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Perpetual Chess features weekly conversations with the chess world's best players, promoters, and educators about their lives, careers, current projects, and best practices. Learn more at

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Recent Reviews
  • LiZdrakken
    Guests are good but Ben isn’t
  • the owl and the octopus
    Best in this biz
    I’m a working professional and adult improver, just starting to take my chess more seriously. I really appreciate this podcast on so many different levels from the players to the cognitive specialist speaking on chess. A must listen for anyone interested in chess at any level.
  • JWS900
    I am a working professional and adult improver in chess. For years I have looked for ways to stay connected to chess while I am driving or exercising or on a plane. Over the years I have bought and listened to every audio book with a chess theme or by a chess author, and only some of which have been enjoyable. This podcast really hits the spot. I have now listened to every podcast episode and they just keep getting better. I am going to make a donation to the cause.
  • Highlightgyy
    Best chess podcast out there!
    Not only are all the conversations easy to listen to. But Ben Johnson does great research I to all his guest and actually asks good questions. Nothing repetitive and always engaging. He has different types of podcasts, from notable grandmasters, adult improvers and even book reviews. He’s always striving to improve the podcast and better the game of chess. I listen both while at work, and when going on long runs. It always leaves me feeling really motivated and ready to play/study Chess. I’ve made sure to recommend this to all my friends. I just wish Moonmaster would return.
  • Tom in baltimore
    Essential for chess fans
    This terrific podcast gives fans an intimate view of chess through thoughtful interviews with people ranging from the world’s top players to chess teachers, amateurs, and hustlers.
  • weirdsbeach
    Great show for the chess enthusiast
    I’m an adult amateur chess player with a lot of passion for the game. This podcast motivates me to improve, gives me lots of tips, and the interviews are always entertaining.
  • Djs2703
    Amazing Podcast
    This is a great podcast! Ben Johnson is a great host, and it is clear just how devoted he is to this show. He speaks with a wide variety of guests from all over the chess world, making for interesting, novel conversations each week. Thanks so much for doing this!
  • Stradyhand
    Only one of its kind
    I want to do chess as much as I can but I can’t when I am physically exercising. This gives that opportunity while also providing useful leads for an adult improver like me. I also try to learn best practices that I can pass on to my young kids starting out in competitive chess.
  • Jgazes
    Highly Engrossing Podcast
    Excellent podcast, great interviews, and very interesting dialogue. I started the podcast and couldn't stop listening, first on my iPhone, then in my car, and finally finishing at home on my pc. I am a returning adult having played chess as a child, and found this very inspiring to continue to learn and grow my skills. Thank you!
  • Westside1893
    Best Chess Podcast!!!!!
    The conversations are so interesting and I learn a lot from just listening to them... highly recommend
  • Dennis987
    Interesting Guests & Topics
    I appreciate the many interesting guests and some really bigs names among them. I also like the variety of backgrounds of the guests and therefore the varied topics that are covered. If you like chess, you’ll love this podcast.
  • Andrew srdfgppol
    Solid chess podcast - thanks Ben!
    Very entertaining and lots of useful info for players and fans alike. I like it so much, I have become a Panteon supporter - well worth the small contribution!
  • AsocPro
    Great way to keep chess from getting too stressful.
    Sometimes when you are so focused on chess and improvement it can g we frustrating but this podcast lets me still have a part of my brain in chess without chess turning into a constant grind.
  • chp18639
    Best chess podcast!
    Love the all the great interviews with the top level GM’s, the adult improver series, and the book reviews. Ben does an amazing job with getting a well rounded selection of people to interview. Very incite full into the chess world and love all the book recommendations.
  • Ulery10
    New chess player
    Amazing podcast. One of the few chess podcasts out there. I really enjoy! Keep up the good work!
  • Williamz3
    A podcast I had long been looking for!
    I just started a year ago playing chess again since I was kid, and I’ve since been trying to better get into the whole wider chess world and this podcast has been a great window in.
  • SamLoom
    Very good content.
    The content is very good.
  • Rohan Dalvi
    Super entertaining
    I regularly listen to your podcast on my way to work !
  • D.mon11
    Great book reviews
    Really enjoy the book reviews and the insights to the more human side of chess
  • FireofThyLove
    Five stars
    Great show, love the insights from world class players
  • Grthgjhbjghryrg
    For the chess fans out there. Simply the best.
  • MarleyDubrow
    Chess Made Human
    For someone like me who just stirred an interest in chess as ah adult, this is a great podcast to learn about the culture of the game, terminology, and major players. Listen to it every morning in my way to work! Love learning about the players behind the pieces!
  • Cruelwisdom
    Good content
    Love the Adult learner series! If you want to improve your chess knowledge, this is a good place to start immersing yourself in chess culture!!
  • mr.fogz
    Great show, Thanks Ben for some good chess content!
  • Mrk1839
    Fantastic Podcast
    This is a fun podcast. This is a sure fire way to learn more about Chess. I became a supporter as I want to do my part to ensure this show stays around and continues to grow. It's fantastic because you have a chance to ask questions of Grandmasters, Champions, Instructors and authors. I enjoy hearing my questions discussed and answered.
  • buherii
    Very nice podcast
    I gained many chess knowledge since listening to Ben’s podcast. Ben himself is very humble in the interviews and makes it very easy to listen. Thanks Ben, keep up the good work and wish you and your family all the best.
  • Moec91
    Amazing journalism
    This is the best chess podcast out around. The quality of Ben Johnson’s interview is next to none. I’ve heard humorous stories, rich history, advice, personal experiences, and so forth. I highly recommend this podcast to any serious chess player.
  • 95&:!!54;
    Love it
    Great podcast!! We need more creative chess content like this. I highly recommend it. Thank you Ben!
  • Gameplayer1231
    Great guests and great discussions
    Ben - I really enjoy your podcasts! Keep up the good work! Neal Bruce
  • PerryDB
    This Podcast is Awesome
    Funny and interesting! I listen at work and when my day is over its hard to stop listening!
  • Meowmdowmoda
    Best chess podcast
    Favorite host of any podcast. Even if you don’t know anything about chess I would still recommend. Thanks, Ben!
  • Chris Flanagan
    Entertaining and educational
    Great podcast with wonderful interviews of interesting personalities in the world of chess. Ben covers a wide range of chess related topics including the best players, chess improvement and general chess news and tournament discussions.
  • crazedearl
    Excellent podcast!
    One suggestion: Stay focused on the game and insights about the game that the guest has. Obscure biographical facts like: Did you learn Italian? What was the immigration policy? And on and on. Who cares? Find myself ff constantly. Focus on the game please.
  • Real Timer
    Best chess podcast
    Not only the best chess podcast but one of the best podcasts period. Keep up the great work!
  • Commodoor64
    Great Podcast
    This is an excellent chess podcast.
  • donkirk73
    #1 Chess podcast!!! Great stuff!
    #1 Chess podcast!!! Great stuff!
  • FredSkinner
    First class
    Listen to Mr. Johnson's podcast and watching Simon Williams' Master Method made me see chess as fun again. I have never enjoyed the game more!
  • idjit19
    High Quality Content!!!
    While there are, and have been, the occasional chess podcast, there has yet to be a podcaster who has the interviewing skills combined with the work effort and timeliness of Ben. Several guests on the show have been long time personal friends of mine and still I have learned many things I didn't already know. If you or your child are a chess fan you should jump in with both feet. You won't regret it.
  • TheFroo
    Great interviews
    I'm really glad I found this podcast. It complements my chess YouTube subscriptions perfectly. I've found that all the right questions are being asked. Never a dull moment.
  • ManCave29
    Excellent Work!
    I love what you are doing here Ben, an excellent podcast! Thank you and please don't stop!
  • Danijay
    Great podcast!
    This is a very enjoyable podcast. It goes beyond games and theory -- it picks the brains of some of the most brilliant players out there.
  • Constantine73
    Great chess podcast!!!
    Ben does a great job with this; very much needed for the chess world!
  • The Professor131313
    Great Podcast!!!!
    This Podcast got me playing chess again.. Ben does great interviews with interesting chess people.. I have enjoyed every single Podcast. My favorite part of the Podcast is when Ben ask what books they recommend and how can a beginner improve there game.. Thanks Ben!!
  • SimbaWilliam
    For chess fans everywhere, these interviews are great, and inspiring.
  • Chinatimt
    Great Chess Podcast
    I have listened to every podcast and this is a must listen if you are a chess player, a parent of a chess player or a chess coach. These podcasts are in depth interviews which Ben Johnson handles very well. I am a big fan!
  • joemccarron
    Great but I want more
    I really like learning a bit about each guest. You are doing a great job. I do wish you would cover a bit more. I wish you would bring up religion and politics. Of course if a guest doesn't want to talk about it thats fine. But if they do maybe explore it a bit. Im not saying turning it into a political or religious podcast but if the guest wants and they are interested then I would be interested in hearing. (Chess politics is also of interest to me. I think my favorite comment so far has been Alex Yermolenski saying FIDE needs to drain the swamp. ) I am somewhat especially interested in what politics is and was like in the countries outside the US. Where their parents political or religious, if so in what way? Etc. Whether or not you agree with me I am still thankful for the great high quality podcast. Keep at it.
  • Jes&Ryan
    Fantastic chess podcast
    Thank you very much for finally allowing me to engage in the world of chess while in the car. This podcast has really amazingly well done, interesting interviews - from professional players to chess teachers in the classroom. I love every bit of it. Thank you and here's to sticking around for a long time.
  • tomfabricio
    Excellent pod cast
    Would love to hear some theory from time to time.
  • DMD67
    Great Podcast!!
    As someone who has been away from tournament chess for a while, it's nice to hear these great conversations with people I used to follow.
  • Sevin Korbo
    Exactly what I Wanted
    I'm just an average player who tries to learn about the serious chess world time to time but could never find a show to present it in an accessible manner. This does that and I feel like I'm able to journey a little deeper into this world now.
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