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The official podcast of comedians Ethan & Hila Klein of h3h3productions.

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  • Edgycoolness
    I downloaded their podcast episodes on James Charles because I wanted to understand what happened. I couldn’t believe the first episode was FOUR hours long?!? I skipped through it and they really need someone to edit their episodes because it did not need to be that long. And I didn’t learn anything, complete waste of time. Same with the other two episodes.
  • 17+ game but cool
    Ethan please stop smacking your food
    I love frenemies but I literally can’t handle listening to another podcast of Ethan eating. It literally ruins my mood and irks my entire soul. Other than that 5 stars!
  • evey420
    Best podcast
    I listen to a good amount of podcasts especially since I drive and do deliveries for work and I honestly enjoy every second of every upload and truly appreciate all of them Ethan, Hila, Dan, AB and of course Trisha!!!
    Hey trish I love u sooo much but I’m not a fan of Moses. Ethans fine, he’s a little too much sometimes but he’s kind of smart actually and hila seems nice but Moses- NO! I don’t like him. You can do better trish. -love, bigdic
  • dmeshots187
    Funny but ignorant to truth
    Ethan is funny but knows nothing of the conspiracy world.
  • kayakkids
    Say all that you want, the dynamic between Trisha and Ethan is painstakingly beautiful. I enjoy every second of their relationship and seeing it grow!
  • De Los Nachos
    Only Listen For Trisha
    Was never a huge fan of this podcast but nothing is better than Ethan and Trisha. They make a great duo and prefer her to Hila.
  • chump22222
    Used to be a huge h3 fan, but hearing him make such blanket statements about religion is really cringe. He acts like Kenneth Copeland is the model for all Christians, and that’s woefully misleading. Please stop acting like your opinion is always what’s right, and show some respect to your listeners.
  • thejuiceeeeislooooose
    No more food videos
    Love y’all but can’t deal with the smacking of food and full mouth eating.. with peace and love
  • iamnaye
    favorite podcast
    only podcast i can actually listen to, love frenemies and i love trisha
  • every name was taken 😤
    No means no Trisha
  • AmandaLeigh3818
    I love you guys but you have to stop eating ALL the time. It sounds awful on an audio format. Ethan’s constant pigging out makes me sick. I had to turn the latest show off. Go on a diet fat boy.
  • R2-d2 better-8
    Trisha is annoying AF, Hila is way better
    Hila is so much better as a co-host. Trisha is dramatic. Hila has a really nice accent
  • vwsbvx
    Thank you h3
    Ethan is so comforting to me. I didn't even know him from early youtube, just from this pod. He's genuine and funny. I could truly listen to him talk about anything - which he does freely. I love the 3 hour episodes. I think this is love.
  • Marysol98
    Love love love
    You guys are an amazing crew! I love and each an one of you guys for being so genuine and awesome! Keep up the great work! I can watch you guys all day long and never get bored! Love you Trisha ❤️
  • Sick Freak3
    Mmm mmmm
    Found this podcast because of Trisha ;) Love you Trish :)
  • VoxWasTaken
    Love you guys but...
    I’m really getting tired of the James Charles blah blah blah and the chick with a annoying voice (NOT HILA) blah blah blah. I cant even click anymore.🙁WHAT HAPPENED! This all started when that clothing brand came out! I’m a huge supporter of you guys I even bought teddy fresh for my girlfriend multiple times just wish things were like they used to be.. Much love guys.
  • Seachelle MiShell
    Very entertaining
    Never bothered with podcasts until H3 came into my life. They are the gateway to me listening to any podcasts actually. I gotta give credit to where credits due
  • JUF114
    Love love love this podcast
    I love Ethan and Hila, I think they’re both great hosts the only thing is I think the sound bar is a little repetitive and annoying at times cause the sounds are so cringey lol
  • missbrooketoyou
    The Best
    H3 over here making podcasts relevant again. Trisha adds so much to the show. Love to all.
  • im on a quest
  • Lotopotato
    I am obsessed with this show, but my misophonia cannot handle all of the mouth noises. It is so bad. Maybe lean away from the microphone when you’re eating or drinking. Take a note from Tay Zonday’s video “Chocolate Rain.” I love this show so much and I will try to push through. 😂
  • Zaggy😝
    Mhm yes.
  • User117937
    Ethan‘s chewing
    It’s so gross
  • losth3fan
    Old h3 is dead and gone
    Sadly what we have here is a run of the mill drama channel but what’s more? The blatant virtue signaling and the hardcore participation in cancel culture. Me and all my friends miss the old h3, the goofy and lighthearted h3. Hop off that pedestal you’ve placed yourself on Ethan.
  • nathanlouislipman
    my go to
    FOR EVERYONE SAYING ITS ALL OVER THE PLACE, ITS BECAUSE THE PODCAST USUALLY HAS A VIDEO WITH IT ON YOUTUBE. Ethan and Hila (Trisha as well) always manage to brighten my day. Keep it up.
  • Casswipe
    My favorite podcast!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Ethan and Hila are amazing people who put nothing but wonderful content! I love the sound bites and all the hardworking guys behind the scenes! (Ian, Zach, AB, Dan). They are all have such a great vibe and I’ve been a member, will continue to be, and recommend everyone to become a member as well! Also, LOVE frenemies. Been a fan of Trisha since the dawn of YouTube and how much Ethan and trish have grown as friends!!!
  • Engprofft
    This is torture! I feel like I have ADHD, but I don’t. 😩 Bouncing around from clip to sound bite to James Charles and a billion other things. I can’t do a podcast that doesn’t get to the point. Maybe get some sort of outline and be prepared?!
  • to-dah
    Good podcast
    It’s a great culture podcast with a great perspective. However, the editing with voice over tracks that are inserted is a little over the top and unnecessary. It would be much stronger if they shared their ideas and opinions with fewer voice over tracks in the editing. Only use it if it’s necessary. Other than that, it’s a great pod and will still listen.
  • Rj1418
    Sound effects
    For the love of god!!! Can you please stop with the sound effects ever 10 seconds! I really want to give this a 5 star because I love the content, but the sound effects are ridiculous! It’s like you just set it in front of a child. Frenemies doesn’t use nearly as much!
  • Maggies nickname
    give me more episode now
  • samisanna
    I love you guys!
    Everyone’s voice on this podcast was made for this extremely entertaining but also soothing enough to fall asleep to
  • A-montgomery
    tuesday rock
    everything i needed in my life & i didn’t even know it. ❤️ i love the laughter and banter. tuesday are my favorite! 🙌🏻
  • Jada's World
  • cangspalli
    Frenemies gives me life!
    Trisha and ethan literally are the only people I love and trust on internet right now. I live for tuesdays, I even listen to them while I am sleeping. Please don’t ever stop making frenemies.
  • Valeryapps
    Out here
    H3 out here doing good work, thanks to frenemies for bringing light to a serious topic and putting in the work.
  • JasminS87
    Ethan and Trisha are so funny but together it’s next level! I catch myself laughing so much at them. I really thinks it’s refreshing how honest Trisha is and Ethan is just so great with Trisha I love it! I always look forward to Tuesday’s now! By the way thank you for the bonus love episodes!
  • babykakes2018
    I Love you guys!
    Never been much into podcasts until H3 & of course Frenemies! ♥️
  • Funmuffins
    Trasha is the devil in disguise.
    She cried when is called a whale, then turns around and calls a young girl the same name. She is a manipulator and liar beyond belief. Only wants to cause trouble to make her nasty, evil self relevant. Anyone that likes trashy trisha needs therapy. Jason’s only mistake was dating that crazy B.
  • Yoursminegthgvdgn
    What is happening?
    Are there 3 different podcasts in this one feed? I took a break from the pod after being a huge fan and now it’s 3 shows? Trisha was the reason I originally took a break and now she is a co host and a majority of the feed is her. Awful.
  • Lauren H 💕
    With Peace and Love
    The only podcast I don’t listen to a double speed. Thanks, y’all!
  • Davina Duran
    Love y’all’s energy sm!!!
  • bush she
    Fave podcast
    This is amazing. They’re both good people who are genuinely funny. It’s perfect ❤️
  • Ddddhhedghtg
    H3 podcast is great
    Recently found this podcast and lol when I listen while at work
  • Fvacunn
  • millipedequeen
    Papa Bless
    Drama can be tiring but what’s been going on lately is WAY too serious to let go... THANK YOU for the amazing Jeff interview. Asking all the right questions and not letting things slide. I appreciate you all + love every H3 show
  • Rachieyaya
    Ethan is the best, love Ethan and Trishas friendship.
  • Rez8_
    H3 meets Trish?????
    Honestly frenemies for LIFE! The duo that can’t die, love y’all!!!!!
  • bea.perry123:;&/&
    frenemies is funny
    so funny
  • Aprilgoestocollege
    With peace and love
    H3 is the best podcast. I find my self actually LOLing at work in my professional office setting. 10/10 have ended an email with Papa Bless.
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