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Learn to use the sciences of the mind to help you understand what makes you emotionally tick. Two Austin therapists and their world-recognized guest experts break down the research in modern attachment, relational neuroscience and trauma in a challenging but entertaining format to keep you off autopilot and moving towards closer connections.

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  • fruitandcatlover
    Even if you haven’t gone to therapy this is amazing
    I rarely write reviews but this podcast needed one. I have been in and out of therapy for three years now. I tend to go all in and be extreme and then I fall off and then I spiral. Well I found this because I’m having major issues with a couple of relationships in my life and I needed to seek out different opinions but didn’t want to go to therapy. And this podcast is helping so much. They are able to bring up concepts and explain them without judging you. It’s really easy to listen to a podcast and feel judged even by licensed therapists. But these women never do. It’s very objective and they give you facts and case studies and explanations for it to really sink in. They do it in a way where you disarm yourself because you feel like they are talking with you, not at you. They go over topics in such a caring way that you can actually take time to self reflect and be aware of your emotions as you listen. Somehow they are able to create a space where you can get very introspective as if you are there with them. And what I also love is how they offer tools for you. So many episodes they will bring up a concept like holding self, and put it in a real life scenario that you’re able to relate to or at least conceptualize it in your own situation. Then they talk about how to address that for yourself either in the moment or after so you really take the time to use the information you were just given. Amazing podcast.
  • sm65789
    Great show! (When they stay out of politics)
    I love the podcast! But every so often they go into politics and will only have the "woke" representation. Otherwise phenomenal content
  • SaraBLCSW
    Favorite Podcast!
    I am a therapist and cannot express my appreciation for the education, warmth, and humanness that you bring to navigating relationships. You both are truly blessings and a big thank you for doing this podcast!
  • haclyn19
    Love the podcast! Can you do an episode about breakups?
  • geubsujsx
    A favorite podcast
    The hosts are mature, informed and grounded. As an experienced therapist and consultant, I appreciate the quality of this podcast.
  • AJane Doe
    Excellent insight
    I enjoy hearing their perspectives and share this podcast with colleagues, clients and friends.
  • MG in LA
    This podcast is both Informative and entertaining
    I love the content of this podcast and the hosts are welcoming and entertaining
  • MaggersNM
    Informative, insightful, caring
    Sue and Ann share simple, straightforward insights, great interviews - especially loved Dr. Frank Anderson of IFS. Thank you for your genuine gifts of service to everyone.
  • Scoutandrews
    Love the info, wish they would keep out the politics.
  • Bodhilovesyou
    Insight, depth, honesty and practical application of attachment. Not just the theory, but the process and experience. This podcast helps bring to surface the dynamics of our minds and behaviors which challenge or benefit our relationships. Keep up the excellent work, and THANK YOU for your contribution to our world and the healing process.
  • Codemily
    Excellent content
    As a therapist in training, not only do I find this helpful for me but all my close friends that are walking a journey of healing. You bring practicality, research, wisdom, and humility to this podcast. I love it so much. Emily
  • 1065143
    Helpful and Legit!
    These women are easy to listen and approachable. Not always easy to find when someone has such impressive credentials. Thanks for all of your help!
  • Thinpurrrson
    Excellent pod
    Listened to the Hold your own series. So good!
  • SergLA84
    Great advice and knowledge.
  • Valle boss
    Powerful stuff
    Honestly these ladies are the truth, the only problem i have as a medical personal is after listening to them i don’t wanna spend my money on therapist so those ones loose and I’m here getting it for free 🌚🫣. Anyways God bless you too for doing this and i pray more people especially “know it all like me” listen to this. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽This was extremely helpful in my life and yes I’m or was the controlling one afraid to give up the wheel 😭
  • jimmyfliv
    The Closest you can come to Therapy without Going
    The best combination is to have a therapist AND listen to this podcast. However, this podcast feels like getting therapy in that there is just so much useful insight that comes from listening. My favorite therapy podcast. Highly recommend!
  • obiwankologes
    Thank you for this podcast
    As a new therapist, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the absolute wealth of knowledge from Sue and Ann and the various guests on this show.
  • alr2999
    This has been one of the best things that I’ve ever done for my self and for my life… I’m going through the end of a life changing transformation and thanks to you here on Therapy Uncensored, on my darkest moments you have made my understanding and progression to its fullest of what was needed during these…Thanks for what you do
  • mishy77!
    Amazing and Life Changing
    I am learning and healing in every episode! love it ❤️👍
  • amoelba
    Best podcast for therapists but great for lay people too
    I listen to so many podcasts made for therapists. This one is hands-down the best. Every episode is full of great information and it is recorded so professionally. I share this with professionals and non-therapists all the time.
  • lhommesansnom
    An indispensable podcast.
    Ann and Sue are great! So intelligent, fun to listen to, and they have a wonderful dynamic together. They make everything easy to understand. I have multiple “a-ha!” moments during each episode. This is the kind of podcast that when you start listening to it, you wish you had discovered it long ago. Thank you both for everything you do. I hope you reach many, many people with this podcast.
  • meswim25
    A gift to the world
    Hard to put into worlds how wonderful and valuable this podcast is. Filled to the gills with useful information and packaged in a personable and warm way. It’s one of my favorite podcasts to share with people at any stage of a healing or self-discovery journey. I listen (and often re-listen) and have gained so much practical knowledge as a result.
  • luminesce llc
    I really needed this!
    To be able to understand, in simple (yet also scientific!) terms about what is going on with me and why I feel the way I do, is incredibly validating. I also see therapist but this is like having more sessions to process and chew on. Thank you for everything you do!!
  • jules3930
    Just love these two
    Really genuine, grounded, and intelligent conversations. I feel like I can really trust Anne and Sue to consider all angles of a topic and ask the right questions. Plus they are comforting to listen to!
  • kelly0895
    Shame on you all for promoting Better Help as therapists knowing that they overwork and underpay therapists.
  • jszakmeister
    Great podcast
    Thank you for putting together such a great podcast. I am not a therapist, just a guy going through some stuff, and I love the content, the care that you show towards both parties, the advice, and the explanation of how it all fits together. I think your newest episode, #183, is a prime example of that. Can't wait to hear the other 4 associated episodes.
  • Schubesss
    My Favorite Neurobiology/Psychology Podcast
    I absolutely love Therapist Uncensored! I am constantly growing my knowledge on Adult Attachment, neurobiology, psychology, and cognitive therapy! This podcast, and community, is a gift!
  • KimHarmony
    Love the show!
    Thank you for your show. It’s a slash NOT a backslash. Please stop saying that for those of us who have not yet worked through getting triggered by this!!
  • grateful4007
    These women are true experts on attachment, something that fundamentally affects everyone of us. They bring on top guests on psychotherapy and make the information funny and digestible. I cannot recommend this podcast more. Invaluable information for free.
  • alternate endings
    Easy to understand
    These two therapists have helped me tremendously. I listen to many episodes more than once, just so the messages can sink in and become more accessible when I need them. LOVE this podcast!
  • Wkanyer
    Helpful for both people engaged in therapy and practitioners
    It’s been a joy to learn from this podcast and its hosts over the past couple years. I’m a licensed clinical social worker, but I can confidently say that the content of this podcast is accessible to folks who aren’t working in the field, too. While neurobiology/ neurophysiology is a term-heavy topic, this podcast does a fantastic job of “translating” or “decoding” some of the field-specific terminology using powerful analogies and illustrations. Whether you are a person looking for more information about neuroscience and its role in therapeutic practice or you are working in the field and want to learn more to meet the needs of the people you work with, this podcast could be a great fit for your interests.
  • mplsbeequeer
    Unethically highly cis-gendered, medium hetero-normed
    I’ve appreciated this podcast for years, and despite emailing the creators about their gender and hetero bias, this most recent episode w Neff has the same old gender binary built in its core. As a therapist, I find this oversight unethical and unacceptable morally. Folx, we are not all women and men. In this episode (Neff) of the podcast at the beginning, this needs to be stated. Please. “Female assigned at birth”, “cis-women”, “cis-men”, “all gendered” “binary folx” etc etc. Let’s get our terminology expanded. You can do better.
  • 18NLBW10
    Thank you for this- phenomenal. Can you e plots how autism changes some approaches? Trauma work, confidence, and tools to boundary against a narcissist?!?
  • arkangel111
    This podcast is incredible. It has helped me understand myself and others in a completely new light. It’s been more transformative than any therapy I’ve done. I’ve been able to develop a coherent narrative of why I feel the way I do, why I do the things I do, and to ultimately come to an understanding that I need to love myself to better love others. The emphasis on attachment has really enriched my ability to be present with my kids, truly developing a desire to engage with them and understanding how much it means to them, rather than being motivated by the guilt of being on my phone or being distracted. Everything is presented in such a compassionate, non-pathologizing way, that it is liberating to feel like I’m in a world where people are just trying to do their best with the cards they’ve been dealt, while giving me the tools I need to do a bit better than I was yesterday, and help others along the way. Thanks Ann and Sue!
  • Celchi
    There was a lack of definition of what attachment with dismissive features , attachment? Disorganized attachment. Insecure attachment. What?! Wish I could know what was what. Seems like this might be helpful but as a person who is not a doctor or therapist it left me feeling lost
  • The Evolved Dog
    Worth a listen
    I absolutely love this podcast and constantly send specific episodes to friends and family. The topics are wide and varied which keeps it interesting. Some of my favorites have to do with Somatic Experiencing and Polyvagal Theory.
  • Truly Amused
    Like graduate school in your pocket
    I have loved listening to these podcasts and learning something new everyday. I share with clients, my kids and my friends. So relatable and helpful.
  • emm0114
    Such an encouragement
    As a mother to a behaviorally intense kiddo, I find this podcast such a gift to me and my family. The episode featuring Dr. Elizabeth Sylvester was particularly encouraging and eye-opening. Thank you for the work you do, and for sharing such good content freely for all who need it!
  • highpriestess89
    Thank you!
    I’m super thankful you guys didn’t quit because you really help me to understand issues/concepts better.
  • mittenlily
    Good info, bad delivery
    Good info and summary of complex topics. Offer suggestions and guidance and dealing with mental health problems. My concern is with their discourse. Their banter crosses into judgment at times which is unfortunate. They obviously have a great deal of knowledge, but that knowledge trends to making light of very serious issues. This lack of empathy distracts from the overall positive aspects of the show.
  • Katie Grace. :]
    Great information!!!!
    Ann and Sue provide accessible information on relationships and neuroscience. They are real and nonjudgmental. I highly recommend Therapist Uncensored.
  • Angie land
    You have something important to say and grateful you are saying it!
    I love you ladies. I get so much from each episode. I am a practicing counselor and it really helps me in my daily work and my personal life. Thank you so much for this show
  • Gggghkitfggdewwwqq
    Turned off
    I enjoyed some of these episodes, however, an assumption made during the episode regarding the “Strange Situation” with Bethany Saltman (9/22/20) left me feeling disillusioned. While describing her experience witnessing the Strange Situation experimental paradigm, Saltman casually makes the assumption about the parents involved in this study. She assumes they do not care about being observed within a research lab. As a researcher and mental health professional, the assumption may seem minor, but actually conveys a lot. Saltman has no right to make assumptions about research participants. Without going into an overly wordy explanation, it was simply inappropriate and presumptuous for Saltman to assume this. Parents often very much care about others’ perceptions, even if they are playing it cool. Especially while scrutinized in a lab, no less. I wonder about who the participants were and Saltman’s privileged and disconnected position as an outsider looking in and making assumptions. This simply did not sit well.
  • HenBeaMom
    Thank you!
    What a wonderful podcast! I am a practicing therapist, this podcast is like a breath of fresh air, I feel like I’m talking to friends! Such fantastic information.
  • nochis76
    A gem in self-discovery!
    I came across this recently and am in love. I’m a Masters student in counseling and have always been endlessly curious. This podcast is one of the few that I’ve listened to that actually makes me reframe and analyze my thought patterns and behavior. It is a definite must for therapist who believe in life-long learning! Thank you!
  • KelleyP83
    worth listening to!!
    LOVE this podcast! As a therapist, I refer clients to it all the time. Ann and Sue are super relatable, intelligent, and authentic in every episode. Anyone who geeks out over the neuro & social sciences will find this podcast binge-worthy!!
  • oliviabaker13
    An incredible resource! 🙏
    You ever listen to a podcast and think “wow, I can’t believe this is free”? That’s me with Therapist Uncensored. This show is a hugely valuable resource for both therapists and individuals on a path of self-exploration. The conversations Sue and Anne facilitate are always super engaging, insightful, and nuanced. Highly recommend listening and subscribing!
  • acoachandamom
    Love it
    I love this podcast. It’s one of my go-tos. Informative, interesting, relatable. Definitely recommend!
  • MelMelYoung
    Amazing insight into NPD and how to react
    Wow! What a wonderful informative podcast! For anyone who has struggled in an unhealthy relationship with someone who repeatedly devalued you this is a wonderful podcast to listen to. Instead of feeling like a broken victim, they give examples and ways to react and different ways to look at the big picture.
  • tjbakk22
    Must Listen for Therapists and Therapy Nerds
    They share research based, nonjudgmental, highly relevant information about attachment theory (which is everything)! And they do it in a way that’s very easy listening—not like a psych lecture.
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