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Impact Theory is a business and mindset-focused interview show that will teach anyone aspiring to greatness the secrets to success. The show is hosted by Tom Bilyeu - a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the #2 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition and former host of the viral hit Youtube series Inside Quest (viewed over 100,000,000 times). Bilyeu is known for his passion and preparation. Always eager to truly learn from his guests, Bilyeu digs deep and brings the urgency of someone hungry to put what he’s learning to immediate use - making the show not only entertaining and energetic, but also hyper-useful.

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  • It's too early
    Hits the spot
    I absolutely love both part 1 and 2 with Arthur Brooks . What a great conversation !! So many ahas that I’ll put in my pocket and save . Will also return to both episodes to listen with renewed ears .
  • Ali Schu
    Oh Tom, I think you to defend this country to Peter!
    When Peter Schiff rips the country down, I think you defend her (because you have so many fans)!! Alison Schuback
  • SL_CT
    Waste of time
    This guy thinks he’s a free speech absolutist, and some kind of media expert. Came here for Sam Harris who destroyed his arguments. Really, don’t waste your time.
  • Trillionfelis
    I couldn’t finish the episode
    I listened to an interview with Sam Harris. The host was not well prepared to understand the problem at hand, guessed left and right, interrupted often and showed that unfortunately he’s not at a level where he could engage well with Sam. The interviewee was very charitable in this conversation.
  • "REID"
    Sam Harris
    Tom, so enjoy your podcast and you tackle issues and invite guests that add value to our lives. Unfortunately I just felt sad for Sam Harris and how he is so consumed by the previous President and calls names like a 5 year old of anyone he disagrees with from his entitled mind. You should leave Sam back in 2020 and not invite him back again.
  • ScubaDiva2023
    Most thoughtful podcast
    If you are not listening to Tom you are really missing out. With a wide range of topics and diverse guests who are experts in their field , his podcast is worthy of your time. His kindness toward each guest and the amount of research he puts in is captivating. Tom is not another blah blah dude. He thinks through thought provoking questions and has his finger on the pulse of what we are facing in these crazy times. I learn so much!
  • SamI am2
    Very strong beliefs
    Tom has very strong beliefs about certain topics that seem more of an opinion. Especially when it comes to sexuality and women and men. Very old beliefs. I used to listen to him on a daily. Now it just seems his opinions are clouding the great information.
  • Steph Mannix
    Whole lot if nothing
    I’ve listened to a few podcasts on money and it’s a bunch of rambling garbage trashing socialism. Guests talking conspiracy on grounds of disproven stances. Don’t waste 7 hrs like I did - synopsis - Gov bad, the USD is screwed, buy Bitcoin/gold.
  • jbullock6
    Tom is an Excellent host!
    This show is one of my regular listens, Tom is an amazing interviewer. He chooses very relevant Contant, and keeps it very intelligent and somewhat unbiased as much as possible. I love that. Even with guests that he disagrees with, which is rare to see host, spring on guest, that they disagree with, for example, the J Waller interview was great! It kept me engaged the entire time, and you really brought out a different side of him that we are not used to seeing. I think only Tom Bilyeu could have done that. Amazing Show. Thank you for your work Impact Team!
  • jes🥰
    Please put time stamps
    If you’re going to have these amazing expert guests on and have episodes that are over 2 hours long, please put time stamps. Your listeners would appreciate it. Please
  • Kevn PA
    Subscription Model
    I’ve always enjoyed your podcast and have looked forward with great anticipation for when a new one would drop. I was really disappointed to see you move to subscription model. I’ll start by saying I won’t subscribe to this or any podcast. I stopped listening to Ryan Holliday for the same reason. Please reconsider this choice.
  • Michael Oxenrider
    Music and mindset
    Tom, you want to build the next Disney. When I think of Disney, I think of music. We surely wouldn’t have had the dreams we have now if it weren’t also for Disney music. And we’d be unimaginably behind where we our now without it. Music opens us to that message of empowerment and a self-directed life. I want to hear Impact Theory music.
  • That Body Guy
    Downward fall
    From building up men and society to tearing down masculinity and feminizing society? Big fall off
  • Silesa
    I love your show and your guests, I share it with many people but I always getting bothered by how you speak more and sometimes more than your guest, like showing off your knowledge! For example the episode about the sex recession, she was talking for almost 3 min from min 20 to 23, sharing her wisdom and instead acknowledging it and empower what she said you just changed the subject to something else!! I love you but you should count the minutes you spoke on this episode compre to her, and I see it on many other episodes, too bad. Listen to Ed show to see how he's empower his guests
  • Nomodebt
    Woke culture episode
    Wokeness is not a culture. Victim hood is what your guest wants it to mean.
  • Swim with nemo
    Too many ads
    I only listened to two episodes because I love Chuck palahniuk but the ads were unbearable. I mean, way too many ads. I spent so much time skipping through them, it was pretty annoying.
    Tom Bilyeu is the best interviewer ever. He does not waste time and only asks important questions!
  • Jeremy_96
    Deleted episodes
    Not sure what happened to all the episodes from 2017 to 2020 but seems like you guys updated the shows and deleted a lot of episodes from few years ago. Started listening from 2017 up now it’s all over the place.. hopefully you can reboot the episodes .
  • coachsmags
    Really wanted to like it
    Found him searching for an AI podcast. Then followed on Twitter for a while only to see some very disturbing accounts that he follows.
  • Ronny Hewitte
    Interesting guests
    The guests are interesting; a bit of a problem of over talking the guests; or never giving the chance to communicate their entire thought. Seems like the host is trying to regurgitate too much at once. Nonetheless: interesting
  • Fitz1229
    Toms positive creative energy is just what the Dr. Ordered!
    You can’t help but feel more motivated and hopeful after listening to Impact theory Toms Got lots to share and teach you about what it takes to succeed or heck …just be grateful for what you have …thanks Tom for helping me get through some really challenging times In my life and after these past couple years who hasn’t ?!!…..rock on Tom 👍🏻🎸
  • Jcrosser
    Love love love
    I love this podcast. This recent one with Andrew Huberman is blowing my mind. There is so much good content. I also really liked hearing Tom’s way of maximizing his time in the episode on getting up early. Side note, also love Lisa and her podcast too. I would love more podcasts with the both of you talking about working out relationship issues. I have so much admiration for both of you it makes me tear up sometimes when I think about how you guys inspire me and so many other people. THANK YOU!
  • Mario with Endurify
    Legendary podcast!
    Tom is probably the best podcast host I’ve ever heard. Period. You can tell how much he cares and how obsessively he prepares for every single guest. I love how direct, intense, and practical he is! Thank you, Tom, and entire Impact Theory team for everything that you do!!
  • Rocky Booth
    Best of the Best
    Thanks a billion Tom! You're legendary the way you help me understand life and fire up my motivation engine, your interviewer skills are unparalleled, your topics are phenomenally useful and forward looking, and you are at the top of the mountain peak in your field! Rocky Booth
  • AaronSquared
    Great podcast that dives deep into all sorts of topics.
    From business to mindset to health. Tom goes in deep with a direct style and open mind. He questions things and asks for clarification, in a no conflict way that is refreshing in this polarized world of most people wanting to shove their agenda down your throat. Tom wants to learn and grow along side of you but is not afraid to respectfully disagree and offer his educated perspective without trying to act like he knows everything. A needed voice of reason and civility in a noisy world.
  • CocoTate23
    Great VALUE in every episode
    Tom has a way of getting so much valuable information from every guest/interview. Every podcast is pack full of useful information that I literally listen to many of his episodes twice to write down the most useful information to then use it in my everyday life. There are thousands of podcasts so I appreciate the fact that Tom intrinsically knows his listeners needs and makes sure to give us content that, when used wisely, really will change our lives for the better! Do yourself a favor and become a subscriber, do the work, and get ready for your life to change.
  • Agh go Kufic
    Cutting off your guest
    Great show just stop speaking over your guest yet them finish their thoughts
  • PRS6565
    Dumb show
    This guy is a tard.. do yourself a favor and skip it.
  • Lynx331
    The Best
    The best guests, the best interviews, perfectly tailored and thoughtful questions. There’s nothing else to say, outstanding podcast!
  • Leonela G
    I love the breakdown
    Tom, Thank you for always having your guest speakers break down their knowledge into simple ways to digest and learn. In almost every podcast a guest speaker is explaining something fascinating but I don’t understand their verbiage. Then you ask them to “dumb it down” or simplify it for the audience who has no idea what their talking about. Then that’s when I can understand what you guys are talking about. Thank you for always reminding your guest speakers to break things down in a form that’s digestible. I love your podcast! The topics are always so fascinating and random!
  • Audrey 313
    Please stop interrupting!
    It is very irritating to listen to Tom interrupt his guests- I feel like I’m trying to listen but he keeps interjecting to the point where I can’t focus and feel very annoyed. Good content though
  • Mr WHC
    From afar and only by ear..
    Tom’s story to improve himself and the business success he has made garners attention and has surpassed my own…as of today. As a podcaster he has good intentions and hosts insightful guests… As with his business success and now with podcasting I’m sure he will Soon learn, to trust his guests and respect their input, by refraining from interrupting them and interjecting his own ‘outside’ expertise on top of theirs, rather than asking insightful questions and then just…listening….. Best Exp: The interview with Ray Dalio I make plenty of mistakes, I try to reflect and improve… Mr Bilyeu, Congratulations on your success! Ask great questions, then let your guest stars shine their brightest. Will C. XOX
  • Necrovir
    Awesome Show
    I really appreciate all the value I’ve gotten from this show! You have a lot of great guests, and you have great questions. Keep up the good work.
  • rock3432
    Moderately interesting, VERY poorly produced and edited…
    Sometimes very good content and insight into Tom’s thought processes. Haphazardly thrown together. Extreme volume changes from ads to content, sometimes identical segments or ads are copied and pasted back to back. Episodes obviously posted without checking to see if the audio editing is complete. Seems like the interviews are scripted.
  • Helstah
    Ads are way too loud.
    It’s obnoxious. I’m offended. ;) no, but really.
  • Paulfarmdale
    The absolute best mindset podcaster out there
    What an imbecil
  • David Volta
    One star off for the ridiculously loud commercials
    I love this podcast, it’s 5 Stars… except for the HELLA LOUD commercials. The loudest commercials on any podcast I listen to, and I listen to tons. The insanely loud commercials makes me just skip them instead of leaving them on as i do with other podcasts where they leave them at the same levels as the actual podcast. The second the crazy loud commercials come on I skip them
  • kandnrkekenwnw
    Promoting Butcher Box makes no sense. You endorse mindfulness and centeredness and also claim to be “fanatical” about your diet, but promoting eating sentient beings is pure disconnected and programmed cruelty, plus a completely unsustainable, unethical and unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Pete (Shreds)
    Want to change your life?
    Tom has been an idol & mentor of mine for the past 5+ years since watching/listening to Impact Theory on YouTube & Apple Podcast. If you are serious about change & have a growth mindset then you should dive into these awesome interviews on life, happiness, success, diet, & much much more. You will come out a better individual & human which the world definitely needs more of!
  • Rhey mann
    Tom, I respect very few people in the personal development arena but you stand out because of your authenticity and integrity. The content and direction you provide help many people and you are sure to remain impactful for many years. By far the best podcast and interviewer ever. Keep up the good work. Remain legendary.
  • Ariana Monell
    So grateful for you, Tom!
    Tom, your content and coaching has been absolutely life changing for me. Your passion is contagious and I am always hanging on every word you say! Thank you for who you are in this world. You’re gift to this earth, man!!
  • JamesFestini
    Festini says it’s great
    So it must be. I am also glad it’s an audio podcast since the contact lends itself to that.
  • FreediveHI
    Bad at interviews
    Tom loves to talk about himself. His questions take forever to ask. Just plain crummy at interviewing. I feel bad for his guests.
  • mkmorris67golf
    Great content, but….
    So much excellent content here over many years, but if you want to “be the next Disney”, you need to improve your sound quality. The recent episode with Gabor Mate was unlistenable in all environments that didn’t have a cone of silence. I understood the early pandemic episodes with weaker quality, but time to step it up.
  • Ssssinnnnnn
    Great show but too many ads
    Used to be at regular lister. Loved the show till the amount of random ads has been taken to a new level. Quit frankly stopped listening because of that. I understand everyone needs to make money and your giving away lot of free content, but there can be a middle ground. Play the first 5 minutes ads, then let the show run. If your sponsors don’t allow that, then stand up for the real reason you did this show and tell em get lost.
  • 123_medicalstudent_321
    Did anyone have a problem with this?
    Did anyone notice the comment made in the Why Relationships Fail podcast? He said: “if you match my level of ambition and then ask if this is a male of women, it’s going to be a guy. They wouldn’t be always correct, but it’s mostly going to be a guy”. This is extremely insulting as I don’t think this is accurate at all.
  • TheMollyB
    LOVE THE SHOW but Tom, the amount of ads before and throughout your episodes is REALLY getting irritating my friend, I can’t even listen in the shower because the ads take up the whole time
  • lexi_bieberx
    I love Tom and am a regular listener. The content is the best as is Tom, but I wanted to mention, for some time now, that the quality of Tom’s audio is horrible. I don’t understand why Tom’s volume and guests are barely audible compared to all other podcasts. Time to level-up the audio equipment system! Please.
  • AjdinH
    Same episode
    In the last few months it’s been alot of reuploads it seems at this point it’s just to gather more clicks and get some extra cash from the ads
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