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Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.

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  • Nico Trimarche
    More people need to hear these messages
    Particularly the podcast number 18 - that needs to be spread ultimately. I just shared it with my social circle. So necessary
  • jrstrobel
    Learned a lot
    Loves this podcast will be buying the book. Thanks for such great content!!
  • PoppyKGZ
    Thank you
    Want to be a better person? Great man to listen to.
  • Dunning-Kruger
    I love JP podcast
    He’s a very smart man, and it’s hard to find someone who speaks authentically, instead of trying to push a narrative. Notice how his critics can’t find anything substantial wrong with the content of his podcast, they just attack his character. That’s called being ignorant, and biased, and it only seems to come from the left. Peterson deserves the recognition he gets, and people who’d rather be fed their worldview from cable news hate him for it.
  • Izzninja
    Finally Optimism
    Thank you JBP for your recent rationally optimistic episodes - too many of my young patients are depressed and nihilistic likely secondary to overhyped catastrophic media reports.
  • Waldland
    Commercial sections
    Sorry to have to mention this, but the commercial messages that have lately begun appearing in the middle of the podcast are extremely disruptive. This is one solid vote that they stop ASAP. Please leave commercials where they used to be, beginnings and endings, and spare us all the thought train disruptions. Another reviewer mentioned that a commercial free option might be worth paying for and I second that, if commercial success is necessary.
  • nextgenfixes
    After Jonathan Pageau episode.
    I’ve been listening for just over a full year. And have been listening back to back to try to get up-to-date. The thing that I appreciate the most about Jordan is his mindful approach to everything and his ability to acknowledge and even appreciate both sides of an argument and then encourage the approach to what is better. Being a Christian who has seen the church miss it’s opportunity to be the influence it has the capability of being, it was refreshing to hear his mindful and heart-felt struggle with “Who Dares To Say He Believes in God” and the first discussion with Bishop Barron and now this one with John Pageau. What would it mean to truly believe?! What would a person look like if they did and truly lived that out?! But that is not the reason for this review!! Jordan truly comes from a place of wanting to help as many people as possible be their best. It’s heartbreaking for me to hear of all his pain and struggles and the level at which they weigh on him. Yet here he is continuing to press forward and present his best self. Listening to his podcast has made me more aware of the things I need to quit doing to become a more whole person. Thank you Jordan for your willingness to put yourself out there! You have made a big difference in the world. I will continue to listen and apply what I hear!
  • Isabella the cat
    Big fan
    This is a great podcast.
  • chopper7926
    The best
    Love JP
  • Bradhelp!
    Again, courageous and inspiring!
    I can only echo the many positive comments in the thread, but also agree with the mid-podcast ad placement frustration. Best at the beginning. Alternatively, I’d be happy to pay (as with Rogan) for an ad-skipping option. Does one exist, that I’ve missed? BA Erickson
  • mantis eats
    This guy is the kind of unfounded unscientific nonsense
    I can’t believe that anyone listens to this idiot and thinks he actually knows what he’s talking about. It was a joke that I heard once, that Jordan Peterson is what dumb people think a smart person sounds like, but I honestly can’t imagine anyone listening to him and not thinking he’s just a pretentious verbose clown who masquerades as an academic of some repute. Astonishing that people don’t see through the veneer and realize he’s a total unscientific idiot.
  • MGThill
    Paul Rossi interview
    I just listen to the Paul Rozzi interview and his experience with grace church school. It is incredible what is going on right now in our schools and public and private institutions! I’m so great full to people like Paul who have decided to do the right thing and stand up for truth! We do not have a systemic racism problem. We have a God-less cultural problem!
  • fig tree ministries
    Paul Rossi
    Great show! Thank you Paul for having the courage to stand up for what you believe! We need more people like you in the world! Dr Peterson, you sound as if your strength is returning! I am inviting the full force of God’s Goodness, Truth, Healing, and Peace into both of your lives. Light a candle each day to increase the light in the world ! Keep seeking the divine. I think you have already found Him.
  • mycelf38
    I will never be the same
    Thank you for the life changing illumination. I am forever grateful for finding your work. I hope you are feeling well. 🙏🏻
  • Diggsdan
    Thank you Dr. Peterson
    Thank you for your work. It has been immensely important to me and my development as a person.
  • Sid-tastic
    The man is a legend
    I love the JBP podcast because he’s always challenging my way of thinking and presenting me with a different perspective on a wide variety of topics. His guests are usually interesting and also bring a different perspective, sometimes challenging his positions. I usually walk away with new wisdom after every episode
  • Louis Shulman
    I’m so grateful for Dr. J He’s saving the western world from itself one day at a time. Really so glad he exists, also this podcast is quite good.
  • Dr. Ivanovich
    A remarkable mind but please stop interrupting guests
    Dr. Peterson, I respect and admire you and your work has helped and inspired me immensely . That said, I implore you to refrain from interrupting your guests, such as with Douglas Murray, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Abigail Shrier. In my opinion, it gives an impatient, ungracious, and frankly disrespectful impression, none of which I think you are or intend to project. I felt compelled to post this feedback after turning off several of your podcasts after feeling frustrated during the many interruptions. Please don’t let something so preventable keep people from listening to your important and profound work. I wish you the best of luck and celebrate your recent return.
  • D-Bo419
    Great podcast and very inspirational!
  • Sour headlamp
    Some replay
    There are more than 5 episodes that start all over again in the middle of it and it makes me stop listening and gets me really annoyed. Also the ads in the middle of a convo can be very annoying
  • armchairargonaut
    If you’re open minded, this is the best podcast available!
  • DigG73
    Excellent Podcast
    Great interviews and very useful information on how to actually help people.
  • Droll Man
    Big Ideas
    Another winner from Jordan: the interview with Matt Ridley. Just like Mike Lee and Jocko, smart people discussing important ideas with reason. Suggested guests... Marian Tupy Michael Shellenberger Thomas Sowell
  • SuperLaurigi
    A brainsplosion of absolute goodness
    Absolutely fantastic for your brain and for your life listen to this man and the awesome things he has to say. Learn something new every time my ears take in the frequencies and my brain crunches the numbers!!!! Also little request from me PLEASE GET DR. TAYLOR MARSHALL ON HERE FOR AN INTERVIEW STAT THAT WOULD SOME SWEET SWEET CONVO Thank you and God bless you my good man
  • Centrist in Seattle
    Intellectually stimulating
    I really enjoyed your conversation with Senator Mike Lee - I learned so much! It feels like a real privilege to listen in on an extensive conversation with a sitting lawmaker. Plus you pulled it off without the usual partisan rancor.
  • CaryFerg
    Mid-conversation ads
    Please no ads during the conversations. Put as many as you want before and after the conversations but not during the conversation. I have never wrote a review before this but once I heard the ads break up the conversation then I knew I had to rate to try to stop it. The conversations are delightful and insightful. A true joy throughout my week. The ads break the pace and tone of the conversations. Thank you again for the great podcast.
  • WIP4lyfe
    I love the message and the work that the Peterson family is involved in. I’m usually very happy to listen to these long forum podcasts and discussions. It can be audibly painful tho sometimes when the host is monotone, dry, and not funny but try to be. When the interviewer becomes the interviewed on their own podcast it seems like becoming more your own person and not trying to be another is the right move.
  • dave from indianapolis
    Love your heart Jordan!
    There’s SO much great info out there now, I kind of jump around trying to catch up sometimes. I just binged Russell Brand. Jocco Wilnick, and Mike Lee over last few days. I love how genuine and real you are Jordan. We know you are still struggling and not at 100% Peterson Power yet....but I’m not sure the world can handle that much of ya...or even deserves it with as much evil that is focused back at you when you are “firing on all cylinders” shall we say. Even though for your and your family’s sake, we pray for total relief of your suffering. But as far as the podcast goes, we will take whatever you can give us. We will take you at whatever percentage you can give us, because there is such inspiration and encouragement in the sharing of your struggle. We don’t love you because you... 1) ask perfect questions...2) never accidentally talk over or interrupt a guest or...3) because you have superb broadcast talents and perfect story and joke telling abilities..........We love you because you are you. Just plain old imperfect, struggling, honest you. That’s what makes us love and respect you. Because you admit that you are just trying to live up to your books too. But that you fail, have failed, and will 100% fail spectacularly again....AND if nothing are showing us how to “fail” honorably, so to speak. Briefly... Russell is always a joy and a struggle to listen to. A joy because of his humongous heart...and struggle because my pea brain is always drowning trying to drink from the stream of consciousness that is blasting from his mouth which can in no way be keeping up with the thoughts in his head... Jocco is just such an amazing and interesting individual who always leaves me in awe of his capacity to want to share what he knows with others. His journey is incredibly interesting and educational, as well as inspiring... Mike Lee was so encouraging to listen to. Enjoyed hearing all about his efforts to work with those folks he has major political disagreements with. That is so encouraging ! Thank you again for all you are doing.
  • franciscasofia
    Fantastic Insights
    I believe Jordan to be quite inspirational. His podcasts has opened the doors for listeners to go beyond human limitations. In our minds of course. Thank you Jordan for being apart of the TRUTH. Most aren’t capable to comprehend such understandings and truths. You are the light in a dark world. Good Job! Your thoughts and words are heard. Thank you. Your relief is near.🙂🤫
  • FoManCompressor
    Too quiet!! Otherwise perfect.
    This is one of my frequent go-to podcasts. Insightful, thought provoking, great variety of guests, and obviously intelligent. Only complaint is the audio - it's the quietest podcast I listen to. In my often noisy surroundings, I can't turn it up loud enough. Boost the volume!
  • JesterJP
    No no no no!
    No mid-episode ads!! Jordan Peterson is an intellectual, not a sportscaster, who stimulates the mind and makes one think. Getting hit with a loud mattress ad at the moment you realized how to correct your relationship with your spouse is just ALL WRONG. No no no no!
  • ri897098
    Oh another
    Podcast ruined with ads in the middle of conversations.
  • Ejs2121
    Great podcast but....
    I thoroughly enjoy Jordan’s podcast, his guests, the content, etc... It’s always thought provoking and beneficial. With that said, I have to agree with other reviews, PLEASE stop interrupting guests during responses to your questions. It was cringe worthy during the Jocko interview. Delighted to have you back in the limelight but some reflection upon the interrupting is much needed in my opinion.
  • Geoplanter
    An intelligent discussion with Russell Brand?
    A metaphysical / intellectual / philosophical discussion with the boozy-drugged Russell Brand? Who woulda thunk it! Bravo’ve done it again! How about a podcast with Homer Simpson? I’m sure Mikhaila can arrange that.
  • kdnfiwbsyyndk
    Pure steaming garbage ❤️
    Here’s to hoping he goes back into a vegetative state soon
  • cwquinlan
    Less Mikhaila
    I mean she’s bright, and well spoken and all that, but.... I was really looking forward to the Russell Brand episode and the episode wound up being a back and forth father/daughter conversation. It seemed Russell had to practically interrupt to speak. Frankly I’m interested in Jordan’s thoughts and his guests’ thoughts and not his daughter’s. Just saying
  • Dan_Reviews701
    Thoughtful and provoking
    From Old Testament stories to interviews Dr. Peterson provides a psychological perspective that is entertaining and thought provoking.
  • dogg dad
    Jordan & Jocko together are so great. Love both of them
  • Alexander Odom
    Let it when Jocko and Jordan get together!
    They always have great conversations.
  • Lazypotential
    When two different and immense intellects challenge each other in honest discussion, and in good faith arguments, we as whole come out better for listening. These two men do not stand on, but instead are lifted by previous cranial giants, and distill for us lessons that inspire humanity and allow us to strive for our ultimate potential. = POWER
  • bribro
    Simply fabulous
  • jesse09192828
    JBP and Jocko
    It was December of 2017 the first time I listened to a Jocko podcast. It was my first time listening to a podcast and the first episode that Jordan Peterson was on Jocko’s show. My life hasn’t been the same since then. Thank you for all you’ve done, Dr. Peterson. I’m glad you’re producing again. Love you and Jocko both forever!!
  • 9teen86
    Could be seriously improved
    Jordan is an amazing person and has an amazing mind. That being said, he ruins his own podcast by constantly interrupting the very guests he has asked to join his show. When you begin to hear it, you will constantly cringe because he cuts off his guests in mid-sentence every couple minutes. I’m sure he picks up more from half a sentence than I do from a whole, but it would be much easier to hear him and his amazing guests if Jordan learned to listen until the end of someone’s thought instead of leaping in and explaining what it is he or she is saying. I hope someone can bring it to Jordan’s attention, because the content is amazing, and the barrier to entry should not be the cringe-inducing interruptions.
  • GreekKwebeker
    Great show
    I love his podcast. I listen to him in the morning.
  • M&MSG
    A request
    Please.... I’m your fan ... but it frustrates me when you never let your guest finish their sentence or thought and I am always left hanging because you interrupt all the time 😩
  • CheckpointC
    Talk with Chris Voss, January 3rd.
    Chris Voss is a difficult person to talk to. Jordan is able to learn even with smartypants Voss. Thank you.
  • MollyLitz
    Can’t Do the Constant Interruptions
    I really like what Jordan Peterson has to say, but my goodness, he interrupts his guests CONSTANTLY. I find it so difficult to listen to. If he just wants to talk the whole time and not let his incredible guests get a word in edgewise, why even bother bringing guests on? The episode with Abigail Shrier was the last straw for me.
  • SaxonRules
    I enjoyed this content very much. Russell Brand- great job, and the fantastic changes your sharing with us ARE an inspiration. Dr.Peterson- please invite Camille Paglia to speak with you again! The two of you together are amazing. Thanks for all that you and your family do.
    Russell Brand and Mikhaila Peterson
    roughly from the podcast: Adding on responsibilities should force you to become more efficient. You can tell if you are doing too much if you cant sustain it across days. Peterson’s example: was able to write 5-hr one day. The following day(s), incapable of writing much. Realized he was stealing energy from the days following. Unsustainable. Could not write 5hr a day. How I will apply: Will use this metric for training / developing skills as well as managing responsibilities at a capacity am able.
  • woke scold
    I never do reviews
    5 stars! Jordon is a truth teller plain and simple.
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