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Welcome to the Beginner's Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure -- big or small. When I began gardening in 2013, I scoured books and Internet resources to find all the information I could. Although good information was abundant, I had trouble understanding all the gardening lingo and sifting through the information to figure out what would work for me. In this podcast, my aim is to provide helpful information while explaining the gardening lingo as we go. I want to equip YOU to have the best start ever this gardening season!

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  • Lyd_R
    Cultivating your garden and your soul
    I enjoy listening to this podcast as a beginner gardener. Jill offers good advice that is easy to digest and apply in my garden. She is also always cognizant of listeners in different zones from hers. My favorite part of the podcast is the digging deeper portion. I am a Christian and learn so much about God in my garden, and it is great to hear what God teaches Jill through her gardening journey. It's great to have a podcast that blends two of my worlds together!
  • D**wber
    I love this podcast!
    I have been listening to Jill for a few years & I have learned SO MUCH!
  • Unbreak my app
    Why Call It Gardening When It’s Religious?
    Just have a Jesus podcast. Don’t waste the time of people who want to hear about gardening.
  • SarahB423
    Great podcast, I skip the religious parts
    Excellent. This is the first podcast I go to when I need information about something garden-related. The topics are great and she goes into just the right amount of detail. I’m an atheist, and could do without the religious bits, but it’s easy enough to skip that section at the end so doesn’t change the score for me.
  • ConvertOutEast
    Too much proselytizing
    I wanted to like this podcast, I really did. However, I didn’t realize that there would be so much religious proselytizing into the content. For those of us who have been abused by people, claiming to be Christians, we don’t appreciate proselytizing being hidden in content. all I wanted was a gardening podcast. I wasn’t looking for religion.
  • ThyPeace
    Best vegetable gardening information
    If you are a beginning or intermediate gardener, this is an excellent podcast for you. Clear, concise, accurate information that any new gardener can use. I listen to Jill’s episodes first, before anything else on my playlist.
  • Rosymary84
    Awesome Podcast!
    I love this Podcast, I have learned si much about starting my vegetable garden. This season I am going full on with a vegetable garden. I have grown a few vegetables before, but this time I am building a garden with garden beds , trellis etc. I always been intimidated to start my crops from seed, but thanks to this podcast I will attempt to start from seeds this year. Thank you so much for all the share with us in this podcast.
  • EEYSPhilly
    Helpful advice!
    I have learned a lot from this podcast! Always really accessible and humble gardening advice. I appreciate that Jill shares ways she (and we) can learn from our mistakes along the way. I am not a religious person and I appreciate the way she separates the time where she speaks in depth about her faith, so listeners can choose whether or not to continue listening.
  • dbmac27
    Great Teacher
    Excellent info. I always learn something new. Wonderful person.
  • Be careful of me
    Great for Beginners
    I’m a first time/first year gardener and have found Jill’s podcast so helpful! She did a whole Beginners series that went into detail on specific plants and I learned so much and plan to re-play them as I prep for next year! 💚
  • lgreene337
    Best Gardening Podcast
    I have learned so much from Jill and her guests on this show! I also love the digging deeper portions that help listeners find a deeper purpose in their gardening and life in general.
  • Serenajw6
    Exactly what I needed!
    I come from a long line of farmers and gardeners, which unfortunately stopped with my parents. I quickly realized how little I know about gardening when I took a shot at it myself. With my grandparents no longer living, I am so grateful for this podcast to have somewhere to turn to learn the ins and outs of gardening. Jill makes things easy to understand and covers so many great topics. I cannot wait to carry on this skill through my children, and bring gardening back into our lineage.
  • Peyt Brownlee
    Perfect Podcast
    Educational and relaxing, sweet Jill’s gardening talks lift my spirit and fill my thoughts with the beauty of God’s nature. Gentle and precious, a woman after the Lord’s own heart.
  • Follower✝️
    KF San Antonio
    Found this pod cast for beginners and follow it daily. Love the information but love most the faith and vulnerable moments. Prayers for Jill's back, garden, and family.
  • LaurenOH
    Truly a lifesaver amongst so many resources!
    I just found your podcast and listened to an old episode on container gardening. I am so thrilled to finally find a true beginners guide! As you say in your intro, the literature and many of the podcasts out there do not start at a most basic level. I am very excited to listen to more!
  • BrownOak16
    Thank you!
    Such a great podcast for all of us learning to garden. Knowledge and kindness. What a gift!
  • Metal head 4 ever
    Thank you!
    Love this podcast!! Not only does Jill give good gardening advice but I love how she shares her faith, scripture, and real life lessons on how her faith works!
  • Olthickwrists
    Try therapy instead of the Bible. Hit a point where the god stuff got annoying. Garden advice is novice. Okay podcast
  • Loveitjjtcat
    She has my support!
    Just found this podcast and already have learned so much from one episode! Also- I loved the last few minutes. Ignore the naysayers!! ❤️❤️ do not become weary in doing good!!
  • Graysonip
    Pragmatic, Actionable and Kind
    Jill consistently delivers actionable, pragmatic and cost effective gardening advice. Her kind demeanor makes the podcast is a welcomed listen - week after week. I pray that you are healed, and thank you for sharing your faith. Although you don’t impose your belief on listeners, it’s been a blessing to know that you trust God. It encourages my faith too. The Lord cover and keep you always.
  • PrisThompsom
    Love the simplicity
    I love how simple Jill is and how she will try new ideas and items. I also love the spiritual piece at the end and how she doesn’t push it on users. If you don’t ant to listen then you just shut off.
  • sarahselahw
    Great Gardening Show
    I just discovered Jill’s show and it’s been perfect timing starting my first garden! I find the episodes so informative and enjoyable. Jill is brave enough to be vulnerable with us to share her faith and struggles. She’s a natural teacher!
  • asfghjkllhgffdssss
    Great podcast!
    I have been gardening for a large part of my life but am still learning a lot from your podcast. Your podcast is the most practical and interesting that I have found. Also thank you so much for sharing your faith. You are an encouragement and inspiration to many of the rest of us! (Just remember that … and the beatitudes Matthew 5)
  • JenArm3616
    Look forward to these podcasts
    As a fairly new gardener, I get so much out of these podcasts. I look forward to getting new episodes twice per week. Thanks, Jill.
  • Discovery recycling
    Just what I needed!!!
    Thank you Jill! I’ve listened to 10 episodes so far and they’re all what I needed to hear. Very interesting and packed full of all of the aspects of the topic.
  • mrsbeliever
    Thank you
    Thank you for everything you do! I love listening to your podcast! I am a novice in gardening and there is so much to learn! Thank you for being a great advocate!
    Jill is great!
    I always learn so much and she is like listening to a friend. When I have gotten frustrated with my garden she is there to let me know it is ok and it’s all a learning experience! Great practical information that is explained in such a way that anyone would be able to understand. Thanks Jill!
  • ecofriendlyflo
    Bible and preaching 👎🏾
    Loved the content until she started talking about religion and the Bible in the recent episode. If I wanted to hear about Christianity, I’d go to church. Unsubscribing.
  • fhshsbfs
    Perfect for beginners
    I feel like I’m talking with a friend. Thank you for your honesty and encouragement. I learn so much about gardening every time I listen! Thank you :)
  • keeptrying22
    Great informative podcast
  • Graybeard57
    Very helpful
    Jill is a pleasure to listen to and very informative without talking down to her listeners.
  • VestaMc
    My Garden Mentor
    Hey Everybody… Jill is my all things garden mentor! Dabbled with veggies n fruits but always learning so this year I kicked it in gear and have the courage to face all the challenges thanks to my mentor Jill. Living in middle Tennessee my climate is similar to Jills so It’s a win-win!! Perfect delivery both over the microphone or in a workshop!! Thank you GardenMentor!!
  • Sweetcodi
    Best home gardener help podcast out there.
    This podcast is well thought out, researched and edited. Jill is an amazing hostess, and is concise and concerned with helping you become a gardener for the long term. She’s not product hocking (well, ok- there are some sponsors) but instead offers some beautiful comprehensive courses on both getting started on your garden from the very first seed, and her harvest to kitchen series where she shows you what to do with all that stuff you just grew! She puts a lot of work into making things easily understandable for beginners, but also really does the research to give answers to questions big and small about gardening. Can I just say that as a midwesterner myself, it is so nice to hear from someone gardening here in the middle like I am and not in a subtropical climate on one of the coasts?!? Yay!!!! I recommend this podcast to any of my friends and family who want to get growing. It’s the best one out there in my opinion- and I’m very grateful for Jill’s efforts. Thank you, Jill!!!
  • PatB78
    Great information!
    Although I wouldn’t classify myself as a “beginner gardener”, I still listen to Jill’s podcast on a weekly basis because she gives a lot of great information that I can apply to my gardening skills. I also appreciate the small Bible devotion she sometimes gives at the end of her podcasts. Keep up the good work, Jill!
  • bikerbird2
    Thanks 🙏 for kindness
    Yea finally I got a person who care to take the time to explain. How to garden a great way. Bless you and family
  • Jkuisel
    I’ve been listening for about 6mo. Really great info in every episode. I appreciate the step-by-step instructions often given. And Jill is not only knowledgeable but easy to listen to. I really like the deeper contemplation at the end of the episodes, too!
  • momoffourMT
    Easy to follow
    This podcast has great information, in an easy to follow presentation. I like to go to the nerds for gardening advice, and I think she does her research well and finds helpful information to share, while not claiming to know everything. Best of all, she loves Jesus, which is important to me because it affects how we view everything in life, even gardening.
  • a ronan fan
    Gardening info but not Jesus stuff please
    Good info for gardeners but not interested in the jesus stuff she preaches. If I wanted that I’d go to church. A complete turnoff
  • FMJ88
    Long winded. She takes forever to make her point.
    Skip this podcast
  • Bookworm84074
    Love this show!
    Full of awesome info. Especially loved the tomato trellis podcast today. I use hogwire fence panel and wind my tomato leaves around the wire to help the stay on the trellis and that episode really struck home.
  • Vic-A
    Love how Jill connects God’s word to gardening
    As long as I can remember, I’ve loved growing flowers and plants, but only became interested in vegetable gardening a couple of years ago. Now that I’m retired and have the time, I want to learn as much as I can. In just the short time that I’ve been listening to Jill’s podcast, I have learned so much and really enjoy her teaching. Jill is a great communicator and interviewer. I feel as if she and my love for gardening are a gift from the Lord.
  • Nougatwuerfel
    Gardening with God
    I love Jill‘s podcast. She is very thorough, well organized and i always learn tons of things. Especially I enjoy her going deeper by sharing her faith. It is very edifying in uncertain times like this.
  • yellikeh
    Good info but unfollowed after religious reference
    Interested in learning about gardening, which the host provides, but turned off by religious euphemisms.
  • EngrNPR
    Great gardening tips!
    I absolutely love this podcast! I have learned so much, and really enjoy Jill’s podcast style. She is always well prepared with great information, and shared about pertinent gardening topics. Love this podcast! Highly recommend!
  • ChristianMamaBear1989
    Great gardening tips!
    I am excited to start gardening and I appreciate all the tips to get started. God bless you!
  • cindymae80
    Love it!
    So many helpful tips & really gets into the basics if you are new (me!) It’s help from ground zero which is exactly what I need & the free (right now) courses are AWESOME! Thank you Jill!!
  • Ashleigh Rutland
    New Gardener’s Best Friend!
    This podcast has truly inspired & guided me into starting my very first garden this year! Jill is extremely informative, candid & I am SO grateful for your podcast! I just finished your mini course “before you sow” and it was fantastic.
  • Portland first-time gardener
    Love, love, love!
    Your podcast has quite simply changed my life. You gave me the confidence to try to be a first-time gardener (even if I’m the very beginner variety!!) and a very practical way to define success, which includes expecting things to be imperfect and celebrating problems as learning opportunities. I love your garden journal and am SO glad you recommended recording details that I would never has remembered but now rely on daily. I really appreciate how you translate things into 101-level and provide so much detail on your experiences. I look forward to binge-listening to old episodes and starting new ones the day they’re available. I could go on and on. And as for the negative reviews on religious elements, I can honestly say that as a person who does not necessarily share the same belief system as you, I’m so confused about why that would bother anyone since it’s limited to the very end of the episode to make it an optional listening component. And more often than not, I choose to listen because it’s lovely to hear why gardening is so deeply meaningful to you personally—something I’m certain many gardeners can relate to no matter their particular belief or non-belief variety. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jill!!! 5 MILLION stars!
  • GoCubd
    Don’t want church a garden podcast -unsubscribe
    Church or Dirt? This podcaster needs to make a decision. I’m not sticking around for an answer.
  • screwedtoo
    good show
    if that sticky sweet voice wasn't so annoying
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