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Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls".
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  • fifinye
    Catch up first
    Too much supposition and later proven wrong headed.
  • Princess char
    Audio Quality
    The audio quality is terrible. If they can’t figure out how to properly record when they are in 2 different places then they just need to stop
  • victoriashh1997
    Courtney is a mean girl
    Listen to how she talks to Mary. It’s unbearable. This past episode on the reunion was uncomfortable, you could tell Mary was annoyed when she finally said “Ok Courtney it sounds personal for you.” Courtney, fun fact - Mary can have an opinion that is different from yours. You don’t need to spend 5 minutes trying to make her feel stupid and wrong. You aren’t always right
  • ColieB1989
    Constant interruptions
    Courtney will not stop interrupting and cutting Mary off! I used to listen a long time ago and came back recently for VPR and summer house recaps but I can’t make it through. Please take a beat Courtney! I want to hear what Mary has to say.
  • BrittanyLynn347
    These girls don’t seem to like each other
    It can be hard to listen to. It’s like they don’t know how to communicate and express different opinions without being rude. May be take a breather and come back.
  • Courts a bravo fan
    Good podcast
    I enjoy this podcast, I especially enjoy that when they recap summerhouse they don’t agree on much but both explain their points pretty well. I like how Courtney calls Mary out lol. I agree with Courtney’s ideas so it’s always fun when she says to Mary what I’m thinking. Overall great podcast! ☺️
  • cookies543
    You have to stop
    The way Courtney constantly interrupts Mary is getting out of hand. Like let her talk.. or start your own podcast. I have been listening for years but I don’t know if I can do it anymore. Like everytime Mary goes to talk Courtney JUMPS in. I want to know what Mary was going to say….
  • 47th&5th
    Thank you!
    Thank you for making my morning easier! Always listen to you girls before work and it starts my day off in the perfect way!
  • stefy32593
    Ladies please connect before recording
    It’s pulling teeth listening to you guys at this point. I try to listen to support but my god. Was excited for all things scandoval but you guys just can’t finish a thought or know where you’re going. Rehearse text or bat signal before recording.
  • MegP1026
    Hard to listen
    I want to like it because I love bravo but sometimes it seems that Mary doesn’t pay attention to the shows at all and always seems to misinterpret the situations. They don’t seem to like each other and Courtney seems to put down Mary a lot.
    Difficult to listen to
    Courtney, let it go with Mary not going to your birthday. You commenting on flying for her WEDDING is different. So tired of hearing Courtney talk down to Mary on a weekly basis.
  • laurashla
    What I the world
    What are you guys doing to this guy? It’s so cruel to put out there a narrative based exs accout, the Gorgas account and him finally sticking up for his wife after an entire season we watched him trying to fix it? I feel icky after this. Let the facts play out. Aren’t they happily married now too? Jeez
  • Erin BH
    Losing me
    I used to like this podcast but I feel like they just talk about themselves and then dust in a little bravo. I can fast forward 20 min in and they’re still bantering about nonsense.
  • Giggly granny kclakegirl Fee
    You girls rock!!
    Keep up the good work ladies!
  • kris_nole
    These girls run an amazing instagram account but this is proof that not everyone should have a podcast. They speak over each other, shriek and are equally as annoying. I thought this could be my podcast to listen to when I’ve already listened to everything else but never mind.
  • upptac
    Look forward every week!
    My favorite pod! I feel like I’m spending time with my girlfriends! Keep it up ladies! (I hope Mary went to the birthday party!).
  • Rach Bree
    I love your show! You both make my weeks! Also, I was wondering if there’s any way you guys could put in the description the time stamp in your episodes you talk about certain shows? I just don’t watch all the shows and thought that would be a helpful little hack. If not no worries! Love you guys!
  • Nothanksno
    An hour of nothing and 15 mins of RHONJ
    I don’t need to hear a whole hour about VPR and Summer House. These people all cheat with each other. End scene.
  • elisabetham
    Making fun of sobriety
    Is not cool. It’s clear these women have never taken a break from alcohol. Because yes your life does change. Doesn’t sit right. I know it’s called two judgey girls but they are two judgey for me
  • podpeople100
    Sound Quality
    Stop whispering. Speak up. It is so annoying to have to put the volume up all the way snd still not be able to hear. It’s a flipping podcast. There isn’t close captioning for us to read. Please recognize you are an auditory medium.
  • Buckity
    Steady Improvement
    They’re brining to the table the depth you’d expect from a couple of middle aged people who still drop their sorority into conversations at every opportunity, but they’re lovable in their own way. There’s no denying that they have a true bond and there’s a sincerity to them. They have been getting consistently better at production quality too, which is very much appreciated. So many Bravo podcasters sound like they’re screaming into tin cans…
  • Efeezybaby
    Eri from the Bay
    Love this podcast as a lover of all things bravo! Hella♥️
  • yikes5050
    Can Mary have an opinion?
    Everytime Mary says her opinion, Courtney always has to make a comment about it. Poor Mary
  • 👽😎🌚
    Love the Pod but 1 Suggestion
    The only critique I have after years of listening… PLEASE ADD TIME STAMPS TO THE DESCRIPTION. I don’t watch every Bravo show and would love to be able to skip to the franchises I do watch!! Also love you girls but sometimes your beginning talk before the recaps take forever and when I’m in a rush it’d be nice to skip straight to the recaps!
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 1234
    Long time listener
    In general I really do enjoy this pod, but I gotta say, if Courtney wasn’t on the show, I probably wouldn’t listen. I don’t understand why she gets so much hate in these reviews - she is the only one who has good takes and can express herself eloquently. How is Mary a teacher? 😂 She comes across as someone who probably doesn’t even bother to vote. Sorry! 🥴
  • marym415
    Just saying…
    The saying is ‘no holds barred’. Just FYI
  • alex218z
    Lost me on this past episode
  • Kristoniphew
    5 Stars Only!
    I look forward to the new TJG pod every week! I am constantly giggling to myself in walks like a crazy person. Love that you two have different opinions on most things, but appreciate each others views. So funny and the perfect weekly escape!
  • Appleuser7282794
    Like a warm hug
    This is the most consistent podcast I have ever listened to, I never miss a week. The sidetracked stories and speaking over one another are part of the joy of this podcast and what makes it feel like you’re chatting with friends. I constantly laugh out loud listening to them and never grow tired
  • Gtrgtrgt
    Stop interrupting Mary….rude.
  • not really a review writer
    Like gossiping with friends
    I’ve listened to the girls for several years now. I laugh and comment out loud while I’m listening because it feels like a conversation with friends. Love Courtney and Mary!
  • SaraSabol
    Always so light and fun! Love hearing Mary and Courtney’s Bravo (and non Bravo) thoughts! Truly the best!
  • ilovemaple:)
    My fave
    These girls crack me up! I want Courtney’s mom to come on more.
  • tjg2017
    The good and the bad
    I really have been a longtime listener but they have lost me with all the weight loss stuff lately. I get their marketing towards women but it’s also 2023 and we should love our bodies. I really enjoy their recaps and thoughts but also get annoyed with the sound quality and when they do their whispering. Always have to turn it up then it’s too loud! Not to nitpick but it’s super frustrating. You’d think they’d invest a bit in better equipment or something after so many years.
  • GeorgiaButtPeach
    Mostly love
    The show recaps are great and their banter is mostly hilarious but it gets pretty frustrating trying to follow one of them sharing their point to just have the other jump in constantly. It’s a whole podcast of half thoughts. I’m also not a fan of the diet culture talk and the entire ad break being about weight loss. That’s great if you’re on that journey but it’s 2023. If you don’t live your body, don’t project it on to your listeners because most of us are beyond diets and obsessing over a few pounds.
  • KL_MSP
    The best
    My go to podcast when I’m on a walk and just need a break from reality. They’re so great and so fun.
  • MNstl121
    Long-winded about nothing and constantly laughing when not funny
    I come for the bravo content but I get so annoyed because they are SO long-winded about absolute nothingness. I think they believe they are interesting, but it’s SO mundane. They cannot stay on topic. They also laugh/fake giggle about EVERYTHING, things that are not funny remotely. Also their intonations are grating, where they simulate whispering, “by the way” — infuriating. An extremely immature way of speaking / communicating. Potential is there but they need to stay on topic and stop these exaggerated inflections of their voice. Do yourself a favor and watch Comments by Celebs. TJG could learn something there about mature communication, staying on topic and limiting extraneous mundane content to fill up time, and actual meaningful discussion / analysis—not filling up time with misplaced giggles. Just no.
  • gge17
    Stop Body Shaming
    One of my favorite podcast for their unfiltered opinions on housewives. However, it gets taken a step too far when they body shame housewives. For example, please stop talking about Larsa and her body. The latest podcast where they insinuate that Larsa should take ozempic is sickening.
  • CD33071
    Couldn’t agree with Mary more!
    She’s exactly right about Harry and Megan. They are thirsty.
  • totoro260
    I love Courtney!
    Mary sounds like she’s out of breath the whole time and its pretty distracting, but Summer Mary cracks me up. Courtney kinda saves the podcast she is sooo quick, witty, FUNNY and super patient with Mary haha. They have great banter together.
  • GGBachelorFan
    Guilty Pleasure
    I don’t watch all the Bravo shows…but listen to all your recaps on the ones I do. You are both so entertaining.
  • meghyrax
    Sigh. I used to really enjoy this podcast, but recently they've started every episode talking about starving themselves and other unhealthy ways of losing weight. It's just... sad. And frustrating. And totally triggering for anyone with disordered eating. There are better Bravo pods out there. Sorry, gals. You lost a listener.
  • Emmy_W668
    Love the pod but…
    Wish they would stop talking about Prolon! It’s triggering for people with disordered eating to hear about women starving themselves :(
  • JR1665
    Courtney - please take the microphone out of your nostrils. No one wants to hear your loud breathing! Also I can’t take her accent! It’s like she puts a k at the end of every word! “Everythingk” This was one of the first bravo podcast I listened to and unfortunately they dropped the ball here. There are so many better bravo podcasts out there!
  • lanabear01
    Still disappointing
    I used to subscribe to this podcast, I was part of the Facebook group, and even followed them on Instagram. Over the past year and a half Mary has become insufferable. She is uninformed on the shows and is always on the wrong side of history. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing different perspectives, but when she is so vocal with her opinions while also not really knowing the facts it comes off as ignorant. I still love Courtney and think she is quick witted, funny, and insightful. I would love hearing solo recaps from her, or maybe she could make her mom her new cohost? Just an idea…
  • Naty19
    Ads on ads
    I get it that is how you make $ This is just exhausting and rando for a 1x week pod. Random convo, no answers and bias yelling over each other.
  • Dollyx0
    Why the hate!?
    I love these two broads. Yes, Mary breathes into the mic and slurs AND yes, Courtney cuts Mary off and goes on about her single life. FIVE STARS BABY
  • yf72081
    My favorite podcast!
    This is currently my favorite podcast (and I listen to many!). I love how hard you guys laugh at each other. It always makes me giggle. I look forward to it every week!
  • ev611
    Doesn’t stay on topic
    All over the place. I’d like a recap, not 15 minutes of your shopping habits. Save your time and listen to a recap that actually recaps.
  • rhcokr
    I listen every week! I’m sad when I miss a week! Great recaps, keeps me up to speed, not too exhaustive. 10 outta 10!! (Or I guess 5 out of 5 ha)
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