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Whether you're playing seasonal fantasy football, DFS, dynasty fantasy football, or betting on the NFL, the SportsGrid Fantasy Football show has you covered. Davis Mattek breaks down the latest fantasy football news and is joined by the biggest and best names in the fantasy football industry.

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  • dylnard
    Imagine not being subscribed to a podcast hosted by Davis. I find his self indulgence to be hilarious. Probably my favorite thing about the podcast. 10/10 . Short King Summer Dude 👑.
  • ckohten
    Gil sat
    I love the gilcast. 85% of the reason I listen is to hear Sammy’s words of wisdom but the other guys are cool too.
  • @Pat_Thorman
    Relevant info and great guests
    Davis does an excellent job of drilling down on what we tuned in for, often with the help of super interesting guests.
  • jdidjtnelspwlmanbs
    Best there is
    My favorite waiver wire pod every year. Covers a great range of leagues and Davis gives great advice.
  • Hansmasheen
    Great pod!
    I love this podcast! Very wide range of topics and unique guests!
  • Kingcjkfrfbn
    Great Show
    Always great guests and discussions. Even when I disagree with a point of view presented I at least get to understand the thought process behind it and I believe that makes me a better player all around
  • Bartleby the Cat
    Analysis vs Voice
    The analysis in this show is good. The guests are very good. However, I find it really difficult to listen to this podcast because Davis’ combination of vocal fry and uptick (like every sentence is a question?) reminds me of 80’s valley girl. I cannot stand his voice. I’ll give Davis and this show credit in that he doesn’t waste time with stupid banter.
  • Royal Payne 77
    Hribar/Davis phenomenal
    Rich Hribar is without a doubt the absolute sharpest mind in DFS. Love listening to him and Davis every week. Davis is one of the better personalities in the industry and both deliver actionable and entertaining content each week.
  • JakeFromChat
    Plays Mike Davis in cash and tells us to reevaluate 🤡
    Did not come to listen to someone who played mike Davis in cash 3 weeks in a row, tell me I need to reevaluate 😂
  • dubyyellow
    Herbert vs Mayfield 09-23-2021
    Herbert was said by Davis Mattek to be in the same tier as Baker Mayfield today on this podcast and today is 09-23-2021. I want you to remember this when the season is over and Justin Herbert is the QB4 in Fantasy and Baker Mayfield is the QB21. Herberts arm has looked great and Evan Silva moved him up over Russell Wilson to the QB6 based on the quality of his play as he’s been dealing to Keenan Allen and Mike Williams while Baker Mayfield has been extremely disappointing thus far and seems like a middling QB2 only relevant In 2QB leagues.
  • Jake Fallahi
    Please stop interrupting your guests
    The show is great, there is always actionable info, and every single guest is awesome. But Davis, man, you have got to quit interrupting other people while they’re talking. If they’re making a point, just because you know what they’re going to say DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED TO FINISH THEIR SENTENCE FOR THEM. If they’re in the middle of a sentence, and you have a thought, you do NOT need to give it at that moment. Wait until they’re done talking and say you agree and why. It’s infuriating as a listener, especially when you want to hear what the guest has to say.
  • GeeCheck
    Incredible content
    Glad I subscribed
  • mpankey88
    Fun season
  • nate8cave
    Great show. Davis volume high, Sammy volume medium, Nate volume low. Sometimes nate says something and can’t even be heard. nate get some better equipment or something. thanks
  • Joshua1738
    Gillcast is elite
    I listen to every episode recorded on Sunday night. Davis, Sammy and Nate are three sharp DFS players who agonize over every lineup decision they made prior to kickoff. The episodes can get hilarious when one or two guys are punished for an out-of-the-box play but I know if I have a similar process to them that week, I should be proud of it regardless of the outcome. Keep it up. The Gillcast is one of the best segments in daily fantasy sports.
  • Jbolger23
    Gillcast is the best
    Love the review of the week for same hot taeks but mainly for the entertainment. Lose with friends and win money and gloat. The best.
  • Ksnoe91
    Great stuff
    Love the Gillcast! The only thing I ask for, Nate’s mic is so low and Davis is so loud. I’m constantly turning up or down the volume depending on who’s talking. Can we look into this? Keep up the great work guys!
  • Scott7C
    Happy birthday Davis
    5 stars.
  • tsad23
    The most fun and funniest fantasy football pod out there...a true gem
  • Deeznutsbag
  • Captain Carson NY
    Optionality At It’s Best
    Great content and conversation!
  • sir Randell duke
    You guys really to adjust Sound of the two talking One is low and the other really high
  • @DeviantDynasty
    I look forward to the Gilcast every week
    Legit dfs analysis and strategy mixed with hilarious ragging on the friendly co-hosts, Gilcast is one of my favorite weekly listens
  • Lynchinators
    Ricky Sanders is must listen for dfs
    His analysis of dfs football has helped me win a lot of money
  • Seth29145689$6
  • Nico1550
    Great work
    Great work
  • Garbbaggeeee
    Good stuff
    Dink is the 🐐 and Mattek is at least entertaining.
  • 45mikecheck12three
    Great content
    Really enjoyable. Mattek is the best. Love the roasting and focus on the process.
  • FF_Engineer
    Great listen for game by game breakdowns and strategies.
    One of my top listens, can apply the dfs matchup discussions to my seasonal and dynasty’s teams.
  • lexgo480
    DR 🐐
    Best dfs podcast hands down
  • Csmitty1221
    New Format - Same Great DR Content!
    DR team always does a great job with their product. Glad to see them expanding out. Worth the listen!
  • Davis Mattek
    Loving the show
    So good!
  • fak_01
    Great podcast
    These are my boys
  • Drewby417
    Good show, good guests
    Enjoy the offseason chatter and guest list
  • KevinJM92
    Good Host
    I listen to a lot of Fantasy Football Podcasts but I when I listen to this one I hear one thing that is excruciating, and really turns off my mood for listening to this podcast. The Host Dane is GREAT! He’s always so pumped and is great with hosting and keeping the podcast organized. However, the guests he has on these shows (i.e. Scott and Jake), are sooooo rude and condescending. They sound annoyed by Dane’s questions the entire time that they are on the podcast. This podcast would be a lot better with different guests or co-hosts. There’s no fun on this podcast. You can be as accurate, smart, or knowledgeable on fantasy football...but if you aren’t able to have fun or sound like you are at least trying to entertain good conversations and hot takes then why even come on to the show? There are even awkward moments during the show where Dane sounds pinned into a corner or there’s no conversation, more of a affirmative answer and no debate. I don't know but it’s bad to the point that I can notice it. Would be a higher rating but these guests really need to change or at least play along with the conversations.
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