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Tim Dennis & hosts take listeners on an entertaining journey into all aspects of the supernatural, from ghosts and aliens, to monsters, mysteries, myths & legends with guest experts, experiencers and eye witnesses. With over 16 years experience they continue to be your guides to the encounters that seem to lie just outside the limits of normal life and just past the boundaries of the darkness on the edge of every town.


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Recent Reviews
  • cuckin chuck
    Not what it used to be, but not terrible.
  • Tere&Lulu
    Very good
    Tim is doing a great job. Thank you for improving this podcast.
  • nevermoore 65
    5 star!!!
    Tim has brought the show back to life. I enjoy listening to it again. On track keep up the good work.
  • Owens, Anthony
    Still One Of The Best
    This show was the first paranormal podcast that I discovered about 7 years ago. This past year, due to many factors(mainly health), I lost track and got far behind on listening. Now, I have rediscovered it with Tim at the helm and it is as great as I remember it. Keep up the great work Tim!!
  • IsaacRay94
    Tim is amazing
    Been listening to this for 5 years now, and I just have to give Tim his props, taking over probably wasn’t easy but he is doing great. Keep up the great work man
  • Anxiety doesn't define me
    So sorry but After 3 years of listening and loving it, I’m unsubscribing. I tried to support by listening without Dave but it’s just not good. Painful even. I love Tim but he’s better in a “sidekick” role (and that’s ok). Not everyone has that charismatic personality to keep listeners interested. Im switching to Dave’s new podcast the Paranormal 60. Good luck Tim.
  • P@triciaG
    Long time listener
    I’ve been listening to Darkness Radio for about 12 years now. There’s has been some changes over the years but darkness radio always lands on their feet. Tim is taking darkness radio to a new level and I am committed and I will always recommend it and follow it. It’s great to see Tim evolve into a great interviewer, and I love to see the support from his friends when they join him in many episodes.
  • MAY try again
    Used to be an interesting show, Tim has turned it into a pathetic attempt at comedy. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Ness 2012
    So annoying now
    No more wrestling!!
  • Tishy G
    Used to be the best in paranormal now that Dave is gone
    Tim you seem like a good guy but but I just can’t stand listening to you babble on anymore. Peace out ✌️
  • Chetubtcha
    Truly the best in Paranormal Podcasting.
    This show is amazing. Both of these chaps are great interviewers, and give all of their guest a fair shake. They cover many different topics and put their own comical spin to it. They do a great job of taking the topics seriously, while not taking themselves too seriously. The witty repartee between Dave & Tim is great.
  • JohnnyPeckerRub
    Finally Tim is stepping out on his own. Goodbye Dave!!! Dave was getting way to shall we say into himself and all his other shows.
  • PetersonM.E.
    Not the same
    Enough with the wrestling crap
  • AirieLee
    Love it!!
    I am really enjoying this podcast again. I had never stopped listening to this podcast but it had become almost a chore. Since Tim has been on his own I have begun to enjoy listening to Darkness Radio podcast again. It is easy to pick up on his excitement for the possibilities for the show and be interested in hanging out with him to hear the things he has planned going forward. It is nice to hear the show for its own sake and have a host who is invested in Darkness and its listeners again rather than using the podcast as a constant commercial for other projects.
  • Joe92580
    Great Show
    Been listening for a couple years and I really like Tim and Dave together. After hearing Dave’s reason for leaving, I felt bad for Tim, but knew he was capable of handling anything. Team Tim all the way! Looking forward to what the future holds.
  • Sunny Stillwater
    Looking forward to Dave being gone and having Tim take over.
    Updated review from me. I’m happy to have Tim without Dave. Dave is just not a very nice person and I’m so happy for the change Old review before Dave left : These two used to be a lot of fun. Now just Tim is fun. Dave just comes off as bored and uninterested now days. His attitude stinks. His ego is laughable and gross. I’d love to see Tim and Malley Fox do a show together. They were so much fun together back when. Much better chemistry and much kinder people. Worth a listen to Tim though.
  • Gypsi Moon
    Wrestler paranormal guy… oof
    Hope everyone is healthy soon. Get well TIM’s dad.
  • MichaeltheDog
    Still All In
    As long as the guests are fun, the topics are interesting, and everything stays spooky I’m all in.
  • JD Denver
    The Tim Show
    You got this bravo!!
  • Stabby-birb-boi
    I’m excited to hear what Tim and his guests will do with the show. I missed how things were years ago when he wasn’t just the guy in the background. Dave used to be entertaining, but in recent years he seemed to take over, and the show really suffered from the lack of balance and his increasing ego. For years, I never missed an episode, but lately I lost interest; when I tuned back in finally and heard Tim was taking over, it was a relief.
  • liza jane24
    Dave leaving the show
    I will continue to support Tim in his new endeavors.Dave has shown himself to be a sorry excuse for a friend and so called brother,as he called Tim so many times. Good luck to Tim and good riddance to Dave. They were once a good team but now it feels like Dave has been lying to the public this whole time. Tim is more than capable to do this show. Dave can go run around chasing bumps in the dark while Tim will finally get to explore his ideas and Dave can keep showboating and using other people for their ideas like The Holzer Files.
  • jphark
    firmly on team Tim Dennis
    loved the banter between tim and dave. now that dave is gone i have no intentions of listening to daves new show.
  • SoCalGoodman
    I’m almost out!
    I absolutely love this podcast but if things don’t get back to somewhat normality (Dave is back in some capacity) I’m out. Tim is a great dude and is very knowledgeable but when it comes to interviews it’s hard to listen, I can’t listen. Its sad to say that this will probably be the end of me listening to this podcast if this continues on the way it has been lately.
  • thesilvermind
    Will miss Dave
    Was the best paranormal show for a while but I guess things run their course. I hope Dave comes back soon with his own show. Just awkward without him.
  • Deniusiii
    Two is better than one
    I am most attracted to listening to Darkness Radio when both Tim and Dave are on together. I understand when one or the other is not able to do the show but having you both on is part of the magic of what makes it work!
  • MikeBreedlove
    The best
    I’ve been a listener for at lest 8 years . I’ve watched podcasts come and go , get big, then disappear. These two knuckle heads have not changed since day one . Tim wants you to believe he’s just a wrestling fan ( he is much more then that, his knowledge on both side of the microphone is amazing). Dave is a super natural guru, add a little skepticism ( he never talks down to a guest) . Mix the two and you have a podcast that you wish was 5 hours long every day . Absolutely my favorite show. Mike Breedlove Costa Mesa , CA P.s I a huge fan of the show . Tim and even wrestling. But…. Tim… I know you know plenty of guest hosts, that are not pro wrestling. Call me . I’ll be a guest host ! Just not stories of clowns 🤡 🥰 I say this tongue in cheek , but let’s go easy on the square circle folks . I have you as in my top 3 radio / podcasts peeps . Be well , and as always, you are always in my prayers that not harm comes your way. Mb
  • lhjgkwm
    Dialogue too fast?
    Love you guys sm! Just wondering if Im the only one noticing the dialogue seems excellerated. Normal tempo would be better. One fans opinion! Happy New Year!
  • Duckers33
    Love the show m.
    I look forward to darkness radio every week. I wish you amazing people were on every day!
  • Floyds mom
    Week of Dec 6th
    For the most part I enjoy the show ,however this past week all 3 shows for me , fell flat. I couldn’t listen to an entire show which is highly unusual I hope this was a one off and not the direction Of the show Tim being sick was unfortunate, perhaps he needed more time to recover? Dave globetrotting, perhaps needing a respite? Not sure. The one piece of advice I can offer is this, If you can’t give 110% of either your time or talent it shows like it did this week. Tim, feel better. Dave, I’ll look for your best work on Discovery
  • Rob in Breckenridge CO
    Here’s one i look forward to every week👍. welcome back Tim,so glad you’re okay man🙏
    5 stars because these guys are from Minnesota and may like Biden:)
  • artbell223
    Tim and Dave crazy smart and funny
    Great show. They are the best. Crazy amount of laughs and insightful
  • 12Corra
    Ep. 131
    I laughed out loud! Dave’s accent 😄
  • hharisodnf r
    Love y’all!
    I love y’all’s podcast and all of the info you talk about. Dave , I love your sense of humor and you crack me up all through out the podcast. You are also very handsome! You are doing an awesome job and look forward to listening to future podcasts. Heather S.
  • nyekcmo
    No longer a fan
    Not interested in listening to a drunk on a podcast worst one I’m ever heard I was a longtime listener and now I won’t be and won’t recommend this podcast to anyone
  • falloverse
    Dude jason mclean
    AWSOMEEE JOB man it was mind blowing, loved it man loved it!! Thank you for having him on and letting me get to listen!! Truly awsome stuff, also recommend the “demons” episode!!!!
  • avragejoe2012
    One star
    I give you one star because you asked for people to rate and review then don’t put all the interviews only on the paid side where they should be
  • Ladiebugzie
    Ah. That Midwestern Humor.
    “As I write this, I have tears, streaming tears, running down my face after crying and dying laughing at your stories and your love of Sasquatch meat. My lungs are cleared after laughing so intensely that the after party of my bronchitis was exorcised from my respiratory system. I think there might have been a demon in there. Seriously, had this episode aired earlier, I could have saved myself some money on that magical cough syrup. Or maybe, I had to let the light in? I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. I appreciate Tim and your rhetorical tapestry. I should create a tic toc channel and special effects to illustrate my experience tonight, but I am middle aged and I’ll leave those shenanigans up to the kids. Thank you both so much laughs and the Sasquatch sandwich endorsements.
  • Tabbiecatzzz
    False advertising
    For paranormal fans, darkness radio is an enticing title. Until you listen and find out each episode is over an hour of commercials for movies, shows, and books, disguised as a paranormal podcast. Clever, but a waste of time.
  • tjdupuis
    Tucker Carlson
    Dave and Tim really enjoy the podcast. I really enjoy the humor you bring to the show. I personally don’t mind anyone you mention in your podcast. After all your bringing great information to your show. Continue the Great Work.
  • jk9657
    The Tucker Carlson show?
    Gross, it seems whenever I tune in, I hear the hosts talking about Tucker Carlson, or I hear Tucker Carlson’s lying voice. I’ll go elsewhere for my paranormal entertainment.
  • Pajc810
    Best paranormal show anywhere
    Dave and Tim are absolutely the best in the game. This show is fun and interesting and I look forward to every new episode. I’ve been listening to them since they were on the radio station in Minnesota and their show was hosted as more of a rerun than a podcast on I Heart Radio. Hope this keeps going for many more years to come.
  • teamhoganracing81
    Best Paranormal Show
    I have been listening to Darkness Radio since 2007. I love the paranormal and spend a lot of time listening to paranormal podcasts. I can honestly say that although there are other good shows out there none are as good at covering all aspects of the paranormal. Dave and Tim have the greatest sense of humor, but treat all guests and subjects with the utmost respect. I am fpr ever a Darkness Radio fan.
  • Yogi Lily
    5 year listener
    I have been an avid listener for 5 years now, and I still love every minute. I get so excited when I hear the theme music start! Dave Schrader is an incredible interviewer. I have enjoyed hearing his perspective and I love the way he shares personal details about his life; he seems like such a warm, caring guy, with a sense of humor. The guests are eclectic and fascinating, and the topics are all the weird stuff that have been of interest to me for my whole life. It’s comforting to listen to others who share the same fascination, and I feel connected to the guests, the hosts and the other listeners. This podcast feels like home!
  • gspceo253
    Best Podcast Ever!!!
    Dave and Tim have been doing Darkness Radio for 11 years and they've now entered the podcast realm. They are fantastic hosts and they know how to interview the guests while captivating the audience.Each topic is different, informative and leaves you wanting more. This show is terrific!!!
  • Bryguy2019
    My absolute favorite paranormal show!!! 15 + seasons should tell you everything you need to know. Tim and Dave are hilarious and down right good guys. Check the show out, you won’t be disappointed!!!
  • Kirbyy929
    Best Paranormal Podcast!
    Very factual, and very fun.
  • MaygunVagabond
    Dave Schrader is a 5 star man.
    So is Tim Dennis. Both of them, five star men. How dare anyone rate Darkness Radio any less. SHAME 🔔
  • Ravinus
    Amazing and fun
    This is such a fun show to listen to! Dave and Tim produce so much content, with a wide variety of topics. You will not get bored listening!
  • Seduceme1369
    Always interesting, always fun, and always informative. Much love!
  • OrigGrumpyJay
    Dave Schrader and Tim Davis are my kind of people
    I’m a fan of most things paranormal and ufo related topics due to personal experiences. So to listen to people of similar experiences helps me to wrap my brain around mine.
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