This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

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What happened this past weekend. And sometimes what happened on other days.

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  • Appiz Trash
    Shaman assembles the dawgz
    Solo McCusker should be mandatory for all pods..
  • Quality > Quantity
    Theo Rulez
    It’s annoying when people sound like ignorant dummies on purpose. How about just don’t talk about foreign affairs if you don’t live in either location.
  • Dcardoso44
    McCusker Awesome Interview
    I just appreciate the comedian interviews and this is my favorite. Thank you sir.
  • wow1392847372
    Theo is so relatable and hilarious. Rizz ‘em with the ‘tism
  • KDuckworth
    Here to say I agree with the person that said Nikki and Theo
    Love the chemistry and but we also love his chemistry with all of his guests
  • Allie Reeves
    Ok hear me out
    The *tension* between Nikki & Theo is palpable.. I know, I know she has a bf. And we honor that. But if they ever break up again, I am gonna need this explored bc the potential is TOO good.
  • aaroneckardt
    I like him before the podcast. This makes me respect him more
    Back when he was just a comedian. I thought he was a good guy with a interesting take on life. Then I would see clips of him online and I appreciated him more. Then I actually started listening to his podcasts and he is even deeper of a guy than I thought. His podcast has made me respect him even more. Deep take here, but I actually like him more outside of comedy as a man, than as a comedian. Something about the way he thinks and see the world I enjoy.
  • Shantronlovesyou
    I love you Theo!
    I love the way your brain works Theo and I especially love the interviews with your “every day person” outside of the entertainment realm. My favorite episodes were animal control and the garbage man. This is a great way to enlighten and educate people! Way to go Theo! And congrats on your 500th episode! I look forward to the new episodes dropping every week!
  • Drewbaby73
    One of the funniest guys around
    Theo’s podcast is 10/10 hilarious. Theo is also genuinely a good person that deserves the blessings he’s received in life. He doesn’t know me but he went out of his way for me in a time of need and I could not be more appreciative. God Bless Sir.
  • Duhjent
    What happened.
    I thought this was a comedy podcast.
  • GrAdam7j8k
    Wow what an incredible episode. Just shows you what a grounded dude Theo is to talk experiences like this.
  • monomynous
    The best podcast by far
    Nothing comes close to the pod skills of the rat king! Every word out of his mouth is a gift.
  • JG Constructs
    Great show. Real talk
    Really love this show. Just great content
  • Adam Shenzhen PRC
    One of the best in the biz
    A comedian’s comedian. A true legend.
  • J dawwwwwwwg
    Gang baby
    Love you Theo and everything you talk about. You’re doing great. Listening to these pods made me realize that I’m not alone in a lot of my thoughts about how I feel about myself and the world around me.
  • I like sour stuff
    The way he puts the words
    The first time I listened to him a laughed my a*s off and my birthday party not to long ago my dad put him on and we laughed practically for a hour. And that makes Theo the most funny person I’ve ever heard.
  • theCSAVAGE1
    Theo is the King🐀👑
    Thanks for bringing so much positivity and perspective to my day! You’re always a bright spot of my week and you need to bring on a public school teacher to the podcast! gang gang
  • p3nis3at3r
    Lost me
    Funny how he changes his views depending on who he talks to
  • jbenge11
    Theo is a Legend
    Keep it up Theo, your authentic self is one of a kind! Keep telling your story bro, much love!
  • Rjd297
    always fresh
  • Calico924
    Theo is different
    Theo may not be the most educated man in the world, but he is so incredibly creative with words. The things that come out of his mouth are things no one else would ever think of in a million years, and it’s hilarious. Such a sweetheart too!
    Great conversations!
    Theo has a great sense of humor and a unique way of keeping conversations going while asking the questions in unique ways that trigger thoughtful responses. His political opinions are likely more of what the average American really thinks, but he has a way of triggering the most hardcore of both ends of the spectrum so it’s great to hear someone that is representative of what most of us actually believe. Keep it up Theo!
  • Andylicious57
    Liked the Trevor Bauer interview but you’ve lost me at kid rock. Used to be a fan of his but since I learned he’s just a made up myth he lost me. Now with all his political ranting no thanks. Sorry Theo, you’ve lost me.✌️
  • dixonbawls42069
    Triggered Snowflakes
    All the triggered liberals leaving bad reviews💀
  • Juuky
    Host doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but he has opinions about it! Just pure ignorance, with an audience. 😢 #KratomSavesLives
  • Trixisforkatya
    Comfort show
    Always makes me laugh & occasionally have a good cry. lol.
  • RobBird08
    Such a joy!!!
    This show brings laughter and happiness!!! I have been going through a tough time and this pod has helped me keep focusing on being positive and grateful for all our families blessing. Theo brings out laughter and it’s makes a world of difference…big and small. Keep up the amazing work!!! ❤️
  • MagaMarie
    Triggering liberals
    Theo,don’t let the lunatic liberal reviews get to ya. They legit are insane
  • DoubleD5401
    Love this show
    Dude, I take 4 stems and a Diet Coke and I’ll talk to my sister for an hour. That line had me in f’n tears brother! Keep you the free flowing original thoughts! And thanks for sharing them.
  • iverson50ggg
    Industry Plant! Says nonsense in a fake southern accent. Not funny at all!
  • KRhoadie
  • ClaudetheFourth
    Great Talks
    Good informative discussion with people. Only suggestion is the fact checking, like in the border patrol chief. He’d tell you something then you’d like fact check him and repeat the same thing he said. Kinda annoying for the guest id imagine.
  • Dash Elle 17
    Thank you for making me smile
    I’m newly obsessed! The episode with Theo and Dax was so good. I needed to laugh and this was my medicine. ❤️
  • Keith0071876
    Your a gangster Theo
  • ht9863
    i fall asleep to this every night
    theo my man ily. you are genuinely so interesting to listen to and the “normal people” episodes are the absolute best. i always learn a cool new fun fact after all of those. this podcast even convinced me to finally buy someone’s merch because of how much i love this man 😂🫶🏼
  • Enchanted Florist
    I live for This Past weekend.
    Hands down my FAVORITE podcast. I prefer and would more solo episode though.
  • goneracing888
    always a good laugh
    theo's natural conversations are mindwarping comedic genius
  • Despondent Chucklehead
    Theo and Dax are an awesome pair!
    Always love Theo’s original way of thinking, and I particularly loved hearing Dax Shepard on the show!!!! He was a fantastic guest and the pair are amazing together! I hope they start something regular together!
  • wyhomingnance
    Dax Shepard Interview
    I’m still rolling 🤣😂. So great. Listen to what happens when two “ ACOA’s” get together! ♥️
  • Love is most important
    So original
    Love it
  • Mickybigs
    Theo Von is my favorite comedian. He is so good at connecting with people it amazing. thank you for putting content out Theo!
  • SamCrandall
    My dawg, stop having die-hard conservatives on and sucking them off for the full episode.
  • raspberrylove33
    Theo interrupted WAY too Much w/ Chris Clem
    I absolutely love this podcast and the guests. But in the interview with Chief Chris Clem, Theo interrupted Chris a ton; too much in my opinion. I wanted to hear what Chris had to say but Theo would often interrupt with other questions and Chris wouldn’t get to finish his initial thought. I understand Theo is passionate about this topic but let the guy talk!
  • ChicaBond
    The Best Pod !
    Theo is always quick funny relatable thought provoking and I could listen to Israel & Theo all day.
  • B. Birdell
    California loves Theo
    Theo is hands down one of the quickest, funniest comedians. The way his mind works is amazing. I love the long format - never want it to end! Thanks Theo.
  • Ct.Kaleb
    Guests have been pretty lousy lately
    Used to listen to every episode but the last 2 or so months the episodes have been hard to listen to and theo seems to be in a bad mindset recently, hope all is well theo lets get some good content out
  • castdeeznuts
    Get the Shaman on as a solo guest brother
  • Henry Lee MC
    Great podcast. You’re hilarious bro. Whoever does your sound needs to turn the goddamn base way down!
  • Stretchypantslee
    God bless Theo Von
    This podcast has helped me more than any therapist or antidepressant I’ve ever had. Gang gang baby! <3
  • Hemlock!
    The worst conversationalist talks at people for hours
    If listening to an inarticulate person with zero skills as a conversationalist who often forgets his train of thought is your jam, this is the podcast for you.
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