Reality Life with Kate Casey


Twice a week Kate Casey interviews directors, producers, and reality stars from unscripted television.

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Recent Reviews
  • Munch07575
    Not trying to be rude but so boring compared to Pink Shade and 90 day Cray cray. Very bland
  • cmariegarcia
    Kate is amazing!
    This is by far my favorite podcast! Kate has great guests and always asks the right questions.
  • Nikkohusky
    Smartest Interviewer Out There
    Kate Casey gives the best, most concise interviews without the fluff and nonsense that most of the others have. She gets through the good stuff in half the time. The best!
  • HomoGarcon
    Enjoy the Segments but not the whole show
    I’d honestly rather you do longer interviews with each individual star and not do jumbled episodes with multiple guests unless they’re talking to each other. Like I’d tune in for any Big Brother or Real World cast member but I could care less about whoever is 90 days Fiance/whatever in the episode as well. Like just give each person their own episode! Or list the times where you start certain interviews. Cause I don’t want to listen to these other people who I’ve never seen before. Also you know—spoilers. I just don’t like you splitting episodes. I adore you and laugh and ask the same questions with you though for the peeps I do care about. I just don’t like finishing episodes sometimes and like I want you to get your ad revenue.
  • Mfskesha
    Love this podcast
    Kate Casey is an amazing interviewer! I look forward to her smart questions and honest conversations with reality tv personalities!
  • Lue '91
    She’s great but needs better guests and relevant topics
    I like a lot of her questions and takes when I’m interviewing though. A little improvement is needed for sure.
  • Cheryn
    This podcast is THE BEST! ! I listen to podcasts literally all day every day bc I’m a working artist and the conversations push me along! This one though... So fun, so current and interesting! Do yourself a favor and subscribe!
  • leslie710
    Worth it!
    Great well thought out with good meaningful content. Good mix of your realty shows and then more meaningful content as well and Kate is a great interviewer
    Reality Life is the best
    I look forward to this twice a week podcast every week. I love it! Kate gives great interviews and always has guests I want to hear from.
  • Briana_W
    Love Kate Casey!!
    Great show! Great content!! 💜
  • the dinosaur grape
    Love her
    Thanks for you recommendations on other pods and movies!
  • N$$M
    Exceptional Podcast
    Kate’s my fave! Her content and guests are always intriguing; and the dialogue she creates is both entertaining and engaging.
  • LilNick
    Kate & Taria👏🏻👏🏻
    Ladies, I loved the long Patreon and have now subscribed to ‘What else is going on’ (great pod name BTW!). Keep on doing great things!
  • Klsmith914
    Not great
    Interviews are short and very fragmented. Sounds like she’s reading her questions. I prefer a more conversational feel.
  • Cookie of 5
    Love her
    I love Kate Casey!!! She interviews the MOST interesting people and does it with such class without being stuffy. I’m still trying to do the math to figure out how she’s able to watch so many shows and take care of her crew (husband and kids). She always proves she’s watching it ALL. Laura
  • angela j #1 fan
    I enjoyed you on 90 day gays. You had so much personality & were fun so I subscribed. Sadly your podcast is dull & has lame guests. People from Real World 20+ years ago...the interviews sound really forced. I hate to say it but I’m unsubscribing 😢
  • tex boho
    Dry but good
    Her tone is very monotonous and dry, and I feel like 50% of her guests are too obscure, but the ones I know I do like.
  • kimmyabreak
    Simply the Best
    I’ve listened to a ton of podcasts during the Pandemic. While I enjoy much of what I have discovered, I always put Kate Casey in the first listening position. For me, she is simply the best.
  • ACY218
    Excellent podcast!
    I’ve never been a huge podcast listener until I stumbled across this one...I absolutely love Kate and her interview style. She gets a great selection of guests! I’m hooked!
  • Balthoney
    The Amazing Podcast
    I love Kate Casey’s interviews. She has an excellent mix of reality show stars and filmmakers.
  • Smimberly
    Really ... The View??
    Love love love your show Kate BUT the interview with the woman from the View was ridiculous.
  • TerryBM243
    Really enjoy usually but please don’t imitate
    The accents of black people— in the most recent Patreon you did an imitation of left eye and her husband. This seemed to be an instance of performative blackness and cultural appropriation.
  • ohana 92
    Hilarious and smart
    Kate consistently interviews the best guests. She also has such excellent tv recommendations that I talk about her like a friend to my family: “Let’s see what Kate says we should watch.” If I could give her podcast ten stars I would.
  • B vas
    Kate is a class act.
    Wonderful, thought provoking and fun!
  • bravodogmom
    Best podcaster in the world
    Really. I can listen to her talk about anything.
  • Midnightravers
    Love your insights
    Love the show with Jenny! It was amazing to hear you two back together!!
  • Class o' 85
    Listen to Kate before you watch TV
    Kate gives the best TV recommendations. I love the same genres she watches: documentaries, true crime, reality TV). She’s also a great interviewer because she actually listens to her guests and doesn’t just read off a list of questions. I feel like Kate is a good friend who “gets” me and my quirky TV show/movie preferences.
  • OhanaCiao
    Fantastic Interviewer
    I just love her interview style! She really cares about who she’s interviewing & what they are saying! I love her TV recommendations! I look forward to the podcast!
  • AmandaHuginKiss
    Love this show!
    Kate has the best guests and she is a fun interviewer. I look forward to her shows each week!
  • georgejones1270
    Powerhouse Female!!!!
    Kate is Unbelievable! She is hilarious, fun, makes her guests so happy and she is such a superpower lady!!!! I cant wait for more podcast episodes! I cant believe it took this long to discover this incredible podcast!!!!!!
  • Sandy_DH
    It’s official, I can’t live without Kate Casey’s podcast
    Reality Life with Kate Casey literally saved me this past year. Her storytelling and stellar interview skills alone are hands down top notch. On top of that, Kate’s weekly suggestions on what to watch this week are something I now cannot live without. Her passion for a plethora of topics are what keep me coming back weekly. I love what I’ve learned through so many of her documentary recommendations.
  • Who did you do you who do
    She’s boring AF
    Such a boring interviewer, she hypes up her episodes. Promotes the good parts then edits them out. And deletes reviews!
  • KatieBlair- FL
    Amazing Interviewer
    Kate 👏🏼Does👏🏼Her👏🏼Research👏🏼 and asks great questions. I get fatigued with tv and podcast hosts asking the same questions to people all the time and Kate is not that. New information or perspectives always come out of this podcast. Thanks Kate!
  • mcgill522
    Fantastic Podcast!!!
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast! Kate is so down to earth and always has the best guests! I’m obsessed with reality tv, documentaries, true crime, you name it, so her podcast is my absolute favorite! I feel like we are sitting on her couch, drinking a glass of wine and just chatting. Love it!! ❤️❤️
  • elee1020
    One of the best
    I can't believe I haven't written a review yet! Kate has one of the best podcasts out there. She has great guests and her interviews are insightful. She doesn't shy away from asking the good, probing questions. She has a dry sense of humor that I appreciate yet has such a soft heart. I love all her TV recommendations. She has great book recs too!
  • SkyMac22
    Kate Casey
    If you are a fan of documentaries, reality TV and a sports fan this podcast is for you. Kate breaks down each show what makes it good.She definitely does her research great contacts and interviews. I only listen to about five different podcast and she is on my list and highly recommended.
  • mankiewi
    Holy mutant Batman
    I have no words for ,,,,,, Dickinson Emily Dickinson Sorry Kate & Friends-/- I didn’t know where else to go to type these words - about a show - that I have no words for Do forgive me
  • Emijoker toker
    Good show!
    Good show but, no offense, i have to fast forward the voice that says “the amazing... Kate Casey “ (because it annoys me immensely) and most content since I only listen to the parts of episodes that pertain to shows I watch. She clearly puts lot of care, time, and effort into her show and I admire and appreciate that.
  • emcat206
    HBO max
    How much are they paying you to plug them at the top of every single episode? You don’t actually watch half of those.
  • aam1191
    Five Stars
    That’s it. I need to get HBO Max. I want to listen to the doc about personality testing. Great show Kate
  • CalCuk209
    HORRIBLE Human Being, Arrogant & Boring
    Kate is the most insecure Podcast host I have ever heard. She will be cancelled. It’s just a matter of time. What has happened so dark in her past to make her this insecure? She boasts the entire time about her life. Meanwhile she is boring AF, isn’t famous, no one knows who she is, and she tools down upon her guests and us listeners. There are so many better Bravo / Pop Culture interview Podcasts out there. Her recent chats are getting worse than ever. UNsubscribed!!
  • PrincessCatherine
    Kate Casey covers it all!
    Listened to several episodes on a road trip. Never boring! I am a Real Housewives and Southern Charm lover. She covered it all and more! I love her takes and interviews covering those shows especially when her friend Algene ❤️She also gives tips on good shows to watch which I love! Thanks for being real and genuine Kate!
  • KerryK18
    Better late than never... I heard Kate Casey on Watch What Crappens and thought I’d give her podcast a try and I’ve binged it since. Even though I’m a Bravo fan, my favorite episodes are the true crime ones. Not only does Kate Casey bring stories to the light that I would never be aware of, and new ideas of shows to watch but I LOVE when she has mediums on to give their feedback on what happened and where the victims are today and what messages they have. So fascinating and I can’t get enough! I’ve only listened to this podcast since discovering because it’s just so interesting.
  • 2beckinit
    Constant Interruptions
    I just recently listened to the Amy Duggar episode and the host asks a question then doesn’t allow Amy to answer the question. She kept interrupting her. That was very annoying. Plus she asked questions about her extended family and not her as a person. If you want to interview about the Duggar’s than interview them not her.
  • Jj jelled
    Just found this podcast today. I have enjoyed the guests and interviews-the interviewer seems very “nasally”- maybe she’s sick? Hopefully this is not typical.
  • Runner7528974
    The Amazing Kate Casey
    The name of this podcast tells the whole story. Kate is incredibly talented and engages her interviewers in way that I have never heard before. Keep doing you, Kate you are an inspiration!
  • iamjennyj
    One of the best out there!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Kate has great insights and is one of the best interviewers in the reality podcast world. Highly recommend!
  • Lucca3758
    Great content
    .....Casey manages to put together unique combinations of smart and knowledgeable people along with fascinating topics. Not only the latest in reality shows but reviews of documentaries and timely shows on various platforms. Recently I became a Patreon member and the extra content is worth every penny
  • Tinafromtx
    Intelligent, Professional, Entertaining
    I love Kate Casey! I was originally introduced to her podcast when she interviewed Kate Chastain of Below Deck. I was pleasantly surprised by her professionalism during her episode and every episode afterward. She [Kate Casey] asks entertaining questions that beg for in-depth answers from her guests. She has a keen eye for interesting shows, movies, and documentaries. Plus, she offers the relatable perspective of motherhood. I highly recommend this podcast for Bravo fans and reality tv fans alike.
  • skaramuish
    The best!
    Kate asks great questions and the podcasts are entertaining and informative. Must listen for reality Tv fans!
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