How I Built This with Guy Raz

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Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world's best known companies. How I Built This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists—and the movements they built. Pre-order the How I Built This book at

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  • Gbort1998
    Perfect for my family
    Love this! My husband, tween and college student like to listen . One of the few podcasts that’s always a YES for all family members
  • WindyWright33
    Love this podcast and how insightful it is. Guy is amazing as well.
  • jdkdjdjsjndhd
    One of my favorite podcast
    stories for everyday inspiration.
  • 12skipper
    American Dream
    This show always inspires! Entrepreneurship and the American Dream is alive!
  • Dobkin323
    Best podcast
    Guy has a way of helping his guest tell their amazing stories. Each episode is fantastic and eye opening. Best podcast out there.
  • swimmingtenniscats
    Bay Area listener
    One of my very favorite podcasts! Guy does such a fantastic job interviewing guests with in-depth and thoughtful questions and letting them go into great detail about their experiences. Guy’s interviews are not merely business interviews but great stories for the listener to enjoy. I hope How I Built This podcast continues for many years!
  • baitandswitch?
    Guy always downplays the friends and relatives that made these success stories possible. It’s true it’s who not what you know that counts. Expect a lot of virtue signaling and him hawking his book.
  • Mehiko Kono
    Sandy Chilewich and CTD Studio
    I was so excited to overhear about this interview. My mom worked for many years for a small textile design firm called CTD Studio, located at Union Square in NYC. She was proud of her vinyl basket weave design that had been bought by Sandy Chilewich and served as the core of the first collection of placemats. It was the first time that I, as her daughter could walk into a high end department store and see her work! I guess I’m not well versed in design and licensing, but I was super disappointed to hear no mention of CTD which was founded and operated by my mom’s boss, Libby Kowalski.
  • georgiabdogs
    Best podcast I’ve ever heard
    This is the best radio show ever. It is a great inspiration for everyone of all ages.
  • eworldpeace
    So inspirational!
    I loved your interview with Mike Radenbaugh about Rad Power Bikes. What an incredible young man! I really appreciate the details about his childhood and you taking the time to explore how he knew/ learned to work on things. I was smiling the whole episode
  • grey the boy
    Great podcast
    I have to clean the house every day and I found this podcast . I love listening to it and I hope that every one likes it to thx Guy Raz.
  • Ozeal
    Great podcast, highly recommended!
    Great podcast. Awesome content and great host. Awesome interviews! @thinkozeal @podcastinfluence
  • RichUncle
    A regular highlight of my listening time!
    I love learning the stories behind the products, even if it’s something I never buy (Spanx for example.) Guy is an excellent interviewer.
  • Jdizoooggg
    Rebroadcasting Wayfair?!
    After all the are bringing light to a horrid company who blatantly sells children on their platform. Absolutely despicable. I was a HUGE fan of this podcast until this. You just sold your soul Guy!
  • Noodles & the Rockstar!
    Every time I head out for a couple of hours to my little cabin in the woods, I listen to this podcast. During that 2 Hour drive I have a lot of time to think about the growth of my new company, why I’m doing what I’m doing and all the resistance that comes along the way when you’re doing something no one else is doing. This podcast is a light in the darkness. Reminding me that struggle comes to all of us and how we handle it is the defining factor that matters most. Thank you for the stories and to Guy for making sure the guests talk about the tough stuff they went through, not just the highlights! 💜💙💚
  • MLTL66
    Best Podcast Ever
    Omg. I love this podcast. I myself am an entrepreneur and I have learned so many lessons from this podcast. All the time I listen to it in my car with my 2 daughters and my husband listens to it it too. All of the stories are incredible and so entertaining. Guy is the best interviewer! I highly recommend this podcast!
  • brookechristinaskincare
    Favorite Podcast Ever
    As an entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley times are tough! There is nothing better than hearing successful business owners experience. It’s so motivating and inspiring. This podcast not only is extremely well done (music and Guy Raz) but it’s so informative and entertaining. I recommend this to all my friends!
  • sterfryg
    Hey!!! I’m a huge fan of your podcast and was wondering if you had like a request box we could put companies names in. Of corse there is a whole lot more that goes into it, but thought I would ask.
    By far one of the top business podcast every entrepreneur should listen to. Keep it up Guy can’t wait for my book!
  • mahcookie
    This podcast really inspires me and I just enjoy listening about people who built an empire of a business from scratch.
  • yeeted my daughter
    Very good for bus rides
    This is what i listen to and it keeps me entertained thank you
  • 🚝🚞🚋
    Tomorrow morning I will go get some stuff ready for you tomorrow morning or tomorrow morning I will go get some stuff ready for you tomorrow morning or tomorrow morning I will go get some stuff ready for you tomorrow morning or tomorrow morning
  • iiiiiiiipamsjdjs
    So cool
    This has helped me a lot
  • Clonumber3
    Inspiring and Guy asks all the right questions
    I love podcasts and I listen to a ton of them. This one turned out to be one of my favorites, in part because of the interview style of Guy Raz. I was a little worried about this being related to NPR and put off listening at first because I was afraid it would be more political than intelligent business talk but I’m glad I gave it a chance. It’s not overtly political. There are excellent guests on this show, but Guy digs deep and asks a lot of the same questions that I wish I could ask if I were there in person. He asks the hows and the whys. Love the show.
  • chuckfoo42
    Have a spine when you pick your guest
    Big unfollow after the Airbnb guy. That guy is scum, and should not be celebrated.
  • JoeWonders
    Super interesting content
    I always appreciate the content. Where do you get the guitar riff? I want to make it my ring tone.
  • OKAJ69
    The first group of episodes are classics. I wish they wouldn’t post the live stuff on here I wish they wouldn’t repost things and confuse me. The old episodes are the way to go the new ones are not my favorite
  • 14mudkip14
    Solid four stars
  • Chunstoppable
    This show is honestly kind of a joke to me sometimes. It endorses capitalism and the false concept of an American dream where if you just “work hard” and have a great idea you’ll become successful. It kills me how rarely I hear the word privilege on this show. Seriously every time this comes on the radio I laugh when people with lots of advantages in life are asked if they are successful because of “good luck” or “hard work.” Lol. I will take this show seriously when it starts acknowledging class/race/gender privilege and when the goal of ultimate capitalism is questioned.
  • Mon1231
    Favorite podcast
    This continues to be my go-to podcast for inspiration. I can honestly say it’s my favorite! So well done and so so interesting. Always learning something new.
  • Carlos Adler
    One of the best podcasts I’ve ever listen to
    Guy always the right questions to the founders. Amazing podcast!
  • fraudpatrol
    Slightly sexist?
    Guy interviews a lot of incredibly successful women and invariably a tone of surprise at whatever it is they invented or changed and the subsequent success creeps in. If they are successful for god forbid ‘fashion or women oriented products, services or tech” it’s the worst! His reaction is like what the women complain about —trying to raise money from the male dominated world of investors who say things like they will give the product to their wives or fall asleep. FYI the beauty and fashion market is extremely lucrative and it’s kind of time for the surprise to be over. I happened to listen to the Shire interview—male grooming app—and his tone with a man beauty entrepreneur was totally different. I have loved all the make-up and fashion and beauty product entrepreneurs and do love the narratives that get revealed—just disappointed in the ‘surprise’ that any of it could result in making lots of money.
  • genuinejake
    Guy Raz = A+
    I think Guy Raz's ability to talk with folks about the businesses they built is fantastic. He's the best interviewer of any podcast that I've ever listened to.
  • Isv_r
    One of the first podcast I listened to and its great as always!
  • karo_karo84
    Always appreciate the diversity of interviewees you have, and have always had. You didn’t wait for a massive civil injustice to give voice to people from all walks of life. Keep it up.
  • Crissy8410
    I’ve been listening to this podcast from the very beginning. And I will say the chicken salad chick episode moved me the most. Her and Kevin’s fight was just incredible.
  • nlmcdan
    Love this podcast
    So interesting. I will keep listening for sure!
  • lovecrushbeauty
    No MUSIC please!
    I emailed the show to let them know that the background music is so anxiety provoking and distracting. Can you do interviews minus the unsolved mystery drama music?
  • sunnydog321
    I could listen for hours!
  • aSafetyBuzz
    A go-to
    I can’t get enough of this podcast...interviews are always thoughtful and thorough. I always learn something!
  • arizona tourist
    thank you for interviewing La Colombe
    Born and raised outside of Philadelphia, I was one of those people that always asked for LaColombe as a gift when I visited family for the holidays and have had La Colombe shipped upon request since I left for college in the early 90s. I never knew the story of how La Colombe found its roots in Philadelphia (or Seattle) until this podcast. Thank you.
  • HeyImRaymond
    Can’t get enough
    This podcast is so inspirational and motivational hearing all these stories and to top it off it has the best host ever!
  • M_Maex3
    No background music please ❤️
    I love every single thing about your podcast, my only critique is to please stop playing music during the middle of an interview 🙈 I can’t focus on what they’re saying cause they noise is so distracting and I don’t understand why it’s there?! A secret signal that what they’re saying is important? Everything else is really amazing!
  • Thermostat404*
    I like this podcast because it tells the stories that aren't as known as say Apple's. Love the How you built that section, definitely will listen to ads for that - interesting to hear the stories of current startups. I'd say maybe lengthen this section, or make some into their own episodes. Maybe make episode categories such as replays, live shows, and resilience. This could make it so that finding and playing episodes could be easier.
  • NnnIIiiCCKKk
    Very inspiring show
    Excellent podcast, very engaging speakers and conversation. Guy allows the guests to speak freely but also engages with them rather just ask questions one way. The podcast creates a very vivid experience to the listener, great to listen and become immersed in the conversation. Keep it up.
  • adamlof
    Version without music?
    Is there a version without music in the background when the interview is taking place? It is hard for me to listen to both.
  • Elias 345
    I Love it
    This is the best podcast. I’ve herd in a LONG time Thank you bye 😃😃.
  • Kellyhalb
    Like to listen to these
  • 2007 17
    Pretty good but...nm
  • Reviewer 123456712345
    Formerly great, now overly political
    This podcast used to be one of the best. Good conversations with interesting and talented people. Now, it’s primarily a political podcast masquerading as a study of entrepreneurship. Hard to see why identitarianism needed to become the focus of a podcast with such interesting material and more to offer.
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