The Ed Mylett Show showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership. With Ed Mylett and featured guests in almost every industry including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, you'll find motivation, inspiration and practical steps to help you become the best version of you!

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  • ixhabi
    Thanks for all the good work you are doing I already read you’re books and I did the 12 hour walk! I highly recomen all of you to take the time to do it, it has impacted my life and my walk with God, I talked to the Lord during that time seeking Him for guidance and at the end was amazing he did confirm wowww thanks for all you do God bless you and guide you and give you wisdom and even more understanding in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Baba1Mia
    Tune-into Greatness!
    Thank you for sharing your energy and wisdom with us, Ed! I have been listening to your podcast for a long time especially during low moments in my life. You have been a beacon of light that rekindled my desire to dream big and take action. I love your guest line ups and enjoyed your interview with your children. You have a beautiful heart and soul. I highly recommend everyone to listen and tune into greatness!
  • wendihenry
    I feel humbled and honored to listen to your interview of David A. Arnold the day before he left this earth. Wow! What are the odds of that timing?!? Thank you for always delivering quality content and shedding light on remarkable souls. Thank you Ed.
    Inspirational human!
    I was so fortunate to witness Ed live at a conference last year & he completely change my perspective on life, the way I thought as a person, and really set the tone for me personally to want to BE a better person every single day. I truly look forward to hearing from him & all the amazing people he brings to his space. Thank you for creating this space and giving us your time & energy!!
  • Drew0604
    Great podcast!
    Very helpful information. Ed always delivers insightful advice that I can put into action. I would definitely recommend!
  • KrysKeene
    Used to be better…
    I used to absolutely love each time a new episode was released by Ed Mylett. Now.. they seem redundant and lacking helpful content. A lot of it seems to be regurgitated material and each guest seems to be the “best show I’ve ever had, brother!”… there was a time when Ed seemed top of his game. Now his show is littered with ads. And his book? I was so excited… turns out if you’ve listened to one episode, you’ve already read the whole book. Ed, you’ve done amazing things- no doubt- but something is missing and it doesn’t seem near as genuine.
  • dgarcia03
    I wish this podcast on everyone
    I love this podcast! I listen to every episode but the most recent one with E.T is so fire 🔥🔥🔥
  • Ali Fallon
    Nick Vuicic
    My favorite show is the one you did with Nick Vuicic. How can you not be inspired every time you watch and listen to him!
  • daguilar2001
    So much goodness!
    I’ve really enjoyed so much that Ed has to offer on his podcasts and definitely The Power of One More…which I just finished. But listening to the episode with Christina P was fantastic! I could have listened to another hour or two of their rich conversation. Well done!
  • please be pleasant
    The episode with John Kim
    I usually really like Ed Mylett’s podcasts, but this episode was shockingly horrid. It should have been X rated & I’m not kidding. It was so disgusting & I quit listening after one particularly sickening part. Please skip this one. Ed tried to keep the guy on track, but he couldn’t. Somehow, I don’t think this guy was vetted enough & pow!, surprise awful!
  • GetFitBeTrue
    Ed talking with his Kids
    My Favorite podcast that Ed had done on this podcast is the one with his kids. They absolutely crushed it. Love the honesty and how they grew up. “Try One More Time” Don’t forget to go get Ed’s Book “The Power of One More”
  • FinGriffey
    Thank You, Andy 🇺🇸
    This is probably my tenth review across all of your platforms. Been with you since MFCEO. Started 75Hard in 2020 like four days after the first edition book print came in the mail. I appreciate what you do and the generosity that you give. Keep it moving.
  • Omar Feliciano Lopez
    Thanks for everything
    Criticism was one of my biggest fears. Thanks for show me to see the things in another perspective.
  • Emilia Michelle Anderson
    As a 24 year old who’s trying to start a business this show has completely changed my life. Thank you Ed for your wisdom and tremendous network of wise guests! This show changes the game.
  • MikeFlesh
    Life Changing Growth!
    Ed and the guest he has on his show are life changing! Very educating and always stretching my thoughts and beliefs on subjects!
  • Codename Gracie
    Sweet and Winsome Interview
    I found this podcast surprisingly moving. What a lovely relationship you are fostering within your family. Your children love you, their mother and each other in a free and open way. It just felt so dang healthy. Such a wonderful legacy!
  • Mike Pitcher
    Building a Powerful Personal Brand
    This episode is incredibly powerful! In fact, this is exceptional. It begins by defining the Personal brand is the “digitization of your reputation” - BOOM! I am a 64 year old, retired CEO and speaker. The concepts presented in this podcast can be implemented immediately and I believe will create value. This is worth your time especially when they start speaking about your passion, your personal branding and finding out who you are. What makes you feel alive? - one of my favorite questions (Ed asked). Cool investment if an hour!
  • Dawn Melody
    Love this show!
    Each and every show is heaven sent. Thanks for continually sharing content and listening to God’s voice! Inspirational and life changing! Wow the people he interviews are amazing. Rory V. Is amazing! Damon west is phenomenal. Just towing my recent observations. Thanks and keep of the great work!
    I want to meet that version of me and KNOW HER
    Ed, you speak to me. You are ANOINTED! God has called you to this journey and it is evident in the fruit that it produces. I am a foster mom and a business owner and I needed your podcast/book/guest. While listening to you God spoke to me. I really have so much to share but this review is about YOU! I highly recommend this podcast. The truth that you will hear will help guide you to be the one that changes the trajectory of your life and generations to come.
  • Bj4151
    Awesome Show
    Great show today with Rory Vaden!!! I’ve always thought social media posting to be about vanity. Rory exposed me to seeing it as a way for people to see ur BRAND and who u are. Great tips and quotes to help me propel thru my “creative avoidance”. Also finding my uniqueness will be more of a priority. I can’t say Thank You enough for this show today.
  • gmanzb31
    Great Podcast and Human
    This podcast is full of useful knowledge for everyone listening. Ed brings value to everyone and is such a good dude!
  • wholefoodplantbased
    Incredible value!
    Best podcast out there! I always come away better than before every time I listen! All the mentors you need to grow and propel yourself to the next level are found right here!
  • abburns
    Surviving an economic winter with Dean Graziosi
    Amazing podcast! Personal development and motivational speaking material that feels personal and feels like I just left my counselor’s office equipped with tools to live a happier life!
  • BCovey77
    Alan Stein Jr show
    Absolutely awesome episode w Alan. Listened 2xs on my flight as so much packed in here. Absolutely sharing and 1st class / he knows & owns his content. Run that back w a follow up!
  • @MichaelUnbroken/
    Insightful and Impactful
    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! I believe that we all have a voice that deserves to be heard. Thank you for putting this into the world! BE UNBROKEN! @MichaelUnbroken
  • maddie@podcastingyou
    Awesome podcast!
    This podcast is a must listen for anyone looking to level up in business, mindset, and so much more! Ed is a great host and each episode is truly inspiring.
  • ricky21ish
    Absolutely inspired every time
    Ed, thank you for all the hard work you continue to put into all the content you put out for us, it is greatly appreciated. The Ed Mylett podcast has quickly become one of my go-to’s. I love how you’ve been asking all your guests recently “what question did I not ask that I should’ve”, what a great way to end an episode. Cheers brother, keep it up.
  • JamesFestini
    Festini says it’s great…
    So it must be. I just left an event where he spoke in Anaheim and I’ve got to say this guy is an incredible storyteller. I don’t know why it has been so hard for me to latch onto his content knowing what he is made of. But now that I’ve seen him in person I am a fan. He told a story about his father’s passing which resonated with mine. Also that he is a southern California native made that connection how much deeper. I just wish I had a chance to get a selfie. For now he will be on my #SELFIEbucketlist
  • Jeremy’sgirl
    Love this! Thank you!
    Tears right now as I listen to your personal story! Thank you for what you do! Thank you for challenging the mediocrity! I’ve been challenged by listening and hope and pray that I use the knowledge from this!
  • Health_ Coach
    Very powerful, very impactful podcast!
    Very powerful, very impactful podcast! It's packed with valuable information thanks to Ed and his amazing guests with their experiences.
  • NicknameFlaw
    All-star Guests and Exceptional Conversations
    My every day, “go to first” podcast is with Ed and his guests! Whether I’m walking, weeding my gardens or running errands, this podcast is always on. So much goodness in one place and guests that leave you wanting to listen to more!
  • aprilskentuckylife
    Everyone needs to hear this one
    Just listened to the Damon West interview. So hood & inspiring. Everyone needs to listen to this one!
  • britbritm
    Found Ed on another podcast and I can’t enough! He is very knowledgeable and I can’t wait to order his new book and dive in!!
  • Dr Latifat
    Thank you Ed Mylett
    I love your podcast. It’s one of my fav: love your interview style and the humility that comes across as you speak and engage. You are making a difference Ed and I hope I can tell you that in person one day.
  • MamaMensch
    Relax in your heart
    On my 3rd listen with Dr Joe, this was the ah-ha that I finally got. I have listened to Dr Joe for years but…this, this one awakened me, the puzzle was complete. I now get it. Thank you Ed, I love the way you draw out information and simplify the complex. My favorite podcaster by far now ❤️
  • ANMCox
    Absolute Excellence
    My “go to” podcast. Whatever my day brings, whatever challenges, whatever my mindset, I know that I can go to my library and pick a podcast title from the Ed Mylett Show Podcast, and find the truth my heart and head need to hear most.
  • wvume92
    Powerful, energetic, inspiring
    So glad my friend shared this podcast with me. Ed brings it every week with energy, authenticity like no other. Great guests.
  • Labreck1973
    Best PODCAST
    Found this podcast a few years ago after an interview with another podcaster. All I can say is WOW!!! Every single episode has so much powerful content, it’s life changing! Ed Mylette is truly a gift to this world !!!! Add this to the top f your list, you won’t be sorry I promise you!
  • JGM652
    Great, insightful podcast!
  • Jess B Anderson
    The Ed Mylett Show
    The Power Of One More - pre order his book and listen to his interview with Chris Harder recently. Mr. Mylett has definitely taken the red pill and woken up going into Matrix mode sharing so many great revelations bending time and space of ideas and reality as we know it. He challenges you to do more with less taking advantage of your gifts. Any strength taken to an extreme becomes a weakness and he is trying to teach you to not take your strengths to an extreme balancing yourself out. Anger can be a gift. Chaos can be a gift. Almost anything can be a gift. Be More Confident and Wake up and listen to what he has to say opening your mind. Strive for excellence and not perfection as you listen to his philosophies and ideas. Intend to make a difference as you are just as talented as him which is what he is trying to convince us of. One more comment to you… 8) “It is the mark of an educated man to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle
  • Macchip
    Power of one more
    Absolutely beautiful episode, thank you for sharing and giving me a new lense to view my life with
  • AnnaMade Design Co.
    So powerful.
    The only podcast I can listen to for more than an hour and get new realizations the whole time… thank you for sharing your light + kindness Ed Mylett
  • Theraysantos
    Ed Mylett I admire you.
    First and foremost let me start with this man is a role model. Man does this man has achieve great things. He has done so well in every area of his life. I just can’t explain how I feel about this man. Truly blessed and honored to be listening and UNDERSTANDING THE POWER OF ONE MORE. Your dad is beyond proud and I know that because we was a servant just like yourself. Love you Ed. Sincerely wish I can sit at the same table with you one day and experience your presence before heaven calls you. Would be a dreamed.
  • ExTrA wRiTeS aPp ReViEwS
    The transparency.. the rawness.. the vibrations. I felt every part of your podcasts .. especially this last one where YOU were the guest speaker!! I am a follower for life! I appreciate you and look forward to more empowering podcasts!! PS I am a follower now on IG also! Thank you for just being you!!
  • Business app
    So much wisdom
    We often seek wisdom from others in the hopes that it will help improves ourselves. Many times others fall short and we have to look within ourselves for answers. This show helps provide some sound wisdom and advice from others journeys as well as helping you find the wisdom within yourself. Bravo!
  • Yamiless
    Thank you!
    Ed Mylett is just an amazing guy. I like everything he does to help people like me. I also like that he is not afraid of people knowing who he is and about his faith in God and Jesus Christ. May the Lord bless you and your family.
  • Faith Ison
    continues to change my perspective for the better
    I found this podcast during the darkest season of my life, & i continue to come back to it because i crave to keep learning these things to help me grow as an individual.
  • Majjkiii
    The GOAT
    One of the greatest speakers ever and some if the most impactful stories you’ll hear.
  • asianbears
    Changed my life
    This podcast absolutely changed me. Ed and his guests have helped me through the darkest mental health experiences of my life. This podcast has helped me: look for the lessons in hard moments, have compassion for people I otherwise would have held onto anger for and lean on my personalized version of faith rather than give in to fear. This podcast has helped me forgive myself and forgive others. To have grace for myself and for others because we are all just trying to navigate this life. Can’t recommend it enough. 💛
  • FrankieJill
    I enjoy the show but … is every guest “brilliant,” “the smartest guy in the room,” or “super impactful”? The fawning is a bit insincere and unnecessary. Thanks.
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