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**Attention** Please tap follow or subscribe in your podcast app to make sure you get the newest releases. This show will be for those that are truly open to a mind-expanding experience. You'll be taken on a journey with top scientists, journalists and researchers that dare to look way beyond the edges of our known reality to analyze these extraordinary events. Join KTown as she discusses subjects surrounding real paranormal activity, unbelievable UFO phenomena, sinister secret societies, mysterious time slips, powerful ancient artifacts, terrifying creature encounters, shocking conspiracies, gruesome serial killers, unexplainable disappearances, supernatural places and much more! We release new episodes often so make sure you hit the follow or subscribe button so you’ll never miss one. Are you ready? Just tap the follow or subscribe icon in your preferred podcast app to access all available episodes and get new releases. Mysterious Radio is proudly produced by an independent podcast team.

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  • Bartender140
    K Town check out Whitney Webb when it comes to Epstein. She rocks on all that info.
  • Jayprufock
    I’ve been listening to Mysterious Radio for a couple of years at least. KTown is an excellent, prepared and thoughtful interviewer. Mysterious Radio is a great source of paranormal and true crime stories. 5 Stars
  • Lulu@work
    My favorite podcast! Mysterious stories AND and book review with even more mysterious information. After listening to a story about a girl who’s babysitter was a serial killer I was hooked! I bought the book and it was fantastic!
  • see II believe
    Fictional entertainment. Mentally disturbed guests.
    The show is for sure, completely fictional. They have psychotic mentally disturbed people on the show telling stories. That are delusional psychosis that never happened. Again, entertaining but the majority of their guess need medication and they need help, not a podcast.
  • Sharese R
    Amazing Show
    To say that I LOVE this show is an understatement. There’s not one episode that doesn’t interest me. The content is wide in range for everything creepy, unexplained and just interesting. I’ve learned a lot listening to K-Town and her guests! To have a black woman interested in all this is even more special to me. She asks the best questions and you can just tell her and her team do their research. I’m a listener for as long as this podcast runs. Thank you K-Town, we love you!
  • JecNire
    K-Town is the best, her voice is soothing and calming. She is seeking to learn and expand her horizons and she brings you along for the ride! The people who are interviewed are so fun, knowledgeable, and genuine. I love this podcast!
  • Haudoin
    Host Loves to Hear Herself
    Very annoying host! She interrupts guests constantly. The guest will get a sentence out and she interrupts with a “gotcha gotcha wow wow” response or make them move on to another topic before they are done. She interrupts and then has nothing to add of value so she asks questions that were already answered if she would just pay attention. She really needs to learn to active listen and maybe prep more before an interview. When she has a good guest on I now just do a name search to find anyone else who interviewed them. It’s the only way to hear their stories.
  • mikeyv3399
    Terrible interviewer!
    I enjoy the guest she brings on how ever she has terrible interviewing skills! She constantly interrupts and doesn’t allow the guest to tell their account first then ask questions later. Otherwise I’d give her show 5 stars but she really needs to stop with the interrupting it’s truly annoying!!!!!
  • GrayJediJ
    Uneven quality.
    To be frank, it’s K. I used enjoy the show. But, the odds of getting a major sponsor as stated in the last cast, won’t happen. K is monotone. I try really hard to listen, but she needs a helping hand in hosting.
  • stargazerkismet
    Charging $$ Is a Real Turn-off
    Basically you are bringing in authors of books who tease the information in said books so they can sell books. And now you want to charge listeners for this?? No. Just no.
  • yandere/chan
    Interesting and thought provoking podcast!
    KTOWN’S collection of podcast episodes contains everything creepy, disturbing, and paranormal: ghost stories, paranormal experiences, mythical legends, and true crime. From topics that are terrifying, to conspiracy theories that make you think, I’ve really enjoyed this podcast!
  • parler#1
    For this?
    Try to charge for this? Geese
  • linz740
    To many commercials
    Didn’t even get to the podcast. Had to listen to 10 commercials first
  • Crime Author
    Interesting content! Well edited and good listening!
    Mysterious Radio offers an intriguing variety of guests! KTOWN has a great voice and asks engaging and thoughtful questions. I am especially interested in the programs featuring true crime. These podcasts never disappoint!
  • Nickthecartoonistninja
    Like a lot of the shows like coast-to-coast it’s just interviews with old men who name drop obscure academics. I don’t know who these people are that they like the name drop but apparently it’s a big deal that they get invited to their house for dinner. Like this last episode about the guy who wrote the Mothman prophecies that sounds really super interesting but instead I just hear about how the writer was invited to dinner and had boring conversations with people who I don’t even know. If you’re looking for something to fall asleep to this is it.
  • No there, there
    Too many ads
    Love this show but there are way too many ads.
  • dcfret9999
    Terrible interview
    Interviewer had absolutely no knowledge of topic discussed, absolutely of the worst interviews of a author who has written countless articles and 3 books I’ve ever heard
  • a_waele
    I love this podcast so much. I love the range in topics, and K-town asks the guests really good questions, and their voice is nice to listen to as well. This is the one podcast I recommend to anyone who asks for recs. My mom and I typically keep up with it every time new ones come out. We love it, there’s been so many eye-opening episodes!
  • checkmatemarco
    Out Of This World
    K-Town finds the most fascinating people to interview. Perfect stories to enlighten one’s perspective. Being an open minded person makes listening to these people’s experiences all the more captivating. This podcast actually makes me want to be a better person so no creepy bad stuff happens to me!
  • lindybo21
    K town is the best
    Love this podcast- love k town who keeps the episodes moving. Great topics- keep them coming!
  • Deleted Robinhood
    Way too churchy to be Sci-Fi
    The host is a little too “God is real, science is make-believe” for this genre. She should allow herself to break free of her indoctrinations and think outside the box. She comes across as gullible and unreliable.
  • Tempest7777
    Darwinism is a lie? Really?
    First time listener and you absolutely lost me with this statement: “Darwinism is a lie.” Insert huge eye roll. In addition with being completely out of touch, episode was rambling and boring. Unsubscribed.
  • Dr. G. von D.
    Good Sci-Fi Show
    Asking for 5-star reviews to receive a decal cost ine star. Otherwise, good to fall asleep at night.
  • iamgojates
    I need to meet K town!!
    This show is so intriguing and the host is so engaging as well! My new favorite podcast! I found it yesterday and have already listened to 6 episodes!!!
  • Zatara82
    K-Town is on point!
    I love her openness to all subject matter.
  • Farmer Trav
  • Camaro41$
    I love K Town!!
  • gffhgr
    Wow! A must listen! Impressed .
    We all loved Art Bell. Let me tell you k-town and her smooth voice and amazing guests keep you listening for more! It’s a no nonsense and well done podcast. I listen to it working night shift and can’t get enough! The topics are diverse and guests are fantastic. Keep it up.
  • Izamar90
    I truly enjoy listening to mysterious radio, all the topics covered here are ye opening. You learn so much from peoples experiences that it truly helps you to understand the unknown a little more. The interviews are amazing. K-town asks the best questions and allows the listeners to follow up and ask questions as well. Love highly recommend.
  • jcjv76
    Mysterious radio
    My all time favorite podcast in this genre! Great guests and k-town is always asking them those burning questions! Love this podcast! I’ve been listening for a while and find it’s my go to podcast! Thanks mysterious radio!
  • Lvanwinkle
    Always something new and interesting.
    Enjoy K-Town so much. They have such a wide variety of topics, which keeps this podcast fresh. Really enjoy the chill mood that allows me to open my mind. Highly recommend!!
  • DLo@1228
    Love your podcast!
    A wide variety of topics discussed here and never dull. Current curiosities and the unexplained of the past keep me listening. K-Town, I’ll re-iterate what many have stated here, you have a smooth voice that’s easy on the ears. You are always kind and respectful of your guests and offer a wonderful opportunity for them to have their interests presented. Thank you for a great podcast!
  • wvnyes chut
    very interesting
    very interesting and entertaining. i listen everyday at work. it really sparks the brain and makes you wonder
  • rosiebluemoon
    I love listening to this podcast. The host does a great interview, and asks the best questions throughout for clarification, and has a soothing voice.
  • buddhashaka
    Very enjoyable
    This guy gets knowledgeable hosts in their field of the conversation. He does very well with interviewing the gusts. I am so happy I found this podcast, thank you!
  • ldyb621
    I love listening to K town great radio voice and topics that are very interesting and make me mad when my air buds die lol keep up the great work team I can’t get enough!
  • Jenn_Py
    The host’s voice almost ruins this podcast for me
    The episode content and guests are very interesting, but the host’s voice is almost unbearable. It is very flat and monotone, which almost ruins this podcast. However, I deal with it in order to listen to the content. Also, the host’s interview skills are not good. There are so many great opportunities for follow up questions, but they just don’t happen. The lack of appropriate follow up interaction by the host is so frustrating. Otherwise, this would be an excellent podcast.
  • Patrick whited
    Cool stuff
    This podcast has caught my attention more often than others
  • labeltom
    Love K Town
    Love your upbeat personality and interview style. Cannot wait for new episodes. Van Meter Visitor! I think that is our only monster in Iowa.
  • ChicagoHitman
    Love this show!!
    Hi K-Town! Just a quick note to say how much I love this show. It has and does entertain me all day while I work at my 9-5 at Harbor Shores Golf Course in Benon Harbor Mi. Thank you so much for all you do, and I look forward to all the future episodes!! Andy G 1132 Pearl St St Joseph, MI 49085
  • suzieq32787
    Love the podcast
    Love listening to your podcast. I listen to it while I’m at work. I enjoy hearing the topics you cover.
  • RSProds
    Compelling Mysterious Paranormal Subjects
    I enjoy K-Town her Mysterious Radio show and her many knowledgeable guests. She has an easy-flowing voice that draws the listener in to the topic and relaxes the guest for her probing questions. The sheer amount of paranormal subjects covered by the show ensures we will not hear the same subjects repeated over and over, like some of our favorite older shows. Keep up the good work, K-Town!
  • skootzafritz
    Loyal fan
    Love this show - this family team works so so hard to bring us so much quality content and I’m here for it! I love K-town’s voice and her interviewing skills are amazing! It’s like she’s grabbing the questions I’m thinking out of my head! The producer, Kim, does an amazing job! Keep up the great work! I will always promote you guys whenever and wherever I can!
  • mel123456kz
    You are losing us
    I loved this podcast. But the preamble, the background, the extraneous chatter is too much! The last episode I jumped ahead 15 minutes TO GET TO THE CONTENT!! It wasn’t even there yet so I bailed. Please talk about the subject matter. That is what we are listening for. Not the boring details of each guests background. Please edit.
  • Dsk713
    Surviving Abuse Podcast
    Thank you for having me on the show
  • Sigepsmallz
    Proud from Knoxville
    For someone who’s constantly consuming podcasts, I was surprised I hadn't already stumbled across this one— but it was my husband who noticed it in a billboard in Knoxville and suggested we check it out on a road trip together. It took me too long to put together the fact that the host’s name is K-Town, along with billboard in Knoxville, and sweet southern accent to realize they were in our little town and I just couldn’t be prouder! 2022 has been a really rough year for us already, and having this podcast to binge has soothed my soul and kept my mind busy while a loved one has been battling COVID in the hospital. I love the quirky topics, and the message of coming in with an open mind and heart— K Town asks engaging questions and is always respectful of the quests. I like the idea that they are just a conduit for these ideas to be out there in the universe and each person can take or leave as much as they wish, but that is up to each listener. Thank you for being a mouth piece for the minority and for your positive messages- please keep doing what you’re doing ❤️
  • Vjacked
    The Best
    K-Town is the real deal . She doesn’t come off like a know it all like Micah Hanks. She asks the questions of her guests you and I would want to ask. No pretension here. I just found your program two days ago and I can’t stop listening … keep it up.
  • Crazy Cruiser86
    Joe Clavijo
    Great show, I love all your guests and you as podcast host , I listen to you and interviews pretty much every night
  • yetieddie5
    Must give credit where credit is due.... This is now my favorite podcast.
    I started listening to Mysterious Radio around 2017ish after I began searching for more knowledge on the paranormal as I've been an experiencer since a child. At that time Mysterious Radio was one of the padcast in my weekly listening routine. And at that time I did not care for K-Towns interviewing style and her approach to extracting the facts from certain types of guests. I also thought her to be a bit harsh when it came to certain opinions or view points. However I have witnessed by hearing, K-Town has grown exponentially as an interviewer, a podcaster, and her guests are intelligent people that have done the research and dig deeper (past the woo-woo) and have developed some amazing theories and insight into the things people don't have the eyes to see or the ability to discern the physical from the spiritual. So having said that K-Town and Mysterious Radio is now my most favorite podcast. I listen to it almost daily and get super pumped when a new episode is released. Thank you K-Town for your great personality, sense of humor, and continuing to get better and better. -blessings Eddie
  • Hi-line
    Getting a little too squirrelly
    I used to love this show. I like the host’s voice and affect. But the subject matter has gotten ridiculous. I suppose if you enjoy listening to kook-jobs spouting silliness, which can be entertaining, it’s worth it. But…I’m done.
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