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NBC Sports Bay Area's 49ers Insider Matt Maiocco and Laura Britt bring you comprehensive NFL coverage of all things San Francisco 49ers. Don't miss weekly in-depth interviews all year long with players, coaches, front office personnel, alumni and fellow media members. Check out all new episodes year-round.

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  • Stvisioner
    Wish they would stick to talking about the 49ers
    While I very much enjoy this podcast, and Matt’s insider type knowledge and views. The banter between he and Laura about non football is so unnecessary and tiresome Fortunately I can hit the jump button several times always at the beginning to get past it and several times during their podcast to get to what and why 49er fans are listening. I HATE to sound like a woman basher, but Laura Britt offers very little solid content to this podcast. I get that a lot of this is them sharing their opinions and takes, but Matt has in depth knowledge and provides pretty much all important info here. Simply put, this podcast could be 1/3rd shorter, provide just as much quality information if it was just Matt. Laura is just about everywhere on every sport in the Bay Area. She’s already stretched too thin, and does a great job on her telecast stuff. But she brings almost nothing to Matt’s podcast.
  • Super dad 707
    Love the pod...
    ...but you whiffed in the pick! C’mon Maiocco! Trust your gut! I think you sensed it! Don’t follow the pundits! Lead the pundits! 👊🏼
  • wwechamps say no
    Lost insightfulness
    Laura is actually good in bringing sides of the topic to the table. Doesn’t take a side. Doesn’t call Matt out. Matt is suppose to be a local reporter but his source is national reporters. It’s pretty bad for someone who use to be so plugged in. Add to this, kept saying Mac Jones, really needs to rethink his pulse on the team. Hated on 49er twitter who was correct. Owes them a apology.
  • Kyota Construction
    The only Sports show I need!
    This is the only source of sports I listen to or watch because I don’t like to just hear all the fluff about sports especially in the off-season. Lets go!
  • ;&49&;'odba
    Best 49ers podcast
    Laura and Matt are great! Knowledgeable and fun to listen to
  • JimL000
    Laura Britt
    Like this show for 49ers info and insight. I am sure Laura is a wonderful person. But she is too full of herself. Doesn’t add that much to the show. Matt is the man. Sorry but not interested in her life and 3 little kids that we constantly hear about. My main complaint with her is how she calls Matt by his last name. In my opinion that is disrespectful and impersonal not to mention emasculating. Matt deserves better. He doesn’t call her Britt! The producers should tell her to knock it off. It is condescending. In my generation that is a practice used by authority figures like drill sergeants and high school gym teachers. Makes her sound like a tomboy brat. Sorry but it annoys me so much that it is hard to listen. You need to get her off the show or teach her some manners. The show would be better with a co-host that is a better compliment to Matt.
  • d_tyler_26
    Used to be awesome
    Really don’t want to be a jerk, but the show was so much better before LB came onboard. She’s seems like a very friendly and nice person, but I stopped listening it’s gotten so bad. Which is a shame, as MM is really, really good.
  • One Of Many Readers
    Laura Britt
    Sorry but Laura doesn’t add much if anything to the program. She pretty much just stated obvious. Laura Brit talks too much and contributes too little to the conversation thread. She is watering down Maicco Please let her have her own program for those who like her and let Maicco have his own show. Disgruntled
  • s.lucero
    Laura Britt is awesome!
    Matt is okay, I guess. 😉
  • 49today
    Good info; needs work
    Matt is insightful and I really enjoy listening to him. Laura is constantly interrupting Matt and blurting out pointless comments.
  • Sir Eighty
    Solid Beat Niner Info
    Quality insight and reliable information. Listen to this if you’re looking for that. They struggle when they go off topic, they aren’t naturally funny or sometimes get liberal.
  • RALfromtheroad
    Dynamic duel
    Love this podcast. The Bay Area is known for great team host programming. Matt & Laura continue the legacy.
  • NCommand55
    Laura sounds like an absolute sweetheart but her over-caffeinated cheerleader approach usually involves talking over Matt 9 out of 10 times, yelling in excitement for no reason and running the topics into numerous directions. I tune in for insider 49er football but find myself yelling, “Let the man talk! Where’s Ian Williams or another football mind?” If you need a female podcaster, there’s a ton of experienced ones like @49ersCryssy and a whole host of others who know this team inside and out. Could be a 5-star podcast.
  • Moneil P
    49ers insiders
    One of the lead reporters for the 49ers covers the team in an excellent podcast. It is also a positive homeristic viewpoint on the team. Its rare to see Bay area sports writers critical of their teams; so if you are looking for additional 49ers cheerleading... this podcast is for you.
  • Migmetal
    So annoying...
    Laura is so annoying and obnoxious. She’s trying so hard to be funny and cool that it interferes with Matt’s insight and information.
  • Armchairlinebacker
    Fills its niche
    Matt Maiocco and Laura Britt form a good team and have good chemistry. They both clearly enjoy what they do and that helps make listeners feel good too, which is especially fitting for a “home team” podcast. Has some inside scoops that other pods don’t (again to be expected from this source) but would like them to double down on that with more interviews and insider info compared to things like draft opining which is better left to others. Laura Britt has a clear future in this business; Maiocco is too in love with his own opinion and analysis which is practically sophomoric in its simplicity.
  • KyDynomyte
    Who’s got it better?
    Top-notch reporter and host with top-notch guests. Good insight to the 49ers here.
  • riceman80ed
    Excellent 49ers podcast
    Matt has great knowledge of former 49ers players and history to the current players and history. Great listen week in week out!
  • xsquid99
    Awesome Podcast!
    Been a fan of Matt since his blog days at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. Always a voice of level-headed reason in this world where everyone seems to have unrealistic views and opinions. Love this show!
  • Tobinater2
    Coaching Staff
    This is a great podcast but I think if this season continues to go down the tubes then we need to hear a podcast that breaks down the coaching staff. I think it’s increasingly obvious that the coaching staff is not adequately preparing these guys for battle. We’re also getting nothing from their limited press conference answers. Whitner was a breathe of fresh air with his direct talk on the problems with the defense and defensive coaching. This has been a very depressing season thus far.
  • Rafeeke
    I want Tim Tebow!
  • Preacher 17
    Love it!!
    Matt and Laura are both clean and competent. Great content!
  • Papow34
    Fun to listen to!
    Matt and Laura are a great listen. Fun banter. Very good football understanding. Matt has a lot of history with the 49ers and Laura brings a ray of sunshine.
  • RaiderHater
    Easy to listen while doing errands.
    I can be doing multiple errands and have this podcasts going in the background. Solid content and nice back and forth between Matt, Laura and lately Ian. It’s to the point that the big o tires commercial is in my head like Kars for kids ad. Keep up the good work.
  • brews49
    Ian Williams
    Bring back Ian Williams as cohost with Matt please. Laura Britt does ok, but Ian Williams provides so much more interesting content. Laura just interrupts Matt and yells into the microphone. Just not as pleasant or interesting to listen to when Laura is on there. I could see it working having all three of them on there as well.
  • Docfurley
    Enjoying Ian Williams
    I’ve followed this podcast for a couple of years now and have enjoyed Maiocco’s insight and great interviews. The last couple of weeks with Ian Williams has brought a truly “insider” perspective and great analysis. I think many listeners would be excited to keep Ian in the mix for a long time.
  • Smew2
    Keep Ian as cohost.
    Please please please keep Ian Williams on this podcast. He provides much better content and insights. With Ian 5 star, without Ian 2 star.
  • Bloorya
    Good Show, Co-Host...
    Matt does an excellent job keeping the 49er fan in touch with the team. With his years of covering the team, his finger is on the pulse very well. Laura does not add much to the show, particularly now since access to them is much more restricted. It makes having a former player as a co-host even more important. Ian Williams has done well in that regard. Overall, the best podcast for staying in touch with the ‘Niners.
  • legendary fan 88
    Sorry Laura
    Please keep Ian with Matt. It’s just a football knowledge issue. Love hearing technical aspects from a former player. Keep Ian for this seasons episodes.
  • m4rky707
    Matt and Ian is a perfect combo
    Ian Williams > Laura Britt!!!!!
  • 49Bob4ev
    Stupendous and fantastic
    Stupendously stupid and fantastic failures LOL just kidding... I love this podcast.
  • Arya namavr
    Fan of Matt Maiocco since 2006
    I use to live in VA and it was very difficult to get Niner information and updates, I would go to 49erswebzone for updates and would read all the different articles, I loved Matt’s work with the press Democrat, in 2009 I got Twitter in 2009 to follow Matt and he has been my favorite Niner beat reporter ever since! He has great insight and opinions!
  • Bakersfield Faithful
    49ers Insider Podcast
    I really enjoyed listening to every podcast episode the 2019-20 football season. Outstanding insight on the podcasts during this entire postseason.
  • MaciasFaithful
    BIG THANK YOU Matt and Laura
    Thank you for the entire season coverage and insights of our 49ERS locker! My family and I enjoyed your pre-game and post-game analysis through out the season, including the awesome interviews with the players and coaching staff👏 👏👏 It was a great experience getting to know our players❤️ For ever a 49ER FAITHFUL👊
  • Dubbcee24
    Matt and Laura, Thanks for keeping me 49ers focused instead of actually working. We are going to the SUPERBOWL, and it feels great baby!! Loved all the great interviews all season!!
  • Ciacokidd225
    Cisco Noguera
    Matt I saw you here in New Orleans then I traveled to Seattle to see the game and saw you as well. I follow all your work since my Bay Area days thank you for being the best.
  • ScottC315
    Great Pod
    I absolutely love this pod and all the aspects about it !!!! Keep up the great content Matt👍🏾 P.S. I Love me some Laura Britt 😍😍 #GoNiners
  • Diehard Faithful
    New artwork
    Love the show Matt but this new artwork is BAAAAAAAAD. Please change to something else. Seriously, you’re not that vein you need some bad caricature of you on the cover? Yikes! Again, LuuuuuuuV the podcast and your sponsor but this HAS to go...
  • 49ERAY
    Nice NFL Fantasy Podcast Brodie!
    Very insightful and knowledgeable fantastic NFL Podcast! Great guests & my favorites are the $leeper picks! Don’t sleep on this podcast! -49ERay
  • Justin N Osos
    Best Guy on The Beat
    Matt Maiocco is one of the most thoughtful and even keeled beat reporters in the league. He’s covered the team since the early to mid 90s and has seen the team hat some of their highs and their lowest of their lows. His, apparent, good nature and professionalism lends him the respect of his peers and the people he works with within the franchise offers him the kind of working relationships that lead to solid reporting and his level headedness means he’s never going to report hyperbole as fact giving fans a realistic look at the San Francisco 49ers. Every fan base deserves a Matt Maiocco. Except Seattle, they don’t deserve nice things. They just don’t.
  • camattes
    Awesome Podcast for Niners fans
    Matt does an awesome job covering the Niners a must listen for die hard fans!!!
  • NoCoast MiddleWest
    The standard for 49ers news
    Thanks for all the hard work and keep up the great effort.
  • DennisGrayImages
    Even handed coverage of the Niners. I read and listen to Matt wherever I find him. Thanks
  • DoubleATRC
    The Insider
    A must listen for any true die hard gold blooded 49ers fan.
  • 9er for life
    Matt Maiocco
    Matt, Is the best in the Bay Area when it comes time to Covering the 49ers. So Happy he has this Podcast. 4man9,4life
  • mobcode662
    Literally ALL you need to know about the 49ers is covered by this living legend.
  • TJ Shadwell
    Great Insider Info, but...
    The podcast is great for “insider” information as it relates to interviews with players & others in the know; I get it. But as a fan, I really wish more time was spent - now that season has started - with more analysis & perspective of games; they currently just do quick, broad summaries of played games. Four stars for info, a fifth star when there is more game followup details.
  • King_jlind
    If you’re looking for insight this is not the podcast. It’s more of a team podcast than a fan podcast.
  • CA2DC99
    49ers Unofficial PR Guy
    I’m a huge 49ers fan and listen to virtually all of the available 49er podcasts. Unfortunately, this one is the least valuable or insightful podcasts out there. His tight relationship with the organization precludes him from asking even a moderately challenging question. He will interview the owner and not ask a single substantive question, instead lobbing softball after softball. The same is true of his player and coach interviews… Fluffy like Cotton candy - no substance. I am sure as a byproduct of his tight relationship with you organization, he learns all sorts of behind the scenes insight/dirt/& other valuable information, but we’d never know it. Instead he tows the 49er org line and presents a podcast that could’ve been written by the 49ers official PR man. Disappointing to say the least!
  • Bromontana5950
    Maiocco is the best in the business!
    I’m so thankful we have Maiocco covering the 49ers the way he does. Great insight, knowledgeable on the moves, and trustworthy media analyst!
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