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Four former aides to President Obama—Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor—are joined by journalists, politicians, activists, and more for a no-b******t conversation about politics. They cut through the noise to break down the week’s news, and help people figure out what matters and how they can help. You can listen to new episodes twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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  • gmann750
    Useful idiots
    You can fill in the blanks to what they're going to say.
  • nellroo
    Dean phillips
    Honestly, I liked the guy. Will vote for him in the primary. All of you, as fathers (Jon, I’m counting Pundit), need to utilize your platforms and connections to help normalize a ceasefire and support for Gaza Civillians. Please.
  • Norwich42
    dean phillips
    "I'm the guy because I'm the guy because I'm the guy..."
  • Alaska Kardash
    More Dean Phillips
    I hope you have Dean Phillips back again - I appreciate the back and forth between you. Keep the conversation going.
  • FR326
    Dean Phillips, Who Dat?
    Good lawd, that man had an opportunity on this platform and blew it. Second-hand embarrassment is real y’all.
  • ZACB
    Can no longer listen
    I was one of the earliest fans of this show. The Zionist rhetoric has eroded any credibility these dudes had about speaking around other issues. It is laughable they think they can hold their position and continue to represent any progressive element of this country.
  • soulrockerTLee
    Dean Phillips - nope
    Not impressed with Dean Phillips
  • Debdenwoo
    Polls. Biden age
    I’m curious how many pollsters would bring up President Biden’s age if it weren’t mentioned as negative. How about do you feel President Biden’s age makes him wiser and more empathetic. Just one f****** time. Humor me. Love the pod and hosts
  • Elle_mmnnoopp
    Dean Phillips
    Dude, this is the WRONG TIME! Barely any name recognition. I couldn’t even finish the the interview. #thenewjillstein
  • AdairaB
    Dean Phillips
    Deleted this episode bc of Dean Phillips interview.
  • Teacher from Clarksville
    Gaza/Israel war
    I agree with most of what you all said but there seems to be an absence of any concrete solutions for steps Israel should take to protect themselves. On one hand you said that HAMAS should be eradicated but then you said there should be a cease fire. Several contradictions continued throughout your discussion. I would hope if US citizens were raped, burned alive, parents killed in front of their children, women raped to death, grandmothers kidnapped and the atrocities continue by a neighboring country that we would do everything to eradicate the enemy. Not only this, but that the constitution of that country is to wipe us off the face of the Earth; I’d hope my country would keep me safe. If you’re going to talk about a cease fire, etc. then be prepared to discuss ALL sides of the issue.
  • 0895275483
    So disappointed in Gaza and 2024 reporting
    I used to listen first thing in the morning when the episodes dropped on Tuesday and right after work on Thursday but I have hit my limit. The way these white men consistently gloss over the Gaza genocide, and yell at younger voters for BEING UPSET THAT OUR TAX DOLLARS ARE DIRECTLY BEING USED TO KILL CHILDREN, MEN AND WOMEN is insane. They truly sound like those white guys who swear they’re not racist because they had one black friend 10+ years ago. Instead of begging us to vote for Biden you should be begging Biden not to KILL CHILDREN. And the fact that y’all gave him credit for this ceasefire is actually laughable.
  • WhitneyBo
    Ceasefire now!!
    I was a long time listener but their silence on the on going genocide in Gaza, that we all see with our own eyes, has lost me. The two parties really are the same. Disappointing.
  • *what the???*
    Informative and helpful
    I’ve really enjoyed listening to PSA this last year - I find the hosts to be informative and do a great job of helping us “normies” understand current politics.
  • Brady_17
    Favorite Pod
    Thank you for all you do! Love the pod and eagerly await new episodes every Monday & Thursday!
  • Pooregirl1
    Just cancelled my subscription. Got too gross for me.
  • scottyyyyyy20222
    Thank you for all you do!
    The crooked media team rules! I love all of your insight, and I could just listen to John Favreu’s voice forever. Keep up the good fight and let’s save America again in 2024!
  • Lmzollett
    Last episode was hilarious. Get it, Lovett!!
  • Magalla704
    Gaza coverage better today
    But there was plenty of runway for improvement. We amateurs can wring our hands about Biden’s age all we want but until one of you guys (or one of your coterie of campaign veterans) steps in to offer HELP to this campaign, we are sitting ducks for a fascist takeover of our nation. The Jill Stein idiot brigade will make sure of that AGAIN.
  • Christain D
    I’m so confused
    Long time listener here - I’m so confused - why are y’all not talking about the massacre in Gaza? Why are you not calling for a ceasefire? Can you at least explain this to help us understand? It feels like we’re suddenly in the upside down.
  • MShahaha2789
    I’m done
    I used to enjoy this show, but their reporting on the Israeli led, US funded genocide in Palestine has lead me to realise they are not true progressives, just puppets for the Democratic party.
  • Flanneryone
    Still the One
    (Loved the New Orleans show for discussions on local races). Dan in particular offers insight into race strategy I don’t hear elsewhere. After seven years, even when I disagree with them, they’re still the most cogent and entertaining pod on politics.
  • JJBB4444
    Why no female hosts and no women experts?
    More white bros … The female voting demographic (both black and white) are primarily determining which candidates, and what issues, succeed. More female voices!
  • Iris Yoeli
    Tommy. It is not ‘Gaza War’. It is Israel Gaza war. I suggest you will go to the south of Israel and tour around. Imagine your daughter and loved were there. You might have a more balanced view. P.S Love your podcasts
  • huron94
    More Tim Miller please
    What great conversations. Otherwise the opinion bubble is too much.
  • VioletMeadows
    I’ve been to Lovetts show, and a listener to several of Crooked’s podcasts for years. “River to the Sea” means freedom for Palestinians, not freedom from Jews existence. Calling Rashida Tlaib extreme. Blah. Over 10,000 Palestinians dead and a humanitarian crisis happening. What happened to your values? The snide comments are deeply insulting.
  • ebh98
    Disappointed In Coverage of Palestine
    I used to like this podcast but their coverage of the conflict in Gaza is severely disappointing. The refusal to acknowledge how the vast majority of people being killed are innocent Palestinians is disgusting and shameful. Do better Pod Save America.
  • Chantigalo
    I have been a listener/fan since Keeping it 1600 and have been supportive of all things Crooked Media since. The recent coverage by PSA of the siege of Gaza has been abismal. And now it includes dunking on pro-Palestine social media content creators and insinuating progressive demanding a ceasefire just don’t get it. I diluted myself into believing that Crooked was led by people who not only believe in democracy but understand there can be no democracy without dignity, self determination, a justice for all. But much like the Democratic Party, Crooked Media does not appear to stand for liberation, they stand for the politicians on their team even if they are wrong.
  • marsia54
    Pod save America
    You were great on Kimmel! I look forward to listening to your podcast and reading your book.
  • listener954
    5 stars for being what you are BUT…giddy over abortion
    Honestly, you all sound like jackels-in-the-box when it comes to reproductive rights. I assure you there s nothing great, fantastic or awesome about having an abortion. What is necessary is to have it as a safe choice for women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant or have a fetus with serious defects. Do better!!! No yucking it up over a word— get to the concept. I wish someone would print out the Iowa professor s comment and shove it under the White House s nose. The whole country needs a new face with new ideas in the presidency. Biden is old— but what makes him so ick is his hubris in not stepping down. I have to hold my nose to give him credit that he deserves for his term because it turns my stomach that he didn t step aside for a younger candidate. And because of old Joe s hubris we ll likely get stuck with the bilious dictator, the butt-ugly craziness of trump. Both of these egotistical old dodders have disgusted a large part of America.
  • NaomieMom
    Following for elections but less enthusiastic about you guys
    Can you guys stop calling Vivek Ramaswami “Vivek”? It’s really annoying and the familiarity it implies is unsettling. He is not my friend and I would hope he isn’t yours either. Still following you for the elections/domestic issues and appreciating the work you are doing there. My lower enthusiasm for your podcast and lowered opinion of you guys relates to the lack of clear condemnation and labeling of Israelis’ attack of Palestinian civilians. Hamas attacks were horrific. So is Gaza’s blockade and indiscriminate bombing. It shouldn’t be that hard to say without beating around the bush.
  • El__Sordo
    I wanna
    I really want to respect the opinions and experience here, but the cereal ad at the beginning prevents it. This show would be fine without the hypocrisy.
  • Che Block
    That allows him and his son
    Not he Grammar
  • Bea447
    Like many other reviewers here, I’m deeply disappointed and disgusted by your coverage of the crisis in Gaza. I was such a fan of this pod, and always considered it honest and reliable. Now I see it’s just another one-sided political propaganda machine, more concerned with keeping Dems in power at all costs than engaging in actual truthful discussions. I get it, we question Biden’s decisions too harshly and we’re putting the upcoming election in an even more precarious position. But if you’re going to speak in veiled half-truths, and dance around what’s actually happening so you don’t offend anyone, then what’s the point of speaking at all. There is a genocide in Gaza, there is a brutal ongoing occupation, there is a war criminal running Israel. If you can’t unequivocally condemn the bombing of the only pediatric hospital in Gaza with a cancer ward, there is something unequivocally amiss with your moral compass. This pod has lost the plot, and the hosts have lost themselves along the way. It’s shameful. The Oct. 7th Hamas attacks were indefensible. Israel’s collective punishment and murder of more than 10,000 Palestinian civilians (nearly 4,000 of them children) is also indefensible. Both of these things can be true, and if you’re incapable of holding multiple difficult truths in your mind at once, maybe don’t pursue a career in politics. If you won’t yet call it genocide (and I’m curious what the body count needs to be in order for you to do so) then you at least cannot deny it’s collective punishment. And collective punishment violates international human rights law. This will cost Biden the election. The minute he wrapped Netanyahu in a bear hug he sacrificed his own country for a war criminal. He has lost Arab-American voters and many young voters too. There are also a fair number of thoroughly disgusted Jews, who have the stones to protest publicly and remind everyone that “never again” means never again for anyone. I used to love this pod, and Pod Save the World as well. Very sad to give them up, but I have to. Who knows if anyone even reads these reviews, but it’s the least I can do. None of these episodes are gonna age well. Good luck with your collective consciences.
  • do' not have one
    great show i always like when they laugh at the foolishness
  • WilliT
    WOAT Ad Experience
    Great content very well presented accompanied by the worst of all time ad experience of any podcast, radio or television show. Completely irrelevant ads for things like other podcasts that I have absolutely no interest in which run on for as long as 2 min. I didn't even think ad this long were even allowed. It doesn't help that the hosts often record the ads themselves reading agency provided copy. They aren't as funny as they think. Please just stick to the story and get your ads under control.
  • Nicotine&Gravy
    terrible coverage of Israel/Gaza, acting like the far right of Israel is justified in what they're doing is absurd, especially coming from people who are avid supporters of Ukraine. Both situations in which a much more powerful country is bombing and killing innocent civilians for land. Jon Lovett dismissing claims that Israel is a settler colonial state is just absolutely obtuse. All of you are living in a different universe if you think that blind support of Palestinian genocide is not going to cost the next election.
  • Bonesaw383
    Democrat propaganda. That. Is. It.
  • Israel Is home
    Idiot Reviews
    I felt compelled to write a review since it’s been filling up with IDIOTS who don’t know what genocide, or colonialism or ethnic cleansing is. They’re completely bought into Hamas publicity. I can’t believe how many liberals are rooting for a terrorist regime. They think you’re not telling the truth and honestly you’ve been speaking up way left of my liking. How can people be so blind to the barbarism of Hamas and hate multicultural Israel, a tiny country that just wants to have a safe haven for Jews. While Palestinians are literally a made up ethnicity (you can actually thank British colonialism for that! Probably the best thing that ever happened to Palestinians) are obviously just a pawn used by the Arab nations for 75 years. Israel absorbed 800,000 persecuted Jewish Arab refugees. They didn't become a UN welfare liability. And while Israelis advance tech in every sector, palestinians excel at being more creative with killing Jews. I would love to single out “Hamas” but there’s been too many terrorist cells to count since Israel’s inception. Israel is going to war for its freedom. Israel is tolerant of all except the hostile and those who are intolerant. People don’t even understand what freedom is or means in the west they’ve taken it so for granted. I pray for our future.
  • -racer-
    Long-time listener disgusted by the bros’ dismissive attitude toward legitimate criticisms of Israeli violence. Get it together dudes!!
  • BettieToxic
    Bye boys
    Lost a long time listener over the spineless views on Palestinian genocide. Parading Obama out to defend how “complicated “ the situation is pathetic.
  • Zz,.iopñ
    Thurs. 11/2 episode
    Really good episode, and thank you for ending with a tribute to Audy (sp?) which was so inspiring. We need to keep reminding ourselves of the wonderful people out there working for a better world.
  • Moptopmuz
    Friend of the pod
    I often look forward to new episodes of this political commentary. They are fresh, fun and very witty. I’m independent but definitely count myself as a FoTP. I actually bought a few tshirts, so maybe I’m more like a super fan. I think what I enjoy most is their humor. It reminds me of hanging out w my own brothers. Keep up the good work, please stay around. One last comment- I especially enjoyed hearing the background of the Iran Nuclear agreement. I needed that basic refresher and it helped me form my own opinions. Cheers!
  • secguy61
    Absolutely Spot On
    The latest session featuring your commentary on Donald Trump’s dementia is spot on. Great job!
  • lzpayne
    Thank you
    Thank you for the piece for Audi (sp?). And thank you for giving him a platform. Such a loss of a great human being fighting the good fight despite dealing with such a personal struggle of his own! I will miss his voice.
  • Horsefan101ggggg
    Spineless on humanitarian crisis in Gaza
    Very disappointed, particularly in Jon Lovett’s takes on Palestine. Tommy has been actually way more detailed and straightforward than I expected, but as a whole they are to the right (and a few decades behind) of the NYTimes and other nonpartisan news sources on this issue. Jon basically just keeps repeating the 90s fantasy solution for Israel Palestine without any details. What exactly does a “two state solution that respects the Jewish character of Israel” look like in 2023, when the Palestinian Authority has no relevance to either people in Gaza or other nations in the region. What does pursuing a two state solution look like after Gaza has been destroyed by 7000+ air strikes and a ground invasion? Is a two state solution even on the table with far right Bibi Netanyahu in charge of Israel? These aren’t rhetorical questions, I actually think it’s important for people repeating these outdated talking points to at least attempt to explain themselves. More rhetorically: How many thousands of Palestinian children need to be killed before Jon focuses more on them than his desire to correct leftists on his Twitter newsfeed who accuse Israel of settler-colonialism? They can actually win me back as a listener if they focus on letting people with expertise cover what’s happening in Gaza rather than trying to shift the Overton window on Israel back to what it was when they were in the White House. It’s not gonna happen, anyway.
  • nothingfitsinacage
    Not much mention of the current genocide…
    Was deeply hoping these guys were going to speak out for Gaza. They know their history, and the occupation of the Palestinians isn’t exactly a ‘mystery’. Was truly hoping for some bravery, but they have their script…and they are stickin to it!
  • Hezzykp
    Avid listener
    I have listened to this pod religiously since before you were Pod Save. It would be better if there was a a female voice on the Thursday pod. Alissa has been awesome, can she be regular????!
  • Msuhail
    Disgusting and dehumanizing
    Truly disgusted by their coverage of Israel Palestine, especially Lovett. Disingenuous and dehumanizing towards Palestinians. I expected so much more from those who claim to be progressive. Unfollowed.
  • clarence 78888
    “It’s fine to protest genocide I suppose”
    I was sad to unsubscribe to this and Lovett’s show after listening for years, but I can’t support a show that would talk about the ethnic clensing of the Palestinian people in that way. From the river to the sea is not a hatful slogan. It is the cry of a group of people who want their homes back and control over their own lives. It is cowardly to pretend otherwise.
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