Twenty Thousand Hertz

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A lovingly crafted podcast that reveals the stories behind the world's most recognizable and interesting sounds.

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  • Class-A News Hunter
    Flat Out First Class
    Just finished up the SM7 history episode, and I could not be more impressed. So professional, so engaging. Cheers! Also yes, I can thank the audio for video demigod Curtis Judd for the recommendation.
  • Skye-Peeky
    Sonic bubbles
    Loved this episode! I now will reference Ear Lids and Rain on a Tarp affectionately 🔥💥
  • abriskwalk
    Keeps getting better
    Everyone in the household looks forward to each new episode.
  • I guess my nickname was taken...
    High Quality
    Listen to one episode and you’ll be hooked!
  • AudioMick
    Interesting, very well-produced
    I'm a music nerd and former live audio engineer, and I love hearing details about interesting sonic stories and phenomenon. I've played this podcast for others who aren't as deep into audio as I am, and they still enjoyed it because of how well the examples are chosen and augmented to illustrate the points being made.
  • denonvillier
    Most of the time , I have no idea until it’s revealed. :)
  • Hanhula
    Top Fave
    Such a fascinating podcast. There’s not an episode that exists that isn’t very interesting and insightful. One of my faves for sure.
  • bstillnknow
    I love it!
    This is an awesome podcast even if you aren't an audiophile! But don't worry, if you listen enough you will get there. I love how each episode brings a new awareness to the sounds around us. Something we all take for granted. It helps me to slow down and listen to the world around me. It's perfectly done and super informative.
  • Maddmatt05
    One of the best
    Hands down one of the best podcast out there. It presents the sounds all around us we take for granted in the most interesting ways, and the presentation is top notch.
    Very interesting but also educating. I highly recommend this.
  • Michaelhilton
    Best podcast ever
    You should do a zelda:breath of the wild, it’s sound is so good
  • bass boosted 4 LIFE
    do everywhere at the end of time plz 🤕🧠⁉️
  • Dhani C.
    I love this show but can you do a jumanji welcome to the jungle
  • ✨pickledpeas✨
    Listened to the minecraft episode. It was great! Could you guys please look into doing an episode on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s my favorite game and the sound design is really cool.
  • Spice cakes
    Immediately hooked
    Excellent storytelling and super accessible to sound designers and non-audio folk alike!
  • jazzlyno
    One of my favorites
    This podcast is different from the other ones on my usual rotation, and I’m not in the sound or music industry myself, but this podcast is one of my favorites! Such incredibly interesting topics, with really well-done storytelling.
  • Max Laz
    Entertaining and unique stories
    Great show
  • BoysenB
    One of the few great podcasts of all time
    Week after week Dallas Taylor and company produce and absolutely outstanding podcast that is the gold standard of scripted podcasts. The auditory world doesn’t deserve such an incredible podcast that is 20 Thousand Hertz, but here we are.
  • Robb0618
    Love 20k Hz
    I love learning about the story and the people who make truly memorable sound effects.
  • shootdraxxus
    Interesting Podcast!
    Audio is all around, and this podcast brings it to the forefront with interesting ways and descriptions of our daily interaction with sound. Interesting takes from voice acting, to mysterious space sounds. This podcast is quite intriguing!
  • guitarjuice
    Interesting and well done
    I love the high quality of this podcast. The stories are interesting. I really think it one of the top shows in podcasting.
  • zorbadgreek
    Excellent and varied show
    Well produced podcast with a myriad of topics about sound and music. Can’t think of a dud episode. They’re all very interesting. Good for both amateurs and professionals and everyone in between. Worth your time!
  • Ankit_kat
    Awesome show and production
    I love how much effort they put into make each show. The sounds, effects and background music is always on theme with the episode topic and they cover a variety of sound sources. Keep it up!
  • jojo place
    You must listen
    Awesome great this is the best ever! No complaints!
  • Brotatotots
    Absolute gem of a show!
    This show is downright fantastic. Every single episode is so thoughtfully designed and presented. This show elicits every emotion, it has made me laugh and made me cry. The stories they tell illustrate how sound truly impacts every bit of our daily lives. I work in loud environments frequently and used to skip the hearing protection. Never again will I take that risk after this show made me realize just how much I took my hearing for granted. Dallas’s voice is smooth as butter on that SM7 and I can’t wait to hear every incredible episode.
  • brucjebvci
    This is a super fun podcast and I love confusing my friends with these weird facts and tidbits
  • SpenceMan01
    Great show. Fascinating and well-produced
    This is a fantastic show. Many great topics, well-written and fascinating. I really enjoy listening and learning. It’s a show I look to for insight, a different perspective, some nostalgia and even a brief escape. Dallas and the folks at Defacto Sound have a fantastic show on their hands. I look forward to listening.
  • ryanomusic
    Fantastic Show
    I'm in the sound/music industry, so it's great to hear other professionals talk about their craft. Fantastic storytelling and (no surprise) great sound design. One of my faves!
  • Mattilea33
    A must listen
    This podcast is exceptionally well done and unique. Note from a recent episode - I never realized how happy the 20th Century Fox song made me until I heard it by itself in the episode!
  • 6littlejedis
    I love this podcast! It is so fascinating to learn how sound is produced and what a difference it makes. I keep telling my college-age son he should quit what he is studying and go into sound design because this podcast makes that field sound so interesting!!
  • Chris-W-ATX
    Pure Audio Excellence
    As an audio engineer/producer and someone who works on lots of very poorly recorded podcasts for a living, I truly, deeply appreciate when a show is produced with excellence. Twenty Thousand Hertz is easily the best sounding and overall best produced podcast I have ever listen to, and I have been a fan since almost the very beginning of the show in 2016. The actual content and narrative arcs are just as good. I find every single episode fascinating and compelling. This show is a must-listen for ANYONE, but ESPECIALLY those of us in the audio and media industries.
  • thelayabout
    Lush Production and Engaged Host
    If you've ready to learn how to truly listen to our world, Dallas Taylor is ready to teach you. Just finished EPS 118's story behind 20th Century Fox' fanfare. My knowledge of the Newman family had been limited to works by Thomas and Randy. I now know their brilliance is rooted in an earlier generation. Dallas illustrates what it's like for current Newmans to re-create that sound we hear over our movie popcorn.
  • nytlistener
    I just stumbled across this podcast last week, so I started listening from the beginning. Wow, I wish I’d started listening sooner. I learn something new with every episode. Such a great podcast!
  • Captain Cakes
    The things I learn on this podcast are amazing! Thank you 20 Thousand Hertz!
  • God believer loves science
    No politics please.
    I’ve listened to the show since it’s inception, and have loved every single episode. But the last episode about the “sound cannon” definitely started having a political leaning. If you continue to air shows with a political leaning either left or right I’ll unsubscribe immediately. Please don’t ruin the great brand that you’ve developed over the years. Looking forward to more great episodes.
  • listener4now
    A break
    A McDonalds jingle episode without a historical reference to You Deserve A Break Today? That’s a Surprise. A great episode nonetheless.
  • TheThreeBucks
    Corporate sponsorship episode? SMH
    I used to love this show and now I’m extremely disappointed. The “I’m loving it!“ episode about the jingle is actually sponsored by McDonald’s? Yikes! I hate to think that corporate sponsorship is now determining content.
  • Nate&Clint
    I stop listening to everything else when the next episode posts
  • hnickel
    I stumbled upon this podcast and found one of the most interesting shows of its kind. I learn so much that I wouldn’t normally in my daily life. So cool!
  • Jhfsgjkkhff
    One of the best podcasts out there. Wonderfully written and produced. I learn something new every time I listen. Thanks Dallas and gang!
  • 泰书华
    Who’s checking Dallas?
    the team of people put alot of talent and skill into this show. and then the host let’s all manor of sloppy speech fall into the show. its the same as if you let the host add fart noises play at random in every episode. i am extremely forgiving of language differences until it comes to native speaking professionals screwing up the basics. here are a couple of really annoying examples that i hope you will fix. “mid two thousands” is such an ugly clumsy mouthful. and if that is not reason enough in consideration of us who have to listen to it, then maybe the logic is enough reason. that would be around the year 2500, or in the range of 2400-2600. if you want to talk about the years 2000-2010 you have plenty of choices. “oughts”, “naughts”, “naughties”, “early 21st century” or just saying specific numbers like “2003 to 2005”. and i’ll give another example just so you don’t think i’m picking on the host. your team brought in a guest who kept saying “Liberry”. that definitely lowers the credibility of everything he said in that episode.
  • cartakk is the best😄
    Best podcast
    Great podcast but can you do a episode about all the sounds in the game among us by inersloth.
  • ZenzaB
    Superlative Podcast About Sound and Sound Design
    This podcast continues to blow me away with its excellent storytelling and sound design. Even non-audiophiles will love the stories, the cultural references, and the cast of characters who nerd out on sound! The Bill Nye episode is probably one of the top 10.
  • asdfninethousand
    Very Interesting
    Good variety of subjects
  • Cassj32
    Favorite podcast ever!!
    By far one of the best things to ever bless my ears! The insight you share with us all is intriguing and very easy to understand for those of us who don’t have a degree. Very excited to see what else you’ve got in store with past episodes, keep up the amazing work. It’s appreciated more than your teams knows
  • astrosjeff
    Educational and informative
    This show certainly tackles sound and sound-related subjects in ways I’d never considered. If anything, it sometimes dives a little too deep — going for the more professional, less layperson audience — but it’s hard to fault them for that.
  • Z. Lupetin
    Sing Gently
    Truly one of the best episodes I’ve heard of any show in any format - great work all.
  • Hanleigh
    Every show is 5 stars.
  • cmn1228
    Better as an independent podcast!
    Love this podcast and I noticed a marked difference when it went to Ted. Glad you are returning to your independent format!
  • Earthlyspy
    Every show is great
    5 stars
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