What Happened When

Wrestling #13

From Starrcade '83 to March 26, 2001, Tony Schiavone was the voice of professional wrestling below the Mason-Dixon Line. Though the Monday Night Wars may be over you can still relive the memories of Jim Crockett Promotions and World Championship Wrestling. Hear for yourself why What Happened When with Tony Schiavone is a hilarious trip down professional wrestling's memory lane. Join Tony and Conrad every Wednesday morning at 6am ET

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  • giorgannimal steele
    One of the true joys in life is when Conrad gets Tony all worked up lol.
  • Nick_Farrior51
    First couple years are gold
  • YUsucksobad
    If having your dog die is “the hardest thing you’ve ever had to deal with in your life”, you’ve had an AMAZINGLY fortunate life. You managed to go to work…..after your DOG died? Truly the bravest among us! “Dogs are the most amazing thing on earth!?” I mean…..what’s the second most amazing thing?…pop tarts!? Bear in mind, these are the melancholy musings of a GROWN….MAN…..Yikes.
  • JustinBinoBrand
    Give The People What They Want
    Great show, but it’s been missing my three favorite words in the English language; “Tony Reads Rap”. Tony, you GOTTA bring that back. The people DEMAND Tony Reads Rap!
  • Dr Wangburger PhD
    The episode with Dylan Postl was very enjoyable. But nothing can make up for that stinker of an episode that the Orange Cassidy one was. I didn’t take him for a guy who hosted such a pity party.
  • hardcorey lucas
    Tony is the best!
    Been listening from the start always amazing. Great time with Conrad and Tony!
  • happygeauxsox34
    Subscribed to Afs Patreon
    The content is garbage the production is trash. The show is a lot of dead air and meaningless juvenile humor.
  • Dirt_McGirt77
    Love the show, but holy commercials seems like every 30 seconds now
  • John Morotti
    Tony is a Legend!
    Great for nostalgia and big laughs!
  • larryl39
    Conrad is the biggest mark and clown there is the patriot was right yea you might be good at selling mortgages but people only know you cuz who u married to he made money in wrestling u make money off of wrestling it’s a difference your jokes aren’t funny you don’t have no stories you not the star stop kemp talking bout what people couldn’t do in wrestling when u are the most unathletic person you go round buying belts to feel like a athlete foh
  • cubfan1060
    Not as good as it once was
    I feel like it’s now AEW plugs non stop, and I watch AEW. It seems like the first 20 minutes is how AEW is so great. It went from What Happened When to let’s put over AEW.
  • Leakey3
    I am attracted to this podcast and
  • TheRealHalfsack
    This really puts my butt in the seat
    I look forward to this show every week. I’ve considered subscribing to the Patreon- however I haven’t just yet, because I need Tony reads rap back. Tony reads tweets? Tony reads comments on female wrestler photos. I mean c’mon! Give us something, Tony!
  • Mikell7676
    Finally a podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A lot of fun and a lot of memories of wrestling years gone by.
  • 111#fann
    Please, it’s the highlight of y week
  • patreonappsucks
    A D list announcer with a F- show
    Tony Shiovone is the armpit of the wrestling bussiness. Everything he’s been on makes it feel less than it is, WCW and AEW. You can see why he never made it to the big leagues
  • iempire89
    That’s exactly right JR! WHW is the absolute best. Tony and Conrad make my day with this podcast. Yeah that ol’ Kentucky waterfall sporting, CZ wearing, Tommy Bahama rocking, Bug loving, MJF hating, voice of our childhood is still the best in the business. Thank you Tony and Conrad for all you do for us fans. Now let’s go to the ring, where Lois has just TOPE SUICIA’d into a pile of dog hair looking for Conrad’s 6 man belt, and didn’t spill her drink. We’re desperately out of time!
  • styledred
    Can’t get enough
    This show that gets me through my work week. Tony is hilarious and helps to bring back memories from my childhood, both good and bad. I think we need a little more Tony reads rap for sure.
  • Brian A. Smith
    Favorite podcast
    I have listened to What Happened When since the podcast began, and it is my favorite wrestling podcast to listen to. Listening to Conrad and Tony is one of the best parts of my week. This podcast brings me a lot of joy, and I encourage any wrestling fan to give it a try. They will have you in tears from laughing, and you won't want to miss an episode.
    WHW rules
    My favorite of Conrad’s family of pods. I enjoy the goofy back and forth of crazy stuff like D hair wishes lol. Plus Tony is a grumpy dude and fed up with the clownery of 2022, like myself. Great listen and lots of fun.
  • justintense1247
    bringing them back in
    I work in a restaraunt as a soux chef. None of the other kitchen staff were really big into wrestling and now they are! We all love the podcasts keep on keepin on! - leroux crew
  • bacon914
    Easy way or hard way…. Tony’s the best!!
    TOMMY YOUNG!!!! Don’t ever change Tony, love the podcast and all that you do to entertain us. Even if you are from West Virginia.
  • ChristopherW227
    The voice of your childhood
    WHW with Tony Schiavone and Conrad Thompson is by far the best podcast Conrad is a part of. From the pilot to the latest episode, Tony’s journey has been an interesting one, from dipping his toe back in the water of the professional wrestling world, to commentating again on TBS and TNT. Sure Tony forgot a few things from back in the day, but it doesn’t take away from his charm. This show has really gotten me through some difficult times, between Covid shutting down everything and the uncertainties for the future, to me losing both my mother and father within a year and a half of each other, WHW helped me laugh and give me a distraction in the toughest times of my life. Tony and Conrad teach all of us that life is too short to take things so seriously. Thank you gentlemen.
  • TheBigCh
    Happiness and laughs in a podcast
    Tony and Conrad bring you weekly laughs. Yes they do great watch alongs however their show is so much more. You are invited in to watch wrestling with two friends who then tell hysterical stories about people in their lives. They need a WHW2 of baloney Jim and others. I find myself laughing so much I have to rewind to hear what I miss. Many times the tape machines start rolling and you are surprised how much time has flown by. It’s a great when you and ink in two hours weekly you know are going to be fun.
  • TheRajiv8
    What Happened When has been my favorite podcast for years. Tony and Conrad have me crying from laughing so hard more often than not. It’s the perfect way to not think about the real world, and be entertained for a couple of hours! WHW Fan 4 Life!!!
  • smakdave
    I love Tony!
    The show is the funniest podcast out there! It’s a must listen!
  • Bryce Goddard
    If youre done, say so
    Thank you guys, have no idea what I’d be listening to all day at work without the podcast. Much love from Arizona*edit 11/02/22* For a while this was the only AFS pod that wasnt going through the motions but today Tony openly said he’d no longer be critical of anything that wasnt WWE, looks like 83 weeks is the last man standing.
  • 4/20 runny ron
    “I’ve Outgrown Kooter” is absolute Gold
    I love this podcast!! Tony is so funny and he doesn’t even try 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Conrad get “I’ve outgrown kooter” on a t shirt and I’m buying 😭
  • Domo Arigaro 12180
  • Bill3636464
    Great podcast but it’s nothing but ads & tracking now.
  • dude7842689
    Rambling nonsense
    Tony has very little to add to the story of any of these shows. It’s just two guys talking randomly. It can be funny at times but it’s certainly not entertaining
  • Thrillhills3
    Love this podcast
    Love Tony, love Conrad, love that this is the one podcast I don’t need to worry about Paul B ever hosting (Paul = channel changer jones)
  • Jorelthefhostofkrypton
  • RickyAndKim
    Throwback to my childhood
    Listening to this podcast takes me back to the days when my father and I would watch WCW. We hated the N.W.O., loved Sting, and spent many Monday nights together while my mother said, “I wish y’all wouldn’t watch that stuff.” Now my Dad has cancer and is going through treatments. I listen to the podcast and think back to those memories I made with my dad. We are hoping the treatments work, but if they don’t, it is awesome to have a voice that brings back those great memories.
  • Nighttrain Minnifield
    Great chemistry
    Tony and Conrad are great when doing watch alongs. Loved the year of Crockett.
  • Gman Myrte Beach
    Voices of Angels
    That title may be a bit much, but awesome show. Tony was the voice of my childhood and Conrad is the voice of my 40s. Thanks fellas.
  • Mpizz144
    Too many commercials
    4, 4, FOUR ad spots in the first 21 minutes. No longer listenable. Even Tony sounds uninterested in the show because of the ads. No thanks, best of luck Tony, when this dries up, find someone who isn’t trying to use your name for ad revenue.
  • Hellfire22001
    I feel cheated
    At least when they did PPV watch along before they would watch the entire show now it’s just 2 matches? Let me guess the rest of it will be on ad free shows that you need to pay for
  • Rob Hunter
    I’m still giving this a 5 stars but get ready to work that skip button! The ads are getting painful! How much money does one need to make? Especially all the ads free podcast barking! I’ve left many of Conrad’s podcasts because they’ve become filthy with ads. I’m thinking I’ll be dropping WHW for the same reason soon.
  • asshat605
    Every 3 minutes. I get it, ad free shows. But seriously lol.
  • Andrew Sigers
    My Absolute Favorite Podcast
    Conrad and Tony together is the most fun that I have with audio on a regular basis.
  • brk jay
    This podcast is terrible. It used to be good but it is now 1.5 hours of commercials. I gave up on it.
  • btigges20
    A Must Listen for all 80’s Wrestling Fans
    If you grew up in the 80’s and loved JCP, then this podcast is for you! The watch-along format is awesome and the commentary, promos, and action are all top quality. Conrad is a great host and does a great job of leading the show. Tony is an all-timer and offers such a unique perspective to the wrestling business. I made the show 4-stars because the ADS are getting a bit much. For the most recent show (Nov 2), there were 20 minutes of ads in the first 25 minutes of the show. Yikes!
  • Steve franklin
    Ignorant banter
    I fast forward forty five minutes at least to get past the boring banter to get to the 86 content. Once the show starts it’s great, but the pre show banter is terrible.
  • wwegirl89
    What happen when
    This show is awesome love hearing the stories of the wrestling past going back to the 80s and 90s
  • JPhlaix
    Tbh, I don’t really care for the new 1986 format, it’s a lil too far back for me. Some of the old Dusty, Flair, and AA stuff is cool, but that’s about it. But I still LOVE Conrad and Tony’s banter!!!
  • Bigdinwi
    Can we do something other then 1986?
    I used to listen to all of Conrad’s podcasts weekly. But with all this 1986 stuff I stopped listening To tony. Idk if it’s because Eric has wcw wrapped up or what my 1986 is getting old
  • Rexcranium
    If you having a bad day or just needing some entertainment then this is the podcast for you. Conrad & Tony always entertaining and making me laugh.
  • SomaSnailSP
    The Only Podcasts You Need
    Conrad Thompson and his AdFreeShows network is without a doubt the best bang for your podcast buck. Currently 7 top tier weekly shows and countless amounts of bonus content and archives. The crown jewel of this network is ‘What Happened When’. The chemistry Conrad & Tony have is second to none and will leave you constantly laughing and wanting more. I love reliving the great NWA/WCW shows with their great commentary. While they are both wrong a lot (The Dungeon of Doom was EPIC and the Turner produced mini movies were some of the best stuff from the early 90’s), getting their take on everything from this time period are boat loads of fun! I also love getting a little bit of AEW commentary at the top of many episodes. I love that Tony has regained his passion for professional wrestling. His love and enthusiasm for AEW is infectious and shared by me. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast. Should you choose to subscribe to AdFreeShows I will tell you it is money well spent. Thank you Conrad & Tony and keep up the great work!
  • Annoyed and bored
    That don’t work for me brother
    Boot, Leg Drop, Thermos
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