Maybe you’ve laid awake and imagined how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Spotify Studios.

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  • Carlotta Valdez
    Dairy lobby ads???
    I've listened to the show for years -- but are they seriously playing ads to clean up the image of the dairy lobby???
  • MeltedMel71
    Shouting it from the rooftops
    This is a great concept. Just the right amount of “heavy”, thanks to Jonathan’s self-deprecating humor and his, at times hilarious but other times heart-tugging, phone calls.
  • MarciSmith
    Welcome back!
    It feels like forever that I’ve waited for a new season. Thrilled to be welcoming back a snarky ‘friend’ who has the best knack for solving mysteries and weaving such beautiful, humorous, and best of all— humanizing tales.
  • savage.momma.bear
    Ham is healthier than bacon
    Especially if they have nitrates in the bacon.
  • Shaycr16
    I love, love this podcast! So much like this American Life my favorite podcast. Are you married Jonathan Goldstein?
  • olivecat
    Another Roadside Attraction
    Emotionally wrenching but with a solidly fulfilling ending!
  • Yesi1758
    Every episode is completely different but GREAT!
    Whenever I need a feel good moment I just listen to this podcast. Jonathan is a great story teller, recently found the show and am a fan.
  • MissCarmenRachel
    Thank you Jonathan and company.
    Addictive, funny, heart wrenching and sometimes redeeming and sometimes totally not. Kinda like life, eh?
  • Hanna Camp
    Five stars
    Obsessed with every element of this show
  • Constantly Seeking Nickname
    Thanks for a great show
    I find myself limiting/rationing listening to your shows as I know I’ll catch up much sooner than I wish and lose the daily chance to enjoy a new-to-me Heavyweight episode. I’ll then return to my quest to find a new “perfect podcast.” Thank you so much for the show, your rabbit holes, and your willingness to share it all.
  • Suedebskillz
    One of the Best
    I’m late to the game but this podcast is by far one of the best I’ve listened to.
  • bigkitty77
    best podcast ever
    thank you heavyweight team for making the best podcast ever for the past 7 years
  • Messica
    I’m so glad Heavyweight is back!
    I hate Spotify for taking it away from me for 3 years. Anyway, if you haven’t listened to it, this podcast is the perfect mix of funny and wholesome. I never know what to expect but I always come away feeling better about humanity.
  • skimare
    Are we going to get all of the episodes that we’ve missed since you moved to Spotify? I don’t see any new episodes on here yet💔 are you making new episodes? Is there gonna be a lag time before all of your episodes will be on this platform ? Or I guess I’m gonna have to Google that.
  • LN Magri-Moore
    The ONLY thing I was missing from leaving Spotify was THIS podcast. So excited to catch up. A perfect example that story-telling is a true talent.
  • great classic game!
    Always a treat
    One of the best podcasts out there. Every episode feels like a gift.
  • TH2011nc
    Miss you
    I actually am a member of Spotify but I haven't followed you there. I can't endorse that behavior. I need all my podcasts on one platform. This is a top 5 podcast for me, but I haven't listened since you moved to Spotify, other than the few episodes released to non-Spotifiers. Come back to open platform!
  • justbenice1
    (no particular order) Let’s not be kidding - Atlas Obscura - This American life - The Moth - The Bowery Boys - Twenty Thousand Hertz - The Retroist Retro Podcast - Heavyweight - Anthropocene Reviewed and Brought to you by…
  • RobertDSenn
    Favorite Podcast I can’t get anyone to listen to.
    I’ve listened to Heavyweight for years, and even used it as an inspiration to work things out that have haunted me from my past. I’ve laughed at the humor, related to the trepidation and fear of reliving the past, and teared up with the heartfelt connections, but always came back for more. I told everyone I knew about Heavyweight and how terrific it was. However, since the move to Spotify I can’t get anyone to listen to Heavyweight. Personally I haven’t listened since the move, since I won’t support the platform, but I can’t get anyone else to listen either. It breaks my heart that a great podcast like this went off to an exclusive platform where it’s not appreciated. I’m still giving Heavyweight 5 stars for the content, but I wish Gimlet would smarten up and come back to Apple.
  • chewy panda
    love this pod but won’t be going to spotify
  • Griefliv
    I’ll change it to 5 stars once you move back to apple podcasts!
    Jonathan we miss you on Apple podcasts! I can’t pivot between multiple platforms for a podcast, but boy do I miss your positivity and this incredible podcast. You brought so much joy to my life with your episodes and while I’m so glad you’ve brought a few of your newer season over to apple podcast to try to entice us to move to Spotify, I just can’t. But PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move back to apple podcasts so I can listen to you all the time! Content is incredible, Jonathan YOU are incredible and deserve a Peabody award. I just need you back home with apple.
  • mrsk423
    Thank you for coming back (kind of)
    I have missed you soooo much Johnathan. Thank you for bringing back these episodes for us lowly non-subscription payers to hear!
  • wawawawa13
    Love this podcast but not moving to Spotify
    Longtime listener, until Gimlet moved everything to Spotify. I wish all the episodes were still here on Apple and was delighted to see the show back in my feed recently, only to find that it’s just a smattering trying to pull me over to Spotify. I won’t support that platform and am sad that this is the only option for listening to Gimlet podcasts. But so it is.
  • driven2review
    Amazing show / amazing stories
    Love the show. Love the host. Used to love the ads too. Everything about the show was (is) amazing. Won’t move to a new app and miss the show and appreciate the slow drip into real-world. Thank you for everything
  • oucuraqt
    Not coming with you, thanks to Joe R. No more Spotify for me, but I have love loved you Jonathan!!! ♥️♥️♥️
  • ASJ00700
    Not moving
    Unfortunately for a single podcast I shall not be moving to Spotify. You will be missed Jonathan.
  • k0k0l0k0
    This is one of my very favorite podcasts, but pay another subscription fee to listen…in this economy? Sorry, but no. I will miss this so much, hopefully they release the new season here at some point.
  • Ellawil
    Not going to Spotify. So I’ll miss you Jonathan.
  • Time to Chang the World
    Sincerely, Another person who will not be switching over to Spotify.
  • JeremyZNYC
    Not sure who this is for
    Clearly people like this, but I didn’t find it interesting or insightful or funny. He’s the friend who won’t let you go while telling an indulgent personal story. [shrug]
  • Jacquestrip
    Not going to spotify
    Great show despite the host trying to sell me on switching to spotify to listen to podcasts. Not gonna happen dude.
  • Georgiamama
    Missing you sir Jonathan
  • Grzlk
    So glad to have you back on other platforms besides Spotify! I love your stories, your podcast and your quirky humor. 😊
  • violetjohnson
    Funny and poignant
    I love this podcast so much and have listened to all of the episodes until it moved to Spotify which I don’t really use. Then I kind of forgot, because…Spotify. So I hope the episodes will go back to being released on Apple. Keep up the great work, Jonathan!
  • simplymeintx
    Unexpected Gem.
    Need someone to confront an old flame? Want to hear other people expose their relatives? This is the show for you. The host inserts himself into other peoples awkward situations for our delight. I want to be friends with Jonathan but not as close as Jackie is. Give it a listen.
  • Kenosobby
    Don’t start listening
    You cannot get all of the episodes unless you use Spotify.
  • Lognaa2010
    Well done
    I just listened to the John Green episode. It was so emotional and just a lovely story! Thank you for sharing and doing what you do.
  • Sillybeppo
    Like the awkward cousin
    Heavyweight is the best show Jonathan has ever done. Every shows feels like thanksgiving, you know, after dinner when everyone is either in a food coma or drunk. He reminds me of an awkward cousin, the one who always has a story to tell. He is warm, comforting, a little silly, but overall a lovable host who will make you feel sentimental for the intimacy of a holiday dinner. Heavyweight feels familiar, in a good way. He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.
  • lil feet bro
    Great show, but what happened to the other episodes?
  • M.J.Franks
    Great show. Can't access anymore.
    I've appreciated this guy for years through his various incarnations. Now Heavyweight has left iTunes (and most everywhere it seems). There is no RSS feed. There is no download available for any of the handful of devices I use for listening to [a crazy amount of] podcasts. I can't listen in the car, while toiling in the kitchen, while shaving, while riding public transportation or most anything. Apparently I can sit in front of a computer and stream it from "Spotify". Um. No. Whether or not there is a fee doesn't matter. It's giant leap backwards for usability. Six stars for the show. None for a show that is inaccessible or unusable.
  • lalalalalbu
    The best
    I almost names my kid Jonathan because of this podcast but my wife hates the name. This show is just brilliant
  • hfdyhdyhjcjfugkcgkxjv
    Once my all-time favorite show, now just more leverage for Spotify
    What a shame! I pay for Spotify and have for years— but I won’t be listening to this show anymore, or any of the Gimlet shows I used to love & recommend that are now exclusively on Spotify. What a shameful, anti-consumer business tactic. “It’s not a big deal to download another app” this isn’t the point, at all, and they know it. I already use that app for music, though with every podcast that goes Spotify Exclusive I think more and more about canceling my Spotify subscription for good
  • T2869
    Great podcast!
    This podcast is excellent! Johnathon is a great story teller. His stories are simultaneously funny, introspective, compassionate & interesting as he & his story subjects are interviewed.
  • KaiserBeck
    My god this show is so good.
  • klg2021
    Past episodes
    What the heck?! Just found and fell in love with this pod a week or two ago and was digging into last seasons but now I’m only seeing the most recent 5 episodes!
  • hazelbnr
    Keeps getting better
    Wish you all were staying on this forum, but moving with you to Spotify. Thank you for your creativity and compassion. A rare combination.
  • Fmj556
    Fun show until it was not.
    I enjoy this show but they are switching to their private app. I won’t follow them their to the other platform.
  • jerceling
    It's excellent... but...
    I'm a dinosaur who still listens to podcasts on an iPod Nano. Yep. I don't want to listen to podcasts on my bulky phone, which is one of the only options now that this show has moved to Spotify--in the midst of a two-part cliffhanger, no less. Bah.
  • jp131313131313
    This show just grabs you and won’t let go
    The host came up with a brilliant formula for his show, and it never fails. Love it.
  • lolarrusa
    The rating is for your new platform. I signed up for Spotify just to listen to heavyweight, but it won't let me transfer the audio to my mp3 player. The only way to listen is to sit in front of my computer. I've been listening to every episode of Jonathan's podcasts for the past decacde or so, while taking walks, working in the garden. Now I can't. I feel a bit dissed.
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