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Four former aides to President Obama—Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor—are joined by journalists, politicians, activists, and more for a no-b******t conversation about politics. They cut through the noise to break down the week’s news, and help people figure out what matters and how they can help. You can listen to new episodes twice a week, and starting on October 26, 2021, we will be shifting our schedule to Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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  • Hornball1978
    Arrogant, condescending, and slanted.
    These little boys are so out of touch with reality it’s hilarious. By far the most smug, arrogant and close minded individuals I’ve come across in a long time. They can’t admit when their beloved party does things wrong. It’s people like this that pushed people like me to the right of center. They claim to love all religions and cultures yet bash “Christians” while stereotyping them as evil. So much for the party of acceptance. This is why the once working man’s party is goi g to get trounced in the next two elections. Lovely work. They need to learn that “extremists” don’t win elections. Don’t bother listening if you truthful, unbiased analysis.
  • A UK fan
    Jonathon Martin
    All this interview did was reinforce the global view of America and how incredibly shallow it is as a nation - we can all clearly see how the obsession with celebrity has led you down this road to your current plight. The very unfortunate thing is that it will have a terrible influence on the rest of us and like your appaulling fast foods and other ridiculous fads will do nothing to help any of us but cause great harm and sow global discontent.
  • Pandora#43008
    I am a Peri-Partum Cardiomyopathy Survivor
    I am a LOYAL Listener to Crooked Media. In 2008 after a few years of fertility treatments I finally got pregnant with our daughter. I was working full time as a Dental Hygienist. At 32 weeks 3 days I started to retain fluids. I was admitted to the hospital and my blood work started to show my Kidneys & Liver were failing. I had an emergency C-section at 33 weeks. I continued to decline, and none of the doctors were taking my husband or me seriously. My husband finally put me in a wheelchair and brought me down to the ER vs the NICU because I was gaining weight AFTER delivery and I wasn’t eating anything. The ER doctors discovered I was in heart failure, my heart was only pumping at 10%. I had blood clots in my legs, lungs and a brain hemorrhage. In spite being in a wealthy suburban hospital, I was airlifted to Northwestern in Chicago. I had to be intubated still conscious on the Helicopter ride because I stopped breathing. I was on life support for 14 days. At Northwestern I was given a 5% chance to survive. Somewhere along the way I suffered 3 strokes. I am lucky, I survived. My heart is functioning at 45% (55-80% is normal) I can no longer practice Dentistry because of the strokes, but I am alive to see my now 14 year old daughter grow up. I am a White, College educated middle class woman, and I had NO CLUE about PPCM before I got it!! If I had gotten pregnant again it would have been a death sentence. I have counseled women in our PPCM Facebook support group who are in an impossible situation in spite of BC find themselves pregnant and relapsing having to make the decision to terminate so they can care for the children they already have. PPCM doesn’t discriminate age, race. Most women recover, some do not, some need heart transplants and others like me, are left disabled as a result of Pregnancy. I live in Illinois and there is a PP clinic 5 miles from my home. I am offering any PPCM Momma who needs to terminate that I will help and provide transportation, a hand to hold, home cooked meals, and post-op care. I wish I could provide shelter but it’s not feasible in my home, but there are many affordable chain hotels in the area. I am looking into forming a 5013C to raise funds for travel & logging expenses. I learned about Chicago Abortion Fund from Strict Scrutiny and I have reached out to them to volunteer to transport other women using their services. Thank You for educating me on these organizations. I learn so much from Crooked Media’s Podcasts!! It is my life’s mission to educate about PPCM.
  • jstubbs81
    How is it possible?
    How is it possible that you guys are better than Senate leadership at legislation and votes in the Senate? Can y’all please get Schumer on the phone?
  • soulrockerTLee
    Mandatory vascectomies
    How about this: Mandatory paternity tests across the nation. If you have fathered more than 3 children not with the same woman (unless married to each), then you are tracked down through taxes or other means and then get a mandatory Vascectomy or face prison time under felony guidelines.
  • Che Block
    Democrats should now try to get pro child legislation through
    Let’s try pro-child legislation now
  • Timmmmmg12345
    Love it
    Helps keep me sane in an increasingly insane country.
  • Jte0707
    What trash!
    Talk about playing the left right paradigm! I WOOONDER where these guys stand. NOT for the flag. That’s for sure! They’re literally reading out what Millie and Espyher DID!!! It’s CAAAALLED TREASON!!!! Plain and simple. PLEASE explain how someone who WASNT ELECTED by we the people to APPROVE or DISAPPROVE of what the President SAYS! 25th amendment talk. You guys literally have a CORPSE! DESTROOOOOOYING EVERYTHING! These guys are obviously ONLY allowed to agree with ONE point of view. Right? Bc if they did NOT, no1 would talk to them and they wouldn’t wanna be Outkast! This…is….a….JOKE!!!! It’s like listening to an audio formed Babylon BEE article about a PARADY of what hardcore lefty ideologues ACTUALLY think! REEEEAL PEOPLE! I want a REAL WORRRLD! Not this FAAAKE WORRRLD! I need a MAN! This is literally COMEDY for me by now. Wowwww. They’re giving the audience NO INFORMATION! No NOTHING! It’s now clear why leftist just DONT know anything. Like WHAAAAAT was this about? Seriously 🙄🤡😂
  • Gratefuldyke
    Thank you!
    Pod Saves America is a funny, extremely informative podcast providing insightful observations, honest, commentary, and sometimes even news I haven’t seen or heard. Please next time you tour, remember that Massachusetts is not just Boston. How about making a trip to the west coast of our beautiful state? Venture behind the tofu curtain, visit is in Northampton, the Hilltowns, Pittsfield, and Springfield. Thank you for all the hard work each of you put into the show. Peace
  • a411j
    A leftist anal analysis, F-bombs rain.
    This crowd of anally fixated buffoons succeed in spouting every absurd leftist talking point in the Rowe v Wade space. With laughably fake applause superimposed. The incredibly creepy and disturbing reference to RBG “hanging on to life” is especially disgusting. A gaggle of cringeworthy creeps with simpering curse-filled comments. Just nauseating.
  • cet blaine
    I’m a democrat and I think this podcast is awful lol
    Go to this pod to hear establishment bed wetting and CONSTANT critique of Dems while simultaneously amplifying EVERYTHING Trump says. It is so unnerving to hear them speak of an inevitable trump candidacy while minimizingall of his crimes and braving as if he can’t be taken down. They could use their power to strongly get this guy squashed but they don’t because they have zero balls lol. These guys represent the problem in the dem party, there is a reluctance to fight , to stand for something while simultaneouslyplaying defense to the Republicans. They are the true manifestation of the blob masquerading as “hip” “young-ish?” Analysts when in fact they’re so outside the zeitgeist . The Obama era is over and these guys need to pack it in. Times up!
  • white haired oldster
    Always informative, insightful, thought provoking and fun!
  • LSM912
    The analysis we wanted
    The strict scrutiny trap in the feed was legitimately terrible and an outlier this podcast is generally amazing.The Chicago analysis was what we needed to address the leaked decision.
  • amanda meek
    I’m hardcore against this preliminary decision. The pain and the lives lost or destroyed by this are unimaginable and it gives me this shocked state of pause…that I can’t really grasp. The episode came off as a hashtag sups mad and wow Alito energy pile of whatever that betrays the outcomes of what is ahead. I love strict scrutiny. I know the tone. I appreciate the legal eagle. I don’t know…maybe I’m just feeling lost in this and wanted some somber assessment of the arguments presented and what it means cleanly articulated without the buzz. I see the door slamming shut on the lives of thousands of young women and positions hinted at that will roll back so much. This is dark.
  • jbot616
    Strict scrutiny stand in - is a zero star
    I did not appreciate the stand in. I don’t listen to that program. It is intentional. I am still a fan of Crooked Media, mainly PSA, PSW and LIOLI. I hope to hear a PSA explanation of the SC leak on Roe. Hope you spend some time on this on next episode. The law school flunkies/comedians screwed this big news for me. I hated it.
  • 😉💙🙃
    Student Loans
    The Democrats don’t want it, as it’s a mere $10,000 rather than $50,000, 🙄 and Republicans are against it l, as it may help those with expensive degrees. Yet, most student loan borrowers never bothered to complete a degree. If you borrow do you not have an obligation to pay it back? I have some tax bills that I would appreciate some relief on…😉
  • Chris Mottola
    Partisan hacks. Clearly do not read bills they rant about for 30 minutes at a clip. Mild retardation and leftist authoritarianism.
  • BEKiepert
    Yes yes yes
    The April 21st episode, yes yes yes!
  • sfncar
    Moral outrage
    Yup, Senator McMorrow did a good job! Maybe you guys should listen to it and take it to heart. It might improve this pod and Crooked in general. I’m to the point of dumping everything but WAD in the morning — just so tired of white guys who think they’re smart and funny. Blah, blah, blah … you really don’t and aren’t. You’re silly and self important and all you can do is complain about Democrats. How about you shut up and get out and DO something. And try listening to Politics Girl for a good example of worthwhile podding!
  • Lovetoshare49
    Gentlemen - from a middle aged person who has voted nearly exclusively D his whole life. Wake up and smell the woke destruction of the D party. Why? The moderate wing of the party is scared to death of being cancelled by the woke, hence silently accepts all wokeness. So what does the whole country see as the D brand? Crazy fringe wokeness. Nothing else gets through. Goodbye moderate D party. You are giving it all away to the even crazier party because of your embrace of every fringe micro-minority issue, and disdain for any ‘traditional’ values. Now we will be stuck with an anti-science, climate denier party. Not because Americans are dumb. But because Ds have no clue how out of touch they are.
  • PuzzlesLady
    Elizabeth Warren
    So sad to listen to Democrats. I had hope for her but no actual answers and talks with old school thinking “Just get things done.” Even though they can’t get things done, and Democrats are ignoring their messaging lack and lack of response to Repub culture wars and lies. WE HAVE TO LEARN TO COUNTER AND RESPOND.
  • TheBiggestTuna
    Southpark: Season 10, Episode 2
    Why provide any substance when you can just hurl insult without supporting a single claim?
  • Jbica001
    This show is clearly ran by Obama shills who have no real business in entertainment. They are not funny and can only call people names when they don’t agree with their views. I swear I heard a laugh track to make them sound like they are funny.
  • BettyDangerDog
    Any Jane Coaston
    Please find a way to add her to the Crooked platform. The chemistry between her and the PSA team is fantastic.
  • chasread
    Awesome, sustained work by these guys
    Awesome, sustained work by these guys over many years now. An important counterbalance to the b.s. on the right. Always appreciate when we hear female voices included, so let’s hear more from Jane, Erin, Alyssa and others!
  • jamie from SD
    Make Alyssa M a permanent host!
    I love your shows, I listed to all of the crooked media shows. I love Alyssa and would love it if she was a Pod Save America host. Keep up the good work guys!
  • JenieRenee
    We live in a world full of hypocrisy!
    This podcast is a great example of exactly that.
  • Philip buttsworrh jshvsvsjjs
    Wow Lala land is real… can’t fathom people actually listen to this crap
  • Peter Douche
    Clown shoes
    These fluffers deserve a couple double taps at the base. Groomers go feet first.
  • reviewer1675243
    Arrogance personified
    I implore every dem to listen to this show and see what the party has become. These soy boy losers think they run the world with snarky quips but no substance. If you claim these clowns as representative of your political beliefs it’s time to start rethinking your choices. Gross.
  • NotSoHappyCamperII
    Predator Class
    Preying on stupid uniformed people. Clapping seals approve
  • ZeoltAAA
    funniest yet
    the Apr 15, 2022 episode with birbiglia was laugh out loud funny!
  • EMM009
    Mitch McConnel live episode
    That was so uplifting and entertaining! Thank you for all you do. I have hope because of this pod. Jen is an incredible press secretary and it is a relief and comforting to have such an intelligent woman speaking as one of if not the most well-informed representative of the administration (other than the President!)
  • Ober Dober
    Jen is the BEST!!!
    1) Loved it - CNN quoting Jen’s Ducey comments before I was even done listening to the podcast!! Of course, they did not include the part where she gave Ducey some credit for his response to Biden calling him. 2) I have never met her and, hence, cannot be a biased friend, but I too believe that Jen Psaki is the best White House Press Secretary I have ever heard/seen, and I’m 62!
  • RachelGreeny
    Absolutely LOVE this pod!!!
    I am a HUGE fan of PSA and Crooked Media in general. Thank you for providing incredibly informative content that in an informative; fun, digestible, entertaining, and thought provoking way! Jon, Jon, Tommy, and Dan are amazing! I love Take Appreciator and the March Badness tournament!! Also, the ad reads on PSA are amazing. They make listening to ads genuinely enjoyable
  • MattyTimmons
    Some hits, some misses, and lots of ads
    There are, at times, moments of insightful political commentary. I like those. There are also, at times, truly out of touch hot takes delivered with the sort of unearned arrogance and malignant self importance that make it clear why Democrats have a reputation for elitism and condescension. I do not like those. If there is one consistency, it is the embarrassment of advertisements. Tedious, repetitious, and relentless, you can expect no less than a third of each episode’s runtime to be about the wonders of Magic Spoon, or the warm fuzzy safety you, too, can have with SimpliSafe. A couple of stars for the occasionally quality interview and impressive notoriety of the guests. For a more consistent experience, I’d look to NY Times opinion or NPR analysis.
  • Fluffhead2022
    Wake Up Dems!
    This lifelong Dem used to love this podcast, but since 2019-ish, Dems have become isolated, elitist, condescending and exclusionary. No wonder they've completely lost college educated men -- last poll I saw on msnbc is a **26 point** swing away from Dems by males with BA's since 2018. Inflation will destroy the party, and these dudes are whistling past the graveyard on this podcast. Come back to reality please.
  • Mia and Michelle
    Love super helpful
    I love this podcast and how they explain things. Also Jon F. is so hott and dreamy!!! He can get it! Cannot get over how hot he is! I do wish they had more women on the show- nice guys but kind of a boys club. They are supportive of women in politics but would love women to have a seat at the table here.
  • Agoff2207
    Was told to check this podcast out and for the life of me, I don’t know why! It’s completely one sided and severely delusional !
  • chenz23
    So many commercials. Democrat kiss assess
    Understand the need for advertising in podcasting but this show has an amazing amount. I’m pretty sure it’s 50% of the show. The other 50% is a joe Biden commercial and how he’s doing a great job….Oh and whining about giving away free crap and spending more money to give away free crap. Awful.
  • Schoharie
    Is Palin running? Alaska?
    This used to be my favorite go to podcast. What a disappointment it’s turned out to be lately. Today It sounded like a couple of guys in a bar joking around with nothing much to say just laughing at each other’s jokes, or wanna be jokes I should say. Half the time I couldn’t hear what they were saying because they were talking over one another. My reviews went from fives to one or almost one. Really sad because I loved this podcast
  • Blunt Action
    Turning off even Democrats
    I have been listening to this Podcast regularly since COVID. As a politically-engaged Democrat, I initially really liked the show. But, having listened to 100 episodes I feel like these dudes make it hard for me to vote for Democrats. The smug certainty and tired snark vibe have pretty much convinced me I don't want to be in the same party as these dudes. The Katie Porter interview broke me—I never imaged a person could be so wrong about economics. I feel like I lost IQ points by listening to it. I was overwhelmed by the sensation that I can no longer call myself a Democrat and its entirely because PSA beat it out of me over the course of two years. One of my main goals in life going forward is to never, ever hear Jon Lovitt laugh at one of his own jokes again.
  • auckv10945
    Horrible podcast
    I listen to many political podcasts and this is the worst of all. Firstly, without exaggeration this show is one third to one half advertisement. The remainder of the podcast is free of any hard news analysis. It’s essentially light news with lots of commercials.
  • Andrea Rates
    From Politically Apathetic to Politically Involved!
    Started listening to this pod in the beginning of lockdown at the suggestion of a friend, and haven’t stopped listening since! The days the pod drop are honestly my fav days of the week. I listen to the episodes while I get ready for work and learn something new (and laugh) every single week. I’ll admit, I actively stayed away from politics my entire life, but after listening to this pod, I registered to vote and voted in a presidential election for the first time in my life (I was 33 at the time). The entire team is phenomenal and I have nothing negative to say about this podcast. It’s my absolute favorite and hearing the guys’ voices feels like listening to friends. Job well done Pod Save America team - keep up the good work!
  • New York Democrat
    Ads ads ads
    40 min of ads 🤪 horrible no good very bad ads. These guys crack themselves up but no one else
  • KenzieBlues
    Follow it!
    My favorite podcast! Well, it’s a tie between this and Lovett 🍻
  • jcicnelxo
    Ah yes super hardcore elitist regurgitating CNN echo chamber bull crap
  • Derek Drayer
    Wouldn’t let my dog listen to this.
    They are seriously propaganda and copying other peoples ideas. Filth
  • GQPsucks
    The best
    The original and still the best pod
  • Kb011
    Fantastic way to keep informed
    I’m such a fan of this show. It is informative but not too dreary. I love all the hosts and their individual takes. This pod keeps me sane!!
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