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The guys from Fieldcraft Survival host this informative series in survival, tactics, defense, gear, fitness, overlanding, mobility, military, and more. All things preparedness and survival from Fieldcraft Survival.

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  • Michael Stookey
    So good.
  • Puro Trash
    Great podcast!
  • 1ExtraStep
    Great info from a subject matter expert.
    Worth listening.
  • TheGinMD
    Cool guys, mediocre podcast
    Interesting guys with cool backgrounds. Unfortunately they hitched their wagons to black rifle coffee, Starbucks with a rugged individualist facade, and they shill for them nonstop. Some episodes have good info or cool stories, others are military bros back-slapping each other or advertisements for their training offerings in podcast form. I can’t blame them for the backslapping, they have impressive backgrounds, but it’s not always good listening for average bros. And knives are awesome, but I can only listen to so many interviews with knife makers. Knives are one of the simplest tools ever created by mankind, how much can you talk about them? They barely talk guns because their other main sponsor is a gun manufacturer, and I assume they want to pretend other brands don’t exist.
  • AnnaMkrrison
    We’re behind you!
    I greatly appreciate all you and the Fieldcraft family do for us! Keep up the great work.
  • MatthewDG2000
    Great Content
    Wish every American would listen / watch Fieldcraft’s content. Keep killin’ it Mike! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • risarambo
    I really enjoy the range of topics covered in these podcasts. I always feel informed after listening and enjoy every episode, like hanging out with friends. Love Mike and all the team at Fieldcraft.
  • E556A
    Great content
    Really encouraging 👍🏼
  • J. B. Doss
    Big Fan!
    Big fan of Mike Glover and his team. I have enjoyed the stories and lessons that I can apply to everyday life.
  • spt818
    Highly Recommend
    Amazing content
  • 666CUJO
    F u c k t h e F & B & I !!!!!!
  • hando408
    One of the Best Podcasts in the Game Right Now!
    Love this platform and am learning a ton from the wisdom that’s being shared. God Bless everyone over at Fieldcraft Survival. 🙏🏽 🇺🇸 🎙
  • lbm1216
    Awesome info
    Great information as usual. Thank you guys!
  • AdcarTOW
    Educate Yourself
    If you are not listening to Echo and Jocko, you are wrong. He provides a service to the public exposing stories of Veterans to people who wouldn’t get to hear them.
  • Black Tee Resistance
    Thanks for the info. Great survival and tactical tips. Plus, I find a four leaf clover every time Kevin Owens says Mogadishu!
  • larry smith 1017
    Kevin does a great job.
  • srandels272
  • Eborg13
    More people should be listening.
    Great content and great delivery. In a time where everyone seems to be an expert, with their black belt in social media education, this podcast gives you a chance to hear real content by real experts. Thanks for continuing your efforts into this podcast.
  • BishopSoCal
    New Listener
    Great content!
  • 457999332
    Great stuff
    Thank you.
  • Karina says its easy
    Great podcast
  • JiuJitsuAngel
    Great org
    Great content and story of the founder.
  • dstafford1911
    Cleared field craft hot
    Thank you guys even though I’ve heard one or the other first I listen to both even if they are the same go team thank you they remind me of the men I was around when I was a youngster.I’m talking preteen around bush pilots thank you keep up the good work Even as an infant I had to be put in the super cub to fall asleep but as a family man I can’t afford my dream. But both of you inspire me to keep that man inside alive for my kids and my wife
  • Craig1971cs
    Cool show
    Love all the content you cover
  • maddriller
    Very educational
    Great host’s
  • Danny Schwarz
    Great podcast and awesome information
  • 223534553
    Kevin Estella…
    Kevin Estella is a boring man, and he should be hidden in a broom closet. Kevin Owen on the other hand is an absolute unit and should be put on as many podcasts as possible. Mike is cool but too political, I’m here for the survival and training aspect. I don’t really give a heck what these dumb politicians are up to.
  • NiMiDesign
    Stop it -do reasearch and try.
    If you don't typically exhale and carry on a sad tone of 'I'm sorry...' right before trying to pick up a lady at a bar, then why do it leading into an advertisement on the podcast every.single.time? Do we really need a reminder that the co-host hates having to interrupt the interview just to pay the bills? If the sponsor's product has depth/value then that should reflect in the ad. Try to project a confident announcer/salesman, don't take away from the content of the recorded episode.
  • BGA172023
    Thank You
  • proslaw
    Great Info!
    Thanks for sharing the great information and taking the time to do it!
  • Sully953
    Was Good
    Lots of good content that I did enjoy but after hearing black rifle coffee is a sponsor I’m unsubscribing
  • Zsprizl
    Amazing content
    People are lucky to have access to this content and expert information let alone for FREE. Thank you
  • VictoryWylde
    Dope Show
  • killaginga17
    I miss you Kevin
    We want an, end of year wrap up episode with Mike and Kevin. Bring back the dynamic duo!
  • caarier_controls
    Mike and his team do a wonderful job in all they do! Always enjoy listening to their podcasts and videos.
  • H Eldon
    Leadership. Brilliance
    A priceless resource for a republic such as ours. Makes since to operate effectively and safely if at all especially as a civilian.
  • jamillwood77
    Fantastic podcast!
  • Dom B L
    I listen on Overcast but want to leave review here.
  • willie make it
    Excellence in every sense of the word
  • Volfrog
    The team crushes every time! The content is thoughtful and well worth the listen!
  • tpharo
    Love the topic of preparedness and survival. My question may have asked and answered so forgive for not coming across it yet; what are your thoughts in an environment like a plane or an airport in survival and preparedness?
  • Aggster77
    I rarely turn on the tv anymore. I can’t sit and watch boring movies anymore. I can listen to these podcast though. Anything I do allows me to listen to the podcasts. When I am traveling, I turn on a podcast with Mike. I have listened to so many that I think I know Mike personally now without meeting him. He has a great company and great podcasts.
  • Lapsiendd
    Kevin posts too many ads
    Kevin is the voice of the advertisements.
  • crusader135
    Rip fuel for your ears
    I don’t listen to music anymore. When I run,workout or at work listening to you guys gets me through the day! God bless! Crusader135
  • MahoneyIrish
    This is what Americans need to hear.
    My favorite podcast hands down. The knowledge and commitment to making people more prepared and productive is incredible. After countless deployments they could of just sat in the mountains and been off the grid but no. Mike and Kevin pass on what they have learned with countless hours of information in a realistic and easy to understand podcast. Great work and keep Leading from the front!
  • havenlewis1988
    Mike Glover is the man
    His mission is the most noble. Give him as much of your time as you can, he has earned it.
  • EvelynGDLC
    We need more of this today
    Love the show, so much rich information. As a total wilderness and weapons novice I appreciate the educational aspects. I also love the camaraderie among the teammates and the American military history lessons. I also really enjoy the banter. It’s refreshing to hear honest, blunt alpha dialogue. This is my daily antidote to the mindless whining we hear on all other media channels. Thank you all for your service, past and present. Bravo and God bless you all!
  • Maximus_Flame
  • Pete716
    One Of The Best
    I’ve been following Mike and listening to this podcast since he was recording from his iPhone in hotel rooms. He’s very informative, knowledgeable, and a excellent speaker. I’ve been able to watch his company grow and become very well-known. I was fortunate enough to take one of his Pistol Gunfighter courses a few weeks ago that he personally taught. It was awesome to listen to him and get instruction from him. I recommend this podcast to everyone since it covers all different things. Keep up the great work Mike and Team Fieldcraft!
  • DCoastie
    Best podcast out there
    Content is real world applicable and super informative. All of field craft hosts are essentially specialist of their craft who put out amazing content. I look forward to all of their podcast and perfect amount of time for drive into work.
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