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The Confessionals is the platform where individuals who have encountered the unexplained come forward to share their stories and experiences with the world. Through in-depth, extensive conversations, we strive to extract every intricate detail of their remarkable encounters. Join us as we venture into the mysterious aspects of existence, exploring phenomena ranging from Bigfoot and Dogman to UFO sightings, paranormal occurrences, and even the world of conspiracies.

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  • Boys in the woods
    Entertainment for hours
    Aways knocking it our of the park!
  • Tabbiecatzzz
    Great content but having alt right guests on and letting them rant about politics…not really my thing. The actual paranormal content was awesome!
  • Bree145267
    Great but-
    This has been my favorite podcast since 2017 (and still is) but Tony has the weirdest boner for the most boring cryptid (Dogman). I swear every single episode now somehow loops back to Dogman (or portals) so there’s not as many ghost or ET episodes anymore. Also Joel drives me up the wall with the way he talks like he’s the authority on everything (the epitome of the “source? Just trust me bro” meme). I still remember his first episode where he basically came on to talk about being a Mason and then answered every question with “I’m not gonna answer that” okay? What was the point then? The episode where the guy claimed he dated a Lychen was physically painful to listen to. I cringe just thinking about it. All of that said, 95% of everything else is phenomenal and it’s my favorite podcast to date, you can tell a lot of work goes into it and I absolutely love hearing people’s stories when it’s not Joel repeatedly telling us to clench our buttholes or someone’s obvious wattpad fanfic.
  • RCreps9
    Fantastic Show
    To the people complaining about some content being behind a paywall. Tony is trying to support and provide for his family. He obviously dedicates a huge amount of time to the prep work it takes to make a show, finding guests, and then finally recording an episode. The man deserves to be compensated.
  • Straight_up_trash
    Awesome show
    Greatest show of all time!
  • Does my fart smell
    You got a follower
    What’s up Tony your rocking bro keep up the good content tin foil hat samtripoli brought me to this podcast and your two podcast are my favorite love you guys peace
  • LakeShow Monster
    You couldn’t give us the second part of Scott carpenter (R.I.P.)
    This is a good show behind paywalls right when it gets good crummy thing scott died you should of gave us the whole show bro that’s messed up
  • MargueritaMcP
    Love this show!
    Keep it up! Interesting, entertaining and learning so much too.
  • Lindz smith
    Lindsay S
    I'm listening to the episode about to Enochian tech and I have CHILLS ALL OVER. I am so glad I found this podcast. Keep fighting the good fight, Tony! ❤️
  • Blessed + highly white pilled
    Wonderful experience!❤️
    Discovering Confessionals helped me process my own childhood encounter! As a baby Christian this show has been a surprising gateway to deepening my own discoveries in relationship to my faith. “When angels sing” left me in tears. People are overly critical about charging for the premium episodes. Some of this stuff is incredibly personal and sensitive to the experiencer. Some things are not meant for the masses or the casual listener.
  • thump342023
    I used to absolutely love this podcast, was always one of my favorites because of the content and the way Tony is down to earth and open minded, but that has all changed. The podcast is still good but it’s very rare u get any of the decent episodes without having to pay for them and I’m sorry but I will never pay for a story that was given to this guy for free. That disgusts me the way he has sold out and turned something great and free into a paid for market on stories he gets for free. What a disappointment
  • dont drink the kool aid
    Please edit episode 339
    The first part of Episode 339 is not worthy of being posted. Too much rambling about nothing and bad jokes. I couldn’t get through it.
  • Chuckles Big Belt Buckles
    One of the best
    Tony is a great host with an excellent diverse show. There’s something here for everyone. Keep up the good work man, all the best! I’m so excited about The Shape of Shadows
  • Cem5581
    Great listen!
    Love hearing about people’s individual paranormal experiences… it’s crazy how many people have their own personal stories about their encounters… and these are seemingly normal people, not crazy or out of touch with reality. Thanks! Great podcast!
  • Ryantheramsfan
    Fantastic podcast
    Love how Tony lets his guest talk and tell their story without constant interruptions throwing them off their story. Truly a man who sits back and listens to the encounter fully and then asks questions at the end. Haven’t seen many who do that. Great show. Great guests.
  • jsco185
    Too much rambling
    Great idea for a show but get ready to hit fast forward every time tony talks. He takes what should be a 30 second statement and turns it into 5 minutes. Gets kinda cringy.
  • JayR2046
    Great show!
    This show has a good balance of content. Some shows keep all their really good content for member episodes but not this show. Tony puts out some really excellent content for the public as well as for members. Listening to this show I have been able to make peace with some things I have experienced in my own life by hearing people speak of similar encounters.
  • bcevallos
    The guest said WHAT ?!
    Listening for awhile and I still say WHAT?!NO WAY! Tony continues to provide great content week after week! Looking forward to what Merkle media does next! Keep up the great work Tony!
  • corrin 😋
    Love the show!
    Found the show through Sasquatch Chronicles, I loved hearing Tony on Wes’s show and had to come listen to his. The teenage werewolf episode was a little far fetched 🤣 not so sure about that one.
  • Malfnctn
    Mixed bag
    This show has become a mixed bag of interesting and compelling information to completely embellished stories full of tropes. The guy who dated a werewolf could’ve pitched his story for an episode of Buffy back in the day. Long rambling narratives without thorough interviewing from the host really make a guest’s story suspect. I felt the same about the person who was at the demonic party in the desert. Don’t just let guests tell their screenplay. Ask questions and go deeper.
  • hellion_duder
    Mind opening, entertaining, wild stories. Must listen!
  • Lyriclyn
    Enjoy the show. Not sure I can trust it after the teenage werewolf story though. 🤣
  • NativeTexican
    Lost Its Way
    This show is losing it’s luster. It used to be really good but has wasted the last two shows on world-class liars from Indians.
  • Bwimmer88
    Story so stupid it woke me out of my sleep
    Story so stupid it woke me out of my sleep… werewolf romance? Sounded like a plot from True Blood. Idek how or when I ended up following this show, but this definitely got me removing/unfollowing the show.
  • CodyB918
    Enochian Tech
    That is absolutely the craziest story I’ve ever heard please bring James for a Reload and can I come hunt dog man 😂😂
  • antva1982
    Use to love the show
    The show WAS good at a point but now it’s all religion and god,tony has to realize not everyone believes in the Bible but he seems to think everyone should
  • Team Geologynut
    Great Show!
    Greeting from Kingston,TN. Heard you on Tin Foil Hat and had to listen to more! Great show, great topics and guests! Thanks!
  • Long Time Movie Goer
    Isaac Weisphaut
    Yooo it was so much fun to listen to my two favorite podcasters talking. Isaac was my first podcast love haha
  • cindyp*
    Canceled for reporting app issue
    My subscription was canceled by Tony or his wife because I told them the app was not working properly and asked for help. So they canceled me.
  • Curt in AZ
    Episode 558
    Awesome episode. Great interview!
  • CH5110
    Tony Keep it Up!
    This is one of the best podcasts out there people. I’ve listened from the beginning because each episode Tony continues to impress me with unique insight and information. If you’re a person who like to question things in the world you’re going to love this show.🎯👍🏽💯
  • coltonf777
    Don’t understand newer shows
    I don’t what’s going on in half of the newer shows to be honest. What’s the topic we’re supposed to be following here? It’s just about random portals and ppl telling about their books, no legit real stories. SMH
  • waynebradybitch
    Expedition Dogman
    It’s free on TUBI app . Thanks dude !!!
  • MineCraft_the___BEST💙
    Tony....your laugh. Your laugh is so adorable.
  • ChurchMick
    Let the guests talk
    I’ve been following Tony for several years, actually since beginning. His shows are getting better, but he still needs to let the podcast be more about the guest and the topic. Follow Wes is formula, let’s talk in commercials anymore just letting guess discuss and tell their stories.
  • SNSteele
    I have come to a decision
    I always give a podcast several episodes before making up my mind about its overall quality, and this one has definitely earned the five stars. Interesting guests, engaging topics, and a pace that keeps my attention - I’m a little hard to please, but this one checks all the boxes.
  • Arkameatis
  • Loor91
    Any of the interesting ones are member preview and I’m not paying for a man who spouts about Jesus constantly and will believe anything
  • Angrynemesis
    He puts all the good shows behind a paywall
    and puts out lame topics on the free show. I get it, you are trying to make money but you should do a mix. Also half the pods he puts out are reruns of his show. That’s just lazy. It’s unfortunate because I used to like the podcast until Tony started pulling this crap.
  • Ant12108
    Gotten Worse
    I have been listening for a long time. I used to listen to every episode when it was just normal people telling their scary personal stories. Now every other episode is “X” director or “X” book writer just explaining a little about their work and telling us to buy their book or movie.
  • SierraFire
    Genuine and NOT woke
    This podcast is highly informative and entertaining. The host is genuine great guy and very knowledgeable about a lot of the stuff he talks about. For those worried about him going “woke“, that is the phrase from the truth. The podcast platforms put a lot of the commercials where they are, not the host. If you don’t want to commercials then subscribe and become a member. The extra content and the lack of commercials work or otherwise are absolutely worth it.
  • gloryaaronson
    Gone woke
    So sad to hear a pride month pad commercial on the latest episode. Will be unsubscribing 💔
  • Marynjason
    This show is a God-send
    My husband turned me onto the show. Like Tony, he is a truck driver and works nights, so Tony Markel helps keep him awake at night while he is driving so he comes home safely to me. The content of the show is amazing. Anything from Bigfoot, dog man, portals, aliens, child sacrifice and trafficking to MK ultra and demonic cults. He shed some light on all of it, because I believe that, knowing your enemy is half the battle. Tony, there is a podcast named ancient conspiracy, and the Podcaster’s name Chasity Jameson and she is amazing. Please go listen to her podcast. I think you will really appreciate it. Thank you Tony for what you do!
  • Trucker10220
    A Stalker?
    Great show!
  • True Neese
    Great show!
    Very glad I found this podcast, I love the host. Professionally done and a whole lot of fun :)
  • Erika Solis
    New App
    I love the new App. I been listening since the beginning and can’t wait to see what other surprises we”re going To get.. You Rock
  • BScarrie
    Perfection for supernatural enthusiasts
    Tony and Lindsey have created an incredible place for people to share their experiences and also seek answers. Their app is even better!
  • Ynottt
    Great minus the pooches
    This is probably my current favorite podcast. My only complaint the constant obsession with the most boring of the paranormal - dogmen. Every episode is mention of a werewol…I mean dogman and a plug for something dogman related, which I understand. Personally I just skip the mutt heavy ones along with ones starring other podcasters, authors, etc. When it’s regular call-ins from people who aren’t selling a book or promoting another podcast it’s perfect. Honestly it’s like 90% real call-ins if it sounds like I’m complaining a lot. The podcast is really great most of the time (but please Tony, less furry friends). Update: it’s about 10% real call-ins now and the rest are people selling a book, film, or promoting something else or dogmen. I miss the gritty, visceral, real people with stories instead of those trying to promote something but that’s all it is now. I pretty much stopped listening and found other call-in podcasts. Wishing you the best.
  • Manny Nless
    Gullible host
    First and foremost I do think Tony is a great host with a lot of energy but that's where it ends. Not sure if he's trying to save face with the people he's speaking with. I mean come on this ex military man had an out of body experience and fought this dimensional being and another lady had hybrid children with aliens. It's so over the top and ridiculous he's as gullible as my 3 legged Pomeranian. There is actually quite a few great stories but as of recent they're just so over the top I could guarantee I could have a friend call in with a bogus story and Tony would be all over it.
  • jo875432
    Great content and production
    I’ve been a listener for years now, one of the best podcasts out there! Thank you Tony!
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