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How would your life change if you reached Financial Independence and got to the point where working is optional? What actions can you take today to make that not just possible but probable. Jonathan & Brad explore the tactics that the FI community uses to reclaim decades of their lives. They discuss reducing expenses, crushing debt, tax optimization, building passive income streams through online businesses and real estate and how to travel the world for free. Every episode is packed with actionable tips and no topic is too big or small as long as it speeds up the process of reaching financial independence.

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  • MattDB87
    Lengthy chatting not substantive enough
    Lengthy chatting not substantive enough
  • Bizzi_dc
    Listener interview
    I loved episode 436 especially because the listener is an immigrant who just started his FI journey and I resonated with many aspects of his journey because I am a Caribbean immigrant, solo income, on my FI journey as well. Very inspiring episode and I realize I’m over analyzing in taking action with my vision board. Thanks for this episode and wonderful content from the show.
  • Brandon- -Goff
    What I wish I had learned at age 16!
    I was already at FI when I came across podcast this but wanted to write a review to keep boosting it. These are all the principles that I wish I had learned when I was 16. I would have reached FI so much sooner and made far fewer mistakes in the financial realm. Every person in their teens or twenties should start from the beginning and binge listen to every episode. Absolutely worth the time!
  • Szwarcy
    Life changing
    I have been on and off again listener for about 1 year now and just recently went back to episode one to listen to everything in order and wow such a great podcast. Great information for all aspects of the FI game. Just finished reading choose FI book looking to start JL collins simple path to wealth next. Have already started second gen FI with my niece and now soon to be nephew. Going to changing my life and their lives for the better and would recommend this podcast to anyone willing to listen and implement these ideas. Keep up the great work!
  • Interested bystander
    Getting better
    Need another co-host.
  • Nick from Nevarro
    Life Changing
    Brad, Jonathan, and ChooseFI have done more for my financial life than I could ever express. They helped me find financial footing when I had no real direction and helped fundamentally change my understanding and philosophy of work and how life can be lived. I won’t reach FI in the imminent future, but I have made many life changes since I started listening in 2018 and now have the tools and plan to be more in control of my life as I continue to work towards financial independence. Looking forward to listening to all the terrific content that Brad continues to put out.
  • John20001
    Wow!!! Learned much from this to start investing as a young man
  • drpetec
    Great topics for all age groups. It is a life style change that is smart and engaging . I like that real life stories are used to help learn how to achieve FI .
  • Jeff G. Colorado
    So many words, but so little info.
    There are some nuggets to pull out every now and then, but I can’t take all of the non-stop rambling, the meandering tangents, and beating the simple points to death. I’ve made it through a few dozen episodes, but I’m moving on to more informative pastures.
  • Lgrubaugh
    Absolutely priceless!
    This podcast has continued to surprise and amaze me. It has quickly become my go to.. After last episode with Chris Terrel I had to write review. It was insanely fun , practical and useful. Inspired more family time and connections. PRICELESS 🙏
  • SlcWatts
    Great Show
    Great show for the FI and wanna be FI crowds! Wide range of guests and topics. Should be your primary source for FI podcasts. My first listen every Monday.
  • kev-bot
    I Choose FI!
    Excellent podcast. Very entertaining and educational. Keep up the great work Brad!
  • trout1al
    Best Financial Life Podcast
    This is my favorite financial podcast. I look forward to listening every week and I know there will be actionable tips.
  • Andy123j
    Last episode
    Scott trench has a great mind! I appreciate getting him in , feel like I learn so much from him.
  • >>yupyuppers<<
    New listener, trying to binge to catch up
    I listened to a couple new episodes as recommended by a friend, now blowing through episodes from the beginning, I want it all! Great knowledge, very relatable content, hosts and guests put things in an easy to follow perspective. Whether you're a financial wizard or taking your first baby steps, this is a must follow resource! Thank you!!
  • bophia21
    Latest episode
    Great episode with Chris Hutchins! Can’t wait for the next episode together.
  • Loser hater
    Long winded....
    And horribly uninteresting….excellent guests ruined by long winded Beta male douches
  • eahiv
    Marketing and meandering
    Many ads. Very drawn out. Hard to listen to twenty minutes about Smoothies and guacamole and New Years resolutions (or lack thereof) and friends of the hosts I’ve never heard of when I want to learn about financial Independence. Haha tried this again based on an algorithm recommendation and it’s still insufferable! Many ads still, and for expensive luxuries! Why would you trust advice from a super wealthy longtime google employee about how to gain independence from employment?
  • Finally a simple way
    A masters degree in building wealth
    A few years ago I stumbled upon this podcast and have not once regretted listening to each and every episode. I feel like I have gotten a “free masters degree” in financial education and building personal wealth. Building for security before and during retirement. Sadly, none of this was ever taught in NYS public schools. Maybe I was taught to balance a checkbook at one point. I can’t even remember that they taught me how to figure out interest on a credit card or a loan, but the choose fi podcast has educated & opened my mind in a way that I cannot even describe. It has just been so richly rewarding as a free advanced education. While I have listened to each podcast episode since the very beginning, several including the JL Collins Guest episodes have become a twice a year re-listen for the past several years - just to re-absorb 1 more tidbit of information. I cannot recommend this enough whether you are financially literate or in need of some guidance down that road. The only thing it will cost is your time, the information discussed weekly is enjoyable and priceless. Mike Testani - Rochester, NY
  • FireMindy
    Brad confirmed
    Johathan did hold Brad back when you compare the prior episodes to him now solo. He used to dominate the microphone and with Brad solo he is able to get more in rhythm. It’s tough for Brad generally because we know so much about him and there isn’t a lot of stories left for him to tell and how his lizard brain works. He just needs to bring guests on and try to pull as much from them as he can without relying on his stories so it’s repetitive. Well done Brad, even to keep this going at a high level a little longer!!!
  • BribBrib
    Saved by Brad
    Love the new show, thank you Brad!
  • Ms. Gosling
    Choose FI rocks!
    Love this podcast. Longtime listener and have benefited immensely from Brad and Jonathan’s content. @Brad - thank you for all you do! Your selflessness is so apparent as you educate the masses on all things financial. Looking forward to more episodes!
  • mau5convert
    Back from the Dead!!! Woo hoo!
    Ya Brad! I almost gave up on this thing. You got this back on track by going back to basics . Thank You!!! You are a scholar and a gentleman:). Good advice is a good mission. Keep it up.
  • mcdustnips
    Love this podcast
    If you're looking for ways to increase passive income streams, double-down on your debt, or simply grow your understanding of personal finances: ChooseFI is the podcast for you
  • mamreviewd
    Love it.
    Insightful, helpful, keeps my attention.
  • chcha34
    Such Great Info!
    I happened upon this podcast recently and have been bingeing as many episodes as I can. Such great information, and I’m very thankful that they are sharing it with us!
  • 2xlistenerforlife
    My tribe
    Thank you for being in my life (in this unique strange way of one direction podcast listening)! This is the best FI podcast out there and has taught me many tactical strategies to better manage my finances and free my life.
  • nickname for podcast
    It used to be a great podcast but….
    Ive always loved this podcast but with Jonathan leaving, they need someone to take his place. Its a little too dry with only Brad running the podcast. Love some of the guests though.
  • nj093
    Must listen
    I’ve learned so much from listening to this podcast! I’m very thankful for the content and I hope it continues! Thank you so much!!
  • Beverly Clark MD
    Life Changing!
    Brad and Jonathan have truly changed the course of my life and several of those around me. I am so grateful for this podcast, their enthusiasm and the inspiration to take action. Thank you so very much for the wonderful work you do!
  • Frank P. Murray
    Professor Murray
    Unbelieveably terrific information. This PODCAST is important basic financial information that I WISH I KNEW ABOUT YEARS AGO. This should be a basic course for all STUDENTS. It would change the trajectory of MILLIONS of people's lives. The format is soooo "listen-able," Just like friends having a conversation. Frank Murray
  • SeaGuy121
    Must listen
    This has been a phenomenal podcast to educate and motivate about all things financial, but with a lifestyle balance focus. It’s not about saving every last cent, or investing every last cent, but education and motivation to save, invest, or spend where YOU want, to get out of life more of what is important to YOU.
  • to buy or not to buy???
    Something for everyone
    The tips, tricks, financial advice, and energizing stories have something for everyone looking to improve their financial life and literacy! Give it a listen!!
  • PacoElPelado
    One of the best!
    This is an absolute must-listen podcast for me - I’m always excited to see a new episode pop up each week! Brad and Jonathan (and now just Brad) have provided support for an entire community of people who want to happen to life instead of simply having life happen to them. They’ve helped me gain perspective - and have hope based on math - that I, too, can choose to build a future of FI for our family.
  • Sara Marye
    I can’t get enough!
    This podcast is incredible. Personal finance has always been something that intimidated me and this podcast really shares practical and actionable steps that make FI seem totally doable.
  • W127653947
    Love the Show’s outlook
    I walk away from each episode with a positive mindset and feelings of hope and contentment - I learn so much - thank you Brad (and Jonathan)
  • Mark from Flourtown Pa
    Changed my life & financial outlook
    This podcast has changed my life and financial trajectory.
  • Naramuk
    Amazing financial clarity
    This podcast was god-sent. I stumbled upon this podcast casually and I have never missed an episode in the last 2 years. Brad and Johnathan have brought in guests that share valuable insights on college hacks, house hacks, travel rewards, tax hacks, FI paths and many more. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone that wants to be financially responsible. Keep up the good work and best wishes to Brad for the future.
  • Illuminati leader
    Love it!
    A practical and encouraging podcast!! Everyone should join the FIRE movement!
  • trwxp
    Fantastic FI Podcast
    I’m a relatively new listener to this show but I LOVE it. ChooseFI quickly became one of my go-to podcasts to listen to. I very much appreciate the diversity of topics, from stories about normal people working towards FI (motivation/inspiration) to deeply technical episodes (strategies, interviews with experts) and everything between. Thanks for all the work you do to create great content/resources for us!
  • Mrm9r
    Forever grateful
    Overall, great financial podcast. The earlier episodes are more financial based and I learned so much. The more recent ones are more of general life advice/hacks. Even though some of the recent ones are repetitive and hard to listen to, a lot of them still provide a lot of value. This podcast changed my life and I am forever grateful for everything I have learned.
  • Pilot3355
    Best Everyday Life Finance Podcast
    I started listening about a year ago and I am totally hooked. I love the energy, Brad brings so much good content to you every week. This show really changed peoples' lives. Straightforward and interesting. Great job.
  • Bbbbbbggggafahsjsnfkfn
    Such an awesome show, with amazing and actionable advice!! So helpful 💙
  • VacaySarah
    Life changing!
    I discovered this podcast about 6 months ago and have been binging the episodes. I’ve gotten so many actionable tips that I’ve already adopted. They make things easy to understand and I’m so excited to be on the journey to FI!
  • pdgosselin
    One of the best financial independence podcasts out there
    This is the single best podcast for delving into the principles of the financial independence movement. I have learned so much from Brad and his guests. I like how the show embraces all the different flavors of FI and does not espouse only the extreme frugality of Mr. Money Mustache. While I am missing the energy and enthusiasm Jonathan brought to the show (it’s like an old friend who moved away), Brad is doing a commendable job helming it by himself. Every week, I hear him becoming more confident in his ability to fly solo. Brad’s strength is his heartfelt questions. He moves beyond just the expected financial topics to try and reveal the lessons of how we can all live better, more optimized and fulfilling lives. Kudos on bringing back the Choose FI Hot Seat and the Households of Fi updates, Brad. I’m loving them.
  • azggorge
    Outstanding content
    The effort Brad puts in to deliver value to listeners is so incredibly helpful, actionable, and inspiring. I’m always grateful after listening to each new episode.
  • RubyTheDoodle
    Best personal finance podcast
    I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts on personal finance and these guys are far and above the best. Down to earth, easy to comprehend and best of all: nearly every episode has an action step you can take to improve your money situation. Not every episode is relevant but I like how they deep dive into specific topics and feature experts to guide the way. Brad and Jonathan don’t pretend to know it all; they’re open minded and honest in their approach. I feel more confident having listened to and heeded their advice over the last 3 years. Thank you!
  • J Howard 22
    Top notch
    This show is seriously top notch. I teach personal finances to high schoolers and find this show to be so inspiring and engaging about topics that are typically not. Jonathan makes ideas easy to digest and understand. I am obsessed sign this show both personally and professionally.
  • AnnoyedChubster
    Best Podcast, Seriously!
    This show has changed my life, literally. I have a different relationship with money than when I started listening. I’m no longer anxious or ashamed to check my bank balance and am on the path to retirement. I don’t intend to retire early, but feel way more secure than when I started listening. I love the personal finance hacks and tips offered here. Thank you!!!!!
  • camelarc1
    Great, relatable financial and life resource!
    This show is about so much more than just money, it is about living your best life! Really enjoying it!
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