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What happened this past weekend. And sometimes what happened on other days.

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  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Theo,
    I before E except after C. 🕯 This is all coming together so nicely…🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • Lovepinkrose624
    Rat king!!!
    Gang gang!!!
  • arashazadian
    I love this podcast so much
    I love it , i love theo , and i listen to it on a daily basis
  • Ilovewater2
    Gang Gang baby.
  • Ty079
    Theo is a true one of a kind!! Love the genuine nature and silly banter that is his natural style. Can’t wait for each episode!
  • Ashlie Mae
    The BEST
    Theo is just the best. Been listening and seeing him live for years now. I’ve never written a review for a podcast before, but he deserves it! ❤️ GANG.
  • jonnybumps
    theo is the man. the way he speaks is like an autistic southern george rr martin .. there’s something beautiful to the poetic way he uses words but also he’s kinda re5arded
  • Don Keidek
    Great podcast
    Theo keeps it real and honest. Great listen
  • Big Daddy L loves Theo
    Dark angel
    Theo is just regular baby haha definitely of not the best one of the best pod casts on here
  • raep8919
    Good vibes
    Hi Theo! New fan here. Loving the podcast. You make my day a little brighter after this not so great year. Thank you for highlighting Bishop Gunn. I’ve been listening to them non stop. Gang gang
  • pumpkinmuncher420
    I’ll be upstairs if anyone needs me.
  • Gabe Prusko
    Love the Pod
    I could listen to you talk about anything with anyone brother as a reward I submitted a picture of my dog being tired. I hope you discuss how some random dude submitted his dog to the video questions 🤣
  • Ben_Wig
    He Unlocked The Blueprint
    Gang Gang brother! Praise God!
  • sen bawyer
    Genuine man
    Genuine guy who is a lot more real than you might expect
  • Ty21tx
    5* of course
    Love your work brother keep it up. Semper fi
  • Tyreilly
    Dude used to be the funniest out there but now he just wants to associate with rapists and bigots.
  • hcjnhd
    Theo Dheo
    It’s fun reading negative comments
  • Oboe One Kenobi
    Had to unfollow this far right nonsense
    Let’s be honest. Theo claims to love everyone regardless of race but his “I love everyone facade” is diminished by his support of Far Right ideology. Why do you think he fled Los Angeles for Nashville?
  • nickanderhoey
    You do it nice! I’m new to your show, Theo. And, I love to listen to you. Especially your solo shows when you just flow. I had to look up gang gang. I love you and your stuff! Peace. CP from Washington State
  • Jcgmunoz93
    Used to listen and came back just to leave again
    This guy is trying to hard to be like joe Rogen and push his thoughts to convince his listeners to agree. I don’t want to listen to that trash. Even Jaime is bored
  • translucent triceratops
    Good show but…
    Sick of the sob story’s
  • TX OFT
    Theo, keep sharing your opinions. The real ones like to hear it.
  • boxin' beth
    Ep 356
    Hammers teacher about her views on the flag because she’s “making it all about her”. Turns around and and promotes anti-vax, anti-mask because “*I* shouldn’t have to if *I* don’t want to”. I used to love Theo but his hypocrisy is getting old. This is supposed to be a comedy podcast. If you want a to do a political podcast, there are other places for that.
  • Bambootim
    Thank you
    You are totally authentic. good communicator, honest , These qualities made rogan. will do the same for you. You my numba 1 brah. timster
  • BrickBradley
    Great podcast
    I went to college briefly with Theo and he was the same dude back then. Great podcast! Keep up the good work!
  • big stv
    Episode 355
    Awesome episode with Howie!!!!
  • GTdbdhdhdh
    Unoriginal bluecollar comedy gimmick
    Theo is entertaining the first 6 months you discover him then it goes downhill. If you have half a brain you realize all his bits follow the same template. A vague comparison with a lot of country twanged metaphors that meander about. Now he’s embraced this anti-masker edgy conservative gimmick and it’s just too much.
  • Ryan Columbus
    Great interview
    Listen almost every show. Loved the most recent with Mr Shane Gillis. Had me laughing out loud in my prison cell. Also love interviews with the random everyday hard working American
  • neal brennan
    Great show! Lots of good episodes. Shane Gillis and Kyle dunigan good things!
  • Custards Mustard
    Theo and the young Bull Shane Gillis need to start a podcast together.
  • Jdndkd
    Amazing podcast
    I work at ups delivering packages all day and the first thing I do when I wake up is put this podcast on it is hands down the best podcast in the game funniest person alive with great and hilarious stories I just started listening to it about 2 months ago and now it’s just about became a religion 10/10 would recommend
  • Emm 00918
    One of my favorites!
    I look forward to the new ones. Thank you Theo
  • Finnalllyback
    People that don’t understand Riley and the bit are morons. Riley is legend and the way you communicate with him has giving me a lot of good laughs brother. Keep doing your thing
  • RockhillA
    Love ya Theo but who hit the snooze button on Riley??
  • bProductions
    Who knows ¯\(°_o)/¯
    I wonder if Riley will ever regret being such a soggy waffle all the time
  • Bostonry
    Riley is a gem! Keep him around. The people in these reviews just whine
  • Police Dave
    Stop asking Riley questions
    He’s a kid man and never answers anything. You need someone else to bounce ideas off of besides him bro. He’s too young and NEVER answers with more than two words.
  • thehufnagel
    Love Theo
    The dude Riley is about as Charismatic as a wet sock.
  • PodiePTL
    Unlike any other podcast, in the best way possible.
  • Dylan enough is enough
    This is getting sad
    Riley mau is one of the worst people to have on the podcast. I’m not even sure what his job is but I bet you can find somebody who talks more and is funnier. Every time Riley mau talks it makes the show awkward and I almost stop listening. It seems like he doesn’t appreciate his work or the podcast.
  • ASpeagle
    All the UFC talk is boring.
  • Mallory125
    I first came to this show for comedy, but now I come to get humble. I love Theo and his fresh, real life perspective always leaves me changed. Gang Gang
  • suziejane5
    When will you be in Phoenix
    Love to see you again
  • bsbz6
    Why is Riley Mao even there?
  • Dukegirl92
    Five Stars for Theo, but…
    This is nothing personal against Theo, but the most recent episode (last words) has just solidified what several others have said. Riley has got to go. Every question Theo asks, every time Theo tries to involve Riley, he gets “I don’t know” or “I don’t think so”. Riley needs to appreciate the opportunity he’s been given (like cat from TKATS) and jump on the opportunity. Riley could be Cat. Sorry Theo, but Riley’s got to go. He doesn’t add anything to the podcast
  • benjamin frankalin
    great podcast
    the real questions are being asked here
  • Pntsndltn
    Latest episode
    Love the podcast and Theo but he almost sounds frustrated(?) when asking Riley a question and only gets a 1-2 word response. Maybe it’s stage fright and needs more practice but I couldn’t get through this episode without losing interest whenever they talked.
  • Brucerwillis
    Theo Von says
    “Only sad men watch this show” - the oven Five. Stars.
  • Texassteven24
    Boo Riley
    I love theo. My favorite person in the world. Riley has got to go lol. I can have better conversation with a cardboard box. Good on theo for trying to include him and have him participate.
  • Marc Maron's Stache
    Great Podcast!
    Theo is a top tier comedian, his story’s & play on words is hilarious! Good stuff!
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