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Unravel the threads of American politics with incisive commentary and in-depth analysis on the state of the political scene. Join National Review writers like Rich Lowry, Charles C. W. Cooke, Jim Geraghty, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Jack Butler, and more for political commentary you can’t get anywhere else. Longing for a refreshing dose of sanity? All you need to do is tune in.

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  • No way to run a review
    Abigail - Youngest Ever Intern from Princeton
    Abigail - Suggest simply sticking to the role of political observer vice dipping your toes into the realm of clinical psychologist by parroting a Politico hit piece declaring a candidate has stereotypical autism traits. I suppose your response might be they said it, not you. Regardless, not a good start. By the way, the first time you referenced the current Governor of Florida, and a several times more afterwards, you called him DeSANCtis. Perhaps this was a nervous slip, perhaps not. Rich - As to your question about how your listeners would judge this younger generation, maybe this is a teaching moment.
  • Abdellat
    It’s wonderful.
    I really love the podcasts and the the magazine. Everyone’s wonderful. Rich has really lived up to WFB’s project. This is a witty, erudite, and professionally made presentation of the conservative take on events. Charley Cooke is my favorite commentator.
  • ReginaldDwight
    This is what they mean by “anti-anti-Trump”
    The people who desperately want Trump to be indicted and convicted so DeSantis can assume the mantle - but can’t say it because they are so desperately afraid of the anti-vaxxers and election deniers. Rich Lowry, explain why you chose to wait until Trump was elected to write a book praising Nationalism? Anyone with a modicum of credibility left for the Dispatch long ago.
  • TigerJon
    How Could You Be So Wrong?
    This show would be so much more enjoyable without Michael Brendon Dougherty. MBD is a masquerading leftist. Charlie can be annoying too.
  • Sizemore24
    Never trumpers
    You guys might as well vote for democrats wait you probably already voted for Biden . DeSantis could never beat Trump in a free and fair primary election.
  • jjones1111111111111
    Episode 549
    Please do not have Jeff Blehar on this podcast again. The man never shuts up.
  • Archer224
    More Jeff Blehar Please
    Jeff is a great add to the panelists. More please.
  • ajas11
    Don’t listen to the crybabies whining about Noah
    I’ve been listening to the pod twice a week for at least 3-4 years and it’s one of my favorites. The amicable banter between the hosts as well as the good-natured, but at times heated debates remind me of the best parts of the pre-2015 Right - and not necessarily in substance, but in the way that conservatives used to enjoy and be able to debate opposing viewpoints and theories on governance, etc without resorting to calling others RINOs, squishes, or libs in disguise. And this brings me to my reason for leaving this review. Yes, the pod deserved my five stars years ago, but seeing the recent negative reviews aimed directly at Noah Rothman made it a requirement. I’ve been a fan of Noah’s since his days at Commentary and his arguments are always well-reasoned, well thought out and ideologically consistent to his worldview and version of American conservatism. The pod, and everyone listening (especially those who disagree with him) are better for hearing him and his POV. Noah doesn't need my defense and his twitter posts make it quite clear he’s taking the negative reviews with the seriousness they deserve (none), but still I’m required by temperament to say to all the babies complaining he doesn’t agree with you on Tucker, Ukraine, Trump, or anything else… GROW THE EFF UP and learn to debate instead of complaining.
  • Lookingfortruth,notspin
    Jeff is terrific!
    Please make him a regular!
  • johann1986
    The various viewpoints make this a very excellent listen
  • Mydogisnico
    Three cheers for Noah
    Noah is an excellent addition to this already entertaining and informative podcast.
  • Boilingrug
    Wow guys! You mean plans in war can change month to month?!
  • An Fam
    One of my favorite podcasts
    Very well done podcast. One of the best!
  • logboater
    Long time listener. Noah Rothman has been an incontestable benefit to the show. Keep up the good work. And more Jack please.
  • Effin Pepin
    Even Noah
    I value the commentary from every contributor on this podcast… even Noah.
  • Sannah McDonough
    Noah Rothman is a treasure!
    I was sad to lose Noah Rothman on Commentary, but happy he is at NR now! I’ve always enjoyed The Editors podcast but I believe Noah’s is an important voice for the right, and he is absolutely an asset for this show. (I enjoy the other hosts of this show as well, but needed to add my two cents on Noah specifically since it appears reviewers are singling out Noah for complaints.)
  • Ccmkelly
    I was really sad to hear that Noah was leaving Commentary, but was elated to hear he’d be joining NR. Wonderful addition to the lineup. (Plus, we get to hear Continetti more on Commentary!) Keep up the good work!
  • leimar33
    Just found this podcast as a disillusioned ex-progressive starting down the conservative track. Am utterly charmed :)
  • JoshPayne1776
    Wonderful podcast! I love the multiple perspectives and how inclusive the show is by representing the vast spectrum of conservative ideologies! Wish it was a little longer, and I prefer when they go off the beaten path so I wish they wouldn’t worry about being so puntual.
  • with all due respect
    Thanks for being an island of sane conservatism, or even “actual” conservatism. One of the hardest thing for me to understand, within my own social circle, and among Trumper commenters here is how readily the embraced the lefts’s cult of victimhood and outrage. It’s ironic how fragile such a “strong man” is and the way Trumpers get so butt-hurt when criticized, let alone have to admit defeat. On a side note, I laughed out loud at the laundry list of caveats Jim placed on his agreement with Desantis having a more than 50% chance at winning a general election: the economy, international relations….he forgot to consider how a change in the tilt of earth’s axis would impact Desantis! Come on Jim!
  • Bobby Fairview
    Phony culture war
    Did you really just spend time whining about Rachel Maddow not being held accountable for knowing that trump sought Russian help to win in 2016? These podcast are getting more and more desperate
  • JeannieEco
    Get Rid of Noah!
    I think you guys have had the wool pulled over your eyes. Noah is a fox in the henhouse, a pretend Conservative. Every time he is on, I find myself gritting my teeth so hard, I have to turn off within minutes. You’ve lost a listener until he is gone. And all of these people giving high reviews on her to him are either friends, family or liberals. I just listened to Noah and MBD on Megyn Kelly’s podcast … and my God, you could tell she wanted to throttle him (and she is a moderate!). I am guessing MBD also doesn’t like him .. he didn’t say anything against him, because he’s a good guy, but he clearly just stayed out of the conversation when Noah was talking. you guys are off your rockers with having him on!! PS the fact that Jonah Goldberg is quoted on Noah’s wiki as being “crisp and insightful” says it all. they’re both God awful. I consider the rest of you guys and gals as good people. Who’s decision was it to add this idiot??
  • CleisthenesBC
    Great, Except…
    I’ve listened for a couple years or so, and this is consistently one of the best podcasts for politics/policy. Rich does a good as point guard (though has a strange habit of screaming Michael Brendan Dougherty’s initials) and the rotation of the other three hosts are almost always solid. EXCEPT: The painfully long winded Jim Geraghty, who isn’t on frequently but talks long enough to compensate for it, and; Noah Rothman, whose pretentious logic-chopping doesn’t fit with the vibe of the show at all.
  • John in OH
    5 to 3 stars because of Noah
    Noah has been a major downgrade to the lineup of panelists. I find myself skipping when he talks about any particular topic, even just deleting the ones he’s on most recently. Otherwise, I enjoy the analysis and differing opinions of the NR writers. Please, less Noah. This guy belongs as the “conservative” voice on an msnbc or cnn panel.
  • roselinus
    Get rid of Rothman
    I've listened to this podcast for a very long time. I just have one comment — a comment that is also a request. I am so thankful that French left long ago; please, please, please get rid of Rothman. I can hardly listen anymore, and each time this guy's on, I press the 30-second jump ahead until he's gone. The result: I inevitably miss part of someone's comment I only mildly disagree with.
  • 1019374
    Trump Town Hall
    Mocking the attendees of the Trump town hall as unsophisticated is a perfect encapsulation of how Trump so easily took over the GOP. He doesn’t look down on them.
  • Naperville Matt
    Trump CCN
    Noah, you’re great, but take a breath. Nobody is fooled by Trump. Did not watch CNN. I cannot support Trump in the primary because he is a buffoon and also unelectable. Desantis is the real deal.
  • timprotech
    Too partisan.
    This podcast is full of standardized hypocritical projection. Nothing constructive to say about the other party or administration, ever. History will likely show otherwise. At least they admit some of the systemic issues of the Republican machine. That gained it a star. But why are they ignoring the obvious SCOTUS corruption?
  • Albanycat
    Witty and erudite
    The thinking persons conservative podcast. Worth listening to, often funny always well informed and considered. Thoughtful analysis where they think outside the mainstream talking points.
  • Kschloss
    God help these ignorant boomers
    Stale ideas from sorry virgins living in the past commenting like your great aunt would
  • psmcdee
    Tucker Carlson
    Your comments on Tucker show that you all have never watch his show on Fox nation where he interviews one person for an hour. They he has very interesting people on and he lets them talk the whole hour! He’s show is very much like Megyn’s show! I am especially thankful for his interesting views and his way of getting into the weeds! He doesn’t feel he has to be politically correct! Guess what he get the average everyday American!
  • ssmallen
    Not worth my time anymore.
    I really had enjoyed the show for the most part since I started listening to it (found it from the Megyn Kelly show). After the show today I just unfollowed and will forget about it. Thought it was rather crass the way all the hosts danced on Tucker Carlson’s grave. In one way or the other Carlson was blamed in some way all that has gone wrong with politics the past few years from “vaccine hesitancy” (really??), to being a Russian “apologist”. I thought I was listening to Rachael Maddow…
  • tonyprenticee
    Love the pod
    I find the podcast app frequently won’t play NR episodes. What up with that?
  • The Vester
    I have been a conservative all my life and find this to be the highlight(s) of my week. The conversations are insightful, but most importantly, rational! No mud-slinging to ad hominem attacks. WFB would be proud with how they are carrying on the tradition he started.
  • Raylene5
    Favorite podcast
    NR podcast is my very favorite podcast to listen to. I only wish they released more than 2 a week! If you’re looking for intelligent, measured and insightful conservative (not right-wing!) discussion and debate, this is it.
  • GeoffreyTecza
    I don’t know RW
    Ieraci we
  • inthefreezer247
    A Great Show
    The Editors is a fantastic show with a rotating cast of brilliant contributors, each with their own distinct voices.
  • shawnsnipe
    Flip flopping
    Simply amazing to listen to Rich Lowry and the rest of the Editors shift from pro Desantis to defending Trump based on polls. While Desantis was running hot, this team was all about the Governor. Once the polls shifted, they go back to 2016 and the defense of Trump. The ghost of William Buckley should come back and haunt this people for making National Review a mockery of conservative politics.
  • /MS015
    An Instructive Look
    At why Republicanism is, and will continue, to die. Truly the dumbest people in America, all convinced that they are the wise ones.
  • Jeffery hebert
    Next time on we hate Trump!
    We get it you don’t like Trump. You sit here decrying the main stream media for giving Trump free air time albeit negative yet you do virtually the same thing. You are also over zealous in your criticism.
  • m_zipper
    A smart, deeper dive beyond the headlines
    A weekly must-listen and offers a deeper dive, and more thorough review of issues of the day. I don’t always agree with their opinions but it’s great to have a political podcast that raises the level of conversation and challenges thoughts and ideas by presenting more thought.
  • Jhour
    I tried again, again no point in listening
    I am at .2rating. Up from a solid 1. Weak analysis and they have little to add that takes more than 10 second. Just drop it. No point. I give up on national review.
  • evjd
    Luke had it right.
    Never Trumper-itis crept up on the rest of you. Words Overused Kitsch Everywhere. = WOKE
  • Shane Esq
    New Listener
    I’m a new listener because Noah is now on this pod. Enjoyed the episodes so far, and looking forward to more.
  • J_Ky
    Excellent - More Noah and More Jim
    Charlie, Jim, Noah, Rich is the line up, more of this plus Maddy please.
  • 6348345914834957
    Noah R is a great addition
    Been listening for a while and appreciate the conversations, which are even better with the addition of Noah Rothman. Charlie’s man crush on DeSantis is a tiny bit of an eye roll, but he lives in FL so fine. Overall thoughtful and intelligent.
  • Dren60
    Don’t watch this game
    These guys are truly awful. You would do well to avoid this podcast. All you’ll get is smug, we’re the best, wrong opinions.
  • EAApilot
    Favorite Political Podcst
    The discussions are thoughtful, insightful and varied. By far my favorite political podcast.
  • DanM1985
    More Noah, less MBD please
    Noah has been a tremendous addition to the podcast. He should entirely replace MBD, who often rambles incoherently and rarely makes a cogent argument. MBD’s guest spot on the the remnant was so awful that I couldn’t make it through the whole episode.
  • Fanabc
    Thank you
    I’m a center-left independent who is grateful for the thoughtful, intelligent, frequently balanced-perspective discussions on this podcast.
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