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Maybe you’ve laid awake imagining how it could have been, how it might yet be, but the moment to act was never right. Well, the moment is here and the podcast making it happen is Heavyweight. Join Jonathan Goldstein for road trips, thorny reunions, and difficult conversations as he backpedals his way into the past like a therapist with a time machine. From Gimlet Media.

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  • meg.blen
    You need this in your life. I’m obsessed.
  • DynamicAloha
    Great podcast— but skip the “Annie” episode
    I found and fell in love with this podcast at the beginning of the pandemic, and binge-listened to all episodes. No need to listen in any particular order! If you are new to this podcast, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT start with the episode titled “Annie.” If you do, you won’t be tempted to listen to any more episodes. “Annie” was the only SOMEWHAT boring episode, saved only from being COMPLETELY boring by host Kalila Holt, who was funny and made “Annie” bearable to listen to.
  • PauPins
    A perfectly crafted emotional roller coaster
    This podcast is exquisitely crafted. Each episode makes me laugh, reflect and cry. Absolutely brilliant!
  • liferipsbabies
    Poignant, silly, all around wonderful
    This podcast is amazing. The host has such an incredible way with words, and the way he embraces the awkwardness of life is charming. Listen!!
  • Haberscott
    Touching, funny, heart-breaking, nostalgic...a fantastic collection of stories.
  • ApolloPilots
    Chaotic good
    I can’t even describe what this podcast exactly is but it’s a great combination of humor, interviews, getting past hardships in people’s lives, and feeling really good at the end of an episode. I have been recommending this show for people who are looking for funny podcasts
  • Hershel's Mom
    Perfect Balance of Heavy and Light
    Dry humor, storytelling, heartfelt... I recommend this podcast to everyone! Love it.
  • njvc&mod
    The. Best.
    This podcast is always great. And by that, I mean that the episodes are always great and the stories interesting, but also that I am always in the mood to listen. With other podcasts, I have to ask myself “Am I up for this?” “Will it be to loud? Quiet? Depressing? Frenetic?” This podcast is always the right vibe: entertaining stories told with heart and humor. I love Jonathan’s self deprecating wit and his banter with Jackie.
  • BRW16
    More Please!!!
    One of the best podcasts out there. I wish there were more episodes in 2020😔
  • alltheprettythings
    Non-political lighthearted entertainment
    I love this podcast! No politics, just good ole fashioned funny human interest pieces. 💜💜
  • itgffr
    Kalila . . .
    I love Jonathan. Love this show. It’s a “bed time” favorite. All that to say, the reason I love Heavyweights (and probably why most folks enjoy listening to podcasts in general) is for the host’s quality of voice and narration. Kalila’s manner of speaking is unclear and grating which led to me shutting off the “Annie” episode mere minutes into listening. “Some things are never going to be things you are good at” and that’s okay.
  • starryfeet
    This show
    It’s consistently the perfect balance of humor, real-life hurt and positive resolution that doesn’t feel contrived. I have recommended this to so many people. Thank you for putting in the work, even in the 2020 insanity. You all rock!
  • kleemama
    Great but why only 4 episodes in a Season
    This show started off strong and, after nearly a year since last season, I was expecting more content. Why would you end a season after 4 episodes? Is the show ending?
  • AliN00B
    Exactly what I Needed
    How is this podcast exactly what I need, every time. Each episode that comes out perfectly fits into my life and I find SO relatable. Jonathan is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but Kalila NAILED IT on Annie. So much talent on this team, I can’t even. And somehow I’m craving a Miller High Life so...gotta go!
  • Lover of Podcasts
    Thank You
    I really appreciate this show. Some storylines are more interesting than others, but that doesn’t matter much. It’s the pacing, the ordinariness of the dilemmas, the lack of current-event drama, the clumsy humanness that all hit the spot. Nice work by Kalila on the most recent episode. I enjoyed her dry humor and good timing. (The story itself was a bit of a dud... but that mattered only 10%.) Jonathan is great too. Even the little pandemic updates brought a smile to my morning when they appeared in my feed. Please keep up the good work!
  • ErinStellar
    Agree - no more Annie
    Was this a Jerry Springer special? I love this pod for the fantastic storytelling. But whatever’s going on with Annie is not it.
  • #1Zepp Fan
    I fell in love with podcasts because of the kind of stories heavy weight pulls off. Now, less and less shows attempt to do what heavy weight does and those that do can’t do it like heavy weight. I feel so grateful this still exists.
  • LauraGallupNY
    Odd but interesting
    I like the raw emotion of this podcast, but I could do without some of the host’s antics. I enjoy his quirkiness but sometimes it drags on a bit.
  • MangoMpls
    No more Annie
    This episode was so bad that it should really be deleted from your show history. Please go back to the formula that we know and live.
  • partrev
    Kalila Holt is a podstar
    Ms. Holt is has a wonderful, dry humor and excellent comedic timing. Plus, she is easy to listen to; she sounds like a real grown up instead of an up-talking preteen. Keep it up, Kalila! You are really good at this.
  • Saki007
    Comes close to Heavyweight - I listen to all the seasons over and over - they’re like meditation, therapy and a fable rolled into an escape. Kalila represented! And just as heavy...xoxoxo
  • Lissy1974
    Bobby’s episode
    Great episode. Their rendition of Sun in an empty room was amazing. Made me cry.
  • Poloplayer21
    Great episode! Really love this podcast, always gives me the feels. Kalila brought so much humor to this story and I could totally relate to her avoidance of confrontation.
  • Kahairree
    All around great
    Wonderful, light hearted, and witty podcast that is sure to put you in a good mood. Even the commercials are funny and enjoyable.
  • sandwich58
    Good job Kalila!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts and I like it even more now that Kalila got a chance to host! She brought a whole new sensibility to the episode while still retaining the Goldstein ouevre! Great team!
  • mking98
    Keep Jonathan as the only host
    This is great when it’s just JG’s podcast: his voice and his “voice”. I cannot listen anymore to the other two girls who have zilch personality and need speech therapy. They are probably great producers but need to develop much more before becoming on-air.
  • crommatrixx
    The best
    I listen to an embarrassing number of podcasts, but I don’t love any of them as much as I love Heavyweight. Make more, Jonathan.
  • MBS-
    Yes to Jonathan. No to Kalila.
    I love this show. A lot. But cannot stand to listen to Kalila. Her Annie episode was awful.
  • frissjan
    Jonathon Goldstein is my King of Podcasts
    Love him, love his work!! Why did it take me so long to discover? Seasons 1-4 are wonderful. Update: Just got to the Unknown Season and the “Checkins.” Um, no. Stevie and Kalila add nothing. Kalila’s voice is SO depressing and her entire demeanor is awful. Just can not listen to it :( I started listening again when new episodes came out (no more “check ins”!) but then they put Kalila back on. She is So depressing. Her low-energy tone and vocal dragging are unbearable. Why? Why can’t she Just produce the show? Isn’t she a producer?? You’re ruining Heavyweight. It used to be so good before the pandemic.
  • Nick "Ollie"
    A Modern Day Quantum Leap
    One of my favorite podcasts. It’s witty and accidentally insightful. Jonathan is like a contemporary Dr. Sam Beckett “striving to put right what once went wrong” - though it could be argued that he might be causing as much damage as he attempts to fix. There are so many enjoyable episodes. The most memorable make me think about my relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers. More please and thank you!!
  • WandDsMom
    Jonathan is the friend we all wish we had
    Briilliant, creative, relatable. And I’m a curmudgeon more like Jackie, FYI, so slavish and praisefilled reviews are not my usual MO. But I love this podcast so much I had to chime in.
  • Anonymous21233
    Love it - Kalila’s episode
    Hearty. Cried and laughed. A nice change of pace with the host being Kalila, keep up the great work.
  • ScaredFan
    Wonderful storytelling
    The Heavyweight will make your heart swell and break, but it always puts it back together and heals it in the end. Thank you, Jonathan Goldstein — you are a master storyteller.
  • Joe La Zanya
    Kalilia killed it, let her do more
    Love Love LOVE
    I absolutely love everything about this podcast.... literally everything.
  • cne7blu
    Heavyweight is at the top of my list of favorites, wish there were more episodes & that the season was as long as a school year!! Have been waiting anxiously for the first story of this season. ‘Jimmy and Mark’ did not disappoint! LOVED IT. And thank goodness because I did not like the diaries, sorry Jonathan. I’d prefer you read from someone’s real diary, while drinking a Miller High Life or 2 or 3. But still I say, EXCEPTIONAL PODCAST. *edit- so disappointed in BLM pandering. Quite alienating and unnecessary :(
  • TBW68
    The Best
    One of the best out there. I’m always anxiously anticipating the next episode. Subscribe!!
  • Tulips21
    Beautiful 🌻
    Beautiful story telling ❣️ Always makes me genuinely go from smiling, to laughing, to some form of shock/upset/or anger, to tears! I usually end the podcast saying, “Bless you Jonathan! “ ( or direct my blessings to one of the people in the episode) Great work❣️
  • Pq Cap'n
    Great stories about relationships and life
    Truly love your style Jonathan. Stories with a wide variety and true heart.
  • BNLGusterfan
    Moving, funny, important story telling
    I love this podcast. I find Jonathan Goldstein to be funny, empathetic and curious in ways I relate to. I also think the subjects and stories he picks are relevant, and they make me think and relate to people through their stories differently. If you have liked JG’s stories on This American Life (like The Greatest Phone Message Ever Recorded, which is gold) you’ll like this. Now excuse me, I’m going to try and come up with a problem for Heavyweight to solve.
  • Cranberryjuice
    That’s it. That’s all. Otherwise, yes to all the comments about this podcast being the best
  • longford D
    I’m confused
    Are these reviews written by some type of service? Because I find this show trite and limited in variety. I used to hear Jonathan occasionally on This American Life, and found his stories enjoyable. This podcast however is much too large a dose.
  • DesignMom#1
    Great story-telling
    Your stories constantly rip my heart open, in the best possible way, thank you.
  • grateful biped
    One of the best there ever was
    Keep up the good work Jonathan. This show keeps me sane in 2020. Love Jorge, Bobby and of course Jackie
  • Savannah_113
    Best. Podcast. Ever.
    I wish Jonathan would narrate my life.
  • Bubu Cumbers
    To support BLM a Marxist organization is shameful
  • Nina in the ATL
    Amazing storytelling
    This is, by far, my favorite podcast ever. Jonathan Goldstein and his team bring wisdom, intellect and humor to each and every story. The stories that were shared earlier in the pandemic were so touching, real and raw. This is what storytelling is at its best and this group delivers. Keep up the amazing work!!
  • FMangoes
    Funny, touching, sometimes profound. My new favorite.
  • MnLeeWee
    Random red couch
    Yep had to go to and watch it immediately after Listening to the episode So bad yet such a catchy jingle 🤪will have it singing in my head all day
  • Clever and entertaining
    The Intro kills me each week with his sister!
    Such a refreshing fun show. Listen faithfully and have made other friends listen too!. I love the ridiculous intro each week with Jonathan's friend. She is annoyed and has no time for him Never leave! Terri
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