Two Judgey Girls


Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls".
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Recent Reviews
  • Traci Gallagher
    Love them!
    Always look forward to Thursday mornings when there is a new podcast up! Listening to them talking is just like talking to my friends about these shows.
  • bianca bzio
    Episode 272
    It seems like episode 272 got cut off early while you girls were talking about Kyle & Sutton. Please fix it I want to hear the rest of it lol
  • tjg2017
    Sound quality
    Sound quality is bad! It seems to be getting worse, it sounds glitchy when they talk but mostly Mary’s mic. Please fix so I can listen!
  • McSchwing!
    Please Slow down the fast forward!
    Love this podcast but it’s hard to listen to at this speed. I had to exit.
  • JuwleZ
    I listen to all recaps WFH but might unfollow. One I feel like I vibe with more but seems like They don’t seem to like each other very much… March madness is cool niche but more of a fan girl vibe either way seems like 1 judgey girl. Probs should respond rude to someone who subscribes
  • alex218z
    Um do they even like each other
    They are both condescending to one another and are constantly arguing with the others opinion. They are def not friends
  • Lizcampbell47
    LOVE these ladies
    I really love this podcast. I LOVE that you are advocating masks lol!!!
  • stefy32593
    You guys rushed over all the shows but go into detail about non bravo stuff? Get on the same page before getting on and stop talking over one another. It’s become brutal trying to stay subscribed. As a elementary teacher kinda shocking how much “like” is part of your vocab.
  • bagels to go
    Mary, the village idiot
    Is anyone surprised Mary thinks Gia is smart???? Not me!!!!
  • Clairebear423999
    The best
    Love the pod, feels like I’m listening to how I would love to be talking with my girlfriends about all my bravo opinions!
  • vpssss10
    Love but
    Love this podcast but Courtney’s jealousy of Paige is a bit cringe and mean girly
  • Delaney2022
    They made it nice!
    Courtney and Mary are the best - if you are a housewives fan, this podcast is simply the best. They are clearly friends, and have differing opinions on all things bravo, which makes the podcast more fun. Please, never stop the pod!
  • MagsThom
    Mean girls
    I used to really like this pod, and then this season of summer house came out. They constantly rage on Paige, like jealous much? Seriously, mean girls!
    The best!
    I couldn’t stop laughing at last week’s episode discussing Teresa ripping her purse out of Louis’s hands and the comparison to her pushing Andy over… too good, you gals are the best!
  • Literally Annoyed
    Best episode
    This last episode was hilarious…bucket hats, Mary seeing her pediatrician, girl in the window. So many laughs!
  • reztlabj
    Love this podcast!
    One of my favorite Bravo podcasts! I never miss a week!!
  • imadeitnice247
    I agree with the others…
    Courtney is insufferable! Please just make this a Mary podcast. I would mute Courtney out of this if I could
  • true crime not obsessed
    Love you but pleasssee
    I’m a big fan of this pod and have been a consistent listener for years now…but girls please….I’m begging you PLEASE stop talking over each other. Last weeks episode was especially bad I had to turn it off.
  • UrbanLoverKelso
    I used to love this pod but they are too argumentative! It’s unbearable to listen to them argue and disagree so much, especially when they are talking over one another. This most recent episode, especially.
  • dalhm1989
    Mary is happy and lovely!
    I love Mary, which is why I continue listening to this podcast. Yes, she gets words wrong. Yes, she doesn’t always read ads the best. But she is lighthearted and FUN. I laugh out loud at her commentary. I keep trying to get on board with this podcast, but Courtney is almost always insufferable. Last season of SC, she said Pringle was a butterface. Imagine if we talked about women’s looks this way…what if someone referred to Courtney’s looks in such a way? That may not feel too great, and I hope Courtney doesn’t experience that. It was one of many comments from Courtney that has been below the belt. I’ve still listened since that comment…because of Mary. Courtney can also never be wrong - no sir. She knows it all. She interrupts Mary. She corrects Mary. She is condescending towards her (ex. “Come on you got it - almost there” when Mary is forgetting how to pronounce a word). I get it is their friendship and if Mary is fine with that, then in theory no one else should worry. But y’all make a public podcast. And there are criticisms that come with that territory. As a listener, it just makes Courtney seem like a mean girl and a fun sponge. It’s uncomfy to listen to. Also, Courtney, your listeners are comprised of liberals, conservatives, and moderates. We don’t need your opinions and virtue signaling every episode. Mary ILY. Rooting for you big time! *EDIT: listen to the week of 1/31 episodes. Courtney has to be right against Mary 24/7. You can hear the annoyance in Mary’s voice when she doesn’t cave and agree with Courtney and simply says “We don’t have to agree.” I find myself yelling at my Bose when I listed to this podcast. I wish Courtney would listen to herself and either improve or Mary goes solo. “A Judgey Girl” has a ring to it. * Update: Seems Courtney is actively reading the reviews about how rude she is to Mary and is putting in overtime to be even worse. Courtney, you aren’t right about everything. You are relentless in your arguments and it’s nauseating. I hope Mary branches off on her own with a new fun host.
  • busting par
    Luke Gulberson?
    Description of episode needs work
  • Anggg
    The BEST Bravo-related podcast.
    It’s like listening to my two best friends gossip about bravo. 10/10
  • cin3122
    Courtney too rude
    It’s clear that Courtney thinks Mary’s not as smart or knowledgeable as Courtney is. Constantly interrupting Mary and correcting her. Will argue every time Mary has a different opinion Not fun to hear her do this over and over on every episode. Courtney, chill out. No one likes a know it all!
  • GA Bistola
    Audio issues and occasional patronizing
    I enjoy their conversations and povs but then I’ll get lost and space out because they alternate between excited squeals, gasp and inaudible whispers. Additionally I do cringe when Courtney picks on Mary. She talks down to her, in a matter obvious enough that other listeners have said the same.
  • bravoshawty
    How could you do this to me question mark
    Obsessed with this podcast!! Feels like all my thoughts on garbage TV are validated by you two. Seriously wish there were multiple episodes a week!!
  • leena930
    Listening to friends
    None of my friends watch Bravo so it’s such a joy to listen to Mary and Courtney. I love that they don’t always agree and have their unique perspectives on the shows and it’s cast members. I look forward to March Maness and all the fun that brings too! Love these girls ❤️❤️
  • Alyssaabd
    Past its Peak
    Love Courtney! Mary is definitely a pick me girl
  • bravospeechie
    Terrible Audio
    New listener here - I love the content but omg the audio is awful. Like most of the other reviews here, it ranges from a whisper (even the ads)to a loud yell/squeal. It’s like one person is mumbling/too far away from the microphone then suddenly moves on top of the mic during moments of laughter/excitement. Hope it changes so I can continue!
  • Appleuser0729
    Stop screaming Courtney!!!!
    Stop screaming into your microphone, you are going to bust my eardrums when I have my EarPods in! Good lord woman! And we don’t listen to the podcast for your “WOKE” California political opinions or your advice on COVID. Unsubscribed Attempted again since Danny pellagrino is on a book tour, OMG!!! My ears are bleeding from the lack of real podcast equipment. One second it’s a whisper and the next someone is cackling at 100% into the mic. It’s soooo loud and then soft. I can’t. Please stop. Sorry I revisited.
  • Moniqueblack2849
    Casual racism from the bay
    Mary tows a very fine line of being funny and being problematic. I don’t think she has truly malicious intent but her always siding against the women of color while infantilizing grown white women is super uncomfortable to hear. i wish the reviews would impact the show cause there’s some great learning moments in the comments!
  • breeeee040403
    Please please please fix audio
    Been listening to this podcast for years but I beg of you girls to fix the audio. Some episodes are impossible to get through. The variance from whispers to blowing my eardrums out is making it so hard to continue to listen to
  • Courtney DNO
    Love love love. My go to podcast!!!!!
  • Altz
    Took a break, came back to same sound issues
    How HOW are the shrieking, blown-out mechanical sound issues still happening after years of doing this show? You gals could break glass. You don’t have to invest in very expensive equipment to sound audible on a podcast in this day and age, whether a whisper or a scream. Fun, funny, and cute to listen to. But still humanly impossible to hear without making my ears bleed.
  • p.p.1213
    Love Bravo, Love the Pod BUT….
    Love bravo, love the show but Courtney please please please stop talking over/ cutting off/ degrading Mary. Friendships poke fun, but sometimes I wonder if you all have anything in common outside of the podcast.
  • Lydia Sim
    Audio is jarring
    Please get your audio under control or learn to speak in a more level volume. The alternating between talking quietly and then screeching, singing, and laughing loudly into the microphone makes listening very unpleasant.
  • eazylj
    Simply the Best!
    Love these girls! I look forward to their new episode every week and it never disappoints. 6/5 stars!!!
  • retndjfhmfhd
    Educate Yourself
    This is not a Podcast for POC! If you are going to speak about black churches, maybe get someone of color on your show to speak about the black experience! You guys sound stupid, telling you mostly white viewers that the way we praise is a cult.
  • BrayBrays momma
    Love y’all!!! Haven’t missed a episode in alota years!! But soooo many adds lately!! I get it but thought but maybe have Courtney do some talking fast lol but keep killing it! Love everything
  • aaaaaabbbbbbbbiiiiiiii
    Two Judgey BASIC Girls
    Two basic white girls with very basic, white (privileged) POV… they are not deep, but also don’t seem to seek wanting to understand and be better. Honestly, I only listen as they have the scoop on all things Bravo gossip. I will give them that. Other than that, their commentary is not relatable for POC as they have limited instropection of their own biases. For deeper, meaningful conversations listen to The Reality Is podcast instead. Oh yea, and their little March Madness contest def has racist undertones.
  • sunnysd2222
    Love these ladies!
    Love their banter and friendship! It feels like I’m hanging out with my girlfriends gossiping.
  • ciara michellr
    5 stars for Mary!
    I love this podcast because it covers all the shows I watch BUT I have to take breaks because Courtney is just…too much sometimes. Mary is so sweet and lets Courtney talk but Courtney can never do the same. She constantly cuts Mary off and talks down to her. It’s really hard to listen to someone that can never be wrong. I’m listening right now to one of their newer episodes and Mary can’t even finish a thought without Courtney interrupting. I know they started this together, but if Mary were to branch off and do her own podcast I would be there every week religiously.
  • Roxy2004
    I love this podcast
    10 second Tom? Yes!!! I loved that reference, I use it in my daily life!!
  • Ghhgdfnjsxhjf
    Love this podcast
    I seriously get excited when the new episodes are released!!! These women are hilarious - love this show. Their recaps are so funny, and spot on. Thanks for keeping us entertained. 💗
  • chloethecavalier
    You two make my day every week! Love you have been doing 2!
  • TracyHTX
    The best of friends
    It’s like being in a room with girlfriends. A warm hug. These girls go together so well and I like that they generally have differing opinions but can still have discussions on important topics. (just please keep the political stuff out, I want bravo!)
  • darcy 77
    Do better.
    Do better
  • TyB1717
    Okay I love you guys more than life I listen religiously and normally agree with literally every option you both have but you’re being way too harsh on peoples relationships. I understand you’re seeing it from an outside perspective but try harder to make opinions like you’re actually in the relationship. Roberts showing up was so cute and it probably meant to much to Danielle and I garuntee they already made up before that but try to see it more from a friend perspective. HARSH.
  • Heidi July
    Most relatable and honest Bravo Podcast
    I’ve listened to almost every podcast and Two Judgey Girls is my absolute fav! Courtney & Mary are funny and talk about all the juiciest show moments and details. It feels like you are recapping with a couple girlfriends. Although I don’t always agree with their opinions, I do always feel like they cover every topic from mostly unbiased points of view with wit and straight forward perspectives. I look forward to new episodes each week and really think they need to be behind the bar on WWHL in March for their March Madness Hottest Man on Bravo contest. Just saying.
  • SaraSabol
    5 stars ONLY
    This is truly the highlight of my Thursday. I always look for see to Courtney and Mary’s thoughts and I love that it’s a light, fun podcast where they don’t take themselves too seriously. Mary has also influenced me that I also need a black on black Toyota Venza #influencer. Thanks for keeping an unhinged teacher entertained!
  • Elledarlling
    Hit or miss
    Used to be a hilarious podcast. Now the content is hit or miss. If you’re a fan and try to interact with them they’re dismissive. Used to love now to support them but will find another podcast.
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