The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy


Welcome to the Beginner's Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure -- big or small. When I began gardening in 2013, I scoured books and Internet resources to find all the information I could. Although good information was abundant, I had trouble understanding all the gardening lingo and sifting through the information to figure out what would work for me. In this podcast, my aim is to provide helpful information while explaining the gardening lingo as we go. I want to equip YOU to have the best start ever this gardening season!

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Recent Reviews
  • cindymae80
    Love it!
    So many helpful tips & really gets into the basics if you are new (me!) It’s help from ground zero which is exactly what I need & the free (right now) courses are AWESOME! Thank you Jill!!
  • Ashleigh Rutland
    New Gardener’s Best Friend!
    This podcast has truly inspired & guided me into starting my very first garden this year! Jill is extremely informative, candid & I am SO grateful for your podcast! I just finished your mini course “before you sow” and it was fantastic.
  • Portland first-time gardener
    Love, love, love!
    Your podcast has quite simply changed my life. You gave me the confidence to try to be a first-time gardener (even if I’m the very beginner variety!!) and a very practical way to define success, which includes expecting things to be imperfect and celebrating problems as learning opportunities. I love your garden journal and am SO glad you recommended recording details that I would never has remembered but now rely on daily. I really appreciate how you translate things into 101-level and provide so much detail on your experiences. I look forward to binge-listening to old episodes and starting new ones the day they’re available. I could go on and on. And as for the negative reviews on religious elements, I can honestly say that as a person who does not necessarily share the same belief system as you, I’m so confused about why that would bother anyone since it’s limited to the very end of the episode to make it an optional listening component. And more often than not, I choose to listen because it’s lovely to hear why gardening is so deeply meaningful to you personally—something I’m certain many gardeners can relate to no matter their particular belief or non-belief variety. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jill!!! 5 MILLION stars!
  • GoCubd
    Don’t want church a garden podcast -unsubscribe
    Church or Dirt? This podcaster needs to make a decision. I’m not sticking around for an answer.
  • screwedtoo
    good show
    if that sticky sweet voice wasn't so annoying
  • happieoiler
    episode 209 is great
    I am learning so much and I am so grateful for your podcasts. I just got done listening to episode 209 Small Space Kitchen Gardening with Nicole Burke. It is amazing. I’ve been thinking I have to keep up with all the amazing big gardeners out there but this just put me so at ease and took off SO much pressure I put on myself. A big THANK YOU to both you and Nicole.
  • Southern Ice
    Informative and humble
    Jill is a delightful and personable host. Her podcasts are well organized, thoughtful, and informative while being humble regarding her mistakes. Really glad I found this one!
  • JaKs7283
    Dig A Lil Deeper!!!
    I absolutely love listening to you, especially when you dig a little deeper! You’re absolutely amazing, very motivating & being so sweet & inspirational is a GREAT BONUS!!! Keep up the Greatness! May you be Blessed!!!
  • cali life 🐚
    The Best Beginners Garden Podcast
    I’ve listened to Jill over the past three years, and each podcast I learn something new. She got me hooked. And her approach of taking it slow, learning from mistakes, and weaving in science just when you need it. I really recommend this as the first place to go if you want to learn about gardening. And as other reviewers have mentioned, Jill’s very down to earth and very clear. Could not say enough about this podcast, and the many great speakers she enlists to help!
  • Saucysaurus
    Informative Gardening tips
    Love this garden podcast and the variety of content that is seasonally timed! From the short questions answered to the longer in depth guest sessions - all are great to learn new things about vegetable gardening.
  • Erin0223
    Very kind and humble speaker. Jill does a great job of sharing the information she learns in her garden. One of my favorite podcasts to listen to!
  • langfordcr
    Highly recommend!
    I discovered Jill’s podcast last summer as a new gardener and was immediately a fan. I binge-listened all summer long. She’s truly a teacher and you’ll feel like she’s your new best friend. You won’t regret becoming a regular listener! Check out her courses, too!
  • Smg7
    Excellent and Easy To Understand
    I love the grounded easy to understand way she teaches. I want to hear from gardeners that share a similar approach to organic practices and appreciate the value that insects bring to the garden. Lots of good science here! Do not be turned off by a few negative reviews on the religious content sometimes shared in the last five minutes of the podcast. Just don’t listen to that. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! You’ll be missing out!
  • Gin gin24
    Useful and approachable
    This is such an unpretentious look at gardening. Lots of helpful tidbits for many levels of gardeners. I so appreciate the honesty of both gardening successes but also failures! On another note, there is sometimes a religious aspect every now and then, but it’s not at all overwhelming. Normally this would be a turn off for me but I can appreciate making that connection to the awesomeness of nature even though I’m not a religious person.
  • cest tout
    Stop with the gospel
    I respect your beliefs. However, what does that have to do your audience’s beliefs? Please don’t make gardening an excuse to evangelize. Respect that people have many different beliefs, and that we could still come together and care for one another and the planet. You are already sharing your love, you don’t need to get preachy.
  • cnw1954
    Gardening is great. Not everyone wants a sermon.
    I find religious material snuck into informative podcasts so obnoxious.
  • ParentTeacherL
    Religion again
    I am so tired of people and their religious evangelizing every topic on earth. If I wanted to listen to a podcast on religion, I would subscribe to that. Let’s get back to gardening and leave the politics and religion to their topics. I listen to gardening podcasts for an escape.
  • CopaseticPirate
    Unexpected religiosity
    I’m an atheist, so was put off by the christian content. You had me until the bible study discussion.
  • Su in MA
    Filled with great info!
    Each show is packed with great info! I especially love the new 101 in depth series. Jill is a fantastic teacher and is down to earth and relatable!
  • Ericablu
    A lot of Jesus-talk
    Beware, the podcaster talks about Jesus for a third of the episode. If you’re like me and not interested, there are other gardening podcasts.
  • Setnomacor
    So personable
    Jill could be your neighbor who turned out to be a great friend . I gardened in years past in containers but I moved to the Utah high desert and my first time on my own property. I’ll be able to start my first one here next summer so I’m getting a head start. She gives good guidance and is open to learning from listeners and her experience each year. So relaxing to listen and a very kind southern voice will make you feel at home.
  • Angela the over weight
    I excellent show on onions, very informative.
    My favorite podcast
    I’ve been gardening on a small scale for over 20 years—containers, in ground, and raised beds. I love listening to Jill’s podcast because she breaks things down in such a simple, doable way. I always learn something new.
  • MS923
    Great podcast.
    I have learned so much and I enjoy many of the topics on the podcast. Worth a listen! I just skip the last few minutes of the show where she starts talking about religion. Simple as that!
  • An expert sewer
    Tested advice
    I have not listened to many of these episodes but the one about sweet potatoes she mentioned only having grown them two seasons and that she lives in the south , I feel like this kind of honesty is lacking from a lot of gardening “advice” on blogs and podcasts. People seem to buy the plants from Home Depot and then plant them and then write a post about how to grow them like they know what they’re doing. A little bit more climate specific information would be nice, I live in the high altitude inter Mountain West, which is literally nothing like the southern states and I think a less experienced gardener might take her advice and try it in a climate that just will not work.
  • Mjf3000
    God or Science?
    I’m a beginning gardener, and I was excited to see a podcast to help me along. The host is a well-researched individual. She cites scientific studies from respected sources. But she also gives god all the credit, as if all living things appeared on earth in their exact form, each plant and insect having its purpose in god’s plan for us. She engages in the scientific method, then attributes it all to god’s intelligence, rather than millennia of human trial and error, selectively breeding for traits that better suit our needs. If you can get past the - I guess I would call it naive hypocrisy - then you will gain some insights for your garden.
  • M1k0
    I’ve learned so much
    I look forward every week to Jill’s new podcast. As a beginner who has longed to succeed, I have learned so much from her. She shares freely of her experiments and lessons learned in the garden. Even though she is far more skilled and advanced, I can relate to her on my level. When I finish listening, I always end feeling encouraged.
  • hashtagsarah
    Excellent for newbies like me
    If you’re looking to start gardening or add to your knowledge, this is where you want to start. I got into gardening during the COVID lockdowns like many. I have scoured the interwebs for good podcasts and this one is the best. No one in my family is a gardener but Jill’s podcast gave me the knowledge and confidence to transition from a few raised beds to a 800 square foot in ground garden this year.
  • gardening newbie
    Love this podcast
    I look forward to the new episodes each Tuesday! Jill’s voice is so calming and easy to understand. Her episodes are so engaging she makes gardening so exciting! . She’s already taught me so much! Thanks Jill
  • Tuml
    Informative Podcast
    Thank you for all the information you’ve learned and sharing it with us beginners. Love the show.
  • Adela2109
    Good but
    The gardening information is helpful but the more I listen the less I look forward to the religious aspect of this podcast. I choose to listen to this as a gardening podcast not for religion. I wish these podcasts would just stick to that. Bummer.
  • Jennbrown13
    Beginner gardener 5-years going and her material is still relevant
    I’ve tried starting a garden since I was a little girl, and one thing or another has lead to it’s demise, the last 5 years I’ve tried patio gardens to great success and this spring I’m starting my first raised garden beds. Jill’s upbeat podcasts, highly relevant material, and encouraging approach is so enjoyable! I’ve loved binging on her material over this quarantine! Thanks Jill!
  • plsys in dirt
    Garden planning
    Gardening content useful but I don’t want a bible lesson. Will unsubscribe .
  • MCSHughes
    I appreciate your expressions of faith.
    I’m a Master Gardener and enjoy the podcast. I learn things as well. I also enjoy Jill’s expression of her faith in her gardening. Thanks Jill!
    Gardening Good. Devotion forced
    Stick w the gardening. If I want your religious views Ill listen to that podcast. Science and my religion are separate get out of the business. I can’t listen anymore to this.
  • SamMusic23
    LOVE this podcast!
    This podcast is SO helpful and is hardly ever just over my head. I started gardening with this podcast and with each podcast I learn so much! And she introduces me to other gardeners that I’m learning from. If you’re new or just want to learn more, this podcast is for you!
  • Co.RD
    Super religious
    Thought this was a gardening podcast not a Jesus podcast.
  • lil miss sip
    Wonderful and helpful
    This podcast is amazing! So helpful for a new gardener. I’ve been binging since I discovered the podcast!
  • 1988KC
    Timely garden info
    My first gardening podcast ever. Great place to help start my gardening journey.
  • productiondesignering
    Practical information for EVERY gardener
    This is the most practical gardening show out there I think! I was raised in the garden, but love Jill’s fresh perspective. It is fun and I’ve learned something I can use immediately in every show so far.
  • mooseman190
    Not just for the ladies
    I’ve been listening to Jill for about 8 months now. Her insight on gardening is invaluable as well as that of her guests. Ive learned much about my own garden from her.
  • gardening juju
    Made me know I AM a gardener
    I found this podcast after hearing Jill on another podcast talking about her book. I immediately ordered the book and found this podcast. It has been life-changing for me. I absorb all of the information like a sponge and am learning so much! And I love how Jill shares her faith and God’s word-after all, He designed the original garden!! All of that aside, it has been life-changing for me because I had always said I couldn’t grow vegetables, my thumb was brown, etc. However, Jill has given me the greatest gift-she told me that I AM a gardener because I plant things and am learning about the things I plant. Just because something didn’t work like I thought doesn’t mean I’m not a gardener, it just means I need to try something different. (I don’t know why I ever had this black/white idea of gardening!) I think of Jill as a friend who’s guiding me along my gardening journey, sharing her wisdom, and I couldn’t thank her enough. If you’re looking for easy to understand gardening information, this podcast is for you!!
  • SprtnUp2019
    Would be a PERFECT show...
    ...but I don’t want to hear about your religious views.
  • Gable&Garden
    Beginning Gardener
    I learn so much from each and every episode! This is the most thorough and easily understood podcast, as well as Jill’s content in her website and shop!
  • blessingsandblossoms
    Great! Plus...
    I am not necessarily a beginner but still so much to learn and this is great not just for the beginner gardener, the bonus of each episode is her sharing Gods word! Thank you for the encouragement in gardening and in Gods word!
  • akb131224
    Awesome! Learned so much!!!
    I just started a garden this year and was super unorganized and inexperienced. I didn’t know anything about planting times and caring for crops. I couldn’t sleep one night and stumbled upon this podcast, and then I definitely didn’t fall asleep! I was so inspired and comforted by the down to earth and easy to understand advice! I’ve already learned tons, and I can’t wait to start my fall garden with all the support from this podcast!
  • Jand1907
    New favorite podcast
    I love the mix of gardening information with the little devotional type bits too..I wasn’t expecting it and it was such a pleasant surprise. I’ve been binge listening at work and I’m so glad I found this. Thank you for sharing your voice!
  • Married 18 yrs happily
    Great for beginner gardener!
    Enjoy her and her guests. I am also a beginner with veggies, so this one is perfect for me. I am a lifelong gardener with flowers.
  • mommajran
    Mature lady but infant gardener!
    Excellent information for the new gardener. I’m getting knowledge and encouragement!
  • 2xen
    New Gardner
    I enjoyed the composted show. Also the show about seeds. I try to propagate plants and shrubs to save on adding to my perennial garden. Easiest are native hybiscus,hydrangeas also. Thank you for the down to earth show.
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