This Past Weekend

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What happened this past weekend. And sometimes what happened on other days.

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  • Terd Ferg001
    RIP billy conforto
  • tr1pm4ker
    This season
    I have enjoyed the Nashville vibe.
  • @Valerssss
    The MVP of Podcasts
    This is my all-time favorite show. Theo is one of the funniest comedians ever. If I am having a tough day, I will go back and listen to old episodes because my mood is instantly lifted listening to him. The only downfall is that there is only 1 episode a week, but I will let that slide! If you haven’t listened to this podcast yet, you are missing out. Stop what you’re doing, and put on This Past Weekend. Period.
  • Blondie20162016
    Honestly, we’ve grown to love him.
  • nacho man randy sanchez
    Love it!
    Just catching up on old eps. Chris d’s episode was amazing. What a great conversation.
  • Quality > Quantity
    Qubits Toy > Lego
    Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy! Created by USAF Veteran Made in N.C. You’re right, Qubits Toy is better than Lego
  • nessofhigh
    You are my favorite podcaster (even more than joe Rogan lol) I caught your tour back in February and i laughed a trillion times lol. You were so sweet during the meet n greet. You complimented my hair and grabbed my iphone n took a great photo of us. I hope to see you again soon. Ps. I love your soothing southern accent😘
  • Dudeicalleditvirzi
    Riley is a snail
    Deer in headlights.
  • SecProNYC
  • qamdigger
    Keep Riley
    Keep Riley it works.
  • ScrewYourNicknams
    Funniest man alive
    Always look forward to this podcast. I don’t know what I would do without it
  • ColumboJones25
    Theo: doing God’s work
    Thank you, Theo, for keeping it real. You make me laff but you also say really profound things. I really appreciate when you speak openly about mental health issues and substance use disorder.
  • manor house films
    Theo is unparalleled. Come on Riley baby boiiiii!
  • EAC_303
    NO more awkward dude plz!
    Love Theo ... but this new cat has me cracking up just because of how lost he is. It’s so cringy when Theo says something hilarious and he doesn’t get it. Theo let’s get nick back in and roll!!! GANG GANG.
  • Jord8888
    Theo wins all podcasts
    Amazing. This is the first podcast I actually like best when there isn’t a guest. Theo is amazing. Hilarious, random, adorable. This new trial with Riley is hilarious because Riley is so literal with Theo’s random questions.
  • michmerr
    New guy so awkward it’s funny
    I can tell Theo is not into the new guy, and at first I thought Riley was so awkward, but now it’s actually really funny to listen to. Theo sets him up to answer an in-depth question that Riley gives a one-word response to and it’s turning into a bit. I think Theo is going to let the kid go by the way he keeps reminding him it’s a trial run but I thought he had potential. Good luck Riley!
  • jbuckchicago
    Theo makes everything interesting
    Weird interesting dynamic with Riley’s unassuming innocence and Theo’s theoisms just flying right by.
  • colleenac1
    Is super boring!
  • Beard Circus
    Everything Theo says is gold! His comedy is so smart that some people might not even notice it’s there. Love it man! You’re the best.
  • Big bobby468
    Theo is the funniest guy ever! Love his stories
  • stonewallbadal
    Theo is a hilarious comedian. His comedy is basically a random sequence of events that take you down a path of spontaneity and hilarity. You can never tell if what Theo is saying is fact or fiction, which I love. I met Theo on two occasions and he is as genuine as he is hilarious.
  • cheifkunto
    Not sure how I feel about the new guy.
  • Nat David
    A +
    Generational talent
  • MikeyMike (My World)
    Glad I found Theo!!!
    Theo keeps it funny but real and u never know what he’s going to talk about next. 2 thumbs Up! MIKEYMIKE
  • Spanglord
    Who’s paying you? He’s clowning
  • howiethecat
    Two thumbs up
    I could listen to Theo talk about anything. Not only is he funny but he brings his unique style to everything he does.
  • patandsusan
    Great podcast
    I could listen to Theo talk all day. Always entertaining and funny.
  • lucs's mom
    Favorite podcast!!
    Thank you for providing an enjoyable escape from these turbulent times. Theo’s insight and humor make everything a little bit better! Thank you from my heart!!!
  • Jasonki
    The best. Perfect blend of comedy and mindfulness to inspire you and get u through ur day
  • srhasprnova
    Chelcie lynn brought me to the podcast !
    Never checked out the podcast until you had chelcie on! Subscribed and officially love your whole podcast
  • june199709
    Great Podcast
    I just love hearing Theo talk. He’s definitely entertaining!
  • N£MA
    Listening to this episode
    Pete Sampras, boring champion. Cheers, best podcast!
  • rachelr121218
    Been listening for a year now. Theo has the gift of lifting spirits and bringing the joy.
  • jantasticjantastic
    Gets me through the week!
  • schmidtyNIDAHONOHICK
    Dear Theo,
    You seem to be entrenched in recovery and excelling in life. 🕯 I have the house to myself for a few days. My wife and the baby went on a camping trip. Unfortunately-I had to stay home for work. If I ingested three Viagras for entertainment and stamina purposes, while solo, is that breaking sobriety? I really enjoyed myself. 🕯 🕯Home Alone🕯 (Poppa Smurf Pill Party) 💪 FATHERHOOD 💪 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • bbsbsbsbsbsbs
    Real nice
  • Brutallyblondewife
    Love Theo!!!!!
    My husband showed me this podcast, I love it! We are always laughing so hard. If you want laughter and some uplifting, this is the podcast for you!!!
  • knkeys
    Get in there!
    Listening helps get me out of my own head. I honestly think he’s a Genius and has a style of humor not everybody is smart enough to understand. Work days are better with This Past Weekend. Be good to yourself is always a good reminder. Thanks Theo!
  • Bobby boxhead
    Real deal
    Theo is the man
  • cclouser22
    Great podcast
    Theo quit doing drugs and when I listen to him, I feel like I’m on them. Keep up the good work
  • anti zionist 101
    I loved you both
    But your both zionists with your easy to ready “agenda” #whitegenocide is real
  • Call Me Rubarb
    Best podcast around!
    Funniest podcast there is, no doubt about it.
  • wheresurparents
    Guests are good.
    That’s it. Just let them talk.
  • CGJonSnow
    Guests please
    + The lack of regular guests is making my interest run dry in this podcast...Tim Dillion is a great start Hi Mr. Von, You are a great comedian and podcaster and guests are super cool Just some food for thought. Love you, Snuffle
  • 4ᔭ
    Humor & Inspiration
    Amazing, truly amazing. Glad I found this the last few months it has been a gem. Keep it up Theo, I’ll be dropping some hits on the hotline. -Manchester//Seattle Jeff
  • sapnky1140
    Theo next time your in NH
    We listen everyday and we’re so upset we were even on Crystal Lake when you were here. We would have treated you and your friends to dinner. Gang Gang
  • mrs rat king
    Huge crush
    He’s irresistible. I’ve developed a huge crush and appreciate his down to earth humor so much!
  • slayer_87
    What a coward!! Threw his friend Chris under the bus so quick! Didn’t wait for the whole process, didn’t give him benefit of the doubt.
  • garbage fire
    More Theo
    We need a double hitter
  • _.kjsmith._
    Love this!!
    Get some Craig Conant on here and then we got 6 stars! 😂😉😉
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