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From Starrcade '83 to March 26, 2001, Tony Schiavone was the voice of professional wrestling below the Mason-Dixon Line. Though the Monday Night Wars may be over you can still relive the memories of Jim Crockett Promotions and World Championship Wrestling. Hear for yourself why What Happened When with Tony Schiavone is a hilarious trip down professional wrestlings memory lane. Join Tony and Conrad every Wednesday morning at 6am ET exclusively on Westwood One Podcast Network.

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  • yannerd
    Who ever is editing this free version, is chopping out chunks so there is no continuity
  • lars honeycheeks
    I love the show
    The WCW Halloween Havoc 1989 episode had everything that I love about the show.
  • jkaraoke
    Great early episodes; Now too many ads
    The first few years were a good mix of content and bill paying ads. I respect the amount of time, money and effort it takes to produce one podcast much less five plus other added features. You need to pay for equipment and the hours it takes to tape an episode, so some ads are cool. But when a fun hobby becomes a money grab it loses its authenticity. Now ALL of Conrad’s shows are more ads than wrestling watch alongs and even then Conrad and Tony are mostly talking about their subscription service with no ads. There at least EIGHT 30 second to 2 minute ads every 5 minutes in an hour show. It’s disappointing to hear the change and the quality of the show suffers from it. Conrad seems to be a good person with a true love for wrestling. I also like Conrad and Tony’s friendship. It’s genuine and true ball busting fun. I encourage you to listen to the early stuff before Tony started with AEW. That was gold. I also encourage you to listen to all of his other podcasts. The early days were really are good. If you can afford the subscription to ADFREE shows then pay it. I’m sure it’s how the show used to be. Otherwise stick to the early stuff.
  • DinoDefino
    This show was great before Tony worked for AEW
    This used be the best podcast on the planet. But since Tony got a job on AEW and he’s great at it, but the podcast has definitely went downhill, Tony is always worried about what he says on air. I know Tony edits the shows I only imagine the things he lives out that are probably really funny. Unfortunately Tony show is just becoming infomercial for AD free shows AEW and the and the Top Tear of Patreon.
  • octobrists
    The best podcast
    I mainly listen for the relationship that Tony and Conrad have. It seems like a more personal relationship then his other podcast partners.
  • DoubleAUB
    It's okay.
    Worth listening to. When you listen your first episode, you're gonna hear a LOT of commercials right at the beginning. Don't let it turn you off. Just go ahead and skip past the first 5 minutes. After that you only get commercials every 15 minutes or so.
  • VaBullsFan
    Nothing but ads
    If you like to listen to commercials all day this podcast is for you otherwise avoid at all costs
  • GC1200
    Most underrated podcast ever
    Love these podcasts and Tony schiavone is the best slap nut announcer! Sorry folks we’re desperately out of time!!!!
  • littlesavage13
    Wanted to like this podcast more but Tony really does not contribute much of anything and when he does speak, he is just so negative, it’s just not fun.
  • Jobber4Hire
    Highlight of my week
    Best wrestling pod every week
  • wrestlefan2020
    Love this show!
    That Flaminga had me cracking up
  • its me Eddie B
    Good stuff floors n doors!!
    Holy Sh$t funny stuff love you guys I’ll take a large FLOORS N DOORS shirt!!
  • welshjshawn85
    Tony is a ODB
  • Rlacey11
    Doesn’t remember anything
    Boring and repetitive
  • Mrfixyoheat
    Welcome to dick talk.
    On every show they comment on a wrestlers penis.
  • Coolier925
    Raw 5-19-03
    Back to Christian’s outfit, did anybody notice the shoelace belt he was sporting? Also his front and back pockets on his jeans were the same size and shape. Bad look for me and his pepes
  • cellsociety
    Great podcast
    LOVE the watch a long format. Tony and Conrad are funny AF, and have great chemistry. Like 2 friends watching a show, and ripping on each other. Makes me feel like I’m part of it. Keep up the awesomeness boys!
  • Tribepride1976
    Entertaining But
    I wish there was less AEW talk. There are loyal audience members who don’t watch it.
  • Rod18tx
    Thank you Conrad and Tony
    This show is awesome and it definitely helps me be distracted while through this difficult time🔥💙
  • BottleRocket_
    Conrad Blows
    I enjoy Tony, but Conrad is just the worst. He sounds like a small child that just learned what sex is. I was gonna try some other podcasts, but discovering that Conrad is involved is enough reason for me to steer clear. The guy is just annoying.
  • Gageman1728
    Great Podcast
    Love the show. This is my favorite Podcast. Tony and Conrad are the best and funny as hell. #bestpodcastaround.
  • wonger666
    Wrestlemania 6?
    It says wrestlemania 6, but it’s all ads
  • Kenneth Duncan
    The best
    Y’all crack me up. I was always a wwe guy but listening to this podcast over the last few years has me going back through the adult and watching both ecw and wcw. Thanks for the laughs guys!
  • slick'81
    Bring back
    Tony reads rap or we riot🔥🙏
  • Maine_Event
    The best
    Tony and Conrad is a breath of fresh air
  • gvcbxsgbc
    What the Hell does rap have to do with wrestling???
    So sick of hearing rap lyrics read and continuous juvenile humor. Also, sorry, but wrestling didn’t begin in ‘97. There are more than WWE released DVDs and the network to obtain your background.
  • Marco marrow
    The best
    Best Conrad podcast
  • Listener#32
    Such a great podcast. Tony and Conrad are a hilarious duo. 😂
  • joe santiago73
    Da boys!
    Tony is the voice of our wresting past present and future! Currently the best tag team in wrestling, that is Conrad and tony!
  • KingHollywoodAaron
    Tony and Conrad rock!
    I love this show!! I didn’t know Tony was such a dirty guy till I found this podcast!! Just love it!!
  • strugglicious
    The best
    This is by far my favorite of the Conrad podcasts and the only one I listen to every week. Tony is the man!
  • Pete Helland
    The Greatest Podcast in the History of Out Great Sport
    The one podcast I can rely on every week to be fun and entertaining. It’s not overwhelmed by historical wrestling minutiae. Even the ad reads are hilarious. The watchalongs add a lot to old shows on the network. Once you start you’ll want to listen to all the old podcasts. My favorite podcast out there. Conrad and Tony are a great team. Thanks for bringing the voice of my childhood back to wrestling.
  • Rhammo
    And the dynamic duo is Tony and Conrad
    I didn’t know how much I needed Tony back in wrestling and after listening to the podcast I’m glad his back. Thank you Conrad
  • Domo Arigaro 12180
    Tried listening to this show again but I couldn’t even make it half way. Tony is out of his league. The sooner he gives up the podcast the better. Opens a slot for something else.
  • Nigguhfaggot
    Lazy podcast
    How hard is it to go long form on a topic every once in a while? Something to Wrestle >>>>
  • Jbonedancer
    Total fun
    Conrad and tony have a great chemistry. Probably the most "fun" and free form of Conrad's podcasts. Watch alongs are great!! The pods with Bruce Eric and Jim are a bit more analytical in nature. But if you like nwa WCW and a man who has called it all and you want some insights but really2 guys having fun this one if for you
  • theeEc3
    Tony & Conrad
    I’ve been listening to your podcast when it first dropped, can’t tell you how much I enjoyed witnessing Tony’s journey back into the wrestling business. Amazing how you hear the return of his love for wrestling through the speakers. Conrad, you’re amazing and one of the biggest inspirations to all podcasters who aspire to follow in your footsteps. Awesome show, MUST for every wrestling fan.
  • Kl0ndike B!ll
    Great podcast
    It’s all about the banter. I love Tony and Conrad’s back and forth.
  • Matt Costigan
    Used to be better
    Conrad is trying his best to keep the show going. I have grown to love Tony but the podcast has grown stale. I like the banter but there seems to be much more that than anything . I used to Subscribe but now listen from time to time. 83 Weeks and Something to Wrestle are still the best.
  • novanitro
    Best podcast ever!
    I listened to this every week. It has helped me out when I was going through a tough time and lifted me up. Thanks for entertaining me! Adam N. From Iowa
  • Mike Parker35
    Stop tony reads rap
    For the love of God, it is not funny anymore. Everyone has heard these songs years ago, and the tony versions do NOT improve on the originals. Did I mention that TRR is not even remotely funny? Tighten this show up for the love of God.
  • WanderingMindSR
    Low Key Big Hog
    I haven't been able to keep up consistently with this show because of finding the time to sit down and do the watch alongs, but when I do, it's a blast. I love this show enough to eventually get a t-shirt or two or three from lois rules dot com.
    Great podcast
    Great podcast.
  • A grateful consumer
    Something i can no longer look past...
    Hope you like hearing about AEW every 4 minutes I didn’t download a 2 hour podcast about an ECW show to hear Tony and Conrad jerk off AEW. It’s become the same thing every week
  • Duke Decter
    Really fun listen
    Tony totally uncensored is a fun listen and can only be heard here. Funny stuff and LOTS of behind the scenes info !! Great!!
  • Schoene1215
    Tony reads rap
    Tony rapping, nuff said⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • mattwhite79
    Tony rules
    Tony was like Jr the voice of my childhood watching nitro and wcw Saturday night,Tony and Conrad have so much fun and what happened when,I laugh so hard every week...keep up the amazing work...I am so happy that Tony is back in the wrestling scene with AEW and I wish that Tony and Conrad come to Atlanta for an event sometime soon.
  • Espn Ed
    Tony Schiavone was one of my childhood heroes and this is one of my favorite shows ever
    It’s everything. Listen for yourself and you will not be disappointed. One of the few shows where I laugh out loud. Thanks Slapdicks!
  • Paging Dr. Hal Atosis
    The Great Conrad
    The usual Conrad success
  • HoochieKop
    Killing it
    Stumbled across this pod months ago and now I’m hooked. I grew up a WWF guy but listening to this made me go back and watch the WCW stuff. Tony and Conrad are very entertaining. Not to mention the Montana Muzzle Loader
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