Physics Frontiers

Physics #6

Jim Rantschler and Randy Morrison discuss physics from elementary particles to cosmological effects at the limits of our theoretical knowledge or have recently emerged.

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Recent Reviews
  • TheBick500
    Thank you for this resource!
    Thanks to you both for putting this together, very knowledgeable and you aren’t afraid to get into the nitty gritty details - all the best to you both
  • Meinfronds
    Condescending Chuckling, Condescending “I”
    When picking apart a paper by a well known physicist, there is just too much chuckling like, “What a dumb statement. Bless their heart.” Actually card some of the paper “crap”. Again, this is a paper by a well respected scientist (I’m not listing the name as I have proper respect for people smarter than I). Irritating. And the ongoing “I have no problem with that” statements as if they are the final word. It would be much better if you say it in a more humble way. Just irritating. And the sound quality is AWFUL considering Best Buy has all you need to make a quality recording.
  • jadr80
    Tough listen
    I’ve read all of Brian Greene’s books and dozens of articles on particle, theoretical, and astrophysics, so I know enough to keep up with most concepts, but in listening to the first 20 min of the multiversality episode, I was having a really hard time. I was able to get the gist of it but these guys are talking in a shorthand where they clearly understand each other but not simplified enough to appeal to someone without a lot more of an understanding than what I currently grasp. The hunt for a good physics podcast continues.
  • Sad Krusty
    A great introduction to physics
    Jim and Randy have quite a catalog of episodes on various subjects that give a lay person as myself a glimpse into this fascinating field. Somehow they make their discussions accessible to the general public and I have listened to many episodes multiple times. A favorite podcast.
  • Crowbar Man
    Better audio please
    I like these guys. I love the topics. There are many people like me who need these guys to explain complex topics in physics that we don’t have the education to access otherwise. I have updated my review to acknowledge the improvement in the audio. Keep it up guys, and if you find a way to remaster the early episodes to improve the audio, I’d love to chip in to raise the funds. In the early episodes, when I set the audio in my car so that it’s not too loud, half the conversation is too quiet to hear. The dynamic range is too wide!!! Usually, Randy’s voice goes from normal volume to SUPER LOUD, especially when he just begins to talk after Jim; it’s not just me. If you pay attention, you’ll even here the audio distortion. Jim’s voice starts out at a normal volume and then trails off so that the last sentence is very quiet. This effect is worse in my car. If I turn it up to hear the quiet passages, Randy’s voice is deafeningly loud when he comes in. I urge these guys to test run their podcast in their cars. I think computer desktops have a built in dynamic range compression so the volume is even throughout. I think part of the issue is their microphone settings or distance of their faces from the mics. Partly it may be their natural intonation. In a few episodes, they switch so that Jim is the loud one and Randy sounds like he’s across the room.
  • Thru-Way Nick
    Four-charm tetraquark
    I briefly read, with glazed over eyes, about the LHC at CERN spotting these all charm quarks. I would love to hear your take. (there’s a “beauty” quark?)
  • JKlatt16
    Wish the Would Release More Often
    I love this podcast! I have listened to all of them almost 3-4 times.
  • Markasovic
    Right to good conversation
    These guys jump right into the subject matter of the podcast. The conversations aren’t dumbed down. I think you need a bit of a working knowledge to fully enjoy or you will develop a bit of one just by listening. I myself only follow physics as a hobby and while some of this is over my head it’s still interesting and educational.
  • Groucho the man
    Great podcast
    Just found this podcast recently. Great subject material, not too dry, nice bit of humor. Good discussions about current, and some historic physics concepts. Very interesting, and they put out different possibilities for theoretical problems, and background for experiments.
  • Lord Tippy
    Great podcast
    Cant wait to binge the early episodes
  • clamps57
    In-depth discussions, fascinating stuff
    As a layman, I can't claim to understand everything they talk about, but I find most pop-sci physics content to be too shallow, rehashing the same tired analogies over and over. This podcast, in contrast, challenges the mind and delves deeper. I wish there was more content like this.
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