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Hosted by Donnie Peters and Tim Duckworth, the PokerGO Podcast is the home of the best conversations about the latest happenings in the world of poker.The PokerGO Podcast covers the global tournament scene, high-stakes cash games, industry news, and the latest in poker on TV. You'll hear guest interviews from the latest poker tournament winners and notable poker personalities.

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  • MillerLite89
    Great content!
    Very informative and entertaining. Gets me in the mood to play poker!
  • Nagyee165
    Great poker pod
    I like poker generally and I love what the pokergo company is doing for poker. Love listening to the hosts and to the news from the poker world. I hope we get to see many more episodes here and more videos online. This show is awesome
  • gr8fulhound
    My Husband is Obsessed!
    My husband is obsessed with this podcast... he's been lsitening since the early days of poker central and before... although he still misses Rich Ryan and Remko, Donnine and Tim have quite a partnership going and new additions to the pod have been a welcome relief for me as a wife... I've been loving the Family Pot and the new Community Crads segment is interesting... Thanks for keeping my hubby occupied for an hour a week!
  • MBohmerwald
    Go to poker podcast
    Go to poker podcast for up to date happenings in the poker world. Didn’t expect to spent $200+ on a fort for my kids after listening, but here we are. Keep up to good work fellas -Michael
  • hoppynessjones
    The Pulse of Poker
    Donnie and Tim love poker as much as I do, and I love listening to them talk about poker! The guys are at the forefront of everything happening in the game worldwide. Funny, refreshing, and hilarious at times. A terrific duo with their eyes on the pulse of the greatest game on Earth.
  • are toy lif
    Find myself looking forward to poker go’s podcast often! Got involved through the “NFT”, great games, great community! Great podcast :)
  • Guy from big city in TX
    5 stars
    Donnie and Tim are funny and informative!
  • Goldy_Flops
    Quick and Good
    Love how quick and good this podcast is. They keep me up to date on all things poker. Appreciate the east listen.
  • ChickenBoxFTW
    Great listen.
    Podcast always keeps me informed on the poker world. It’s a great listen. Makes me wanna divert from work to play some poker at low stakes of course. Give it a chance you will love it.
  • PhuriousOne
    I love listening to the PokerGO podcasts. I highly enjoy watching the PG studio live stream events then waiting for the winner’s podcast, controversial or pivotal hands to be discussed etc etc. Keep rocking in 2023! Poker is back baby.
  • DrDadPoker
    Thank you
    Thanks for providing quality content covering everything pokergo / poker world related! I also really enjoy the family pot segments! Cheers guys.
  • HuskerSean
    If you ♥️ poker, you must listen!!!
    I love PokerGo and I love the PokerGo podcast!!! All of the important poker news, all of the big poker results, all of the important people in poker… you will find it here on the PokerGo podcast. Donnie and Tim are great, they know and love Poker and they have great, engaging and enjoyable interaction; they compliment each other well! I love PokerGo and I love the PokerGo podcast!!! Thank you, PokerGo!
  • Scottyd23!
    Love the podcast
    Look forward to listening to the podcast and hearing about the days events!! Donnie and Tim do a great job!! Wish you guys would be on every day!!
  • Lizzmatic
    Nice podcast
    For someone that doesn’t know much about poker I’m entertained. Thank you Donnie & Tim. I enjoy the break downs, updates & stories.
  • DonkeyHerder
    Duckworth and Peters, the dynamic duo
    Been listening too all incarnations of this pod and with all due respect to Remko, this may be the best pairing they’ve had. Tim and Donnie have great chemistry and the addition of Family Pot segment is the nuts!! Keep it up gents!!
  • Jm23pass
    The Nuts of Poker Poscasts
    Donnie and Tim are a tough duo to beat. Great covers and nothing beats their stories.
  • jm23pass33
    Top Notch Poker Coverage
    The best poker podcast out there. Wonderful insight on the poker community and I love the updates of the PGT stuff. Family Pot seriously hits home
  • brad2410
    PokerGO Podcast
    Love the content and commentary. You guys rock!! Keep up the good work boys.
  • TxRngrFan
    PokerGO Podcast
    I am a podcast listener on my commute. Whenever I see the PokeGo podcast drop, I pause whichever podcast I am listening to and listen to Donnie and Tim tell us all the latest poker goings on. The family pot should be a requirement for every episode.
  • AyyVan
    Amazing poker pod!
    I first found the PokerGO podcast back during the WSOP and since then it has been a staple of my weekly (and sometimes even daily) podcast listening. Tim and Donnie are both excellent hosts with a deep pedigree in the poker world. It’s entertaining, informative and educational all at once. Come for the poker - stay for the family pot!
  • Porcu314ne.
    Great Pod
    Been listening since the first episode. Donnie and Tim do an outstanding job with poker news, updates and interviews. Keep up the excellent work and maybe mix in some more Remko.
  • sad Cincinnati fan
    Great listen for casual and serious poker fans
    If you’re looking for intertwining poker news and reviews than look no further!
  • HeinzNo57
    Great poker podcast!
    I watch and listen to all things poker. The PokerGO podcast is one of my favorites! Tim and Donnie are at the top of their game when talking about the latest PokerGO tournaments and topics. You can listen to other poker tutorials, videos, and podcasts that discuss strategy, but they complement each other well and lend a perspective only heard on here. Nowhere else!
  • dc77788
    Best Poker Content
    I have been listening for over a year and this podcast deserves credit for how entertaining and informative it continues to be. Great for fans of the game and provides lots of laughs and insights.
  • bo0gyman
    This is what you are looking for!
    Great show all around. Great entertainment value, informative, and also insightful. I subscribe to very few podcasts and always look forward to having a new episode of this show to listen to on the commute! Highly recommended.
  • corychenrealestate
    Best DG poker podcast!
    Been listening to this podcast since they began. Now with Donnie and Mr. Aussie Aussie Aussie, I turn to this show to get all my poker updates. Love how they break down poker thought processes and get interviews with the players! Hope to hear my name mentioned on the podcast soon! P.S. love the family pot music!
  • Tyvan S
    Best around
    Donnie and Tim mesh so well together. Look forward to every podcast as they keep listeners informed on all the latest poker news. I would recommend this podcast to any poker player out there
  • NineteenNine
    Best poker pod going.
    Picking up the torch from OG pods like The Circuit and Poker Road, Donnie and Tim (and maybe Remko?) bring updates throughout the year and daily during the big events. A must if you follow the poker world!
  • mdny15
    Great podcast to keep up with poker news.
    Donnie and Tim do a great job of summarizing the world of poker with an entertaining “two buddies chatting” vibe. Thanks fellas and keep up the great work!
  • 1NFIN8
    My Go To Poker Podcast
    I look forward to this podcast to keep up with all of the current happenings in poker, all presented in an entertaining concise format. Tim and Donnie are great hosts and the banter between the two, especially when choosing picks, is fun to listen to. Even the non-sequitur that is Home Pot is an entertaining piece of content. Keep up the good work! And for those of you who aren’t PokerGO subscribers you are missing out on tremendous content and value.
  • Cbanger28
    Solid Poker Pod
    Donnie delivers and Tim transcends in this well crafted poker podcast. Have missed Donnie from back in the PN days. Good to have him back in the podcast universe. Thanks to Tim I now exclusively refer to Tuesday as “Chewsday”. Family pot: my wife hates it and PS: Remko who?
  • mrcool7989
    Great Show, Love listening to it
    Nice content, great job guys keep it up
  • Tbakj
    My favorite poker podcast
    Bottom line: they cover the events I care about. Good production value (even if Tim’s voice doesn’t match his face; not sure what that’s about…). Keep up the good work, boys!
  • cryptosea
    Love it
    Such a great podcast.
  • akjimmyd
    Great show
    Love listening to the show, keeps me in the loop of everything poker going on.
  • Tranicos
    Great banter, great info!
    One of my staple shows now. I enjoy Donnie harassing Tim unnecessarily, Donnie getting randomly angry about small things, and Tim purposefully lobbing opinions that are designed to get Donnie angry. Oh yeah-the poker rundowns and commentary is great too. Keep it up, guys!
  • jwilsonaz
    PokerGO podcast
    I could listen to Donnie and Tim talk Poker, 24/7. Insightful and entertaining!!
  • Mark D. Wyckoff
    PokerGo Nails It
    I've been listening to various poker related podcast for years, but the PokerGo Podcast really hits the mark for entertainment value. It's a great complement to my PokerGo Channel subscription, as well as the PokerGo NFT project and all that goes on within their Discord Server. The total package. Well done, folks!
  • jack_cassidy_
    great podcast about the greatest game
  • CadiChatham
    Worth Every Second!
    I started listening to your podcast last year and as a huge poker fan, I cannot say enough great things about it! Great job and keep up the good work!
  • juice124
    Great Poker Podcast
    Good consistency in putting out a podcast, usually weekly, but enjoy the mostly daily shows during the WSOP and sometimes other series. The guys on the show know their stuff and are always looking for ways to improve the show.
  • Florida Brent
    Best pod ever
    Best podcast EVER! These guys are awesome. Thought when Remko stepped away the pod would suffer but never missed a step! I look forward to this every week especially the family pot. We have a monthly poker game and we play the song when we start. We go around the table and do our own family pot and it’s a big part of our game. Thanks guys and please keep up the good work!!!
  • Darealchrisgreen
    #1 Poker podcast on the PLANET!!!
    I listen to every poker podcast and this show is #1! I love Donnie’s takes on lots of issues involving the poker world and having Tim by his side makes the show all the more better. Name me a better duo, I dare you! Can’t wait to meet these guys some day and even be interviewed for my sunrun year coming up. If you’re looking for the best coverage in the poker world, look no further! You have found you Poker(Go) Podcast Home!
  • lazyboy24
    My go to for poker insight !
    Great information! Enjoyed all the content . Soccer is life next to poker of course.
  • RodriguezDR
    Favorite Podcast!
    I don’t usually listen to podcasts but this one is amazing, I’m a poker fanatic so this keeps me more than sucked into everything going on in the industry - always a good time listening! :)
  • Mexican_Stomach
    Poker Podcast for the best Poker Community
    I’m a member of their NFT community and have been throughly impressed with everything they’ve done. If you’re interested in the PokerGO brand, check ‘em out here.
  • GrahamFergy
    Great Podcast!
    Love listening to this podcast anytime of the day!
  • Tank Andrade
    These dudes are awesome
    Best poker podcast on the internet ! Keep up the great work fellas. Poker Go rules !!
  • Snakecharmer716
    Been listening for the last few weeks and am hooked! This along side watching PokerGO livestreams gives me my pro poker fill.
  • Jose A 04
    Great podcast!
    Great job Donnie and Tim! Look forward to it every week!
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