Insecuritea: The Insecure Aftershow

TV & Film #28

Ready for the run down? Fran (HeyFranHey, TheFriendZone) and Crissle (The Read) are primed to take you through the latest episode of HBO's Insecure with a dynamic dissection, known as Insecuritea. Tune in as they sip, share and spill on all things Insecure.

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  • Sheratic
    I enjoy the banter.
    I love Fran’s energy. I also love Crissle’s laugh, so it’s a win/win.
  • LupeMJ
    Thank god for Crissle
    I would have turned it off after minute 1 had Crissle not been on it. The conversation is stiff and awkward most of the time. I think I only enjoyed it because I love insecure but did not enjoy the superficial way in which they discussed every detail of every episode without more depth.
  • Kudos 90
    Love this Podcast
    I love this podcast. I have listened to it over and over again between and during seasons. It’s just like sitting back and kicking it with two of my girlfriends. It’s a great companion podcast. I do wish we had some more special guests, but I love Crissle and Fran so I’m JUST fine!!!
  • Narjis189
    Does Fran watch the show?
    Is Fran gonna “I didn’t catch that” the whole season?
  • DeeEss10
    Literal recaps
    This podcast would be more interesting if it was more like the wine down episodes following each show (i.e. dig deeper into the characters’ behavior and experiences). But this podcast is a bit boring because it is a literal recap of the episodes. The hosts just talk about what they liked or didn’t like, and there isn’t much depth or substance to their POV’s.
  • TheOriginalJenny2299
    My favorite Insecure podcast
    I check for this podcast every Monday and I’m always excited to get the newest episode. You ladies are hilarious and insightful and I enjoy your banter. Keep up the great work!
  • Opinionated216
    Dive deep
    Please go back to diving deep into the show. This seems like a playback but not in a good way. I don’t get to watch the show until after shift but I can listen to the pod immediately at work. Before i don’t feel like it was so superficial. It feels more like a requirement for work than a project that’s enjoyed.
  • Dondolyn
    I really want to love it
    I love the concept of this podcast. I also love both Crissle and Fran down, and I’m all for a recap of the show, but the play by play of the lines and dialog from the show is a little off putting. They already have clips from the actual show within the podcast so it just seems like overkill to go moment to moment and scene to scene. I wish they would go a little more in depth with discussing the actual overarching themes of the episodes the way that they do on their own individual podcasts. Crissle also tends to dominate most of the conversation each week and I find myself wanting to hear more of what Fran has to say. I really do want to love this podcast because both of these ladies are amazing, but I sometimes find myself skipping episodes or not finishing them.
  • Rahzcoe
    Cute recap but lacks depth
    Not really looking for a play by play. Would love for the hosts to actually dive deeper into the episodes.
  • Gabbi_D
    Needs an LA host also
    I LOVE CRISSLE AND FRAN. They do great work with this show, but Insecure is partially Issa’s love letter to LA. Literally, the block party is to show-off the talent in Inglewood. I love the work Fran and Crissle do with this pod, but it would be great to have someone from LA also hosting to speak to the amazing places that Insecure is filmed.
  • vickyhyuan
    All pleasure, no guilt!
    Insecure has been my favorite show since it came out. So happy to have found this podcast! Sometimes I enjoy listening to you better than watching the show, because you tease out a lot of the fleeting scenes. Thank you! I have been behind on all my other podcast since I started listening to you.
  • cristylovejones
    My Sunday Nightcap
    Crissle and Fran have great chemistry and do a great job recapping the show. It would be so nice if they could take a deeper dive, but that’s not the premise. Still loads of fun with two very relatable hosts.
  • IheartAP
    Good Recap Podcast
    This is a good podcast to listen to for a recap of Insecure. However, I feel like their discussions are rushed and they never spend much time on any one topic. Each scene of Insecure offers so much good content but they only scratch the surface with their discussions. I’m guessing they are expected to keep the show under an hour.
  • JRM4Real
    My life saver
    Hand to God and all His angels, I get 6 months added to my life every time I listen to a new episode with Fran and Chrissle. My all time favorite recap podcast!
  • Westside1
    Love these two
    They provide amazing recaps of each episode they have amazing chemistry and are hysterical.
  • SVia.h
    I love both personalities on their other podcasts, but this is just a play by play of the episode. First Issa went here. Then Molly did this. “That’s so Fran!” I wish they’d go more into depth about the character dynamics and themes of the show. This is a cute podcast if you missed the show and want a friendly personality to tell you about it... although it’s longer than the episode.
  • KdawgWatchesTV
    Great show commentary
    If you’re like me and no one in your family or circle watched the show - these two provide some commentary with each episode.
  • MLAbraham
    Love this podcast-coma-pause-however
    I really miss the in-depth dive. Just started listening from the beginning of the series again; and I forgot how good they were at analyzing and riffing about the show. This season seems stiff and basic. Still LOVE Fran and Crissle so I’ll keep listening, I just wish they would go back to the old tone. Just two friends going in about a show they both love.
  • eesha414
    Hangout after the show
    I feel like this podcast is an opportunity for me to hang out with my girls after the show. Some people have said on here that it’s basically a recap which is partly true but I still love it!
  • todayisperfect22
    Needs more depth
    Love the personalities of the show but this podcast takes away from the depth of Insecure. It’s mostly just a recap of what happened and everyone tuning in has obviously already seen the show, or doesn’t want spoilers. I’d rather listen to an overview of the themes of the show and dig deeper into all of the complexities of how Insecure relates to our own lives. Giving 3 stars because I think the hosts should rethink their approach of how to give the series a proper review.
  • C1980M
    Details Matter
    I like listening to the podcast and I would like to hear the host discuss more about the themes on the show rather that just a recap. I enjoy the dynamic between Crissle and Fran but Crissle seems to pay more attention to the show and it’s details than her counterpart.
  • here for the wine
    Awkward but cute
    I adore these girls! I listen to both their podcast. I wish Fran would have caught up on what happened last season prior to recording the episode, at least watched the recap. It was super cringe listening to her sound confused and not remember anything Crissle mentioned from last season. Details were off. I love their energy but agree with other listeners and would like to hear more than just a recap of the episode.
  • JaneTiffany
    Love it
    So glad they are back with the new season.
  • Breezy6289
    THEY’RE BACK!!!!
    Love this podcast!! So glad the wait is over Crissle and Fran give an excellent & hilarious review of each episode. ❤️
  • fashionrocks16
    The Aftershow I needed with my favs
    Insecure already holds a special place in my heart, but my two favorite podcast leads coming together to speak on all the things about this show is the icing on the cake!
  • staycerz
    It’s back!!!!!!
    The perfect podcast for the show I need!!!!
  • Sebby's Mommie
    I am so sad that we have to wait for the show and the podcast! They are gonna do us right though. The wait shall not be in vain.
  • knittedlife
    Not what I was expecting
    I thought this would podcast would be more of an intellectual break down of the show. It’s literally just a scene by scene recap. I have more stimulating conversations about this show with my friends.
  • KeanyaCarr
    I can’t wait
    What are we going to do until 2020
  • blksugabae
    I love what you’re doing ❤️👏🏽
  • Crystlight
    5 Stars
    The Best
  • Swimlover4life
    Love this!
    Amazing podcast
  • Andy_Selester
    Great Podcast
    These ladies do a great job.
  • EastAfricanCurl
    Play by Play of the episodes?
    My only critique is that you shouldn’t give a play by play of the show. I think we are all more interested in hearing your take on key themes of each episode rather than literally word for word exactly what happened in the episode. Trust me we all saw the episode. We’re listening to this podcast to hear your take on it!
  • TTchari
    So Relatable!
    I just love y’all!
  • twright09
    4 out of 5 stars because the way that the clips from the show are played is kinda difficult to listen too. It’d be better if y’all finish your thoughts then play the clip from the show instead of fading out and having the clip fade in... That’s my only gripe. Y’all crack me up! Please keep up the awesome work :)
  • ShaJ68
    Crissle and Fran are movements by themselves but they are definitely a FORCE together!! I love the opinions/insights you give on each episode (I find myself laughing and talking to you as I listen as if I’m there and a part of the convo (which makes people look at me like I’m CRAZY because I’m usually listening while I ride the train). I love your energy too!! Great job ladies!!
  • leondanits
    Crissle & Fran are GOALS
    Crissle's laugh is EVERYTHING. And that sound Fran makes - takes me out every single time. I love who they've chosen to host this podcast. I often find myself responding, putting in my two cents EVERY EPISODE. They're so laid back, relatable, and funny! I look forward to listening to this podcast each week. And they dont miss a thing! Great job! Keep serving us this tea!
  • ascastle
    I look forward like
    I love this podcast as much as I love the show. Crissel and Fran are hilarious!
  • Pentecostal Pope
    I love these two ladies
    The dynamics between these two ladies makes recapping this show even more awesome. Fran is getting your emotional chakra aligned Crissle is keeping your head in the game. I would rather see this at the end of Insecure episode than the format they have now. These ladies love Issa and her creativity and it shows without feeling like fans but hits you with studious observations and impactful behind the scene information. This show is awesome!!!
  • Sanderson107
    Hey Friends 👋🏾 hey
    WHAT! Whew ahhhh....😜🤪😏🤩🤭🤔😍 these emojis are my exact sentiments about the podcast. I absolutely love the dynamic between Fran & Crissle. You gals literally embody everything that I feel. I live for the details that you both point out it shows each of you all’s personalities. I feel like I’m sitting in the room with the both of y’all with my wine, and snacks talking about the show. The podcast is thought provoking, relatable, raw, fun and so refreshing. Thanks for keeping the conversations going. Anytime y’all want to invite me over I’ll bring the wine lol 😂. Just know I appreciate you both!☝🏾 for the culture! #blackwomanmagic
  • CareyTheWriter
    Thanks to Twitter
    Thanks to Twitter I discovered this podcast last season. I binge listened to the previous episodes, quickly falling in love with this show. I normally don’t watch the current “in” shows. However, when Felicia Leatherwood shared that she was doing Issa Rae’s hair for the show I decided to watch. A couple of my friends watch the show but I didn’t have a real outlet to discuss each episode like I wanted. Then enters Insecuritea!!! I subscribe to Hey Fran Hey’s YouTube channel and have always liked her vibe. The genuine friendship between Fran and Crissle makes me feel like I’m sitting with friends dishing on this show. You two are the early highlight to my week as I listen to your hilarious commentary on the show. I really didn’t get why Daniel was a wrong fit for Issa. However after listening to you two I let it go. Thank you for your insight. Excellent job ladies! I love this show and I share it with my fellow listeners. Please don’t change the format for your show, it’s perfect!! PERFECT I SAY!!!
  • Rome405
    You guys are awesome recapping this show and I die laughing every week listening!!!😂
  • UFRoGyrl
    Great podcast!!
    Never got into podcasts, so I just started listening to this duo. I must say they got me through 11 hours of driving yesterday! Very good flow between the two of them, they kept my attention and kept me entertained. I went back and listened to all 3 seasons. If you’re a first-timer to podcasts, I recommend starting with this one, especially if you’re an Insecure fan. Can’t wait to hear episode 4!!
  • Keishakia
    I love y’all.
    Y’all are hilarious and i cry with laughter while listening. At work. I laugh loudly. Shrug. I just wanted to say. The proper quote is “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” because is considered rude to inspect the teeth of a horse that was gifted to you. (S/O to Google) But i like and love Kelli’s version better and have been using every since I need more of Kelli in every episode.
  • lissiebaby
    My 2 favs!!
    Where would my life be without Fran and Crissle after the recap of Insecure?! Love you gals. I
  • girlTATI
    I love you guys 😭 I was laughing the entire time and felt like I was having Kitchen table talk with my girlfriends who are older and wiser yet still hip to my young BS! Great work ladies #iStan
  • Listening every Sunday
    5 stars!
    I love when they review and recap Insecure!! They are so funny!
  • Jaybirdhenrywood
    More analysis, less recap 🤞🏾
    Crissle and Fran have wonderful chemistry, which makes this show an easy and fun listen. However, the format is mainly a chronological summary of the episodes, this is unfortunate. Both “Insecure” and this podcast would benefit from the thoughtful and piercing analyses that Crissle brings in her commentary; and the spiritual orientation of Fran. This podcast has deeper potential, and it’d be great to see it love in that direction.
  • TrinaNinaMarie
    Love it!
    I love the reviews. And especially love Crissle and Fran. My only criticism is I do wish someone from L.A was on the podcast as well. So much of Insecure is about L.A. I literally yell out when I see some of the L.A landmarks or references. “They go to a burger place.” That’s not just a burger place that’s Brolly Hut!
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