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Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Gimlet Media.

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  • RD2120
    Genius interviewer. So good at getting to the essence of the thing while helping feel safe. Simply outstanding work.
  • cmkeller
    Wow! That episode brought me to my knees. I have a daughter that had a cardiac arrest and almost die at 2 1/2yrs and have experienced the ripples of her journey. The woven story of John and Nick was so touching.
  • foxsongs
    Thank you
    Absolutely the best. Hoping to hear more of Kalila holt
  • Briseis27
    It has beauty, poetry, humor, and words for the things you have never found the words for. It will show you unexpected things about the workings of memory. It is masterful and profound, but also gossipy and fun. I really love the work that Khalila Holt has done for this podcast. Listen.
  • 1837448
    Episode John
    This was the most moving episode I’ve heard yet. Absolutely wonderful and inspiring!
  • Lulululu1959
    Goldstein is a master
    I know his voice and love his stories. How did I miss that he had his own podcast? Thank you to HowSounds’ Rob Rosenthal for clueing me in. Since I’m a Green brothers fanatic, the piece about John touched me deeply. Thank you, Universe for getting me here.
  • NanW26
    Look forward to each episode!
    This is one of my very favorite podcasts! Jonathans dry sense of humor is engaging and funny. I adore the stories he follow and his fellow cast member are gold!
  • Hehshxbbekaksbgbsjz
    One missing star for all the episodes I will miss
    Very late to this podcast. My entry in to John’s realm spurred by the mermaid story on this American life. I am from New Orleans and I know what it’s like to show up at the tail end of a parade in hopes that everyone on the float is so drunk, They are tossing their throws like bailing water from a sinking ship. This is not like that, I hate Spotify
  • s5913
    Don’t follow to Spotify
    Spotify wrecked the music industry, now it’s coming for podcasts. Expected more from Goldstein & this show. It’s my favorite but I can’t in good conscience listen on Spotify.
  • rti92391
    Now a Spotify Exclusive
    Used to listen, won’t anymore
  • OhEmGeeYall
    Best ear food!!
    Best podcast out there. Been a huge fan since day one. Your ears will enjoy it. The rest of you will too.
  • DebPDX
    Love you, love the show
    I’m a big fan.
  • Marie8724
    Good listening but not good enough to follow to Spotify
    This podcast makes me cry most every time. But they’re moving to Spotify, which is horrible to smaller podcasters and basically ruining the industry. So I can’t in good conscience follow Heavyweight over there, and I hope they can survive this kind of move.
  • lan776
    Spotify switcharoo I say toodaloo
    good bye
  • Snow Biscuit
    Love the show, won’t listen on Spotify
    …so, goodbye! I want all my podcasts in one place, and that place is not Spotify. Btw, Heavyweight has by far THE BEST theme song of any podcast I’ve ever listened to! (Sun in an Empty Room by The Weakerthans. ❤️)
  • ElizaJaneG
    So happy for new episodes! My favorite podcast! Thank you!
  • Abcedia Frangelica
    SO glad you’re baaaack!!
    I am so pleased that the podcast has returned. Jonathan, your interviews bring such depth to the stories you share. You are adept at bringing meaning to every episode, even through the hilarious exchanges between you and your BFF Jackie. Keep it coming!!
  • Heat8er
    Gosh I just really like this podcast
    I’m sitting here smiling after listening to 36. Brandon (tears in my eyes). What a lovely beautiful story that sooooooooo many can relate to. The stories engulf me, make me laugh, make me think, make me feel and that feels good. Keep up the amazing work!
  • Coliopsis
    Love love love and also
    I love this show so much / I love the theme song, I love Jonathan, I will listen as long as it’s made and then I’ll relisten. But can we do away with Jackie being so mean at the intro every time? I want to hear an episode with Jackie and how much she loves Jonathan; come on.
  • EM.85
    Thanks for the Encouragement
    I just listened to episode 37. John. Thanks for sharing this story. I too believe like Nick and was encouraged in my faith through his story. I found Heavyweight during a “heavy” time in my life…it’s still heavy…but the stories and humor have been nice to listen to as others are struggling with things from their past. It’s nice to know you’re not alone in what life throws at you. Thanks for the great show.
  • ORMomma
    Losing me to Spotify
    Yet another favorite podcast of mine moving to Spotify, no doubt because of money. I won’t be listening. It’s not about the app not being “user friendly,” it’s the fact that they pay Joe Rogan millions of dollars to spew his anti-science machismo drivel to the masses. I hope many others join me in not following you there. So disappointing, Gimlet Media.
  • just another ww
    I follow you to Spotify! Great podcast. Thank you.
  • flaunt22
    More Jonathan!
    I think this podcast is fabulous! It’s funny and also has very meaningful and serious stories of peoples lives. Jackie is hilarious! You absolutely need this podcast in your life now!
  • god below
    Great show content but why the crappy intro?
    She is annoying and does seem to add value
  • Kalina Hicks
    I so love this podcast!!! Please please please keep going! 🙌❤️
  • hi_melinda
    Laugh out loud even when alone! ;-)
    Seriously amazing podcast. Thoroughly enjoy the writing, concept and beautiful stories told!
  • newbelgium4
    Spotify only, no thank you
    One of my favorite shows and I’m really sad to see it go.
  • wilhelmina a.
    I really loved the earlier iteration of this podcast. But I suspect the new Spotify version isn’t going to appeal to the core audience. Already there are signs of departure. The “Brandon” episode is slicker, the tone is cooler and the pacing is off. The overall effect is much less engaging . Also agree with others about the move to Spotify. Bummer.
  • mint_julep7
    Thank you for moving.
    Love your dry humor and candid view ~ all wrapped in kindness with a gentle heart. Also love your best friend. If you get a show just make sure it is streaming on something easy to get to. I’m in. So glad you moved to Spotify. Apple’s platform is so screwed up. I can’t delete episodes I don’t want to listen to and so my favorites (like this one) don’t float to the top. My inner child (picture girl: thick glasses, mullet, body shaped like a carpenter bee with cankles) appreciates everyone of these novellas as much as my adult self does. … (thank goodness bangs grow out & contacts were ever invented).
  • concera1
    Any episode she is on I play about tens over because her dead pan and sarcastic humor is one of those unexpected gems that you feel like you’ve won a lottery you didn’t play but you know you deserve because you opened the door for others or let someone go ahead in line even though you got there first and you both know it.
  • squirreltooth
    Spotify exclusive? Boo.
    I’ll miss this show when it goes Spotify-only next month. 😢
  • aaron4130
    Such a great show, sad to see it move to another platform.
    I have turned quite a few friends onto this show because I think it’s tells such great stories. Once you get to know the host the show takes on two great forms of entertainment. One are the show stories are always so fun and moving and the second thing is how hard you will laugh at the host as he navigates uncomfortable situations and springs jokes at just the right time. My only complaint is I will miss the show deeply when it moves in October to Spotify only. What a bummer as I know it’s just another app and I already pay for that app but it is a horrible platform to navigate for podcasts in my opinion. I exclusively only want to use one stop for my podcasts and it is here where they are easy to manage and view. I was a listener from day one and want to thank you for the memories Johnathon and the crew at Heavyweight.
  • Caroline Carmichael
    You’re Back!!
    I’m so happy to hear your voice again!! Always such great stories!!!
  • etherdog
    Too bad that this show and other Gimlet shows are going exclusively on another platform. They will be missed. Does Jackie Cohen realize or appreciate how much she adds to the tenor of the show? It would not create the same tension without her.
  • wgjohnson89
    You’re back!
    Yay, Heavyweight is back! I love this podcast.
  • RaphaelAdidas
    Going Spotify only
    Going Spotify only so this 1-star doesn’t matter, I guess.
  • Ashton G
    Great podcast, screw Spotify
    This podcast is going exclusively Spotify… I’m not going with it. Podcasting is based on open-source technology Spotify is ruining it by making podcasts exclusive.
  • badbobbycase
    Thanks for the memories
    I love this podcast and I will miss it very much when I refuse to get a Spotify account and therefore never hear it again.
  • Franki57
    I am so happy you are back. I missed your stories…love the latest one, can’t wait for more…
  • Fiiikkk
    Spotify is a bunch of liars
    Love the show. Hate lying. They promised that old shows going to stay on other platforms.
  • Andrea991200
    Love listening
    Great podcast!
  • Tony Guac
    The second best podcast of all time
    I recommend this show to everyone. I get genuinely excited when I see they are releasing new episodes, unfailingly. I hope it sticks around for a long time
  • June Bug 2020
    Absolutely love this concept
    And his deadpan humor. Some of the stories are shocking, some confrontational, some superfluous and ridiculous. Love them all.
  • Maitri Patri
    Creating Closer
    So many folks, for their whole lives, carry the weight of an unresolved event in their hearts. Jonathan, in his quirky, heartfelt, persistent way helps so many find closer. It’s a lesson for us all!
  • lil feet bro
    If this and the adventure zone collaborated the world would explode from awesomeness
  • Ellisbee99
    New Listener
    Podcast was recommended to me. I half heartedly started listening and became hooked!
  • Joseo91
    Inconsistent Release Dates
    The podcast themselves are entertaining but the lack of consistent release dates is the reason for the 1 star rating
  • kx3myranda
    I stumbled upon a Reddit thread about podcast recommendations and Heavyweight was suggested in the top comment, along with many replies below it, all ranting & raving about how wonderful it is. During my cleaning sprees, I always listen to a podcast - it helps motivate & entertain me - and I figured I’d give this one a shot. For the first time in about 10 years, my entire house is clean, TOP TO BOTTOM! 😁 The main reason for that is the fact that I could not stop listening to this! It’s been 72 hours since I hit play on episode 1 and I am already on episode 28. I have laughed, shook my head (cringing at corny jokes at times & being utterly mind blown at how something unfolded at others), felt the warm fuzzies, said “wow!” and “aww!” to myself out loud several times, and I’ve cried... a lot. Like, A LOT a lot. On more than one occasion, I’ve stopped whatever I was doing and could do nothing else, aside from stare straight ahead and listen to a twist in the story or how the whole thing ended. I’m sitting on my bed now, after just finishing the episode about “Scott,” sobbing like a fool... and realizing that I HAVE to write my very first podcast review, and also share with all of my friends how badly they need to try this podcast out. These stories can be so very heartbreaking and heartwarming, all at the same time! Thank you for giving me a reason to turn off the news in such a chaotic time in our world & reminding me that I have so much to be thankful for, and that there are still so many good things in this world to celebrate & appreciate. These stories have reached the very center of my heart & soul, and I’m so grateful for the messages of hope and love I’ve gotten out of them! Please come back and continue this - the world needs it! Keep up the great work!!!! 💗
  • PJ121980
    Best podcast
    Please continue with this podcast! It gets me through the day!!
  • 11zoeyk
    This podcast feels like something I’ve been looking for
    Jonathan is a delightful narrator with an amazing sense of sassy humor. His podcast peers into the humanity of humans in the best way.
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