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Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.

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  • 9b.todd
    Educational and Concerning
    Jordan Peterson is far from a perfect man. Yet he shows up with integrity and honesty more often than most well known figures. He shows genuine concern and respect for his guests. He listens to feedback and even tries to improve. How few people noticed he heard them criticize his talking over people, addressed it and explained many probable reasons with a commitment to improve upon it. Then he started doing better! That’s integrity. Of course he is biased…. So are you. He never claimed he wasn’t. Eventually Most people are going to wake up in prison and wonder how their rights turned into a crime. That’s all that Jordan Peterson is trying to prevent. Get on board
  • NATO1soul
    He never answered the question. What is the reason the vaccinated have authority over the unvaccinated?
  • iiiiooonaman
    Jordan Peterson changed my life
    Honestly his work has really improved my life in so many ways , I really love everything he has to say , and I’ve learned a lot more unique reasons to be grateful for all that the universe has to offer , I really appreciate all that he’s said and done for us I have two suggestions - 1) almost every single podcast episode has been talking about the false narrative of power in hierarchies, and it’s getting too overdone now, I hope that Jordan Peterson asks different types of questions rather than that single theme every episode 2) I think Jordan Peterson tends to cut off his guests too often, especially when they’re making a really interesting point Thank you so much!
  • ETrain7273
    A must-listen podcast.
  • gospelofjon
    I changed from 3 stars to 5 stars due to the range of topics. I just wish he would use his logic when it comes to the god question and realize that someone who simple doesn’t believe in a god is an atheist(Matt Dillahunty would be the easy example).
  • The Grube!
    Excellent Podcast!
    I started listening to this podcast after reading his books. Jordan delivers in almost every episode. I enjoy his ability to challenge his guests, even when Jordan clearly agrees with their perspective. Something else I enjoy is his approach to politics. As a Canadian, he has no skin in the game so his perspectives seem genuine and not fueled by the current political agenda here in America.
  • Psylocyn
    Great guests
    He gets some great guests, unfortunately the man himself is scattered, boorish, and has an agenda that he tries to push with nearly every question. 2 stars
  • Hudesqhivcbhf
    Thoughtful and insightful, but…
    Jordan’s thoughtfulness and insight is helpful and necessary, especially these days—these conversations are, for the most part, excellent. However, Jordan tends to interrupt his guests a lot, and doesn’t always let them make the point they’re trying to, or fully answer questions he’s just asked them—it’s very annoying and distracting. Other than that, fantastic podcast!
  • armchairargonaut
    Lacks virtue signaling
    Read his last two books, and if you’re like me try also tackling maps of meaning. So much wisdom
  • SNB Walter
    What can I say, it’s Jordan Peterson ! His intellectual gymnastics help me make sense of a world that seems to be imploding. And no , I am not an angst filled young white male. I’m a 64 year old female with a doctorate and 37 years of professional experience. His words reach many people. The world needs his light shining in the darkness.
  • 1ndyRunn3r
    Say what?…
    Interesting and mind boggling conversations. Always provides deep topics to chew on, research, and learn more about.
  • Blawke
    Garbage show from a man with garbage opinions
  • ryan sprengel
    I admire and love Peterson, however…
    I absolutely love the knowledge, wisdom and learning lessons I have acquired by listening to JP. However, he needs to stop cutting off conversations and let his guests speak their entire sentence.
  • @jfrench1021
    Critical Intellectual Exploration
    Dr. Peterson is leading the cause in today's intellectual exploration. He is tackling the greatest fundamental questions of humanity. Deeply rooted and aimed with purpose! We desperately need to listen to and participate in these conversations in this modern world of rapidly declining meaning. Everywhere you look, mankind is losing its meaning, soul, and its finger on Nature's pulse. Thank you so much Dr. Peterson, your words are more valuable than you realize. We aren't only listening! We are sharing our ever-evolving and hardening perspectives!
  • Mtndoctor
    I’ve been a huge fan of Peterson for years. But I have a very hard time getting through any of his latest podcasts because despite the amazing intellect of his guests, he won’t let them finish a sentence, let alone a fully formed idea. His continual interruptions limit the depth and comprehensibility of the discussions. I wish he would practice some of that Carl Roger’s listening he praises so highly a little more often.
  • Schizopolis8
    Parental Avidsory Suggested
    Parental Advisory Suggested.
  • Blakeopher
    Talks more than guests
    I am actually a fan of Mr. Peterson. I think he has a wealth of knowledge to share. However, it is becoming obnoxious hearing him constantly cut his guest off mid point as if they aren’t there as an expert in their field. As a host, why even waste the time of the guest by making them listen to you the entire time? It makes no sense. It is wearing and thus 4 stars.
  • palerider1979
    The Father I Never Had
    I am a 42 yr old, single father and firefighter who has walked a precarious path. I first discovered Dr. Jordan Peterson on Realtime with Ball Mahr on 4/20/18. Since that interview, my life’s trajectory pivoted, as I became a student of his books, podcasts, self authoring program(60,000+ words), and various youtube lectures (including his epic biblical series 3X over). I lost my father in a horrific manner during my formative years. Doctor Peterson has become the critically empowering voice which myself, and many others have so desperately needed. Thank you sir. Thank you for teaching me how to think and for your indelible service to mankind. Christopher Kenitzer Anthem AZ
  • Halloween 15
    Important Topics
    The episode with Steven Fry is great.
  • MGThill
    No safe spaces
    Incredible insight! Must have them on again.
  • relievedmom360
    Heavy, educational and enlightening
    I listen to almost everything Jordan peterson does. He is therapy and education at once
  • Nicholas Jauregui
    Incredible Wisdom
    Your wisdom is helping me be a better father in raising my three teenagers
  • direykurumba
    Dr Peterson i genuinely appreciate the wisdom your spreading around the world. And more young men like me look up to you as mentor, and father please continue what you doing is inspirational and hope you healthy meaningful life.
  • P. Munro
    Great show
    Can’t wait to hear more! This was a thoughtful and delightful interview. Must listen
  • The Federalist
    A Very Important Podcast
    Jordan Peterson is an important intellectual who has for years been like one crying out in the wilderness. He was ignored or dismissed as an alamist by many, blowing anecdotal evidence out of proportion. And has been under constant attack by those who fear the clarity of his arguement. It's been five some odd years since I became aware of him and the cautionary tale of which he spoke has now come home to roost. In the wake of COVID 19 and 4 years of Trump our institutions are engaged in a full blown culture war that could rip apart our democracy and lead us to God knows where... We've lived in such stability for so long we cannot imagine an instable world as we continue to swing the hammer striking at the foundations.... while telling ourselves, everything will work out. And yet he isn't a catastrophist, he encourages people to take responsibility, to work towards something and carry a burden for family and community. Love this podcast!
  • Addicted to myfitnesspal
    Thank you
    Thank you for voicing the logical truth. Your episode with Prager and Carolla is one of my favorite but I also value your educational lectures on religion. I work for one of the largest companies in the world. As a young man I was drawn to this company because it’s service to the world as well as the integrity of the work. As a 50 year old I am disgusted by the notion of systemic racism. For 20 years my company has directed us “don’t bring me a candidate unless they are a minority or woman” in that order. I have witnessed the corrosion of the company through the lack of concern with excellence and combined the relentless drive for performance. The result is people with a lack of integrity and a culture of cheating in order to meet standards. I have now been forced to be vaccinated in lieu of a demotion. My company is now lead by an outsider and many people that did not ascend due to merit alone. It will continue to deteriorate. It’s very sad.
  • Shane Magnus
    Quality of guests is impacting show’s value
    I have been a fan of his books and lectures for years, particularly his series on the Bible. That said, over time his podcast is becoming increasingly devoid of interesting discussion, culminating in his latest episode with Adam Carola and Dennis Prager. Listening to three extremely rich men on one of most popular podcasts on the planet whine they have a lack of influence or power is infuriating and tone deaf. Dismissing all Palestinians as a problem, spouting false information about covid, saying all educators are people who can’t compete in a real world. It’s not an educated podcast anymore if it’s a mouthpiece for people to spout ignorant opinions backed only by extremely biased personal opinion.
  • fmomof4
    Helps me stay sane!!!
    I have made the choice to be home with my four children. I love homeschooling them and being there for them. But I crave simulating thinking. I have read many of the great philosophers in college and love that I have finally found a place where ideas are discussed with respect and the desire to learn truth. Thank you so much!
  • AKbrain
    The struggle
    gives as good as it goes on and on and our only choice is to charge through tomorrow like 88 hammers with lightning in our love and thunder in our blood.
  • m0vł
    No es sufficiente una vez nada mas😢
  • DynTastic
    Great show
    This is a very important podcast for almost anyone at all, especially folks who have an interest in psychology or improving their overall state in life. I cannot say enough good things about what Peterson has done for me :-)
  • luisgoahead
    Great values
    Dr. Peterson has made think and act in a more positive way with his work.
  • noahlovesyou
    Great podcast, frequent editing issues though
    I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast, even though I’d consider myself further left than Dr. Peterson and most of the guests. The conversation is always interesting and helpful. The only problem is the editing problems; sometimes episodes will be randomly cut together, making it almost impossible to actually listen to one all the way through.
  • realcoolcucumber
    Huge Respect for Dr. Peterson
    Thankful for Dr. Peterson and his courage to stand true to his values. I am hopeful his voice and positive impact continue to grow far into the future.
  • jo jo the dog faced boy
    Likely the last great man on plant earth
    Jordan educates, enlightens, gives hope. Touches with a hand and heart of complete compassion. Gives of himself so selflessly to humanity. The same humanity that frankly, doesn’t deserve such gifts.
  • MCRParamore
    Love it!
    Super easy way to listen to a lot of his content while on the run!
  • Geoplanter
    Bitcoin discussion
    Just listened to Jordan‘s podcast with the Bitcoin guys. God help us all if these guys are the “experts” in our future for economics and monetary policy!
  • Zawfer
    Dr. Peterson: Please Talk Less, Listen More
    You talked over Andrew Doyle and rambled for long stretches of time. You interrupted Warren Farrell in the middle of a sentence continuously. Both men have a lot to say that I wanted to hear. Why invite these brilliant people on your show and then not let them talk? If you want to create a podcast where it’s All Jordan All The Time, go for it. I won’t listen, but someone might.
  • ShowMeSomeSubstance
    Ever heard of editing? This podcast is a jumble of recorded clips inserted in an illogical way. No cohesion. Is it a rough cut aired by mistake? And the alarmist descriptions of things they don’t agree with as “harrowing” and “mortifying” is hyperbolic and not effective to me as a listener.
  • Liz B.💚
    Jordan Peterson has changed my life for the better. He is incredibly compassionate, thoughtful, encouraging & honorable. His podcast has amazing guests and is always aimed at educating & delving into topics that require nuance and spotlighting. Thank you JBP!!
  • Aram Arutyunyan
    Most Logical Person on Earth. True Lightworker
    Listening to Jordan Peterson is a gift from god that was planted at this time to make humanity more logical and less emotional and illogical. Thank you sir for your purpose and satisfying that big purpose for modern liberals.
  • Carcol22
    Mr. Peterson, I truly believe you are a gift to this world! Your logic & approach to breaking down things to an understandable level is so amazing! It has changed my life! My husband’s life! I am a Psychology Major, though my journey has begun, your teachings really helps me gain understanding in so many areas!! Thank you for your service to strangers and willingness to enlighten!!!
  • Snellnation
    Outstanding podcast
    Dr. Peterson thank you for discussing topics that really matter and never apologizing to the mob. You’ve inspired me to start my own podcast. Oh and thank you for “12 Rules for Life”. 👍👍
  • redwolfhopw
    Sad to hear the bias
    I usually relish each podcast as an intellectual treat amongst all the chatter out there. That’s why I found your discussion with Dr. Thorn so distressing. His unchallenged prejudice towards what he clearly considers his mental inferiors was stunning. How any research could be taken seriously when done by a man with a clear axe to grind against conservative thinking is hard to fathom. How you held your diagnostic tongue when he was describing the clear source of his lifelong vendetta against his perceived abusers. Clinics Separation anxiety as a result of his parents mishandling of the death of his “2nd mom” . Regardless of your particular politics, you often offer greater resistance to clear falsehoods or mischaracterization’s. Hope you’re feeling well. Your podcast with Yeonmi Park changed my life. Ty, GW
  • Vaultdweller-13
    Benzo fiend Kermit yells over his hosts
    And every 35 year old forever-alone white dude who worships his abusive dad laps it all up. Weak juice KoolAid for the intellectually castrated, probably mentally ill plebs. Basically Banta fodder. You are welcome, my dudes.
  • Liz Nik
    Genius mind
    I want to snuggle his brain.
  • Gyruss0110
    Dr. Thornhill your bias is showing
    Many of his thoughts on Conservatives are opinions presented as facts in the best case, outright lies in the worst case.
  • Only Podcast I Never Miss
    Previously great, now shrooms-obsessed
    Are you so tired of young men on the street thanking you for encouraging them that you want them to just go do shrooms instead? It looks like that’s the legacy you’re now aiming for
  • Boojiedog
    Death, Disease and Politics
    How do you spell Cockamamie? “Thornhill”. Professor Peterson, you wasted your time and ours on this moron.
  • Dougfuciou5
    Helped get my mind back in order
    Was suicidal, upset , depressed, hated life. Everyone needs a solid base and if you didnt get one from a stable childhood THIS can stabilize you .
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