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Sexy Unique Podcast began as the #1 podcast about the most important tragicomedy of our time: Vanderpump Rules, and has since evolved to include coverage of other thought-provoking and culturally relevant reality series. Every week, Lara Marie Schoenhals is joined by regular co-host Carey O'Donnell and other guests to recap, lol and discuss the deeper meaning of their shared passion: people being messy on TV.

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  • kckckckckkckckckckc
    Can’t do it anymore
    I used to love this podcast, but I think it’s super strange that you all stopped recapping VPR (hence the name of this podcast) and literally gave no explanation. As a listener it would have made way more sense to at least hear why you decided to do that. The energy is low now, and I feel very disconnected with the shows you cover. Will have to stop listening, which is a shame, because I used to look forward to it every week.
  • marytylerbored
    used to be my favorite podcast. i’ve actually seen them live. after the truly nauseating coverage of amber heard its over i fear. internalized misogyny is a disease, get well soon. this was also following unnecessary, idiotic, repeated take from lara blaming victims of cults lol. prayers up for your growth as human beings. it’s just too sad at this point.
  • ElHarNel
    Carey has the exact vibe of a mommy blogger. Listening to him ruin Lara’s podcast one rambling, sanctimonious monologue at a time is almost camp, except that it’s no fun. What a bummer.
  • DingDawg
    I look forward to this podcast every week!
  • T.Sweezyy
    Love and light
    I started so many series because of Lara and Carey. I love pop culture so hearing their tangents beforehand keeps me up to date. I even subscribed to their Patreon. I wish I could listen to a new episode everyday.
  • Hallenbad
    I don’t watch anyyyyy of the shows Lara and Carey recap, but I’m so enthralled by their commentary. Get the Patreon to listen to the bonus episodes were they just talk. It’s hilarious.
  • SerraBeee
    Hey DOLL
    I don’t even watch Bravo shows and I love this podcast. I’ve been with you since before Lindsay Lohan went into the ocean. I will “she’s startin” and “hey doll” with you both all day long.
  • Dedramc
    My favorite podcast! I’m a huge fan!
    Lara and Carey…I have to see you if you ever make it to the Detroit area!
  • jacknkiki❤️
    I can’t with this podcast. Y’all are just to woke for your own good
  • Kristen61414
    Larz and Carey
    Some how y’all got me into Byron Baes! Obsessed with the accents
  • hellolooie
    My queen and king
    Screaming laughing crying at the baes of our lives series. The accents are like art to me.
  • hihellobre
    Reality tv Recaps keep me sane
    Love this podcast and thankful every day for tiktok bringing me to it lol. Their recaps for all of Rock of Love got me through a tough time. Lara & Carey’s humor can always brighten my day. Excited for this new venture into Byron Baes haha. Would dieeee if they recapped an old competition show called Scream Queens!! All episodes are free on YouTube.
  • Insta-awe-some
    Best podcast ever
    I love Lara and Carey’s fresh take on reality TV and Pop culture. A great listen and almost like a comedy show every episode. 10 stars!
  • warwargnar
    My fav pod
    I’m very much In a place of toñya ❤️
  • abbsfost
    The Only Pod
    Love Lara and Carey. I stan forever
  • JAM91!
    Jersey shore
    Pleeeeease recap jersey shore! Esp season 3!
  • angelle226
    No one likes to watch Mobwives
    The first season was so bad you didn’t even finish recapping it. Why not recap Summer House? Carey watches anything, don’t let him influence you.
  • Lizzielovestacos
    Funny but what happened?
    Lara is hilarious and I live for her recaps. BUT she stopped covering VPR at the finale and reunion? I understand it was a rough season but this reunion was juicy and she’s leaving us hanging!! Come on girl !!
  • Chumpster5
    What happened to Lara
    She’s become the person she hates the most: Stassi. And her downplaying Jan 6?! Lara thinks she’s edgy with her problematic takes and it’s not cute at all. Carey tries to do damage control with no luck. RIP to the fun LOLs this podcast used to be.
  • mmonikaaa
    No need to watch shows just listen to SUP
  • Sherr the Momma Bear
    Understand the assignment
    This podcast is for geniuses
  • Dollhouse_23
    5 Stars for Lara!
    Please cover the new Summer House 🙏🙏🙏 and the VPR reunion! So much juicy drama there
  • No more LOLs
    She’s startin’….to sound ignorant
    I genuinely LOL at most of Lara and Carey’s recaps, but Lara’s not so hot and not so informed political takes have really soured me on the show. I’ve found her defense of some pretty problematic viewpoints questionable for sometime now and I’m really sick of hearing her complain about having to wear a mask in Starbucks. Obviously not everyone everyone had to hold the same opinions, but I would hazard to say that people are listening to the show for recaps, not for Lara’s Daily Mail musings (seriously, please attempt to get your news from an actual news source, not the a glorified tabloid). Carey, bless, tries to course correct but she truly seems not to either process the critiques people have given about her ill-informed, elitist views or she just doesn’t care. I canceled my patron after todays bonus episode and her off the cuff comments that’s the Canadian trucker convoy has the right to surround the capital and drive out the Prime Minister and then seemingly downplay the Insurgents of Jan 6, only to whine again about masks. I dunno, maybe Joe Rogan would be a good cohost? Set Carey free before he gets sucked into her Valley Girl Maga spiral.
  • Nic Liv
    I don’t know any of what they’re talking about
    I literally don’t watch one show that they discuss on the podcast but I somehow cackle all the way through with them. like I have zero clue what’s going on, but I like it.
  • pint12
    Good thing you live in CA because you would never last anywhere else with that ridiculous valley girl/stoned surfer voice. I’ve heard you talk normal so I know it’s fake. So embarrassing.
  • GroovyNina
    Continue to love this podcast. More Tony stories please!
  • Munholland
    So incredibly annoying
    Ok first of all, Carey is a gem and I wish he would start his own pod before he goes full sycophant. And QUICKLY, before he absorbs any more of Laura’s…..ignorance and insufferability. It’s happening right before our ears and soon there will be no turning back. Laura literally makes this pod absolutely UNLISTENABLE. What exactly is that accent/tone/cadence that she’s adopted? Is it supposed to be “valley girl”? Whatever it is, it makes my ears bleed. And what is that other accent (when she’s trying to be snarky — It’s like an attempt at a British Disney villain maybe? Idk how to describe it. Carey has started doing it too, sadly.) We get it Laura, you wanna be an edgelord and try to get the RS girls to notice you. Maybe they have, but it’s only to make fun of you in their spare time. Also, I need her to look up the actual definition of “fugue state” and stop saying “a place of _____.”
  • pod•connoisseur
    It’s really sad that this podcast had the potential to be good but instead takes an uneducated, lazy turn into assuming things about a foreign country, that country’s citizens, and the very real sickness that many U.S. service men and women undeservingly suffer while serving in that foreign country. The podcast hosts mock, mimic, and make fun of the Cuban accent, while providing false “information” publishing as fact on their platform. Wish they had done even a light “google” before assuming so many things and spreading as if it’s the truth. Really sad and disappointed in the podcast hosts.
  • cmm790
    I’m out
    I’ve listened to SUP for over three years, was a Patreon member for over two years and considered the pod the TOP of my must listen podcasts (even over WWC) during that time. It was my absolute favorite podcast. But it changed. I used to enjoy Carey when he was an infrequent guest host but during the pandemic he became a mainstay, and then he was on every episode and then all the bonus ep. I didn’t pay for bonus content just to listen to this guy go so deeply negative every. single. Saturday. He was insufferable. I’m living in this hellscape of a world, I don’t need to pay for him to remind me why life is so terrible every weekend when all I want is to listen to Lara laugh about the ridiculousness of life. He brought Lara down to a place I’d never heard from her. It was sad and disappointing. I didn’t like the podcast anymore. So I canceled the Patreon, stopped listening to all Carey content and waited for the VPR episodes. The guests were great, I thought Lara was killing it, but the episodes stopped. I assume she gave up so I’m good with giving up on her content.
  • jtphannn
    Why so negative?
    Although critique is important, it’s really not fun listening to Lara solely complain about shows she’s clearly over. If she can’t find anything enjoyable about a show/episode maybe don’t recap it?
  • Leighzus Walks
    Lara and Carey are national treasures.
    I’m so glad Lara branched out to other shows. She and Carey together make my life.
  • BeauGlassman3
    Lara is the voice of my generation on Sexy Unique Podcast. Her on the nose look at one of the least aware group of “individuals” on mainstream TV is truly obsessive. Her cadence is infectious, her semi permanent cohost Carey, adorable. LMS makes me laugh and is a trailblazer among blazing trails. Get with the times, listen to this icon. Get woke. And watch Vanderpump Rules... or don’t. She doesn’t care And neither do I
  • nahsicnehsj
    Not my favorite
    Not my favorite Bravo podcast but listen when the episode seems interesting. The hosts have drawn out voices and talk very slowly. In the most recent episode the host states that she doesn’t care enough about the cast to keep up with them outside of the show? You have a whole podcast dedicated to them? You should be keeping up and doing research on the cast, would make the podcast more interesting.
  • Amg2248
    long time listener
    I’ve loved this podcast for years!! Makes me laugh on tough days! Please consider bringing on BIPOC guests to comment on AJLT’s pandering and tokenism, Lara and Carey are out of their depth when it comes to discussing AJLT’s new content (as evidenced by the consistent misgendering of Che, and basic jokes about all the new POC friends). These AJLT recaps are missing out on a lot of needed critical commentary on how HBO is handling these new themes!!
  • Ginger666
    𝕾𝖔 𝕱𝖚𝖓𝖓𝖝🦞🐼🐲
    Hey Eliattt, get a life. I have listened to the show forever. I think listeners need to let individyals have an opinion on female singers, what is it to you? This is Satire, if you don't like it, don't listen. I think the show is hilarious. Reviewers throwing a term around "Racist" means your a racist. Love the show. Cary imitating Charlette and Amada drunk made me mess my eyeliner up, laughing so much.💖
  • ArieisaSeeYouNextTuesday
    I have tears on my actual face from laughing so much!
    I’ve been waiting for this!!I cannot stop laughing at the “let’s get a bottle” piss take!! I’m wiping away tears! You two are so on the money when it comes to Old Chablis Hobbs!! Let’s pool our money together! The whole ep was gold. You are both so good for my mental health. Cannot wait for ep 5 recap!
  • Molly Eileen
    Wow. I’m out.
    The “podcasting is hard” rant was literally like listening to Stassi.
  • Bcrholler
    You guys rock, Luann does NOT
    You guys are really funny and have great banter. FYI, I live in DC and her bill was $750 at Le Diplomat and when called out on IG she blocked people immediately and was banned. I reported her report and was unbanned but while this is a very drunk city, pay your bill you pretentious wannabe! She wasn’t getting that bill covered!! She’s a nobody here!
  • caitiemax
    I’m embarrassed for you
    Your live shows. Most of it.
  • Hatty104
    Might take a break
    This is tough because SUP has been my go-to for RHOSLC and VPR commentary for a while now! 80% of the time, I am lol-ing right along with Lara and Carey, but their bits sometimes get a little too dark. It may be that I’m not the key demographic for the edgy LA white girl humor, but there are so many things about this podcast that I really enjoy and I want to be able to just relax and listen. I just don’t want to be bummed out at the end of every show! I haven’t always felt this way about SUP, so something has definitely changed (whether it’s me or the pod), so I might take a little break from it. P.S. - Lara and Carey, pleeeeease try harder to stop misgendering Che on your AJLT recaps. The actor may or may not identify as nonbinary, but the character is written that way and y’all are throwing “she”s around like confetti! (Carey, I do hear you trying to correct during the show, so thank you)
  • fhits CB m
    All the LOLs
    Been a listener since the first version of the pod, the patreon is amazing too. Only thing is beyond cringey is Carey is such a boner killer w his incessant wokeness, you don’t need to correct Lara using a syntax appropriate pronouns like a normal person, please cut back on the Twitter SJW rhetoric before you meet the same fate as Vanderpump and all other shows (go woke-go broke)
  • Wefubedcnijedc
    lara and carey are our nation’s greatest impressionists
  • Traci Gallagher
    Love them!
    Lara and Carey are the best! So funny and always entertaining!!!!
  • odm923
    Missed opportunity
    To not say “you have some mowles”
  • Tampa4356
    Yes to Tampa Baes
    Yesss please keep recapping the Tampa Bae show, I loved your take on it, so funny. I’m a boring old straight lady but I do live in Tampa so I really enjoy this random Amazon show. So glad I found a podcast discussing it. Can’t wait to hear more. I also watch the bravo shows so I’ll check out your other eps too.
  • Kelcielewis
    White Feminism
    I used to really like her but her podcast is hitting stassi level white feminism/ gross girl boss vibes and it leaves me feeling gross when I listen. Her guests are worse than her with the vile things they say about bravo people. I will stop listening and check in another few months to see if the verbiage is less gross in the future.
  • KaitlinMorrison
    Women shouldn’t set boundaries!
    I was a fan until Lara and her guest Dan decided to goof and gab about Charli not wanting to have her waist touched by some guy. Snarkily calling it her “me too moment” and “Is that where we’re at as a culture?” Give me a BREAK. Especially since Charli has been open about sexual abuse in her past. Yes, we’re all her to lol over dumb people sleeping and cheating on each other but there is a clear line about what should and shouldn’t be joked about. Really disappointing.
  • Amber101708
    I love this show so much. The analysis is spot on. The topic choices are perfect. The impressions are legendary. Love! Hail Paemon.
  • larz n carz
    She’s Startin
    Left my she’s startin at my friends place in Eugene and I have not recovered since. Thank you for making life bearable. Love the rebrand as you move past the dumpster fire that is v*pump rules. Carey’s Irish accent as Whitney rosè needs to be my ringtone after I die.
  • jesshloly
    Longtime listener & fan but…
    Their Whitney impressions make me cringe. They both just go on and on, neither is very good, and they both inevitably turn it into some kind of offensively foreign accent. Yuck. I also fast forward through the “Lindsey Lohan federation” schtick. It is tired and also drags on way too long. Other than that it’s a very funny podcast!
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