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Hosted by Allie Clifton, Channing Frye, & Richard Jefferson, Road Trippin' is the premier podcast for entertaining and insightful NBA stories told directly by your favorite players. Episodes often feature a guest NBA player or a sports and entertainment personality.

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  • flxarm
    Audio peaks too high at times
    Great podcast overall. Audio peaks too high at times, i can be at medium volume and Richard or Channing say something out loud and my ears are hurting. Is there a setting to limit how high the audio will go regardless of how loud you get? Please keep it in consideration. Great podcast though!
  • yogabbathegreat
    Richard is annoying
    Focuses on the drama of hoops instead of actual analysis
  • puladki
    Last episode
    As a life long Cavalier fan I have listened to just about every episode. However your choice of having My Patriot Supply as an advertiser forces me to disengage from the podcast. Their ad preys on the extremists’ mentality of fear and hatred. To say that isn’t true lacks an understanding of these extremists dog whistles. This is something I did not expect from your group but I will not participate in it.
  • SlayasBack
    Love the guys
    Love the guys, but Allie makes the show borderline unlistenable sometimes. She always seems in a bad mood, and gives the impression she’d rather be doing something else most of the time. She comes across like the other hosts annoy her.
  • cmm197
    Impressive how Allie somehow always manages to bring the Lakers up in just about every conversation they have on this show
  • Chitown111
    Long Ads
    Only podcast I know that will put out a 30 minute episode and 10 of it will be ads. Great overall though.
  • Hffdhhccvvfx
    It’s a no for me
    The show would be better without the white female… get Elena Delle Donne or something
  • KatiePies
    Road Trippin’
    Long time listener! My favorite podcast. Informative, funny and easy to listen to! Well done!!
  • silkub22
    Very informative
  • Iman Humpert
    Great show, but your audio is always slightly lower than your typical podcast.
  • Don't worry about my name Dawg
    Weekly rewinds? Lemme guess whose idea was it to work a little less lol this is her podcast featuring nba players and if she didn’t have said nba players it would be a collective of 37 daily listens lol late/lazy content and way too much Bron topics. Bron my goat but she uses him as a crutch
  • mistrmojo
    these ads….
    its more ads than content at this point
  • The Hot Sexy Taco
    More guests?
    Love the banter, Allie’s is the best of course. But I gotta say, I do miss whenever you guys used to semi-frequently host guests to talk. You guys *are* fantastic on your own don’t get me wrong, but it keeps things fresh whenever you guys invite guests on. Plus it’s always great because we listeners get a glimpse of their actual personalities due to how disarming the crew is in conversing, they’re never stiff and blocked off like they are on all the ESPN shows.
  • Mattman9883
    Audio issues
    Love you guys. Fellow U of A alum and basketball fan. But it almost impossible to listen to because of the audio. You guys are either too close to the mic or too far and it’s horrible echo. Where Allie’s mic is perfect. So I turn it up to try and hear RJ and then Channing screams and it’s blasts my radio or my ears. Please fix so I can listen regularly.
  • Around there
    Rachel Nichols
    It is crazy that at the start of every game, Rachel Nichols flashes the white power symbol with her left hand, for a long time during her monologue. You can go back and check. She did it from the preseason on. She obviously does not Want to be around “those” people. It devastated my children and I when we saw it. It is awful to do to the young, full of hopes and dreams. It is clear she wants to do something else. Let her do that something else away from our sons and daughters.
  • artcorvelay1
    These guys pretend to be all for the WNBA but it’s clearly a fake. They never watch the WNBA and they aren’t fooling me. They invite women’s basketball players and personalities on but Channing and Richard spend the whole time talking over their guest, bickering between themselves, and tossing barbs at each other. They don’t actually talk to the guest and it comes off real sexist. It was so bad when they had Arike Ogunbowale that I’d just had enough and unsubscribed. Barely let her talk. Really bad was when they threw shade at her hometown of Milwaukee in the standard NBA meathead way, dissing the small Midwest non-glamor markets. Just so toxic. Skip any episodes where they invite women, it’s even worse.
  • roc2345
    Audio issues
    Wanted to hear the Adia Barnes episode …Seriously, you guys are smart guys…. Can’t get someone to figure out leveling out people’s mics? Barely hear one person and the next person is so loud… come on wildcats get it together….
  • KFey721
    Skip episodes where they have a WNBA player on
    Arike barely talked because Richard and Channing were too busy tossing barbs at each other and not actually talking to their guest. Came off super disrespectful because it was just some retired dudebro players talking over a young lady. But they did make fun of her hometown… classy dudes. They profess love for the WNBA but it’s all bull. These guys don’t watch women’s ball.
  • Akimbo Subs
    Good content but audio is very low with headphones.
    I love the podcast, no complaints other than the audio is very low with my headphones in.
  • This is a podcast
    Wilbon episode was great.
    Please bring back Wilbon and I wouldn’t mind if you made it a 4 hour episode
  • redteerex
    Awesome hosts
    RJ kinda carries the show (not in a bad way), but I also really like allie and channing. Lots of natural chemistry between the group and interesting guests.
  • WordsWorthlessness
    Athlete driven content is where it’s at
    I don’t wanna hear from a bunch of talking heads with a degree in Mass Communication telling me about what it takes to be a champion/all star etc. what I want is to hear from a champion/Olympian/all star. RJ & Channing took their jobs at pro-athletes very seriously. But in their second act as on-air personalities they are hilarious and insightful and honest. Great show
  • didlckrmfmgmg
    Great show
    Great and covered a bunch of good topics
  • Hubestar
    The banter between Channing and Richard remains the main appeal of this podcast. But the quality of these zoom calls is really poor. Some stretches of the recent episodes are literally ‘unlistenable’ forcing me to fast forward or just stop listening all together. Please check for 1) significant background echo/static, and/or 2) heavy kid or pet noises in the background, and/or multiple people talking at the same time, constantly
  • chris armand
    Chiclets bump
  • chelaBOP
    Hooray! Road Trippin’
    Great to hear a show - we miss you! Thanks for a great one: knowledge, humor, and hoops! Excellent.
  • MOO$iE 🌍🌎🌏✌️
    Unlistenable Now
    I loved this podcast for years but maaaaan. I know one of the redeeming factor was how you guys always were lax and never a polished show, but these quarantine episodes are unlistenable. Y’all internet connections stay buffering and cutting off, Channing sounds like hes recording from an old android phone... I’d rather you guys be in hiatus than have to listen to terrible audio recordings of yall Zoom chat rooms.
  • Vegas Sumo
    Tech issues
    The content is good but the technical side of the podcast is rough. Blaring at times, quiet at others,....
  • TheOscGonzalez
    Dope pod
    If you’re into the NBA and want an inside on the players/ex-players this the best.
  • jackpepperwood
    This podcast got me into podcasts. They have the guests we want to hear from and always keep it entertaining. I wish they’d put out more content and more of Channing and RJ specially even though neither or them are in the league, it isn’t the same w out them on it!
  • KHanson13
    Came here for De’Aaron & Doug and I am not disappointed lol I really love listening to them talk and getting the different perspectives & stories, from someone who was with the Kings during the height of their success in the early 2000s, to someone who is now with the team as they’re on the rise (and a major factor in that as well.) Thanks to Doug and De’Aaron for doing this for the fans, can’t wait to listen to more episodes! Go Kings!!
  • Thugga thuggaaa
    Literally look forward to every new podcast!
    I don’t write reviews, but I’ve probably listened to every podcast so I feel compelled. Love the fact that this is growing! Would love to see video podcast as well too !!!
  • SacTrev05
    Love the expansions!
    Came here for Doug and De’Aaron, and here I’ll stay. So much fun to listen to!
  • CosmicQ
    Love it
    Love everything about what you guys do. Also am excited to see where all the new cities take this show.
  • emusargo
    Love it
    Love this pod. Especially ET and Channing. But y’all side hosts need to learn how to pronounce people’s name right. Smh
  • mrb55OR
    Real real real. And funny too
    NBA basketball players talking to each other like they were at your dining room table. Real stories and antidotes, not the manufactured pablum that you get on 99% of the sports interviews on TV and other podcasts!
    Winging it is the new favorite.
    Road trippin hasn’t been the same. RJ and Channing need to come back on more and give the people what they want. We miss you guys.
  • GaryJeffries
    Love the Pod!
  • Mad Max B.
    Extra terrestrial
    ET is dope.
  • Brian Teacher
    Real Talk
    Evan Turner is the best. I’m a Portland fan, and after listening to his podcasts I want the Blazers to give him an even bigger contract. The ET episodes are my new favorite podcasts to listen to. He has great stories. He’s funny. It seems like he is a great dude.
  • TheEraser8081
    This one of the funniest pods out there. Channing and Richard need to broadcast the NBA finals one day, I’ll freaking cry 😂.
  • aneesh namburi
    Love it
    Loved the pod when it was Richard and Channing and love the new part of the show with ET and Brooke!
  • N__d
    Nothing Like It
    Such a cool and interesting look into the actual lives of NBA players and those around them. RJ and Channing are the best! And Ali!
  • Max Branding
    The Podcast that took the Flat Earth by Storm
    You simply can't get more enjoyable content anywhere else if you tried. The crew is absolutely amazing and can even dunk! Sometimes
  • Rdflo23
    Great for fans of basketball and comedy alike
  • MLB taker
    Please let the Rafa speak more and let him speak Spanish .. don’t try cut him.. please
  • Idk if this a great app or not
    Fire 🔥
    If you’re an NBA fan, or of sports in general, you must listen, it’s pure gold. It’s so raw, and unfiltered.
  • Hova2727 Runs
    can't beat em
    You won't get another inside look like you will here. Well worth the listen.
  • Faul "Paul" Mccartney
    Made me like podcasts
    Allie, RJ, Chan. What such hosts! Love the show, the love that everyone has for each-other and the insightfulness delivered each episode. Only podcast i’m actually entertained by, its worth listening to each and every ep. Much love and respect
  • User1231321
    Pretty boring
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