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The Skip and Shannon: Undisputed Podcast. Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, and Jenny Taft discuss the biggest stories in the world of sports. It's unscripted and unfiltered. Don't miss the television show Monday-Friday at 9:30am ET on FS1.

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  • mysticelite
    Best talk show
    I love watching skip and Shannon go at it. Love the fact that they talk about politics. Amazing show!
  • Police Mane
    Excellent show, don’t listen to the snowflakes and Trump supporters complaining about politics.
  • issabirdtrain
    Skip you outta be ashamed of yo self, love unc shay though. GOAT JAMES
  • Captaincuke
    Please stop talking politics
    I come to this podcast to not think about politics. Also an excellent way to alienate half the audience. Seriously, Jacob Blake? An actual rapist!
  • innocent pickle
    real good
    too political they dont need to talk about this make a political podcast but this is sports so i just want to hear about sports also they need to talk about more teams like seahawks broncos panthers etc overall ig its pretty good i listen to all the football stuff and skip the others unless i listen to the basketball to hear skip make fun of lebron james mj is the goat i know that and i dont even like basketball lol!
  • jhargrave1015
    Entertaining, but...
    I love listening to this show when Skip and Shannon are debating sports, but the one-sided political bias (nearing propaganda) that overflows from the conversation when political topics are even half-relevant is disappointing and unbearable to say the very least. My opinion is that the show would be much better off avoiding speaking on such topics or offering differing viewpoints on such topics, perhaps from other speakers. This would provide more objectivity when these topics arise and would promote conversation rather than divisiveness. Truth is often found in the tension of two extremes. It would be better to have that tension than to just bludgeon listeners with personal political beliefs that not everyone shares. It is these topics that caused me to rate the podcast 3 stars instead of 4 or 5.
  • G_Stout
    Got political and took a side, not good. Bye.
  • qhabsodk
    Stick to sports. Stay out of politics.
  • Mulletmaffia
    The Cowboys Talk Radio with some bron and Brady
    Would be a much better show if they could spread out their topics across the leagues. I get not covering but so many sports, but to pretty much exclusively cover the cowboys, patriots, and lakers has gotten tiresome. So many more stories to follow in the NFL. Nobody cares about a .500 team who doesn’t make the playoffs. If skip insists on talking cowboys, at least be objective. Updated 1.7.21, unlistenable anymore. Sharpe is constantly putting a racist spin on everything he can. He is grasping at thin air now and pushing this pretend emotional outrage monologue. Skip just coddles him. Producers let it go because they hope to get viral sound bites. They could at least be objective.
  • GAkoolJ
    Waiting on new episodes for this week as well
    Shannon sharpe I enjoy your analysis of sports, but I’m tired of you guys trying to transition into politics. By the way we are a Representative Republic not a democracy y’all over use that term, just like the racism term
  • Jon3syb0y
    Good but stale content
    The only thing they talk about for 5 days a week is the cowboys, nfc east, Tom Brady, lebron or Aaron rogers.
  • grizzle172
    Same stuff everyday
    I’ve listened to this podcast everyday while I worked but it might be time to find a new one when there are huge games going on they don’t really talk about it unless it effects the cowboys or Tom Brady so if you want a cowboys or Tom Brady show this is perfect if you want anything else this isn’t it and In basketball it’s the lebron and Jordan show or the lakers and clippers show this is less about covering sports and more about boasting about their team unless they lose then it’s all excuses every show is the same pick a show from any point this season and the plot is the same it’s just different stats for the different weeks Ps. If Brady wins during the week they cover it’s the most annoying show out
  • 247grego
    I was a fan of undisputed in the beginning just because it was new/different from first take but the show has gone down so far from what it was in the beginning. Now it’s a repeat of the same topics every day with the cowboys, Brady and Lebron the main focus no matter what is going on in the sports world. It’s only a matter of time before this show goes away because it’s horrible.
  • quincySpeilberg
    If y’all don’t start talking about more than Dallas, LeBron, or Brady this show won’t make it two more years. Too predictable and Tell Jenny to stop asking the same questions over and over. Omg this show needs a serious face lift.
  • J.W.H.R.
    Great show despite skips biased opinions
    Enjoy this show better than first take but skip bayless makes it a hard listen at times. He’s totally biased and supports who he supports and don’t give nobody else much credit. Shannon definitely makes the show. They also need to work on a larger variety of topics
  • Team shay shay
    Really like it but could be better
    i think that it is a really good podcast because they are able to get in depth about a lot of things. I thought that it could be better because they have to argue about every single thing maybe just don’t fight as much like a couple. But overall a great podcast
  • el taco99
    My go to podcast
    Best podcast that I always listen to while working, y’all be cracking me up when skip is delusional & y’all be arguing because of it . Keep up the good work lol
  • podcast listener90
    Can be better
    Talks about the same teams/players almost everyday. Overall good podcast though
  • JV Chicago
    Shannon is no Stephen A...
    Skip is great - he has a great understanding of sports and articulates well through his words . Shannon, although has improved, is not meant for long form talk shows . We get it - he loves Lebron - please stop reminding us .
  • jdoramus
    Nice but can get better
    It need a wider verity to show like russ,josh Allen,Big Ben and the stealers 10-0 start but Shannon please get back to me and if ever in Dallas email me I like what you’re the best tight end in the league maybe better than Tony Gonzalez or Dallas Clark
  • Tyree from NYC
    Where’s Rob Parker?
    Love the show. Love it. Love mike Vick & Reggie bush but uhhhhh where’s my guy Rob Parker? Did I miss something? Is he ok? Bring him back it’s football season guys come on.
  • PodcastPirate
    Back page sports talk show now.
    I have tried to listen once again. I know they can’t get rid of Skip so I may have to get rid of myself. No real commentary or insight on his end, just gibberish. Everything NBA comes back to hatred for Lebron and everything NFL comes back to being an apologist for Tom Brady and the Cowboys. He even annoys Brady and Cowboy fans. Skip through Skip’s parts and the other actual commentary on the topic is pretty good.
  • sir benedict ballard
    Shannon is ironically the racist lol all he thinks about is race. It’s irony at its finest .
  • Hawaii alika
    Stopped Listening
    Skip is no longer a professional commentator. He is talking as a Cowboys fan, and a Giants HATER! Sharp tells it like it is. Keep it going Shannon. Mahalo 🤙🏽🤙🏽
  • Osctbr
    Editing mistakes on the LeBron/Jerry podcast.
    This show needs more shape to move in terms of topics discussed. It’s like Linkin Park did a Monkees cover album. One or two of the songs might be good, but you only buy it because of the names.
  • bbml101
    Peppa pig reruns get better ratings
    Your show has devolved into hot trash i wouldn’t subject my worst enemies to. Both of them repeat the same tired themes day in day out goin for a couple years now. They act like they work hard but they don’t. Brady, Lebron, Brady, Lebron, Brady, Brady, Lebron, pretend to talk about something else but its really Lebron, Brady and so on to no apparent end.
  • Benjamin Allen Patrick
    Rob Parker
    Love Undisputed ——episodes with Rob Parker should be required weekly
  • Shreater
    Why are you talking about the cowboys they like skip broken and beaten down.
  • Hallnick13
    Cured me!
    Before watching this I had aids now I’m clear as a bird I could throw a pitch as good as skip
  • HRap_Brain
    Love the show
    Skip is ridiculous
  • GA34fan
    The entertaining co hosts are great, but they need to expand their topics some. I mean do we seriously have to try to read in between the lines everything that Lebron says or tweets?
  • wadsworth13
    Needs variety
    I enjoy the “bicker it out” approach to the show, but pick some new topics already. There’s so much going on in the worlds of football and basketball, but you guys seem stuck on two or three narratives. I want to hear these arguments about things like the level Kirk Cousins is actually playing at. Why can’t Detroit succeed? The young up-and-comers in Cincy, LA, and Buffalo. Whats the projection for the Pelicans next year? How about where Giannis is going to end up? The list goes on. The way it is now, this show should be renamed “Cowboys and LeBron Strokefest”
  • ebbills17
    Why do you guys talk about the cowboys every single show when they’re clearly not even a top 10 team in the league? They’re barely in the top 15. When teams like Buffalo are one of the hottest teams in the league right now, with a qb on an mvp pace, and a coaching staff that is a model of discipline and hard work that completely turned the organization around, but you guys never even mention them. Show us some love. It’s a #newera #billsmafia
  • Nik greenminute
    Skip SAYless
    Easily the worst media personality on the planet earth. The hate he expresses is just flat out childish. He should be embarrassed to go on the air, STRAIGHT UP CLOOOOOOWN 🤡
  • AA-ron_____
    Skip is terrible
    Skip is biased. It makes the show impossible to listen to or watch on TV.
  • TheHerd3
    Great show
    Great show! Keep it up
  • rosamelchute
    The lebron and cowboys show
    Y’all might as well change the name to that because that’s all y’all talk about 👎🏽
  • Strangeland67
    Watch the editing!
    You’re editor is really slipping up, getting the same section of the show multiple times and missing chunks of the show
  • Mr B listens :-)
    Great show with a caveat
    Hey guys this is a fantastic show, I listen everyday although I don’t watch sports as often. Your chemistry is amazing but as of lately it seems like you are beginning to talk over each other way to much. I love you both equally but someone has to keep Shay cool bruh lol. He getting to emotionally entangled with the arguments. Don’t disrespect each other. Best podcast ever, keep it that way. Oh yeah and MJ is the GOAT. PERIOD YOU GUYS ARE TO INTELLIGENT TO BE UNCIVIL. Peace and Love And Love Gentlemen.
  • Malachi792
    Show is a joke now
    Sharpe is so radical with his political views and it really is a turn off. Skip has bowed to the Left Liberal BLM narrative and he won’t ever not agree with Sharpe. So sad, the show is terrible now.
  • JDog23242324😐
    I love the podcast.
  • SayHay10
    I’m here for Shannon Sharpe!! Skip always taking crazy😂🤣😂🤣
  • BigDCW
    Shannon is the engine that makes everything go!
  • txftball
    Another podcast delving into politics! If I want politics I’ll listen to those other podcasts! These guys now have turned me off. They have great insight and opinions in sports, but that’s all I want in a SPORTS podcast.
  • nathan 60147
    Y skip
    Why are u talking about dame the clippers lost I wanna hear about GOAT JAMES
  • Jrockay
    The good, the bad, the awful
    The recent discussions on race were some of the best and most honest I heard anywhere , and I listened to everything I could. However the constant Brady, Dallas, LeBron exchanges are nauseatingly repetitious. Thank goodness for my smart tv’s verbal mute feature. Token female, at least Vanna turns numbers. Shannon needs his own show.
  • Reviewer JJR
    Skip is the worst
    What he lacks in sport knowledge is only surpassed by his bias for his favorite teams.
  • isthisnametake?
    Bad Skip
    Sorry Skip, you’re trash. Actually I’m not sorry at all. You’re trash and can rot in hell
  • mday82
    Very disappointed
    Unfortunately, today is my last day to listen to the Undisputed podcast. As someone that loves sports and debates - I have listened for several years now. I cannot support deeming that someone can’t be a good leader while admitting to struggling with depression type feelings especially during a worldwide pandemic. It is cruel, mean and inhuman. Shannon has done a great job educating and encouraging others to show respect and love. Shannon deserves a partner that is respected and can display a decent level of morals. FS1 should be ashamed if they believe the apology today could make what Skip said alright. Very disappointing all around.
  • Willie Colonoscopy
    I’m an Eagles Fan
    But let me start by saying that Skip Bayless is an absolute piece of garbage. Trying to belittle Dak for talking about his mental health struggle after his brothers suicide. On National awareness suicide day none the less. Hopefully Skips Wife or loved ones (he doesn’t have kids because his sperm count is too low or his wife’s private area doesn’t function properly after years of being beat down before they met and now resembles a roast beef sandwich) meet the same fate so he can feel Daks pain. Disgusting human.
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