Two Judgey Girls


Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls".

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  • allicswi
    Love love
    I’m glad that you touch the ground is finally getting the love they deserve.I am a middle school teacher and I am so entertained by Mary’s school stories. I also can’t wait for summer Alli to emerge. Finally, I’m wearing my sweaty Betty power leggings today I absolutely love them, thanks for the code to get some money off. Mary! Love love love girls- start moving to other shows!
  • kristen kelly
    Justice for two judgey girls
    I’m so glad bravo and Andy finally gave the cred these girls deserve! Love this pod and these chicks always bring me joy!
  • JohnO12345
    Interview skills
    Hey girls! I’ve been listening to you for years, I’m really enjoying your interviews. You guys do a great job of making it seem like a conversation vs interview.
  • nytooc
    Self involved rambling. They keep talking to each other about random stuff and not focused on the topics. Also don’t have all the facts. Keep saying “oh I don’t know”
  • lindsy h
    Please stop 🙏🏼
    I’m begging you Courtney , please stop with the Deandra impression. It wasn’t really funny the first time and you are keeping it going way to long. I’ve had to stop listening when you do it .
  • Cvos0904
    Look forward to listening every week!
    Love love love! I just love you both SO much!
  • emora893
    The best Bravo podcast!
    I LOVE YOU TWO SO MUCH!!! watching summer house reunion right now and dying at the shout out! Well deserved ladies can’t wait to hear about on the next episode!!
  • ChristinaFrez
    The best!
    You guys are the best! Love listening to all the bravo gossip. You both have me laughing out loud like a fool all the time.
  • merehill
    I am a Courtney Stan! Enjoy your birthday!! Will miss you!
  • guamissy
    Almost could not get through this episode. Mary is an idiot with terrible judgement. On each episode of RHOD, Kary was worse than the last. Just because items can be replaced or fixed doesn’t mean you completely disrespect other people’s property. Likewise, just because someone doesn’t know how to swim, doesn’t make it okay to throw that person into a pool. Kary surface apologizes, and then repeats the behavior again and again; that is not being sorry it is just manipulative.
  • nikki33patts
    Over them
    I used to like this post cast but I can’t listen to Courtney anymore!! Only her opinion matters apparently. If Mary doesn’t agree with her she’s so offended.
  • Srose524
    Courtney is always spot on!
    Love listening to you guys! The dynamic has been a little crazy sometimes. In these reviews people seem to say that Courtney is mean to Mary, but she’s just trying to get Mary to understand jokes she didn’t get, and correct facts and names she gets wrong. Now I think Mary has gotten cocky and thinks she can interrupt and talk over Courtney and the audience will have her back. Ugh. Just let Courtney talk more she is usually spot on!!
  • Shawnamk
    Perfect chill vibes piada at
    There are only a handful of podcasts that I can fall asleep to. That is not an insult. There is a certain vibe I need from a podcast host(s), to relax and sink into my bed at night to help me transition from STRESS STRESS STRESS to dreeeeeeam land, and these girls do it for me. It’s like my own personal lullaby. Danny Pellegrino, and Heather McDonald have podcasts that also emote the same drift away to sleep vibes and pick up where you left off in the morning.
  • Dedeberg
    Mary’s views on agreeing that lindsay “owed” stravy a kiss for his work and the idea that the blame is all on latoya rather than prophet for “destroying” a family is shockingly sexist and problematic. Good on Courtney for trying to call her out and understand why her views might be problematic. Been listening for years but really struggling to continue
  • Courtney OooOoOOO
    I am so glad I discovered you guys!! I laugh along with you every Thursday!
  • Tif_fab
    They are my friends!
    To all the people who don’t like these girls or had a bad thing to say. Just shut up. They are great. I love hearing their POV on these insane housewives (even if I don’t agree, this is America!) I love their pelotons and their vocal fry. I love their political opinions sprinkled it - they are real and human and I feel like they are my friends, ok? There, I said it. Love you girls!
  • Love90
    Love Courtney and Mary!
    I look forward to this pod every week! Don’t do too many guests now that you’ve jumped into that - I’d much rather just hear you two talk!
  • Lis530
    Love it!
    I truly look forward to this podcast every week. I actually try and watch all the bravo shows quickly so I can listen when the pod comes out. Mary and Courtney are a great pair. None of my friends watch bravo like I do so it’s great to hear there takes on the shows! Thanks for bringing me a little joy each week when I really need it right now!
  • Brittanie E.
    What I look forward toooo!!
    These girls are hilarious, entertaining and a good time! I found Two Judgey Girls in the middle of the pandemic last year and they brought me so much laughter in a time that was a bit scary and confusing. I could turn them on and just shut off the world for an hour or two!! I find myself laughing in my car relating to what Courtney & Mary are saying about my favorite Bravo shows & “characters”. Keep on doing what you’re doing!! Thank you for bringing some light into my world when the world was a little dark!♥️xo
  • ginabeana10
    I enjoy this podcast and listening to their views on all things bravo. However, I think Mary thinks it’s funny to mispronounce peoples names and it’s not it’s actually infuriating. Jennifer Ahhhhdin and C-rrrrr-ah. She’s constantly doing it and it’s annoying.
  • yikes5050
    Too much
    Sometimes I wonder if Mary ever gets upset how Courtney always makes fun of her. Sometimes its way too much and uncomfortable as a listener. Love their podcast but Courtney tries too hard to be funny and the jokes just fall flat.
  • tjgcritique
    Has potential but needs work
    I totally respect what you guys are doing and what you’ve built with this platform, and know that it’s a side gig. Love your Instagram and liked your podcast somewhat, but wanted to offer some constructive criticism: 1) the excessive “like” usage is rough (I get that it’s a hard habit to break - I’m working on it myself - but it’s hard to listen to in a podcast); 2) the lack of knowledge/accuracy on all things is frustrating (a little more prep. or using the fact that there are 2 of you so that you can quickly google might help); 3) Courtney seems to struggle with always needing to be right (and first), so she interrupts too often and also over-explains/will not drop it until she feels like Mary (or the audience) agrees. The back and forth dynamic is what makes the podcast interesting and fun, but I feel like Courtney wants to run the show solo. And it can come off as somewhat mean - I find myself cringing at her way of talking to Mary.
  • MCS1416
    Love, Love, Love!
    I absolutely love listening to your podcast! I enjoy your take on Bravo shows and Housewives. I am a fellow Bravo super fan, and always look forward to your break down and analysis of each episode, and insight and opinions on each individual the show features! You both are fun, make me laugh, and both articulate yourselves very well! I also, think it’s great how sometimes your views differ. I have listened to other podcasts, where the people hosting it seems like they feel pressured to agree on everything. I like how you guys are honest in your opinions, and don’t just agree to agree! Anyways always enjoy your podcast, and look forward to them each week! It very enjoyable and entertaining!😊😊
  • fee.bro
    Fun and light bravo recaps
    Totally relate to the humor and the bravo takes are funny. Love TJG
  • lellboo
    For the love of all that is holy, the word is VERSUS not VERSE. It’s not Mauricio Verse Shep. It’s VERSUS. It’s annoying when it’s once or twice per episode (why dies Courtney say this word so much???). But oh dear God, when it’s March Madness and we have to hear this over and over...kill me now
  • xsarahxo
    Not just a podcast
    Not only do they provide us with a great podcast but March Madness! I miss The Jury Speaks but understand why they took the page down.
  • Juicy scoop obsessed 2017
    Love listening and your banter with eachother
  • ktkicks19
    Fun, but please credit Danny when credit is due
    I will consume all things Bravo always, so have been tuning in to TJG as I love them on Instagram. I noticed a while ago the blatant intellectual plagiarism on IG of Danny Pellegrino, down to the Jessica Simpson posts. Now listening to realize the podcast also rips him off, sometimes word for word. Otherwise enjoyable, but I wish they would rely on their own content and insights as they are so hilarious and can provide their own perspective (which we all want to hear)!
  • Betchshitcrazy
    The highlight of my week
    They have singlehandedly gotten me through COVID. BEST bravo podcast on the pod market!
  • j173637
    Say names correctly
    It’s pronounced C-air-ah not C-R-ah
  • Alicemariejosephine
    It's the Wet Sounds For Me
    Whoever is doing the wet sniffles between words is ruing this show. All the wet noises. The swallows, tongue clicks, sniffles. Move away from the mic or SOMETHING. We do not need to HEAR your drink traveling down your throat.
  • JR427
    This podcast gets me through the week!
  • Jaw games
    Courtney is my spirit animal! 🤣
  • MrsBedor
    Fun Listen, But, Wow…
    Mary is supposedly a teacher, yet says the non-existent word, “supposEBLY” nearly EVERY show. Mary, that is not a word! So, fun to listen to, but don’t expect intellectual conversation.
  • over-it-10
    I like this podcast but I’m getting really tired of Mary always interrupting and never letting Courtney finish!!! it’s so hard to listen to! Please let her finish before you start talking!!!
  • Bellerina711
    Love these two!
    They’re like comfort food on a rough day!
  • ArieHammond
    Please judge more stuff!
    Loved the Hilaria Baldwin episode. Wish you would judge more pop culture stuff (I don’t watch a lot of Bravo)
  • 18nicole23
    WIll the wheezing ever cease?
    Absolutely love this podcast and wait anxiously for it every week. These girls better get some sort of segment on Bravo soon, they deserve it! Constructive criticism — the wheezing and heavy breathing can be a bit of a distraction.
  • susy1986
    What happened?
    I just had to unsubscribe. They say “like” a lot and they’re just very valley girls. I’m not sure which one it is but when she pronounces the s it’s like a long 3 second s. Like Sssssssouth, sssssssilver, sssssssstephanie. I just can’t anymore. I’m going to try the Danny Pellegrino podcast as I’ve heard it’s pretty good.
  • Beeritt95
    LITERALLY my favorite podcast to listen to. I always look forward to Thursday walks with my dog purely because of this podcast. Love you Mary and Courtney!!
  • JillQuinto
    I can’t anymore
    This podcast used to get me through my commute to and from work in nyc. I literally loved for it. Granted it could be annoying sometimes and would end early or skip ahead but was still a stan. I would have to stop listening to the podcast when ALL the Bravo shows I watch weren’t currently airing. Now that the shows I watch are back on I can’t stand to listen. They are just too annoying. The microphone noises and the difference in volume between them is unbearable. So unfortunate but there are plenty of better bravo recap podcasts
  • Wow good bro
    Super fun and light!
    The perfect quarantine listen
  • Kcherry89
    Please get better audio
    I love your bravo breakdowns, but the constant screaming into the mic and tapping the mic makes it hard to make it through some episodes.
  • MD12335
    Please fix audio !
    It still sounds like Mary is snoring and has the mic up her nose - makes it so hard to listen to
  • Emma Hildebrandt
    Vocal Fry
    Love the podcast but Mary’s vocal fry makes it hard to listen anymore.
  • JenniCook721
    Feels like Home
    Update: Just had to unsubscribe. I can’t take it anymore. Used to be fun, light-hearted and relatable and now it’s politics/constant views shoved down your throat. I haven’t been able to finish an episode in quite some time so it’s time to cut the cord. Mary and Courtney’s relationship reminds me so much of my friendships with my best friends that I also met at a California Sorority House in the early 00s. While the recaps and opinions are awesome, I love their trips down memory lane about Rocket Dogs or Juicy Couture. I listen every week ladies, keep up the good work
  • Mrs,Dawson
    Love Courtney and Mary!
    I’ve been listening to them for years and look forward to each week even more now in the pandemic! It’s light hearted and fun and feels like your sitting with girlfriends. If you like bravo you will love them!
  • 12344dvhnfsg
    I’ve been a listener for a long time!
    Please Mary, we love you, please stop the heavy breathing into the microphone. It’s so distracting and takes away from the podcast.
  • clcurtis56
    Just ehhh
    When I first started listening (summer 2019) I loved it! Now it’s just ehhhh. Honestly it’s like Courtney listens to Danny Peligrinos’ podcast and just repeats his insight. Also could definitely do without the politics and thoughts on COVID.
  • KimG8811
    Constant pokes at the South
    Your constant pokes about the south are quite insulting and in this day and time shows your ignorance. Please stop and do better!
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