How I Built This with Guy Raz

by NPR
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Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built. Order the How I Built This book at

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  • megcooz
    Used to absolutely love Guy as an interviewer. Now so many pushes for racial division, love for politicians rather than open dialogue. There are occasional bright spots, but overall this has become super disappointing.
  • 😋😛😝😛😋
    My fave podcast
    This podcast is my favorite for so many reasons! I’m 10 so I kinda grew out of a podcast called “Wow in the world” which is Co hosted by Guy Raz. so I decided to listen to this podcast and see if it was any good and now it’s my absolute favorite. I love hearing the stories behind so many brands and products that I could probably find in my house. I also really like the length of the interviews; they’re perfect for long car rides. 10/10 podcast!
  • malfoxley
    Great show!
    Guy, host of the How I Built This podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • bobmackij
    Great Podcast
    My fav podcast to listen to on long car rides
  • Alexie4
    My new FAV
  • Miggy20000000
    Amazing Podcast
    I’m in middle school and love this podcast. Guy Raz asks intuitive and interesting questions where I’m always wondering what the answer is. Even if I’ve never heard of the company I still love learning about it. It’s appropriate for pretty much all audiences too! The content is detailed, but also easy to understand. Overall, amazing and wonderful podcast that is one of my most listened to and favorites ever.
  • drewbelund
    Favorite podcast
    Can’t wait for new episodes every week. Incredible show!
  • L. Monique
    Always Learning
    Listening to this podcast has reminded me of the importance of learning from life’s lessons and experiences. I especially enjoy listening to founders of companies I have heard of but am not familiar with. It’s definitely leant to me further investigating them.
  • ccçcccccccccccooooooooooolllll
    Really good
    Hello Kim only nine (tomorrow I’m ten!!!) and i still love listening to this podcast if your reading this thank you ok bye!
  • Doosky revaiw
    I’m only 8 but I love it you should do more you tubers and Amazon
  • Estrella Fashion Report
    Love this podcast!
    I have learned so much with this podcast. Every episode I listen to, I make sure I have a notepad and take notes to applied them to my own life or business. The best! Honestly. Thank you for doing this and for your wonderful interview style and soothing/calming voice lol 😂👏👏🙌🙌 Bravo! 🎉
  • Tt_Mb
    Great interviews with female business leaders
    Missy Park interview resonated with me so much. Like the and Jazzercise episodes she was just so real. She kept showing up and working so hard with a good spirit and supportive friends. Kudos to Raz—your interviews show such insight into human nature.
  • gfrtccdyh
    Not believable…
    C. Tosi has obviously accomplished a lot. But, her statement that being rich hasn’t changed her is just incredible and unbelievable. Maybe it hasn’t changed that she works (welcome to the world, baby girl! You think that makes you special??!? Millions of us work hard every dang day!!) But, being rich takes away many, many, many worries that the rest of us have. It doesn’t take away all worries, but spare us. Be honest! Being rich HAS to have changed your life.
  • kallen41
    As an entrepreneur, this is my favorite podcast. I feel most inspired when hearing the stories of others. Guy you are amazing and this is the best podcast EVER!
  • huggfcvbfhgv
    Best thing ever!!!
    Great way to learn so much and burn time
  • hollyhags
    Best podcast ever
    This is without a doubt my top podcast! I listen to it when I’m feeling down, when I need energy, or just to start my work day. I don’t like the live episodes (because they don’t seem to get as deep, the guest seems to have a shell on due to the visible audience). But that’s exactly what I love about this is that they go deep.
  • aleetexas
    My favorite podcast!
    I LOVE this show. Inspiring, comforting, interesting, and amazing.
  • AlitheCEO
    I am obsessed with this podcast! I love how Guy asks about all of the good and bad parts of entrepreneurship and reveals so many good stories. I hope to one day be a guest on HIBT, Guy! #buildingmyempire
  • Theblakid
    Love it
    Love this show so much. I just love learning how so many great companies got started and grew.
  • VenusKhanoom
    Best show for the aspiring entrepreneur
    This is my favorite podcast, the interviews are insightful and Guy asks all the questions we’re all thinking!
  • Ghia72
    Small Business Owner
    I recently discovered this show. I have recently started my business and it’s enlightening hearing the same frustrations other people have had that are almost identical to mine. Great Show! Very Inspirational!
  • go 49ners yea yea yea
    You should do Apple/IPhone or Microsoft or Amazon or mrbeast the one one dude perfect was great
  • Jackie's Dad
    Great show
    Great way to hear insiders from the world of biz.
  • okichoboi
    Fun stories!
    I’ve enjoyed listening to the stories told from entrepreneurs on this podcast. Dream-inducing.
  • admontgomery
    Love it !
    The best way to learn about business.
  • ghgihrgh
    The best podcast ever
    I’m only 12 and I like this podcast so I think anyone who is looking for an entertaining and intriguing podcast should listen to this
  • Dame fame 3
    Would love more diversity, great show overall!
    More women. More people of color. More women. More people of color. More women and people of color please!
  • Milliken37
    Going woke
    This podcast was great until they started to spread their political ideology
  • hpykat123
    Love this podcast!
    I've listened to every episode and I'm never disappointed. Great stories full of amazing insights. Inspirational! Highly recommend!
  • kaden-ed
    A great way to learn business and stories of some interesting and incredible people. It has so much in store and it shines a great light on perseverance, hard ships, happy and sad moments in building a great business. World wide stories for all ages and people. It’s funny, intriguing, a must have in the podcast world. Guy Raz take’s you through a incredible stories and show’s it in the real world. Find a story that is interesting to you and enjoy 😊!!
  • AnitaKSS
    After listening to this podcast for a couple years, I was inspired to start my own business. Hearing the honest stories from the Founders, helped me understand that I wasn’t any different then them. Everyone struggles, has challenges, doesn’t know what they are doing but are committed to an idea with a passion. Listen to this if you are an aspiring entrepreneur - it’s required material! Thanks to Guy Raz for compelling storytelling and Ramtin Arablouie for fantastic music.
  • megan@podcastingyou
    One of the Best Podcasts Out There!
    This podcast is incredible! Guy does such a good job covering a variety of topics. The guests offer valuable insight as well. I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking to be inspired and informed!
  • Tara Heaton
    I have tried to unsubscribe to How I built this. Please help. I didn’t intend to pay for it
  • bvbdgm
    So good
    It’s so good I can’t get enough
  • ThatOnePodcastListener
    stop reuploading
    This show used to be great, but has devolved into a lazy money grab in which they only upload reruns, episodes from the summit, and episodes with questionable guess.
  • LN254
    For Anyone Starting Anything New- Must Listen To
    For innovators, entrepreneurs, pioneers, change agents, and anyone who is starting something new this exactly what you need to listen to to hear the HOW things actually happen - real stories, step by step advice on how to mitigate challenges and opposition, which will leave you feeling nothing short of inspired and motivated - if they could get it done, why shouldn’t you???
  • royaleehappy
    Can’t get enough
    I love this podcast. Very inspiring stories and very well told/produced. Guy Raz is an amazing host. I really appreciate how he does thorough research ahead of time (re: the guest) and asks great questions.
  • ®️ec
    Great show …..
    Guy you have a great show it is inspiring and the stories are incredible. But, how did Gary V was invited and made it here? The dude is clearly a clown who doesn’t know what he is saying and make money out of empty content.
  • The Clarker
    Been listening since episode 1
    Interesting variety of founders and companies - and the narratives are inspiring, warning, or simply enjoyable. One of my favorites.
  • vllphd
    Inspiring and informative
    Especially love the personal stories.
  • LAexplorer
    Serious Food For Thought
    Almost always inspiring, the episode with Robert Reffkin is a standout and got me to write this review. Thanks for making this amazing podcast.
  • BornToBeAFoodie
    A podcast that inspires
    I love this podcast. It’s great to hear stories of how entrepreneurs started and the ups and downs they went through. This podcast gives a lot of hope to people who want to be entrepreneurs. Guy is a wonderful interviewer and I look forward to these episodes and what’s to come!
  • TheBrown5
    Having a family business, it’s motivating to hear others’ stories. I do wish there was a transcript so my deaf family members could read.
  • GoDuke4458
    Authentic and Engaging
    These are classic question and answer interviews, that ooze transparency and tell great stories. I love how Guy guides the interview but is so genuinely surprised at each twist of the story.....
  • NoahNola
    Inspired Teacher Entrepreneur
    As a teacher who ventured out to start a social media marketing business, this podcast is always inspiring.
  • Planckster
    Getting Too Long!
    I've enjoyed "How I Made This" for a long time. But it's getting to be too long. 40 to 60 minutes is all it should take per episode. My daughter feels the same way and is no longer a listener. I go through my HIMT backlog and delete every show that's over 1 hour. You might see your listenership increase by doing this.
  • HappiestFam
    More liberal tripe
    We used to listen to several NPR productions. NPR productions used to be somewhat interesting. Content has gone down seriously in quality. We had to unsubscribe from ALL their jibber jabber nonsense.
  • uscsg
    Love this podcast!
    I’ve been listening to HIBT for a few years, but recently decided to listen all the way through starting at the beginning instead of just listening to the ones that interested me. Every single episode is interesting and motivational. I love that the episodes got longer and more personal as time went on- it really helps listeners understand the sacrifice and risk these entrepreneurs went through before making it… now I just need to find my million dollar idea ;)
  • Raelene Clarke
    The best podcast ever!
    I absolutely LOVE HIBT the quality of guests are incredible. The stories incredible inspiring even if you are not an entrepreneur and if you are - what an incredible treat! Guy has a lovely energy and personality and really gets the awesome part of the story out of each guest. I always walk away entertained and truly inspired!
  • Dhm0803
    Build it, with skill and LUCK!
    This podcast touches on so many successful household names and we learn each one is the creation of multiple attempts, trial and error, great opportunities, failure, success and luck! Very encouraging and positive. Guy is an excellent interviewer and has the art of the question (the obvious question) mastered!
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