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You’ve stumbled upon a place that will plunge you into the depths of the unknown. A place where top scientists, journalists and researchers dare to look way beyond the edges of our reality to analyze these extraordinary events. Join K-Town as she discusses subjects surrounding real paranormal activity, unbelievable UFO phenomena, sinister secret societies, mysterious time slips, powerful scared sites, terrifying creature encounters, shocking conspiracies, gruesome serial killers, unexplainable disappearances, supernatural places and much more! Are you ready for a mind-expanding experience?

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  • Fidalgo Fan
    K-Town=Marvelous, Ads=Horrid, horrid distraction
    I’ve listened to K-Town do her interviewing thing for probably a couple of years now and she’s just gotten better and better. Unfortunately the rhythm of the show just gets ruined by the sheer number of repetitive and intrusive ads that interrupt the flow of conversation and ideas. It’s really detrimental to the experience. I feel that if she could wrangle those ads to NOT interrupt guest sentences but rather put them in blocks that have some logic to them (i.e. NOT interrupting guests while they are in the midst of expressing a concept!) the ads would not be so dang intrusive. I know they are necessary, but really. It’s kinda like potty-training a little kid-having them do their business in the toilet (yay!) as opposed to them dropping drawers and doing their business in front of the guest! (Not yay!)
  • Lauramacky
    Those commercials are unbearable. Not listening anymore.
  • Livedawg
    Great podcast with too many of the same ads.
    I love K-Town and her tooics. She is very thorough with her questions, but the same ad over and over has gotten a little too much for me. Especially when I’m trying to rest and relax to a great production of a podcast. Just sad.
  • beckyandy1
    Way too many ads
    I used to love this podcast but sorry to say I can’t listen through 5 Geico ads in a row before the show even starts. I’m listening to other shows with less ads
  • Melly075990212
    Pretty great, but....
    I absolutely love this podcast, but the ads drive me insane! Same ones over and over, sometimes they play the same one 3 times in a row! Annoying.
  • Camaro41$
    Love K Town!!
    Awesome podcast!! My favorite K Town is the best!!
  • ***djf
    Great listen
    I have really enjoyed this podcast! K-town you have such a great voice and your interview skills are top notch. Very interesting topics Keep up the great work.
  • ImpressedHalo
    Helpful Individual
    I love this podcast. K-Town is an EXCELLENT Host and I love hearing all the intriguing episodes. Thank you Mysterious Radio for keeping us informed and also having an entertaining twist.
  • KidSpartacus
    #1 Spookypod
    From JFK to black alien goo from the 5th dimension to Atlantis, K-Town finds some of the most fascinating people and approaches them with an understanding and an open mind. She provides a platform for people to discuss and explore ideas on a whole new level. I’ve been listening for years and support the Patreon, this podcast is always new. I love the show and highly recommend diving in.
  • rumroc
    Love it
    Great podcast
  • KenM1111
    Great Interviews
    Very much on the ball and engaged, K-town is always listening, interested, asking the questions you want asked, and respectful. Plus the show output is amazing. Some podcasts arebi-monthly! Interesting and entertaining, you will be engaged in the topic regardless of your beliefs or viewpoints.
  • suzieq32787
    New listener
    I’m a new listener but your podcast is definitely focused on things that fascinate me and I enjoy listen to the interviews. It’s very insightful. Thank you!
  • Joesgot4
    Mysterious radio is the bomb
    I listen to this wonderful podcast so much and love it ! KTOWN is so easy going and nonjudgmental! Mysterious radio is so open minded and the topics are really diverse! When I click on my library and see a new episode has been added it feels like a Christmas present! Thanks KTOWN and mysterious radio for making my running and hiking and driving so enjoyable!
  • sjkokobuff
    Outstanding Interviews, captivating subjects SUPER ADDICTED!
    I love K-Towns voice, she’s compassionate, and curious about the unexplained and unusual Her guests are interesting, the topics are carried, and there is never a dull episode! I listen while I work my second job, and I always look forward to the topics I tell everyone about K-Town, quote: shes there best podcast out there, hands down. Keep up the good work, KTown and Kim, I am totally addicted to your show
  • gollybill
    One of my favorite podcasts!
    I love the variety of topics and guests. KTown’s voice is great to listen to and I almost feel like she’s in my hometown. I’m a fellow Tennessean!
  • cutnpaster
    Mysterious radio
    Great show! Been listening to Mysterious Radio for 4 years now and have been hooked ever since, K Town does an excellent job finding rare guests . K Town , Art Bell , Joe Rupe are the best out there !!!!!!!! Much love From David Borboa
    Mysterious Radio
    By far my favorite show in Podcast. Every show has something new for me to learn, Every show is exciting and I love your voice K-Town. Thank you for keeping my work hours smooth. I appreciate you! Ignacio Mota
  • ChelseyLeah
    Love this podcast
    My favorite podcast. Very interesting, entertaining, and with the right amount of creepy. K-Town is an awesome host!
  • mxccxm
    One of the best
    This is def. one of the top paranormal/conspiracy podcasts out there. Plus, its got one of the best hosts out there. Ktown is the host with the most!
  • Kikipoo52
    Love this show!
    Love the content, guests and KTown’s relaxing voice! Great show!!!
  • lizthoth
    Pretty Good
    I like the podcast as far as free content goes the horrendous repetitive commercials are extremely off putting but it is nice to have a host who asks questions of the guests and doesn't make a political point out of everything. KTown actually seems to have a list of questions in her head, or written down instead of trying desperately to think of question which many podcasters do. I would give it 5 stars if it was not for the psychotic commercial breaks. But again, it is free.
  • Sleehrat82
    K Town is AWESOME!!!!
    I could listen to K Town talk all day long. What a wonderful speaking voice! One of the great things about Mysterious Radio is all the different types of guests and subjects. And being a Patreon member gives me even more. I’ve listened to everyone of the shows at least once. This is definitely my go to source during the work day. Love getting the notification that a new one is ready. Thank you K Town, Kim and the rest of the group for the wonderful work they do.
  • Patae16
    K-Town always has interesting topics!
    I love all the interesting topics and people K-Town has on her podcast. It is always interesting.
  • TexasHorrorShow
    Amazing Podcast
    Love the podcast! K-Town is amazing! Literally binge listen to this podcast everyday at work
  • Mike Leadingham
    Best Podcast Ever!!!
    Great Story line, with intense interviews. K-Town always keeps you on the edge wanting more!!! Keep up the great shows!!!
  • PincheHola
    Love this Podcast!
    K-Town is the perfect host. She creates an atmosphere that transports into the stories she shares!
  • Crickyd
    Mysterious Radio is my favorite podcast
    Mysterious Radio is my favorite podcast. KTown has some of the best guests ever. Anything on Sasquatch and the other side and I will listen over and over.
  • Megamann1978
    Love K Town!
    I found my perfect show! K Town has a smooth relaxing voice and always has people on who discuss topics I love. She doesn’t constantly interrupt her guests, she lets them talk and asks the questions I want to ask. I can’t get enough of this podcast, I am a Patreon subscriber and hope this show carries on for a long time.
  • KMUTN72
    Love this podcast!
    Great podcast! K-Town is a born radio host: the smoothest voice, always asks the best questions and always respectful to guests. Love the content and she is a natural interviewer. Among the best paranormal podcasts out there and better than Coast to Coast. In my top three must-listen to paranormal podcasts.
  • Bear Creek Resident
    LOVE the show! I eagerly await each new episode. ❤️
    A very diverse set of guests and topics to expand your mind and explore new avenues of ideas and information.
  • romanGiGi
    Top-notch quality podcast
    I have been listening to this podcast from the beginning. I absolutely love it! K town‘s interview style is excellent. Great choice of guest speakers and this podcast is never boring. One of my favorites!
  • Brian052915
    Best Paranormal-Conspiracy Show
    This is by far the best paranormal, conspiracy and the unexplained podcast I have ever listened to. K-Town is the perfect compliment to a show of this nature. She is very respectful of her guests and she has a voice that draws you in for more! The guests always seem to be top notch and the topics are never dull. I just discovered this podcast and I have been binge listening ever since! I cannot get enough of this. Definitely a highlight of my week! Best quality show and I recommend to everyone. The content always grabs my attention even if it is something I don’t believe in, it still has me listening as if I am a believer! From the eerie tone music to chilling information that comes to light in every episode, I get hooked every time!! Generally I don’t leave reviews of lengthy magnitudes but this show is 100% worth it. By far my favorite! Never a disappointment with the episodes that come out. This truly is one of the top tier podcasts on the market today!! I always help spread the notoriety of it to anyone I know that falls in to the same interests as I do and I will continue to help advertise it! Keep up the tremendous work K-Town!
  • zoso47
    Literally the only Podcast I listen to.
    I’ve been listening to Mysterious Radio for years now. It is the only Podcast I have consistently kept up with and the only one I’m currently listening to. It covers so many subjects and all of the topics I’m interested in!I love that it is still here and appreciate KTown and everyone who works on it.
  • leighxleigh
    Love it!!
    I love this podcast. With such a wide variety of topics and guests, there is something for everybody to learn and enjoy. This is by far my favorite podcast!
  • CollierTime
    Well Produced and Always Interesting
    Sometimes creepy, sometimes weird, sometimes completely unnerving and occasionally out of my comfort zone, but this podcast is always captivating, Mysterious Radio is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the way K-Town always holds space for her guests with interest and grace. There’s a really great non-opinionated journalistic tone to this pod that I adore. I don’t always agree with the guests, but I do appreciate the level of respect that is given to each and every guest.
  • monicamackey
    My favorite podcast!
    I came upon mysterious radio by luck and it has become my favorite podcast! K-town is an excellent host! She allows the guests to actually talk and she asks excellent follow up questions. The content of all the shows are so interesting! I’m enjoying going back and listening to past shows. I look forward to the new podcast every week.
  • Superagent247
    FIX ur Commercials! And can u push back a little??
    I’m sorry I would probably give this a 4.0 for content - even though much of it is really ridiculous. It does get annoying that “Ktown” never pushes back on some of these ridiculous theories.She seems so incredulous at everything. And on deeper research, some of these guests should never be on there. There are a few nutty people with shady past etc. that should never have a platform. But Flat Earth? Come’on LOL. But in fairness any podcast entitled ‘Mysterious Radio’ is not gonna necessarily be factually based. There is also the occasional grammar mistake which does not bode well for ‘K Town.’ However, I like her voice, and appreciate hercefforts. ButIf you want to keep me listeningTo the ridiculousness LOL, FIX your commercials! I just heard the same Amazon commercial on a loop three times. Plus they just ABRUPTLY interrupt the content w zero transition. I’m very close to leaving because of it.,It’s truly obnoxious. I’ll be all ears and then suddenly some commercial just comes screaming into the content. This podcast sounds very well done, except for that. The way the commercials are produced makes it sound very amateurish. Listen to how the professional podcasts have transition. Kudos for having a big advertisers but a simple fix in production would garner more stars.
  • aliclua
    Excellent host
    I don’t usually do reviews but I had to for this podcast. I have been searching for one with these topics for a while now and no luck. The hosts voice is soothing, great questions and amazing stories... this podcast really helps me get thru my work days... ty... oh maybe you can do more topics on energy work and healing!!!
  • Philfoss
    All the ads are obnoxious
    Please limit the amount of adverts, I like the content
  • mcatalino
    lacks critical thinking
    this podcast would be infinitely better if the host applied some critical thinking to claims of the guests, or even pushed them to explain a little further. it seems some guests may not have what would be considered legitimate backgrounds or credentials in fields they speak of, nor do they reference specific sources when sharing “facts.” look i want to believe as much as anyone, and a lot of these topics are extremely compelling, but i need a little more solid evidence to truly believe. what threw me over the edge were some of the comments made by hypnotherapist re: are we in a new timeline episode. so a certain potentially harmful weed wasn’t present in the area you grew up in, but it is now, and that’s proof of a timeline shift? outrageous. this podcast is a perfect example of why we have so many misinformed people believing everything they hear. you can do better.
  • AlPratt
    I appreciate this podcasts willingness to discuss anything and everything. Great expert guests and worth the listen for sure!
  • Acejackson123
    Great guest, great show!
  • Kcfred
    Done with this show
    Ktown has guests who make wild claims and she doesn’t challenge them with any kind of facts. This latest gentleman who claims that Co2 is going to warm the planet to the point of a mass extinction is nonsense. Co2 levels were 3-4 times greater during the ages of the dinosaurs than today and life flourished. Obviously she just believes whatever her guests spew out and doesn’t want to research their claims beforehand.
  • cheltz44
    K-Town is honestly the most professional, thorough and warm host! I love the that she is so broad with her guests. Her curiosity drives her questions and I am obsessed! She goes deep with every guest and is open minded and authentic. Whether she has a “flat-earther” or a homicide detective, she is kind and really shows interest in their perspective. Check out her other shows if you like this one. Bizarre times and Seven. Love you K-Town! Don’t ever stop investigating the mysterious!
  • Flowermama4
    Listen with an open mind
    I felt compelled to re-review this great podcast after seeing a truly ignorant and disheartening negative review that I felt compelled to re-review this podcast. I know Katina will just let it go and keep on doing what she does best which I commend her for. But, wow, just wow. People can be so hurtful. Maybe they didn’t get hugged enough. Katina provides her guests an open, non judgemental platform. This gives her listeners the chance to hear information, even if it seems way out and let’s them choose for themselves whether they believe or not. Give it a listen. Lots of theories are interconnected if you listen long enough. Katina and staff, thank you for your hard work. It is appreciated.
  • Goy Orbison
    Mike Rothmiller
    Disinformation agent. He knows damned well 6 Israeli Mossad agents were arrested for setting up a camera to film the 9/11 attacks BEFORE the first plane hit. (This is documented FBI info.) He knows Israeli “art students” were given free, unchaperoned access to the towers for months before the attack working on an “art project” (wiring the building) He knows WTC7 fell in controlled fashion after the owner, Larry Silverstein said “pull it.” He even states it takes months to wire a building for controlled demo. They didn’t “pull it” on a whim, it was ready to go. He knows it was Israel and he is here to spread a false narrative
  • freddy_mac
    So many commercials
    I lost track of what was being said. The commercials are place so frequently and right in the middle of conversations and sentences. AND, they are the same commercial played twice. SMDH!
  • Katezing
    She went off the rails
    I was really enjoying listening until KTown went all goofy on the guest who was espousing the ultimate crazy conspiracy theory that Reptilian Aliens and the Illuminati are working toward human enslavement. I understand having different guests but she was so in to the topic that I can’t take her seriously as a host. This kind of stuff is what is tearing families apart and dividing the country. Shame.
  • buffy3737
    Love !
    I think the hostess is good because she lets the guest talk and share while also asking relevant questions, which allows the guest to flow with their story so it’s a nice organic vibe
  • MissAMF
    Love listening
    I enjoy your podcast so much. You ask the questions that I would ask. You are open minded and don’t show bias in your interviews. I also enjoy your voice. I turn off podcasts right away if I don’t connect with a speaker’s voice. And, most of all you have such a great variety of guests and subjects. Love listening!
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