What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood


Hosted by funny moms Margaret Ables and Amy Wilson, “What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood” is a comedy podcast about the never-ending "fresh hells" of parenting.We’re both moms of three, dealing with the same hassles as any parent, but with slightly differing styles. Margaret is laid-back to the max; Amy never met an expert or a list she didn't like.In each episode, we discuss a parenting issue from multiple perspectives and the accompanying expert advice that may or may not back us up. We talk about it, laugh about it, call out each other’s nonsense, and then we come up with concrete solutions. Join us as we laugh in the face of motherhood!Winner of the 2018 Mom 2.0 Iris Award for Best Podcast and the 2017 Podcast Awards People’s Choice for Best Family and Parenting Podcast, and finalist for the 2019 Romper's Parent's Choice Award.whatfreshhellpodcast.com

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  • MeganWilhelm
    Self care in the form of a podcast
    Hilarious, heartwarming, informative, and relatable. Thank you Margaret and Ann for creating this space!
  • Jra4776
    Great Podcast!!
    I just found you yesterday and I’m completely hooked. Ur show helps me in so many ways. Mostly to know I’m not alone & it’s not just me that’s having a hard time with this rollercoaster ride called motherhood. Thank You!!
    I recently started listening and your podcast is so great! Talk about relatability and feeling like other people understand how marriage, parenting and life in general is just not a fairy tale, but we can get through it together! Thank you for sharing all you do and not being a judgy judgerson!
  • kateskone
    The best parenting podcast!
    Amy and Margaret are delightful, and their podcast is always informative. I have twin toddlers, and I really appreciate Amy and Margaret’s “it gets better” message to parents of kids under 5. They are so encouraging. If you’re a parent, you should listen!!
  • decOatmen
    Great podcast!
    I’d skip the most recent episode on etiquette but other than that one, I enjoy this podcast. (The anecdote one host told about her kids sitting still and quiet at a long funeral simply because she told them to was hard to listen to as a parent of a nuerodivergent kid. I appreciate the other host keeping it real.)
  • rev469
    My favorite parenting podcast!
    Smart and funny, and the content I'm most likely to tell all my parent friends about all the time.
  • mkb123456
    My favorite podcast!!
    They are so funny but also give such great tips and advice! I’ve only listening for a year and there is tons of older great content to catch up on. I tell all my mom friends to listen!
  • SheenaFrederick
    Just perfect amount of advice and entertainment
    I’ve been listening Amy and Margaret for years now. I get so much from every episode During the pandemic they’ve been one of my sources of happiness. :) thank you ladies.
  • cminer03
    Love them
    A fun, educational parenting podcast!
  • njperdiew
    A Highlight of My Week
    I always look forward to listening to these two every week. They give realistic advice while giving me a laugh. I highly recommend listening to this podcast if you are a parent!
  • Meggers McScreggers
    Absolute gold of a podcast.
    I look forward to these episodes weekly! I cannot get enough. I just laugh out loud at Meg because she brings so much raw “realness” and I love Amy’s tips and practical nature as well as all her research. Thanks for being a light in these dark times. Laughter is truly the best medicine. It’s nice to know we aren’t momming all alone.
  • Ryno 333
    I love this podcast so much! I’ve been binge listening to old episodes for weeks - and I never get tired of it! I have an Amy personality- and so I love her research and advice. And Meg makes me laugh so so hard! They’re both just awesomely funny and have great chemistry. And the topics are spot on and super relevant to my life as a mom of four (ages 6-12). I hope this podcast never ends. Favorite podcast of all time!!! 👍👍
  • B-hobop
    Mommy’s escape
    Oh my goodness, this podcast is my favorite weekly escape ❤️. These ladies are hilarious, honest, humble, down to earth, and so positive and inclusive. If you belong to the mom club this is for you!
  • indiefeed review
    Love these sane, funny women!
    Really grounded and I love listening to these women!
  • Ms. Eva
    Refreshing and funny podcast about motherhood
    I have found this podcast to be so wise, honest and hilarious and listening to these wise, funny women has made me a better mother! I wish I knew more mothers like them in real life. I like how they are different from each other and I could see myself being friends with both! I also like that I can listen to this with my kids around although it’s really meant for moms and not kids. My 9 year old son has laughed hard at a lot of their episodes!
  • Ohiogirlie74
    My kind of mommas!
    So, even though Amy and Margaret are fairly different from one another, I can weirdly completely relate to both of them! Their banter is amazing, and Amy’s diligent research paired with Margaret’s “this is probably fine” sense of adventure is a hilarious win all around. I especially love that I can 100% relate to all the Oldilocks references and I just feel so seen!
  • *Carol A.*
    Good For a Laugh (Or Ten)!
    Very funny and relatable podcast.
  • mollyb18
    Oh my goodness, I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is one of my favorites. I LOVE Amy and Margaret’s humor and practical advice for parenting, while keeping appropriate perspective. I have learned so much and it has truly changed how I parent, plus I literally laugh out loud every episode. I got my mom and twin sister hooked and we often share “what fresh hell-isms”. Such a good show!
  • zotrie
    Best podcast ever!
    Margaret and Amy are my best friends, even if they don’t realize it. I think we live in the same home, possibly inside the same brain. The first episode I ever listened to was the one about those mythical mom tribes, and it was SO nice to hear them normalizing the struggle to get “in” with a mom group. I love these guys!
  • hdgolden
    Hilarious podcast with great information too
    Finally a rational podcast about parenting that doesn’t take everything so seriously! I look forward to it every week and often laugh out loud while I’m listening.
  • pgsavage
    Love this community!
    This podcast and the corresponding Facebook community are so lovely!
  • TiredinMaine
    A reprieve from the slog
    Thank you ladies for your hard work on this show. I look forward to it every week!
  • fem80
    helpful and entertaining
    late to the podcast (starting 3 yrs in) - but almost caught up :) this duo and the show format are awesome... humor, experience, interviews, and advice related to parenting - WFH hits the sweetspot for parenting podcast for me, having tried three other ones so far... and it's the only show where i like listenting to some of the commercials...
  • njfnr
    Not a Parent
    It may seem strange for someone who isn’t a parent to listen to this podcast, but I do it any! I am a Kindergarten teacher, and listening to these wonderful lady’s has given me so much perspective. I feel like I have more appreciation for how busy a Mom can be, and how things can look from their perspective. I love this podcast!
  • MsFrizzle2.0
    Saving my life right now
    Stumbled onto this one one month into isolation. So good!! So real!!
  • jnewchurch
    Best Momcast ever
    I found this podcast while I was pregnant in 2019 and have been binging as much as I can ever since. These 2 are relatable, funny, don’t take themselves too seriously and give great practical tips. I listen daily!
  • s ren
    Y’all are the best!
    I’ve tried many parenting podcasts and yours is hands down the best. You have a great banter and balance. I appreciate the variety of topics and the tempo of each show is consistent. I look forward to you two sharing “research and screes” each week!😁
  • Nicole.Chubbuck1
    Favorite Thing
    You feel like you’re with friends while listening to this podcast!! It’s definitely my favorite thing to listen to!! Thanks Margaret and Amy! I’d be lost without you guys!
  • Meghannleggin
    Makes My Wednesday
    I just happened upon WFH about a month ago while searching for “mom podcasts”. I absolutely love the podcast and have been telling all my friends about it. I’m currently mid binge in all the episodes andI find listening to it therapeutic-I laugh a lot while I listen to it. AND I usually take a little pearl or two away with me to reflect on. Thanks Margaret and Amy. Keep up the good work ❤️
  • MaryAnne31
    Love it!
    I look forward to listening every week and recommend it to all my friends. So great to have a parenting podcast that is equally entertaining as it is informative. Margaret and Amy approach both the tough and mundane aspects of parenting in a non-judgmental way.
  • Schteaph
    I feel SEEN
    I often turn these ladies on when I’m attempting to get through those tough parenting moments and it ALWAYS helps, so much more so than taking to the internet and feeling shamed by google search responses. I tend to feel like I’m in a bubble when my kids are “not giving me a hard time, but having a hard time” and Amy and Margaret let me know that yes, my kids may be horrible monsters, but everyone else’s kids are horrible monsters too, and there are even ways to deal with that. There’s no better way to get through tough times than with a little humor, which they bring to the table along with a boatload of practical advice and ahas. Give it a listen if you feel like you need some smart, down to earth advice for whatever the hell is going on with your kids.
  • mom of dinos
    Can’t wait to listen to more!
    Just listened for the first time and I loved it!!! So many relatable topics and I felt more at peace hearing people talk about the things I was feeling!! It’s lighthearted and refreshing to know we’re not alone in the crazy life of motherhood!!
  • SippinandDishin
    I really awesome podcast for Parents
    As a mom it was really refreshing to hear more moms discuss all the hot topics of motherhood but in a comedic way! The host are really different but that is what makes it great!
  • kpasby
    One of the greatest mom podcasts out there. You will get something out of EVERY episode!!! I can’t wait for the next episode!
  • Pharmtastic
    Best parenting podcast!
    So funny and helpful! It seems like you’re listening to friends. Love these ladies! Keep up the fabulous work!
  • arobhigs
    Love this!
    Always makes me laugh and I typically feel like I come away with some tactical parenting strategies. Thanks and thanks!
  • whilingstages
    LOVE the content, lose the word “like”
    I love this show!! It’s relatable and I learn so much every time. It’s one of my favorite shows. But. Margaret, please stop saying “like” as a verbal tic! It’s extremely distracting and sometimes I want to finish an episode but seriously can’t because I feel like a pre-teen is verbally delivering a woman’s wisdom. It’s so hard to listen to! Five stars for content, ideas, conversation. One star for not articulating like a grown-up.
  • Shellena E
    Love it!!
    I love the topics and all the conversations! Seriously makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with my girlfriends!! Please keep them coming!! I’m a hot mess mom with three that are five and under so I feel I get all of the right now shenanigans while you guys help me to see that the shenanigans will keep coming lol ages and stages 🤣❤️🤣❤️
  • AmandaWinNYC
    So good!
    I love love love this podcast. The hosts M and A are the perfect mix of thoughtful, realistic and hysterical.
  • goodmusicians
    Required listening for any mom!!!
    I can’t remember how I stumbled upon What Fresh Hell, but it was a turning point in my life! All the things you question as a mother, Margaret and Amy answer in a way that is funny, completely honest, and makes me feel that I might not be insane after all. These two are my people. My dream is to have coffee in NYC with Margaret and Amy, discussing the perils of motherhood, until then, I cook, clean, mother, and do all the things with this podcast in my ear.❤️👍🏻⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Jenmusic789
    Best ever!
    My favorite podcast! Truly the best.
  • Jmoflow
    Best “mom” podcast out there!
    I LOVE this podcast, it’s very funny and relatable. I’m in my mid-40’s with a 2 year old daughter & really relate to the hosts. I have gotten so much great advice from this podcast, it’s informative but in a “real” way if that makes sense.
  • mom of one!
    Best podcast for all parents !
    Got a new born, toddler, tween, teen no matter the age of your child(ren) you’ll love this podcast. The topics, the humor, the research and great hosts mixes for a must subscribe! Grateful for you ladies!
  • RCS3369853
    Funny and informative
    Thank you for this podcast- so great
  • bkslyder
    Where do I begin...
    I have approximately an hour and 10 minute commute from Temecula CA to San Diego. I discovered the WFH podcast about a month ago and have been binge listening ever since. I have literally listened to every episode, listening to some more than once. I actually feel like I have become a better parent as a result of this new addiction. Here is what I like about the podcast. I truly appreciate how Amy and Margaret are authentic as they discuss the topic at hand. As they share research and advice they allow themselves to be vulnerable discussing the challenges they face with their children. Many times as I listen, one of them will talk about something that happened at home and I will think to myself, “Wow, it is not just my son who does this.” or “Ok, I’m not the only parent who...” The topics are interesting and relevant. I also appreciate how they integrate research into the discussion (Thank you Amy). These ladies are funny, intelligent and real. I totally recommend this podcast.
  • Cidodog
    Great podcast
    I feel that I found moms I want to listen to their experiences!
  • Dragonblossom
    Excellent Podcast!
    A superb mix of humor and advice great for any caregiver. A must for moms, IMO!
  • Nebraskamom424
    Real and relatable
    Love listening to these ladies. Funny and practical with a great mix of “real” as well as expert advice.
  • jenni485
    Love this podcast!
    This podcast is both entertaining and informative. I always laugh out loud several times during each episode. Thank you for helping me laugh my way through motherhood!
  • Loves Dogs!!
    Great listen!
    I love this podcast for funny and practical tips to help with motherhood!
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