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Chasing Excellence is a show dedicated to dissecting what it means to live a life of excellence, both inside the gym & out. On each episode, we'll deep dive on various aspects of being an athlete & maximizing your potential.

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  • Phightin
    Lots of takeaways to live a better life
    Always interesting and I appreciate learning about the various ways to optimize life. I really learn about when Ben shares resources like books.
  • OneDay@ATime4...
    Truly inspiring. Thank you!
    This is an amazing podcast! It contains tons of insight on proper health, fitness, nutrition, and life. The podcast comes to topics from a CrossFit angle but it applies to many different areas of life. Ben Bergeron is a wealth of knowledge and speaks like someone who walks the talk. Without a doubt one of the best podcasts out there! Thank you
  • Stoicfather
    What can I say, this podcast has lead me on a journey to self mastery and to really understand how to live a fulfilled life. I have learn countless lessons on this podcast which have altered my life and the people around me. Thank you Ben and Patrick! Keep up the great work. A much appreciated listener!
  • molloplz
    This is for Ben
  • Nikkieizen
    If you’re obsessed with bettering yourself and finding fulfillment, this podcast is literal CRACK
  • facelovesfitness
    10/10 recommend
    No one else can do what these two do. I love how They start with a clear statement about what they’ll be discussing; there is little side talk and I love that; I learn more from these two than I do from any other podcast for real. There isn’t a time when I say “I was listening to this podcast, and I learned...” that I am not talking about Chasing Excellence. Love Patrick. Love Ben. Love the show.
  • lodi man
    Mark Whittock
    Love the show. It always goes somewhere I’m not expecting yet I can always apply it to my fitness, my business, my family so, although I’m not a cross fitter, I get so much out of the wisdom in which you share so thank you!!
  • T_Mar10
    High school curriculum
    I teach high school math and I have been working most of what you said into my classroom on a daily basis for the last decade! Love every second of this one!
  • Orodrethculnamo
    Favorite podcast
    Love this podcast. I listen on another platform but wanted to show my support! Thanks for helping coaches coach better!
  • fndichrb
    Used to be good.
    Early episodes were amazing fitness and lifestyle content. Unfortunately Ben’s interests seem to have shifted to wokeness and virtue signaling, so I had to unsubscribe.
  • Danielle Kepics
    Stop trying to be an RD.
    When you start a sentence with “I’m not a nutritionist... BUT” Stay in your lane with programming. A great deal of your nutrition advice is fear mongering and disordered.
  • Philip Moser
    Premium physical fitness content
    It’s unbelievable that this is free content! I love the format with Patrick teeing up the questions. It’s always useful information. Ben is incredibly authentic and you can tell he is an expert who is passionate about helping people improve their health and fitness!
  • DMarchetti1313
    Thank you!!
    You are such a stand up guy that I respect and love to listen to. Each time I walk away with more knowledge. Thanks for all that you do.
  • garybrent111
    Really enjoy the podcast! Love the new logo!
  • kahayes240
    Don’t even do CrossFit and I love this podcast
    I tried CrossFit for 3 months but it wasn’t for me and I lift on my own. That being said, I am a huge fan of Ben and watching the CrossFit games every year. Ben has taught me so much about mental toughness through this podcast. Something anyone can apply to their exercise practice.
  • bigfan912
    Love it
    The content is so applicable to daily life, both in and outside the gym! However, it is a struggle to understand everything because they talk so fast sometimes.
  • Kelsey McKeon
    Making Sense of a Confusing Time
    I am about two years in to my CrossFit journey and have two boxes that I call my home. I turned to this podcast when faced with the identity crisis of whether or not to associate with the CrossFit brand after becoming aware of Glassman’s racist and sexist words/actions. One of my boxes disaffiliated, which, while very sad, I supported and the other had not made up their mind quite yet. This podcast really helped me solidify where I stood in support of the true CrossFit values rather than the brand name, which I am thankful for. And since then, I’ve gotten hooked going through older episodes and learning as much as I can about every aspect of the sport!
    Lost your backbone to PC culture
    Your comment “we don’t know what we stand for” really rang true during that last podcast. Considering you made your entire living off what Glassman built but you’re willing to break ties the moment things get tough really shows that you don’t practice what you preach. I’ve recommended your book and podcast for years but unfortunately not any more. Way to kowtow to the PC mob, I agree with the suggestion to change your name to Chasing Liberalism.
  • vcarci12
    Lily livered Capitulation toward the Mob.
    It pains me, since Bergeron’s de-affiliation, that, the motto of “chasing excellence” rings quite hollow. Benji’s found virtue-signaling social justice warriorism. For Bergeron to deaffiliate in the midst of the emotional fervor around Floyd, the police, racism; to act on emotion - that contradicts his proselytizing of stoicism. Rename the show to “Chasing Liberalism,” not excellence.
  • mross1776
    Stick to CrossFit Ben
    One of the best podcasts around until Ben invited someone on to give a criminal justice lecture critiquing “Broken Window” policing. Stick with what you know Ben! Didn’t think you’d jump on a bandwagon before considering all sides of the issue. Broken window policing turned big city crime around in the 90’s.
  • MMcub
    Radical honesty
    Ben, the answer you gave 20 minutes in to the last episode about how to position yourself vis a vis current events was one of the most unexpectedly honest things I’ve ever heard from a “public figure.” That was vulnerable and awesome and I loved it. You got my like and subscribe. The only one I’ve ever given out. Keep it up man.
  • 1!Maximus
    Totally applicable for every career and scenario
    I had a friend not listen to an episode I sent her because #crossfit. Then she was traveling in my car and I had one on. She was like wow...this is applicable! Yes! Ben and Pat know what the world needs to hear and delivers! I’ve lived every episode especially the quarantine ones! Imperfect conditions and their reactions just puts on display that they truly are practitioners of what they preach!
  • AustinB387
    Changed my life
    I started listening to Ben’s podcast really wanting to dive into the CrossFit side of everything. What I got out of it was so much more than I could have every wanted or expected. It has changed my entire outlook on life and really moved the needle for me in my health, fitness, mindset and relationships with others.
  • Flaumur
    Living my Best Life
    Incredible information for LIFE! My attitude has had a direct change by putting into practice the suggestions of this podcast. I am grateful for the instruction in not only athleticism but also in business. And the the suggested books on this podcast are Not to be dismissed! Life changing! Thank you!!
  • LedFit
    Lots of wisdom here!
    Lots of wisdom shared in this podcast. As a gym owner, I’ve found lots helpful advice for running our business. As a person, I’ve enjoyed all of the discussions: from coaching to parenting to training to character development and more. I’ve bought many books as a result of listening to this and am inspired every time I listen! Thank you for such great content and for sharing your knowledge!
  • Jimmy Rossfit
    Episode Idea: Variance Vs Periodization
    I tend to disagree with Crossfit avoiding periodization. Why? There is so much research that periodization works.
  • Alison E Cardy
    I Regularly Take Notes
    A friend recommended this podcast to me awhile ago, and I've listened to a bunch of episodes. I regularly find myself jotting down ideas that are shared. I appreciate the clear concepts and integrity presented in the podcasts, along with the role modeling of chasing excellence. I've learned a lot that I can apply to my small business, as well as to my health and well-being. Thanks for the inspiration and specific tactics to improve!
  • NicoleAnn16
    Life changing
    This podcast has majorly contributed to changing my life for the better. From family, parenting, fitness of course, nutrition and mindset. Ben and Patrick are great! I look forward to my Monday morning commute to work with them. I am so thankful to chase excellence with their help!
  • fhhjjbfgujcdyxxv
    Appreciating the information!
    I’ve come to trust the things said on this podcast, you’ve taught me a lot and changed the way I view fitness. People tell me I should train/coach with the knowledge and experience I have, however it’s one thing to be able to do CrossFit and teach CrossFit. I care about people and would love to help people better there lives. What’s your advice in my steps in becoming a coach? Obviously take my level one, but what else? Any opinions on the second edition CrossFit Level One book?
  • coolingrid
    Every week I’ve learned and applied new things that I have learned from this podcast
  • brylamca
    Solid, and consistently solid
    I’ve been listening to Chasing Excellence since it first game out and these guys are about to hit their 100th episode. I wanted to update my review. Each week, I’ll listen in and the information has been solid since day one. Ben and Patrick have a great rhythm and give the listener great info on fitness, nutrition, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Their points are tangible, applicable, and actionable. Most recently, I love the advice on how to navigate poor choices by saying “I’m the kind of person who....” So if people are complaining, I’m the kind of person who chooses a good attitude.” If people are slacking off “I’m the kind of person who grinds.” It’s just actionable and I appreciate it. Keep up the great work guys.
  • Traz3r
    Awesome, Motivational, Actionable
    The conversational style of this podcast along with Ben’s words of wisdom is particularly cool. I started listening assuming it was going to be focused on athletics and CrossFit, but turns out this podcast is much more than that. There’s so much content about building the right mindset that even if you’re not into CrossFit, you’ll get something out of each episode.
  • bestdayeveryday
    Re-Listening to the first few episodes 2016
    I would love to hear a recap about previous podcasts (2016) and how Ben has grown on mindset or if he’s still in line with some of the older ideas. 1. Do the coaches still write hand written notes every week? 2. Any growth or modification to GWC? 3. Regarding community Ben thought some other gyms had that aspect better than CFNE - in the past 3 years has his opinion changed? I’ve listened to all of the podcasts from the beginning and continue to listen to old podcasts. Love the new content of course! Can I get a no complaining bracelet?! This is a concept I grew up on - Im raising my own family with this standard and surround myself with people that embrace this concept. PLEASE 🖖🏻🤙🏻
  • Jacks0315
    Getting Restless It’s Time for Change
    Constantly on the go with home, work, family & CrossFit. Not enough down time. Getting burned out at the gym. I started throwing away all of my weight loss I heard this & decided to start going on walks & reduced my gym time. Thank you!!
  • Milestown
    Needed that...
    Really enjoyed the 3x3, very much needed today!
  • a hooked listener
    How are Ben and Patrick so amazing! Every time I listen to this podcast, it makes me feel like I can take on the world. Ben really needs to start giving talks/motivational speeches! Or going into gyms and encourage athletes, or becoming the next President of the United States.
  • 5410affiliate
    Always a piece to take into the day
    Long time listener and Monday’s episode about things I can control was a great reminder of the principles of stoicism. Thanks!
  • gerlette wedding
    I love the simplicity and content of your podcast. I’ll be taking my CF-L1 this weekend and I’ve learned so much from you. I wish there were more for me to listen to. I can’t get enough. Keep them coming.
  • TatuFS
    The best
    Ben is the one to explain complicated stuff as simple as it can be, always loving to hear you
  • RandFam
    Finally someone said it!
    I am beyond happy to come across this podcast (episode) today! The first box I went to always pushed for doing what we can. No wonder I was always so exhausted. I have the opportunity now to be a part of opening a new box. We are going to start off paying for programming. Can you lead me in a direction to find this way of thinking for programming? I’d love some guidance. Thanks! Amanda
  • BrokenRunner17
    Amazing Content!
    Thank you very much for the amazing content! The information is very educational, and you explain important fitness and nutritional concepts in ways that are easy to understand. Thank you!
  • jet9810
    Not bad
    I don’t overly enjoy the nutrition foods but overall Ben and Patrick deliver motivational podcast and help keep your mindset positive. That is my goal with this podcast. It helps your mindset stay more optimistic. The episodes with Katrin are awesome too
  • DOMS!
    Thank you!
    I am new to CrossFit my coach suggested that listen to the show. I am glad I tuned in. I have listen to every podcast you guys have produced. You guys are wicked smart!
  • Kitkatestradalaurel
    You make me want to be the best version of myself
    Ben and Patrick, thanks for this amazing podcast! I listen to this every morning and I’m not even a CrossFit member/athlete. But you inspired me to chase excellence and be disciplined. You have no idea how many people you help. This is the best podcast I’ve ever heard. So very thankful.
  • Colyoma
    The Best Podcast period!!
    Forget just the best podcast on CrossFit, this is the best podcast period. Ben Bergeron is a humble and hungry genius. I learn something new about something every time I listen, in fact, I have listened to every episode multiple times. The Best!!
  • being brig vern
    Not again
    E.C. Syncowski again??!!! Such outdated and incorrect nutrition information please get with the more recent research. No thanks, I’m out!
  • Big Cass
    Giving this podcast 5 stars but lord knows that if it was playing over the speakers in the Tokyo Dome it would get 12.5 stars.
  • juancho1277
    Great stuff
    I have a long commute this is a great podcast to listen in am to get your day going this podcast has gave me so much knowledge and understanding and many topics but as a father of three teenage girls full time college student and husband one of the this that has stuck in my mind was one comment Ben said about success He said that he has not checked his bank account in over a year and he has no clue how much money is there. To me that is by far the best detention of success. Thank you Ben Will love to meet you and your whole team One day.
  • FlaviaLeticia
    Love it, very informative!
  • gregbahoooooo
    Latest episode: audio cuts out after 17:00
    I love this podcast but there seems to be some technical audio in the latest episode.? Anybody else having this issue?
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