LadyBBH
    Love but too many ads
    I’ve loved this podcast since day 1 and its digestible format. These days, however, the shows are essentially one-third ads. Very aggravating.
  • dnicole5
    Unnecessary background music
    Really interesting subjects but hard to listen to with the background music.
  • student_needsexplaining
    Best Art Podcast
    I’m an art history lover. I was looking for a podcast that not only teaches you but its also entertaining. Found it since the first episode! Love it!
  • Kay hof
    Love this podcast.
    Love this podcast. Love how Jennifer presents things. As for the advertisements... this woman deserves to get paid for her time and research. Worth it.
  • SCSchultz2019
    An Oasis for Art Lovers
    This show is not only a welcome distraction from everything else going on in the world, but a fantastic way to learn about art—both the familiar and unfamiliar. I’m especially enjoying this new season, covering the stories behind some of the most astronomically priced artworks ever. Fascinating listen! Thank you and keep up the great work!!
  • Ethan Holt
    Too much advertising
    Good content but I can’t stand the two minutes or more of advertising during each episode.
  • DianaMae
    A Happy NY Newbie
    What a gem of a find!!! Love listening to juicy stories of the art world ! Creative about ... the creatives!!!!!
  • NYC Museum Docent
    Interesting But I Unsubscribed
    Jennifer is knowledgable and interesting. But the constant plugging of her own products or others has overwhelmed the information and made me seek alternatives, which are readily available.
  • Brecklyn152
    Wonderful snippets of art and the lives around and in it. I wish some of the episodes would delve even further into these stories. But them being shorter makes me do my own research yielding more information. Thank you!
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