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Sexy Unique Podcast began as the #1 podcast about the most important tragicomedy of our time: Vanderpump Rules, and has since evolved to include coverage of other thought-provoking and culturally relevant reality series. Every week, Lara Marie Schoenhals and guests recap, lol and discuss the deeper meaning of their shared passion: people being messy on TV.

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  • CWarren88
    Lara 4ever
    Lara carries the show. Carey adds nothing and has no actual personality... but it’s okay because Lara our KWEEN can continuously pick up his slack.
  • arielshayne
    Love larz and icaro
    When I found out tommy manzo had hired a hit on Dina manzo’s new husband in exchange for a HEAVILY discounted wedding at the brownstone .... I immediately thought, “I must debrief w Larz and Icaro”!!!! I lol forever at your Milania impression and your psychoanalysis of Doute (RIP but also good riddance). You guys are the best and helping me through my covid unemployment.
  • Himione Granger
    So Good It’s Dangerous
    My work to commute takes me down I-4, which has previously been named the “most dangerous interstate in America.” There have been several times that I’ve listened to this podcast on the way to or from work and laughed so hard that I have grown concerned for my ability to safely navigate the treacherous, aforementioned highway. Tbh, if I got in a fatal crash it would be an amazing way to go.
  • noelita__
    Where can I purchase a sixth star???
    Larz is a true genius... I’m not kidding. All of her pods SLAP but this is really the one for me. Listening feels like I’m discussing the wild wild world of VPR with my best friend. She says everything that needs to be said. She has mastered the balance of discussing this show so seriously while also not genuinely taking it seriously at all. When Carey is on the regular episode it feels like a friend who lives a few hours away is in town and we finally all get to link up after months apart. (But if you sub to the patreon you get the magical combo of Lara and Carey every week!) I started listening literally two months before Covid and all I can say is THANK GOD!!!
  • juliehanster
    Love this podcast so much!!
    I found this podcast when the lockdown/pandemic first started. I live alone with my dog and I’m so happy I found it because it was one of the only things that kept me entertained for hours. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m hanging out with some hilarious friends. Love Lara and Cary, they have great chemistry! Also, I stopped watching Vanderpump Rules years ago and I still look forward to listening to recaps of the episodes! Plus the other shows that are reviewed on off seasons!
  • Angela RVA
    Please stop saying “like”
    I appreciate your insight and commentary and by and large agree with you. However, your constant use of the word like is very distracting. You should listen to your podcasts and self critique. You appear to be thoughtful and intelligent but the repeated use of like this, in like every other phrase, like diminishes your ability to sound like articulate.
  • Dharmaamy
    Cultural Anthropology with a dash of Shade
    This is brilliant- love the in depth analysis.
  • 6cancermoon9
    Completely Insensitive Episode
    The most recent vanderpump episode was so painful to listen to. Completely insensitive to hear two white women riff about hair color as if it was race during this moment in time.
  • Bastaniii
    High quality vpr analysis
    This podcast is gold
  • SimHill
    Love, Love, Loved her on the pod!!!!
  • oneandonly97
    Love Lara, Love Carey
    I’m so into this podcast. Carey and Lara are great together and even if Pump Rules ends I would listen to y’all talk about anything 💕
  • Jennn707
    This podcast is keeping me sane during shelter in place. Lara + Ziwe is my FAVORITE duo!!! I die laughing
  • hotdogheather
    Ziwe was the best guest you’ve had on the podcast in soo long!! She’s hilarious, I loved this episode
  • kkayb42
    Show is all over the place, lacks direction. Often comments that they don’t want to do the show, then don’t. It shows. Find a new passion project.
  • boo boo birdie
    5 She Will Be Revealed Stars
    But I need to know where “she will be revealed” comes from
  • Yoouurmama
    Love this podcast! I look forward to it more then the actual episode of Vanderpump rules.
  • Tairee2018
    Missing the original podcast
    I was obsessed with this podcast last year. Lara understood the humor in the darkness of the show, it was so entertaining. The guest were fun & entertaining. I really liked Lara’s stories about run ins with the cast and their lives off the show. Now the show is way too long because Lara goes off topic for way too long with guest especially with Carey. They talked forever about getting fingered on one episode. Why? She has another show were they can chat about anything, this is supposed to be about VPR. Plus some of the guest don’t gel with Lara & they over talk her. Please go back to your original format and focus on the show not random stuff & housewives.
  • Alishatini
    Favorite podcast
    When Lara and Carey laugh about Anna Kendrick being tiny and famous in a parking lot. I laugh about Anna Kendrick being tiny and famous in a parking lot.
  • PaigeMellman
    I loved the Anna Kendrick/ Kate Bosworth intro. So funny! Keep it up, love you both.
  • Alice E S
    What a history.
    The lols are endless! I love Larz and Icaro.
  • JosieMads
    Taylor Armstrong
    *ENOUGH* A 40 minute intro? Cracking up for 8 minutes about seeing Anna Kendrick? The pod has lost the plot. Don’t be afraid to edit.
  • KaitieSue
    Love the inside jokes, love the POD
    I look fwd to new episodes. I love the inside jokes. I love watching an episode and waiting to hear if Carey and Lara riff on the same things I do. They’re hysterical and clever, and this is a nice light in the midst of COVID. I literally bought LiLo BC and Gallery Girls on Prime so I could watch and listen along with L&C. Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • caitiemax
    Great podcast but please edit
    The 7 minute Anna kendrick “ooo” joke sadly did not make me laugh. Some of the jokes “you just have to be there” and a lot of the listeners are not there. One or two minutes is way more than enough for one joke and move on. Please take these notes... it makes me tune out and want to turn off. Otherwise I do love Lara and Carey...but please find your voices and stick to your opinions. There is a lot of approval seeking energy, and it’s a bit much at times.
  • Em0102
    Power couple - Lara and Carey
    Sexy and hilarious - SUP is the #1 pod
  • JordanJamie1995
    Like brunch with friends but funnier
    Lara and her often co-host Carey are laugh out loud hilarious. I don’t care at all about reality TV but I die at the recaps from these two. It’s like hanging out with friends that are the funniest people in the room. Highly recommend this for lots of lols.
  • Queenie1456
    finale recap
    It was so annoying… From the buca di beppo 15 minute detour to the first wives club or whatever movie they were discussing, this episode went into chaos. I’m all for chaos but unfunny chaos beating a dead horse makes me fast forward. I finally turned it off I couldn’t finish it. And the vocal fry was killing my ears. sorry
  • Dogtown Pod Person
    I’ve gotta be honest with you
    A great pod.
  • SouthernCharmLady
    I love how honest Lara is and love her banter w Carey. Keep it up queen!
  • afb313
    A Trenta for my Quar
    Love Lara and Carey. So funny. I look forward to listening to their recaps!
  • SS4725
    My only joy during these dark times
    Always love this pod and came here specifically to say I especially love Matt lally as a guest
  • dani minn
    Good stuff but...
    The tangents these two go on are random and sometimes hard to follow. Not a fan of this particular guest but love Lara and her voice!!
  • gentleprudence
    I love this podcast, but chill with the VPR fan fiction. The season finale was actually somewhat interesting and all this recap did was descend into madness with Carey repeating the same unfunny things ad nauseam.
  • baylenmiller
    If you’re reading this you’ve found a gem
    Appreciate it. Cherish it. Love it.
  • Gbthfj475784
    I like her deep dive / over analysis of the episodes and characters. Lara has a vocal fry and says “like” a lot (this personally doesn’t bother me but I know it does for some people). I also don’t like how Lara tends to agree with everything her guests says. Lastly, thought the episode with Matt Lally felt a bit off to me. They had a bit of an awkward rapport.
  • mal_is_your_pal
    What’s Not to Love?
    Lara is a queen and expert on all thing VPR. If you’re not listening, you’re not actually experiencing VPR properly.
  • leftylogic
    Friday morning bliss
    This is the one show, nay overall thing, I look forward to every Friday morning!
  • Alcja
  • PickledEGGZ
    Brings me weekly joy!
    This is such a highlight of the week for me. Lara is a queen and absolutely love when Carey is on. This podcast has brightened many sad days for me. I hope they never run out of material to recap! I don’t watch the show (VPR) anymore but this podcast is exquisite without!!
  • sur3j4n
    No more Carey
    I can’t even listen to the ones Carey’s on. I’m so glad he hasn’t been on the actual VR episodes in awhile. I still subscribe and listen when it’s Lara and someone else. Soooo much more fun. He’s annoying. He tries harder than season 4/5 James Kennedy. Let that sink in. Lol at the person who thinks Lara is jealous of Stassi though...pretty sure that’s not the case. Who could be jealous of her? Lolz
  • lajil7
    So great
    I don’t even watch VPR anymore but still listen to Lara’s show each week - that’s how amazing she is.
  • Allison3747389
    She will be revealed tonight!
    Lara is queen. She is one of the smartest podcasters. Great insights into the psychology of people. Only geniuses watch pump rules!!!
  • Ittlebittlebrittleface
    Don’t get me wrong I’m all for being hard on cast members but Lara’s disdain for Stassi comes off as jealously and it’s not cute
  • mega!!789
    All the best!!!!
    Lara and her guests are a true delight in this hellscape that is irl. I love love love (most obsessed w)Carey he is a bright light in my day and when you guys lol together it kills me and I lol right along with you. I love the twists of dark comedy and am a trenta gal myself! Thank you for all that you do!!!!
  • dolly kthanks
    lifesaving content
    Lara and Carey are my covid king and queen. Carey in particular is one of the funniest and most thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Come for true lols.
  • crazymathgirl
    Perfect in every way.
  • LaLa696969
    Loved this weeks episode!
    Jen D’Angelo was funny as hell and I love this podcast. All hail kween Lara! Loler 4 lyfe.
  • emannstan
    A must
    I started listening to this pod when vanderpump rules was still good. The show is terrible now, but Lara continues to be one of the best podcasters in the game and I will continue to listen to SUP even if I eventually abandon Vanderpump Rules
  • DrewKardashian
    The Only Thing Getting Me Through Covid
    I listened to SUP for some time, including the wonderful Lohan episodes, but listening to Tough Sicilian B**ches has REALLY got my cracking up more than any other pod. I wasn’t a Reader early on, but am now rewatching every ep of VPR so that I can start with Season 1 of SUP.
  • BaBryant
    usually love & lol
    love love love this podcast. however, the latest episode was as bad as the latest VPR episode. i couldn’t wait to listen to lara shred vpr but i couldn’t even finish the pod because the guest was giggling the entire time and provided ZERO insight. please don’t have her guest again.
  • phantomemma
    Latest SUP ep
    Usually love this pod... but can you please get guests who actually have something interesting, or at least funny, to say? Not just giggling every 5 seconds?
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