Chemistry in its element

Science #138Chemistry #1

A weekly tour of the periodic table, from Chemistry World, the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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  • Dr. Sciolist PhDs
    Really enjoyable learning!
  • high b1
    Enjoy historical tales and information from knowledgeable people. Chemistry is life!
  • fullmooon4
    Brief and Delightful!
    It’s always wonderful to listen to people discuss things they’re passionate about! I love learning about pieces of chemistry outside my field. This podcast always gives me a smile!
  • WEEDriveThru - Shane Smith
    Great show I love every episode they really go well beyond there are so few chemistry podcasts I wish there were more but the show is amazing
  • Beedlebeedle
    Great little bits of chemistry knowledge and history
  • stevez0207
    Just right
    Well done and informative without going too far into the weeds. I’m really enjoying this podcast. Great work!
  • Paul Beliveau
    Smart and Clever
    Smart and amusing with a flair for decorating their information. I always come away a little smarter.
  • ConcernedChemist
    Great podcast - one complaint
    Really love this podcast, but for the love of god get a new theme song. It's horrible. Otherwise keep up the good work!
  • dub and downbeat
    Really enjoying the chemistry refresher
    I'm really enjoying the chemistry refresher. Thanks for putting this out!
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