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Opening Arguments is a law show that helps you make sense of the news! Comedian Thomas Smith brings on legal analysts to help you understand not only current events, but also deeper legal concepts and areas!The typical schedule will be M-W-F with Monday being a deep-dive, Wednesday being Thomas Takes the Bar Exam and patron shoutouts, and Friday being a rapid response to legal issues in the news!

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  • We do we do where are you 20
    Podcast Can’t/wont load
    It would be nice if this show would finish playing instead of constantly giving “podcast unavailable” error midway through and skipping to the next episode.
  • Teresa Gomez
    Thomas Smith is overrated
    Thomas is hiding 2 people who didn’t want to come forward in 2023 that complained about Aaron Rabinowitz’s behavior towards them. Thomas is a coward and Aaron is part of the organization that handles these accusations so he will definitely squash it. Literally nothing has changed. I was protecting Thomas by not mentioning it when I blocked Aaron from the fb discussion in case there were others.
  • DrTFred
    Love the new show
    Welcome aboard, Matt, and I’m so glad you’re back. Thomas. Casey, you rule! I had dropped my Patreon support before but I’m happy to say I’m back and will continue to boost you in any way I can, because I still support the core goals of the show, and I really like the new version.
  • Not a lawyer;always learning.
    Different show. Still very informative.
    Welcome back Thomas, and thanks for asking Matt to join. The two part show with Azul was absolutely amazing. Her first hand account of her detention and subsequent “self deportation” was so illuminating, and she is the exact right person to tell it. Thank you!
  • Houston Kesslers
    Closing Remarks
    Opening Arguments was more than AT, but Thomas isn’t the answer. He’s an opportunist, at best. If losing your podcast for 1 year is the worst year of your life; you’ve had a life free of any real problems. OA is now just another podcast led by someone with no marketable knowledge or analysis., like almost everything out there.
  • moonman14
    Great but too many ads
    Sorry, love the content, but the ratio to entertainment is out of balance…guys how much $ do you need? 1-2 30 second commercials is enough per 1/2 hour… you need some management!!!
  • Petersharris
    Glad Thomas is back!
    Good to be able to listen again, and Matt is pretty great so far too.
  • davpt
    Petty, petty, petty.
    Say what you want about Andrew: at least he had the class and grace not to trash Thomas during their litigation. I cannot say the same for Thomas. Andrew kept the listeners out of it. Thomas desperately needs approval and validation, and he craps all over Andrew to the audience to get it. The intro clips are so cringey, petty, and gross, down to “the podcast where a comedian takes lawyers to court.” I really thought Thomas would grow up and change the intro after the first week back, but apparently we are stuck with either skipping ahead or listening to a barrage of reminders that Thomas is still a wounded child and cannot get over it. You won, bud. Take the high road. Until you do, I don’t need to follow this show.
  • Beth Bird
    Mixed bag
    The guests and the content of the show are excellent. Unfortunately, the host makes weak jokes, interrupts key points and laughs at annoying times so I no longer listen to it.
  • guy_phillips
    Refreshing and informative
    Great show, glad to have Thomas back. This belongs in everyone’s daily rotation.
  • Anthony P123
    Alright, after a few episodes to check I’m picking the show back up.
  • Nyarl de la Thotep
    Back to check out the rebuilding season.
  • doombladez
    Thomas is back in charge and I can listen again
    Left after Thomas was locked out of the show, I’m so glad to be able to return now that he’s back!
  • ataylormade53
    Thomas is back
    So happy you are back. I’m thrilled to listen again. Love this podcast
  • Trllz
    Woot Thomas!!
    So nice to have you back. I used to struggle through listening to the show because I always hated Andrew. Matt is great, the show is now one of my favorite podcasts instead of something I feel I have to tolerate because I need the info it contains.
  • Don't let me down
    Andrew and Liz were way better than this.
  • bebe labruja
    Yay! Thomas!
    I never subscribed to Original OA (Thomas and Andrew) because, despite the format and content, it never got its hooks in me. OA 2.0 (Andrew and Liz) was no-go because the host. I listened after hearing Thomas was back and am really enjoying it. Matt (and sometimes Casey) brings the knowledgeable and straight delivery that works so well with the higher energy and often silliness of Thomas. I plowed through the new episodes and am subscribed. Thanks.
  • cristna
    Happy with the show again
    Thanks for bringing back Thomas!
  • still republican ?
    Where is Andrew ????? Found Liz Dye !!!! I really miss the old Opening Arguments
  • mollyfishny
    I forgot how much fun it was to listen to Thomas!! Welcome back!
  • unusual rae
    New and Improved!
    Everything is better!! Love the Camerons!
  • Third quartile
    I’m replacing my review now that Thomas is back. For those of you that don’t know the history and drama, don’t worry about it, but I do recommend you give this podcast a try (again).
  • Inkonmysleeve
    Liz was the only reason I listened to this…
    Andrew and her seemed to have great report… shame to hear about them both… I’ll be moving on to… b/c ya’ll boring. ;-)
  • MisterMellow001
    Thomas is OA
    Thomas is back, I’m back.
  • Rob Lawyer
    Bring back Andrew and Liz
    I always enjoyed Andrew’s and Liz’s informative, funny and interesting perspectives on the legal issues of the day. I didn’t always agree with them, but I always learned something. I find the new version to be boring and not funny, and I don’t come away from it with any new insights. I really don’t care about the Andrew/Thomas back story on who did what. Andrew and Liz - please come up with a new podcast that I can listen to and learn from.
  • Lorephoenix
    Welcome back thomas!
    So happy one of my favorite podcasts has a quality host again! Liz was just mean and punched down. And andrew made some bad life choices that made him unlistenable.
  • themanchicken
    Thomas is back, and accountability is once again intact.
    I’m glad to have Thomas back. It was sad to see him missing for so long while Andrew did his best to avoid accountability. I’m glad Andrew did not prevail. Welcome back, Thomas.
  • Mr. Ra
    Great Again
    Now that Thomas is back, I can finally resubscribe. Andrew’s conduct was deplorable; I can’t understand people who took his side when his actions came to light.
  • Xamesl
    It's not the same show
    OA was my favorite podcast, I just unfollowed because it turns out that without Andrew it isn't interesting.
  • alvonsire
    One star
    I cannot for the life of me listen to Thomas. BRING BACK THE LAWYER, the comedian adds zero substance to the show.
  • tmantertix
    Don’t like the direction.
    Having trouble getting geared up front the new / old show. Thomas is too scripted and contrived. Money grab it seems. If I wanted this I would just hookieness I could listen to his other podcasts.
  • BibliophileG
    Mr Smith rox!
    So glad to drop the other host and have pod energy/content “up to par”. The new team is great: content and coverage is more balanced, honest, and empathetic to our world today. I love the legal breakdowns and thinking about things in a new way/perspective/point of view. So glad that Mr. Smith is in the driver seat- I missed OA pod/NOW it’s a PATREON worthy pod. Thank you TS & Team for returning to this pod.
  • MeOnEharmony
    OA is back!!!
    Thomas is back! Matt’s story is so moving. As an immigrant I am so appreciative for the work he does. I wish I could give them 100 stars! I love Matt’s partner joining. This is wonderful!!!
  • Jen1018
    Love this show
    If you want a law show where a bunch of lawyers talk to each other, you can find that all over this app. If you want an expert interviewer to help keep the lawyers on track, so that you can get today’s legal news broken down in a way anyone can understand, this show is for you. That doesn’t mean the analysis is simplistic by any means, but you don’t need to speak legalese or have a legal background in order to follow along. Perfect balance of explaining the way the law currently works, and how the hosts envision it could work in a better world. Realism meets idealism. Love it!
  • kremes313
    Thomas’s jokes were not missed
    Longtime listener of OA, even through the drama. I always found Thomas to be annoying. I appreciate the layman perspective and his occasional questions, but I found his loud attempts at humor so irritating. Andrew and Liz made a better combo, once they developed some cohosting chemistry. Thomas is back and immediately reminded me why I didn’t like him to begin with. Matt is fine. If Thomas can restrain from making irrelevant, sometimes petty, distracting jokes, the show can be fine.
  • interestinf nickname here
    Even better than before.
    I’m updating this review since Thomas is back in control. I’ve resubscribed now that Andrew is gone. It’s back to a must-listen show.
  • sharon1nh
    My take
    Listened to OA only since Oct ‘23, so I don’t know about the good ol’ days. I did like Liz and Andrew, but it was def awkward. I have really enjoyed this new version, and think Matt and other guests are great. The Part 1 pod about GA hearings is EXACTLY what I was looking for, having watched the two day craziness. Thanks, and best of luck succeeding. (PS: I’ve started listening to Liz on Law & Chaos, which is good so far.)
  • Barley pop
    Gross. Thomas is back.
    Time to unfollow.
  • jimithing41
    Not the same show
    Loved listening to Andrew and Liz with a nice balance of information and snark. The chemistry between them made the show. This version is just a two guys having a boring conversation. I get you had drama but pretty sure this solution will have all of you come up short.
  • patrickdallas416
    Turned off by smarmy "I OWN THIS PODCAST!"
    I don't know or care about the back story here. When some "new guy" (to me) came on and started talking about how he'd won a great victory against the forces of evil I first thought it was some kind of joke. It sounded like a 7th grade cafeteria argument over a girlfriend. But I realized it wasn't a joke. He was serious. Not impressive. Childish. Even if he's right, the way he talked about it disqualified him. Nevertheless, I listened for a few minutes. It became clear that "the forces of evil" were better commentators/podcasters. At least as knowledgeable. More entertaining. Give this one a miss. Go find the forces of evil. You'll be glad you did.
  • Heyitscati
    Happy to see Thomas back on the show
    I unfollowed after two episodes of the Andrew-controlled show. It just wasn’t the same w/o Thomas. I was also struck by Matt’s empathy and emotional depth when he talks about working within the legal system. Ready to follow this show again.
  • No One You’d Care About
    A Sour Taste
    When the changeover blurb dropped last week, I was torn as to whether or not to keep listening. Many have claimed that one or the other has the heart of the podcast. The truth is it took both, the caustic one liner guy with the avuncular 80s nerd that this lister identified with. As to any charges of misbehavior, that’s for others to decide. I don’t know enough to pass true judgement, and neither do most of the commenters. For this podcast, I was willing to stick with a discussion of legal issues even if it got a bit dry. When the current host charged back in unironically commenting multiple times about how he was going to make the podcast great again while taking up time unsubtly jabbing at his former partner…it seemed a bit too familiar. There’s plenty of places to get that, so I think I’m done here.
  • ncogbno
    Should Biden pardon Trump like Ford did Nixon?
    Maybe this is too far down the toad but any platform T gets he will pervert to his ends and drag us further apart. I like the lawyer. Bur does do the majority of talking. Thomas can ask questions.
  • Shockleymom
    Say her name correctly
    I was ok with everything different but cannot handle you mispronouncing “Fani Willis”. It’s gross. Her name is FAWN-Y, not Fanny. Do better.
  • ashlxighe
    Liz >
    I only started listening to every episode of this show when Liz became a host. A podcast with two substantive contributors rather than just one is unsurprisingly much better. Update the dumb antiquated cover and the cast role descriptions. The fact that this hasn't happened a year ago is so confusing to me. Do you not have the admin account or something? Absolutely the most insane thing, arguably even more insane than some of the former presidents' legal arguments. Where is the petition I can sign to get this fixed? Edit: From the perspective of a listener, Andrew didn't do anything Thomas isn't doing right now. Except Thomas has multiple other podcasts if you're interested in hearing what he has to say which is really nothing you can't get from any other whiny, self-important man.
  • Chelsa O.
    Thomas is back!
    I love the new lawyers and am so happy to be following OA again!
  • Bluecanary84
    Thomas is the reason for the season
    Really appreciate this dude. He’s funny, smart, and does sound thingies good. Thanks Thomas! Glad to have you back talkin’ law
  • missliz
    From star power to loser; Thomas is back
    Thomas was annoying in the old days. Andrew and Liz really took this pod to the next level, it was amazing! Now it’s just tedious non lawyer Thomas who has zero qualifications for a legal podcast, it’s ruined. No Andrew, no show. He’s the one with the serious legal chops.
  • powerofjoy
    turns out the podcast works better with a podcaster at the helm.
  • 15432579756434
    Much improved
    The return of Thomas Smith and new partner return this podcast to the quality it had previously. Gone is the awkward tension and clumsy interactions of Torrez and Dye, and the overwhelming focus on Trump centered news. The new lawyer cohost is calm and articulate, the occasional guest adds excellent insight, and the return to more mundane legal topics like the death penalty is refreshing
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