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What happened this past weekend. And sometimes what happened on other days.

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  • Da breezy
    Theo Von is the man
    If more people in the world had the heart Theo has it would be a better place
  • Bkfigueroa
    Theo Von is that man💯
  • BTCbrady
    Dis dat hitter!!
    This podcast is straight 🔥! 🤘
  • jiujitsudriver
    Theo is the best
    Favorite podcast. Thanks
  • jmueller54
    Gang gang baby!
    Love this podcast! See u in Houston in March! So excited for the show! Theo u the man!
  • false psychology
    I really enjoy Theo’s episodes
    I feel that aggravated energy as well.. so thank you for releasing these episodes - it helps to redirect unnecessary energy! Gratitude!
  • Shotgun Killer
    As a lady I respect your “affinity for nature”!!! Funniest thing I’ve heard all week!!! Gimmie more!!!!!!!!
  • Brundybear
    Koe Wetzel
    Love the show but still waiting for Koe Wetzel to be on.
  • KelDela95
    Gang Gang
    My favorite podcast to listen to. Theo is the best. I’m always laughing while I’m listening.
  • BossHoss985
    Love it!
    So awesome! Always great words and even better laughs! GangGang!
  • Quality > Quantity
    Theo Rulez
    Theo is such a genuine good dude. Him and Louie together was a great mix. Jew Power
  • Youngkng7
    Listen to theo everyday
    This is more of a suggestion than review my dawg, but CAN WE GET A DRUSKI INTERVIEW?! That would be a hit!
  • laubradl7992
    Theo is the man!
  • Mikhal.Keith
    I worry about this guy
    So I come check in from time to time to make sure he’s not done anything too stupid.
  • Matty Iceeeee
    Theo is the man!!
    Always has interesting guests and mixes it up with different kinds. Theo is a simple man and someone I feel like I can relate to. Always funny with his random stories. Keep it up!!
  • Kalekirk1734
    Hilarious and insightful
    This podcast gets better and better. Highly recommend! Theo’s standup tour is also awesome. Would love for Lil Dicky to come on the show. Reach out and get it done 🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • imjustaporegirl
    Good show
    More women guests please
  • pins86
    Gang gang
    Entertaining from day one to now!
  • j0p21
    Christmas 22
    This weeks Christmas episode was dang good. Blind sided by all that emotion. I could run through a wall for America right now!
  • burglecutt222
    Theo needs more information
    I love you as a comic and almost anything you do but the last few years you have gotten in with a crowd that doesn’t seem to use logic when discussing social topics. I have to stop most of your podcasts because you say something ignorant and it shows your intelligence a bad way. I was listening to the officer episode and when discussing ACAB and defund the police. The point of acab is saying that police form protective cocoons around the “bad officers”. It’s bringing light to the injustices that we see everyday on the news. Same with defunding the police, it means put money into social workers and methods to help during times with social situations that most officers are incapable of addressing. It’s making policing safer and better! You paint a horrible wide picture of liberals and almost never talk against the dumb portion of your audience that you bow down to. Again, just please try not parrot everything Joe Rogan says and use the logic god gave you and research everything, it will keep fans like me around. Gang Gang!
  • th3nvs
    Dudes obviously retarded
    He has definitely smoked his self retarded but I LIKE IT! Good heart in it. Keep on keepin’ on brother! Sincerely, the ToasteeCoconut
  • Ftatrwsy429
    this dude is funnier than most comedians that are on his show. how he doesn’t have a bigger following is beyond me. THANK GOD he shed that 260 pounds of dead weight! we all know who we are talking about. i don’t know if he was the bee or the sting but listening to him interrupt Theos flow was too headache inducing for me. Now i can listen and i subscribed GANG GANG!!
  • BrunoMurphy
    Love the show
    Good stuff brother! Things Police See podcast has great interviews with cops talking about the realities of police work.
  • Karen (Michigan)
    You get the absolutely best guests!!! People we can relate to.
  • Orlajordan
    Just listened to the episode with the police officer. Very interesting, very eye opening. I really respect his honesty. Great interview!
  • barba994
    Gang Gang!
    Listening to Theo is like sitting back and relaxing with your homie , his comedic genius is throughout the podcast. Real as you get , no buffer’s, real authentic Theo!
  • Angla.Walter
    Highly recommend this podcast.
  • jaybojenkin77
    Shows Awesome!
    Theo come to St. Louis!!!
  • dnhillslide
    Retired cop
    I love listening to you Theo but you really need some education on guns. For one just look at the countries that have no guns and the way it’s citizens are being treated. Until you are educated you should have no opinions about guns.
  • hhurrdfd
    Bring back Will Sasso for Christmas!
  • William Putman
    Can’t stop laughing and listening
    This is the best podcast I’ve heard in ages (Since “What Say You”) Unreal how funny and insightful this podcast is. Theo is so good and I can’t wait to see him get even bigger. From the MTV challenge to Podcast King. People’s champ.
  • Ilykebewbs
    Cryogang baby
    I love the podcast, my first episode was with Dr Max More and now my wife and I are looking into getting preserved!!!
  • Cross Comics
    Very much enjoyed this pod…combo of motivation & healthy laughs. Felt good as I battle a rough cancer battle week. Thank you :)
  • Hungry people eater
  • skunt contry
    Nothing like it anywhere
    Single handedly the best experience I’ve ever had. 6/5 stars brother. Praise God
  • catoway
    Cool cat
    You’re a killer brother. Mike and you knock it out of the park
  • wiphebeater77
    Bubba sparxxx was amazing!
    That’s fax
  • App KO!
    This is a must‼️
    Theo you have to get Riff Raff and Bubba Sparxxx on your show at the same time They’re both interesting people and the 3 of you together would be an epic show Gang gang baby‼️
  • Joethozeski
    He was my fave until he left king and the sting.
  • LessCouchOn
    Dear Theo,
    The deal with global warming is that most Americans have an air conditioner, so what’s the big whoop. Hit “go” on it…🕯 Dentistry and recycling remain a “dark art” to many reasonable Americans…🕯 Back to the global warming deal for a minute. Consider Alaska and Antarctica. Need I say more? Case closed. Science you dummies…🕯 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
  • triplethreatteresa
    MY MAN!
    Fight me. Theo is the FUNNIEST human alive, a southern gentleman, and so cute! Work that mullet baby. 💅🏼 Try to change my mind.
  • LinNzE
    My #1
    Interesting conversations with cool guests. A lot of laughter and love is what you’ll get from Theo. He’s the absolute best and one of my favorite people.
  • Mrs Adoo
    Your podcast is LOVELY
    Love the pod Theo, you grand master wordsmith, you! Much adoration 🤩 Faith
  • michaelredding1029
    This show is hilarious
  • RLF696
    Thanks for a great podcast Theo!
  • Braadaldo
    Man of the people.
    You’re doing good in this world.
  • melodyodell
    The best
    This show really just brightens my day. Thanks for the laughs, Theo.
  • Lookatjoker
    Everything you need
    Weather in depth conversations with a wide range of guests, humor with anyone he has on, great story telling, and even some emotional moments of a relatable conversation with guests or solo episodes. Gang
  • Jay_win_
    Gnag Gnag
    Theo, I love you. I’ve listened to this pod for many years, and I love it. But dang brother, all these episodes are like 40% ad reads…. :(
  • PootyDowning
    Real Person
    Man, I love listening to your show. I work from home, and I am always looking to listen to something new. The way you talk about things, and how you talk about them is so real and funny. You say whatever comes to mind, and I like that.
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