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Sometimes all it takes is one little fact or one little piece of wisdom to change your life forever. That's the purpose and the hope of "Something You Should Know." In each episode, host Mike Carruthers interviews top experts in their field to bring you fascinating information and advice to help you save time and money, advance in your career, become wealthy, improve your relationships and help you simply get more out of life. In addition, Mike uncovers and shares short, engaging pieces of "intel" you can use to make your life better - today. Right now.

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  • tulsa4nu
    Full of pearls!!
    I’m a knowledge seeker and continual learner. There are so many fun and useful pearls in each episode.
  • SaraMayy[:
    Good Company
    Whenever I am doing solitary work or going for a long walk, I always listen to SYSK. It feels like a good conversation with friends and I enjoy good company! Thank you for having relatable content and inspiring conversations that challenge my way of being.
  • JeffreyJackson1
    I spent my 8 hour drive to FL listening to back episodes and it made it seem like half the time. Thanks Mike!
  • NathanBeauregard56
    1 of my top 3
    Really interesting topics, knowledgable guests and Mike as the master chef. Delicious!
  • Williamsmith0
    Collective Illusions
    Wow, what a fascinating episode! Now I understand how so many people can happily go down the rabbit hole.
  • Illyria_Lady
    Social media and collective illusion
    Great interview on social media and collective illusion. I hadn’t heard this information before now, and I plan to share it with my high school seniors.
  • Bro/Chlo
    So fascinating
    I love this show! It so interesting, and it perfect for multitasking and chores. I have learned so much and gotten so many book recommendations from this show. Truly amazingly fantastic!
  • shapuramraghavender78
    Thank you,
  • mituska2
    Adding to my life
    I listen to something you should know because there are interesting guests and helpful information from the host. There is something in every episode that I either did not know before or that expands my knowledge of it. And, Mike, I am still hooked on listening to Something You Should Know!
  • Tracorm
    Always learn something new
    Enjoy the podcast. I always learn something new!
  • chisuzhe
    As life should be
    Love this podcast, free of all the unnecessary manmade things. Solute from me, who rarely write any reviews
  • WAcartman79
    Reminds me of Paul Harvey
    I realize this is a dated reference, but this podcast is better than the program the late, great Paul Harvey voiced. How? More content and less story. Keep up the good work!
  • SAV 74
    So interesting and relevant
    Love this podcast. I learn so much and enjoy the host and format.
  • Kellyweaverr
    The Ultimate Road Trip Companion
    My BFF and I love this podcast on our road trips. Especially Mike’s voice!
  • RobertGarling11
    Awesome Podcast
    This podcast is so informative
  • Ali Schu
    Thank you so much, Mike
    I always learn something fascinating from this podcast from the fact that we as humans can smell emotions to sleeping tips (ways to fall back to sleep) Anyway, thank you! tAlison Schuback
  • b777plt
    Excellent worth listening too.
    Always interesting and informative. Interviewing style makes this podcast a stand out. Being able to ask and move the interview along, making it interesting asking many of the questions those of us listening would like to ask. Selecting guests that have something pertinent to talk about that deal with life not some imaginary existence.
  • StephenStone54
    Love this show
    The best. That’s all I need to say.
  • May Avenue
    Your interviews…..
    Nobody does it better…..🎼 Thank you!
  • Stephenrrogers
    Great show.
  • Poopincup
    Made me smarter!
    Love listening to Mike Carruthers’ interviews. His questions are so insightful. I find this podcast interesting and I feel that I’m a little bit smarter after each episode.
  • ElizaCost
    Great show.
    Helen Odeskky is correct. I have had such situations happen 4 times in my life. I wish I would have acted on all of them because it may have saved a life or in one situation, uncovered a body before it could be released into the sea. But I did call the police in one situation and less than a week later I read in the paper that the person I had called about was apprehended in MA for killing a jewelry store owner in SC. Obey your instincts.
  • Ilikeceleryandcucumbers67
    Wonderful Podcast!
    Epic! I love learning! 😄
  • JorgeIrvin654
    A Regular Listener
    I never miss an episode so I’m always in the know. Thanks Mike!
  • PaulKhoury4
    Tune in and turn on
    Every listen is time well spent. Mike is the ultimate interviewer and the topics turn my mind on to interesting subjects worth knowing.
  • BrianJones765
    The Power of Fun
    Loved this episode! I have always felt having fun is a necessity in life and now I have the proof. Thank you!
  • Aqua For Life
    Something You Should Know
    This podcast is the most favorite podcast I listen to when I want peace and an unclouded mind. I have learned so much during the short time I have discovered this gem. And let me tell you the other thing that keeps me coming back: Mike Caruthers’ voice. It is very pleasing to the ear. If you haven’t joined in on this podcast, I urge you to start and hear what I am talking about. You will learn a lot of useful information.
  • Shauna NI
    Learn learn learn
    This pidcast never disappoints! Tidbits of information that prove to be very useful ad I move through life. Love the wide variety of topics but the best part of the show is the questions asked of the experts. I am a big fan of SYSK.
  • Donnellbaskett9
    Learn so much!
    Always interesting I always learn something. Please carry on.
  • Bix1930
    Fun to Serious
    I’m always learning something from this podcast. Sometimes just quick fun facts that I love sharing to very deep information that I’ve used in everyday life!
  • Dhdndnndjfjf
    I love this show:) I listen to it when I’m going to sleep to get my mind off of everything and learn about things I don’t know. Love it!
  • Earlpatten99
    Superb Show
    Great show, great guests. Keep it up.
  • Andy-iPad
    Superb Podcast
    SYSK by Mike is one of my favorite podcasts. He brings a broad range of topics and guests and asks thought provoking questions. Truly a delight, always learn something new every time I listen. I have tried several other podcasts and for me, this is number 1 in terms of knowledge gathering in a fun way. Keep it up.
  • aristole503
    No one believes the earth is flat
    Authoritarian governments put out false conspiracies- like flat earth and other nonsense to devalue the real conspiracies- like 9-11 and the JFK assassination. Hitlers minister of propaganda did the same thing.. you have to bombard the public with nonsense so most people will shut down and not know what to believe.. In the age of propaganda- the only thing we can trust is university studies- academia.. many peer reviewed studies have shown steal buildings can not collapse from fire only.. 9-11 needs a real investigation.. the third tower is the tell, there were explosives already in place.. there was also massive insider trading on 9-11 that was never investigated.
  • Happy and Forgetful
    Favorite Podcast
    Very interesting podcast covering subjects that are never boring. A year later and I am still loving this podcast!
    I have learnt so much from this podcast. thank you
  • gramaree
    Always Somwthing
    Such a great all-around podcast. Easy listening and you always learn something interesting. No matter what kind of mood you’re in or if you can’t decide what to listen to, if you pick SYSK, you’ll likely be in a better mood and will be happy with your choice!
  • EmeraldNorth
    This is absolutely my favorite podcast. With every episode I learn new and interesting facts on a large variety of topics from human behavior to animal instincts and the importance of microbes, and so much more. Short vignettes packed full of interesting information. A huge thanks to the team of Something You Should Know.
  • NathanMcSwain1
    Love every Episode
    Amazing Your Show
  • BuddyK352
    Wow, couldn’t DISagree with COPY CAT more! I listen to both shows. With STUFF, you get Josh and Chuck which is great and with SOMETHING you get two guest experts in every episode which brings new voices, opinions and perspective to each topic. Let’s enjoy the SYSKs without the negativity.
  • JosephBass57
    One of my favs
    So funny and informative! Keep it up 👍🏼👍🏼
  • curyhsjwjdbwn
    Everything about this is a copy of STUFF You Should Know (the Real SYSK) They even copy SYSK Selects with SYSK Choice.
  • Johnfrankk
    Love your Show
    I enjoy every episode. This show is a whole free university for me.
  • RichardAbbott1
    Amazing! Love this podcast!
    This is a great podcast and I’m learning so much!
  • fcukdeb
    Great source of information
    I listen to this podcast while jogging and get enlightened on various of topics. I have been learning lot of things from this and helps me to use in my life. Thanks
  • Lawrenceroundtree
    SYSK Is a life changer!
    After listening for a year, I can sound smart on almost any topic. Thanks Mike!
  • MatthewHart0981
    Living Longer
    Great episode! It is crazy to think there are creatures that live 500+ years!
  • ineeedhalp
    Great voice poor content
    Hopefully they will switch to llm’s for their script content. The facts and info have gotten even worse
  • GaryGonzalez654
    Don’t miss it
    Each day is such a blessing. Highly recommend. Thank you!
  • LMON8985
    Interesting topics.
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