Maybe you’ve laid awake and imagined how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Spotify Studios.

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  • amy_becker
    The perfect podcast
    Hilarious and heartfelt. I love everything about this podcast.
  • ChaTeaMo
    Our favorite road trip podcast
    Jonathan Goldstein's humor tickles me in all the right ways, as does his humanity.
  • scene_not_herd
    Best show ever
    I’m still looking for a show that compares to this, and cannot find it. For a single show to be so hilarious and also so touching is extraordinary and uncommon. It’s simply my favorite podcast ever.
  • Heathen 711
    Best ever
    The phone call intro could be me and my best friend any day. Most episodes make me laugh and cry both. Brilliantly done, perfectly produced, exceptional program- my absolute favorite across the many genres and things I listen to. Love this show, please bring back.
  • dateeverynight
    I listen to SO many different podcasts
    I have a multitude of genres and am a dedicated daily listener. THIS podcast is my favorite! It’s the all time best, the cats meow-cream of the crop best of the best. … I just listened to a check in (April 20, 2020) and it made me so happy hearing Simon play the recorder.
  • Mettanne
    I don’t understand why this podcast went away.
    Please bring it back.
  • Rachy McRacherson
    The people have spoken. This podcast is a true gem that stands out among the sea of others, there’s nothing comparable when it comes to the mix of heartfelt stories, masterful storytelling, and Jonathan’s humor. BRING. IT. BACK!!!!
  • Mindfully Healing
    Transcendent podcast
    I could listen to these all day. They transport me and have the best mixture of melancholy, family drama, humor, & twists of fate. Please come back!!
  • MartiMu
    This Show Slaps!
    It’s like Spotify hung up on this show during the goofball intro banter. Every story is great! We all deserve more. Bring it back please.
  • ICU Peen
    Please. Come back?
    I can live without this podcast, but I’d rather not. Please come back with more episodes, Jonathan. The memory of your sister’s cackle is growing dim.
  • VT 195
    Great show
    Love this podcast. Interesting stories with excellent host equals hours of intriguing entertainment!
  • Hereinamyland
    Big mad
    Why on earth would gimlet can this show? Legit amazing content. Give them the $$$ and BRING IT BACK!!!
  • abiweb
    This is the best podcast of all time
    If I could only listen to one podcast for the rest of my life, this would be it. And I’m a true crime podcast addict, but I’d give all that up for Heavyweight.
  • bitty215
    Where are you? I want to hear more!
  • Skandiagirl
    Bring Heavyweight back
    So interesting and sometimes heartfelt and profound. What am I going to listen to when I’m walking now?
  • Steamboat Mary
    Find a way back!
    My heart is broken that Spotify stupidly dropped this podcast. We are at a time when good stories about real people is badly needed.
  • Chetol
    A great podcast.
    I really miss the Heavyweight podcast. Please bring it back.
  • Deblynlee
    Bring it back
    Love this show miss new episodes!!
  • dlc_14
    The best
    Best podcast ever - we need it back!
  • amberamcc
    Need more!!!
    Listened to every episode! Bring Heavyweight back! From someone that never writes reviews!
  • Flashes of Quincy
    Miss Heavyweight
    Bring it back!!
  • deniseozobe1
    Bring it back please
    I miss this podcast so much!! Bring it back please
  • azzy candy landi
    Another Roadside Attraction
    The podcast ‘The Retrievals’ included the episode ‘Another Roadside Attraction’ and I cried so much! It got me thinking on how people may have a different story about who we are based on what parts of our lives we share with them. Pam’s life was filled with so much pain. The closing statements made me cry so much and I’m still thinking about this episode two weeks later. ‘Victor & Maite’ is my new favorite and I can’t wait to hear the others!
  • bjmanderfeld
    Love this podcast!
    This is a great podcast! Please bring it back! I Want and need more please!
  • LittleRedSchoolbus
    Bring back Heavyweight!
    Love this podcast and want It back.
  • Txtileartist
    Why stop making best podcast out there?
    I finally found this amazing pod cast. The first that I ever would have paid a subscription to, and then the next month they stopped making it! Why stop a quality show that people love? Bring it back please!!!
  • A meathead
    Barbara Shutt
    Blew. My. Mind !!!!
  • ralphiesx
    My favorite podcast
    I listen to podcast constantly and a couple of weeks ago. Somebody told me to listen to this one, and I have listened to almost every single episode. I just found out that this podcast is no longer making new ones and I’m so bummed. It’s genius!
  • Sacramento Sandra
    Why oh why…
    Why did the powers that be take this podcast away?? It was/is so brilliant. The stories are funny, heartbreaking and always so deeply moving. One of the best podcasts out there. Bring it back!
  • cleo399
    I love this podcast
    This is such a great podcast! It’s hard to describe what makes this show so special. It’s hilarious and heartwarming and manages to capture the complexity of human relationships in a way no other podcast seems to be able to. I end up tearing up during more of the episodes than not. Jonathan is a fantastic host - he’s goofy and awkward in a really endearing way and obviously pours his heart into helping the people who come on the show.
  • Bltiller
    We need more Heavyweight 🙏
    This is so well done and makes me smile, cry and feel so many emotions. And is also so inspiring: real stories with real heart. 💜💜💜
  • Amy’s Faves
    Pickup THIS Show
    I love this podcast. I love everything from Jackie’s hang-ups to the Goodwill furniture. I love the feel-good stories that cause me to think about wrongs of my life that could lighten my load. I really hope someone picks up this show because it would be a tragedy for it to go down.
  • Slickname830
    Definitely One of My Favorites
    Human interest stories are my favorite and this one checks every mark for me. It’s funny, sad, heartwarming… all of the above in one podcast. I also find J Goldstein so charming. I really hope they get picked back up and can continue making episodes.
  • sibil bink
    Heartbreaking... and beautiful.
  • HollaryClinton
    The Best
    My favorite podcast! When is it coming back on? I can’t keep replaying every episode!
  • Dwntwn girl in an Uptwn world
    More Heavyweight!
    I need more Heavyweight! Jonathan and the Heavyweight team are hilarious, the stories are touching, humorous and full of humanity. I’m often caught between a chuckle and tears. Love this podcast! Waiting anxiously for more.
  • zuzu23sm
    Best podcast
    I listen to hundreds of podcasts. This is my all time Favorite. After listening to all of Heavyweight, I listened to all of Wiretap. I then repeated Heavyweight again. I miss this podcast so much
  • Goozzee
    I love love love this show!
    JG and his crew are simply the best at storytelling. Keep the stories coming! Please. Thanks for the entertainment
  • PatoLoco716
    My reminder of the complexity of humanity
    As we live in a world that tries to simplify every narrative and put this person against that person this show became a beautiful reminder of our complexity as humans. The storytelling is top notch and inevitably there is some twist leaving me in awe. I really hope the show comes back- it’s been such a vital part of my reflections after I discovered it last last year.
  • texerciser88
    Jonathan when you look back on your legacy, I don’t even know if you could fully comprehend how many lives you have changed with this show. It’s funny listening to your Dr Mueller episode when you talk of being younger and wondering about the meaning of life. Clearly you were meant to change so many people’s lives. The work you have done will ripple throughout families and relationships for generations. It’s wild to think a podcast could do that. Whether this show continues on or not, it lives on in all the stories you have honored. And all the listeners who found healing in them.
  • tlp1022
    My new favorite podcast - delightful!
    Came upon this podcast very late, but exactly when I needed it. However, after a month or so of binge listening, I have caught up to present and will now need Jonathan and crew to produce more shows, of equal quality, a little faster - say, 2-3 per day. But seriously, I truly appreciate this show - for the great humor, storytelling, heart and how it impacts my mindset. Edit - please come back!!
  • Yamzzzmam
    Jonathon Goldstein is Love
    Wiretap was the first podcast I fell in love with and I now adore Heavyweight. Jonathon Goldstein is one of the greatest storytellers of our time and deserves more credit! Thank you for these moving stories Jonathon and Kalila!
  • flushels
    The greatest
    This show gets better every minute, episode, season. Truly one of the great podcasts of our time.
  • DRobSV
    Absolutely love it
    Found this show a few weeks ago and almost done with all 8 seasons. Every friend/family member I’ve recommended it to loves it as well. The storytelling and deep human connection is so heartwarming. Thank you to the whole team disappointed it’s been cancelled - hoping a new home is found soon 🤞🏻
  • ChiefDlock
    Best podcast ever
    Hands down the best show out there! Now keep making more!!
  • Massage510
    I love this show! I just discovered it and learned it’s ending. At least I have many many episodes to listen to. Hope it returns!
  • Elmo3165
    It figures…story of my life!
    I know I must have a curse. I find a restaurant I love..it closes A product that does everything I’ve been searching for…it’s discontinued A sitcom-canceled You name it, it’s gone. Pulled out from underneath like a tablecloth. I’ve never been a paranoid person, but something’s gotta give! Finally a podcast that holds my ADD interest, makes me crack up out loud. These people feel like family to me. Jonathan, his wife Emily, little Auggie, Stevie and Kalila even the hang up’s from Jackie. All leaving. It’s awful, where to go from here? Please bring back this Heavyweight!!
  • RunnerAndListener
    Soul soothing and hilarious
    I love everything about Heavyweight…even the ads. The most hydrated he’s ever been!? It doesn’t get old. The people and stories are delightful - heavy, light, sober, funny. I will keep checking back for new episodes. Hopefully they’ll come soon, but I’m thankful for what has been created here!
  • Tigerlily10
    Wonderful show!
    I’m so sad it’s been canceled, it’s one of the best shows I’ve listened to. Working my way thru all the older episodes while hoping it gets picked up again.
  • Jasmine6
    This needs to continue
    This is honestly my favorite podcast ever. These small slices of people’s lives are so well handled and relayed. Listening to this is one of the few things that makes me feel feelings anymore amongst all the depressing news. I am so disappointed in Gimlet/Spotify and hope they get picked up by someone else ASAP.
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