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Ongoing History of New Music looks at things from the alt-rock universe to hip hop, from artist profiles to various thematic explorations. It is Canada’s most well known music documentary hosted by the legendary Alan Cross. Whatever the episode, you’re definitely going to learn something that you might not find anywhere else. Trust us on this.

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  • Geumpyhistory
    Rock on
    Neatly packed in and written. Good narratives about interesting parts of music history. Great podcast of its kind.
  • BaldEagle_77
    Alan does the best history of music podcast out there. I have learned so much I didn’t know previously. I tune in EVERY week!!!
  • Griffy68
    Great Podcast!
    Hooked on this podcast! Very informational and no filler! By the way, on the Nirvana episode, Niles is outside Youngstown not Columbus!
  • Fluffkiller
    No Dead Kennedy’s ??
    I’m normally a fan of this show. However, how can you do an episode on the history of alt-rock protest songs, cover British and Canadian punk and not even mention Dead Kennedys? Their entire existence is a protest song.
  • Boj Angles
    Fantastic for fans of rock and histoy
    This show is great and he covers so much - only reason it's not a five-star ratin is because on the occasions he dips into political analysis, it needs a lot of work.
  • WilliamJ2021
    Love it
    Best podcast I have found. I am halfway through the 300+ episodes.
  • Drpomo
    My favorite
    Can’t find a better podcast ❤️
  • topheradollar
    No better music history podcast!
  • Whigpresident
    The Legs McNeil of the Podcast Age
    Always informative, well researched and coming from a genuine love of the music. Like the cool friend of the older brother you may not have. If you’re about to turn 50, you need this. Any younger, you definitely want this.
  • Aabbccdd 1234
    History of music from an old, white dude with out of date taste… yay
  • Ted Asregadoo
    Incredibly informative!
    Alan Cross is not only a Canadian broadcasting treasure, but this podcast is one of the most informative and well researched ones out there. I recommend it to my fellow music fans when I get the chance. Great stuff!
  • Briana1 Courtney2
    Weird condescending tone on the female episodes
    I absolutely love this podcast and I’ve learned so much, but the way this guy speaks about women on specifically the 90s Part 2A & 2B: Solo & Front Women podcasts is so condescending and really rubs me the wrong way. He hypes up each woman for their musical talents, but then when he gets to Courtney Love’s stripping career he’ll pause, lower his tone, and say “…stripping…” or how about when he talks about Donita Spark’s feminist performance: “There were many stories about her *pauses*….fearlessness…the most tame one being a time when L7 played on British TV show The Word. During her performance, she stripped off all her clothes from the waist down…just to make…some kind of point.” He makes remarks like this for just about every single female performer. How about you stick to the music history and leave your personal sexist remarks to yourself.
  • brooklynhistorianLars
    Great just great. I have heard evrey office cleaner but please issue the old radio episodes as podcast episodes. I mean this podcast started in the 25th year of the radio show
  • HopefulKayaker
    A pleasure for the ears
    If you like to roxk, check this out. Alan tells great stories and shares interesting music.
  • BillBillGreen
    My review
    It’s great! Whatever
  • IluvME66
    money pit
    This podcast is costing me money. How? It keeps turning me on to great music that I just have to buy. Not a bad thing, but my music library is large enough as is. Passing thought: In the old days, I used to peruse record stores for interesting album covers hoping that the music contained therein was interesting also. Total hit & miss. This podcast is more or less the same thing. I'm listening to this podcast only to have my interest piqued by song bytes, which in turn, causes me to buy more music. Anyway.................... I would give this fellow 5 stars if he would quell his personal opinion abit. Yes, I know it's his podcast, but he does come off abit judgmental at me.
  • Jcheesmond
    Latest is your greatest!
    Your latest on Canadian content (feb 2021), has all the hallmarks of great journalism! It’s slightly different in delivery and maybe polish, you’re back and inspiring! I’ve listened since my son as a child would listen with me while I drive him home to Barrie on a Sunday night... he’s 26 now, today I’m listening while cooking for my folks, and I know they keep turning the tv down in the other room to listen in. You’ve become family, thank you for keeping it going, for feeling local. #truecanadianpassion
  • Maurice Frank
    Fascinating and Informative.
    I recently stumbled across this outstanding podcast, and I am so happy I did. I've always been a casual fan of rock and alt rock music, enjoying the songs but not caring enough to learn about the artists, the songs, or how music is made. This podcast has made me enjoy learning more about the music I listen to, and it has also introduced me to or reminded me of music I like to hear again. The host, Alan Cross, is truly an expert and is also wonderfully interesting to listen to. Highly recommended.
  • metal989
    Excellent podcast!
    This is a great podcast for anyone who likes music.
  • Xonax79
    The absolute best!
    This is the best music podcast I have found, especially for an alternative music titled podcast. It is professional, thorough, and worldly without ever being too commercial or slick and pandering. If radio shows like this still existed on FM maybe we all wouldn’t be looking for podcasts to listen to on our drives.
  • Rick superdigital com
    Well produced
    And well written makes it fun to listen to. The guys are pro. Give 'em a job!
  • JackDaniels024
    If you're a fan of music, listen to this podcast!
    Alan does a great job and you can tell he's passionate about all things music!
  • westbanger
    Great show
    Great show. Recommend this for anyone interested in music.
  • jchris41
    Alan Cross
    I have Been listening since the early days CFNY. Incredible stories and knowledge! Thank you for this very important and interesting podcast and show!
  • NateGlob
    Fantastic podcast
    I put one of these on during a road trip with my friend...and we ended up listening to them for the entire trip. Fantastic podcast, been listening for years. I’d love to hear some more stuff on “emo” years of alternative (panic at the disco, my chemical romance, the used). They’re my fiancée’s favorite niche of music....and I don’t know enough about them lol
  • MR-padre
    Love it
    This pod is fantastic. As others have said, just scroll and you’ll find something you like. Also, logging my request for an episode on Primus. Thx!
  • beerbelliedirishman
    Just give it a listen
    If you scroll through the available episodes, you will surely find one that you will enjoy. That will lead you into another and another. My preteen kid loves listening to these as well.
  • KJfromNY
    Favorite music podcast by far
    Growing up in Buffalo, I always had access to The Edge and would listen to the Ongoing History every Sunday night. Although I've since moved to Chicago and no longer have radio access, I’m still grateful to be able to listen on here and still catch the show!
  • Imustcreate
    Alan Cross is a music-history god!
    I lived in Buffalo, NY during the 90’s and early 00’s and never missed this show on Sunday nights when it aired on Toronto’s 102.1 CFNY. When I moved out to the west coast after college, I felt an immediate void! Until I found the streamable shows on the CFNY website, which disappeared shortly after I discovered them. I can’t tell you how THRILLED I am that these are now in the form of podcasts. Alan Cross is a music-history god and has a delivery that rivals even the most accomplished musicians when masterfully weaving these tales. The topics range from the history of individual bands to cult music phenomena to technological advancement in music. You will not be disappointed.
  • Arwen Awesome
    Hits--but big misses
    While this podcast has good information, glaring omissions (discussing Björk & mot mentioning Gling Glo?) and embarassing mispronounciations (Bauhaus) ultimately make it feel like Wikipedia read aloud.
  • Pmg26
    If you like Music this is the podcast for you .Alan cross’ knowledge and passion for alt rock is amazing. You should definitely check it out, scroll through find an episode and you’ll be sucked right in. Next thing you know, you will have listened to all the available episodes, and you’ll be impatiently waiting for next weeks episode.
  • Tb0429
    Love, love, love this podcast! Very informative and entertaining!
  • Juicy608
    Exactly what I’ve been searching for!
    I have been looking for this exact podcast for what feels like forever. Super interesting and informative.
  • Dawhyte86
    Missed this!
    When I lived in Buffalo I listened religiously on Toronto's Edge station but moved to Virginia and lost access to this show. Found out about the podcast when I was home for the holiday and instantly hooked! So excited to have Ongoing History back!
    This show is incredible! It is so entertaining and informative at the same time!
  • The Uni-Tablist
    Insightful and entertaining
    This podcast takes a deep dive into modern music and is constantly surprising me with facts and stories from music history that are always insightful and entertaining. If you like music history than you should definitely check out this podcast.
  • Zerin Grahams
    Always a favorite!!
    I’ve been listening to Alan Cross since the beginning of his show on 102.1 The Edge out of Toronto. Being from WNY, we are lucky to have Canadian broadcasting from over Lake Ontario. As a 90s kid mesmerized by all things rock, Alan made sense of this love. Now a mom of 2 teens who were force to grow up listening to The Ongoing History of New Music, their appreciation and curiosity tends to far exceed mine. My oldest, now in college in Austin, TX, is so happy to have the podcast - not just for the knowledge that she hungers for, but also as a reference for her chosen field of study in political/sociological journalism with a concentration in music journalism. Thanks to Alan Cross for letting me pass on my happy place to my offspring (pun intended).
  • Raven_Shoes
    One of the best music podcasts
  • madmac48
    I’ve been listening to your show since...what 92. The best show on radio. Only problem is I’ve listened to them all in two weeks. Is there more???? Where can I find them?? WE WANT MORE!!!!
  • Peterman5001
    Always interesting and fresh.
    Great radio voice! This podcast is a fountain of musical nuggets.
  • canucck
    Always interesting!
    Allen Cross does an amazing job of researching and telling the stories of your favorite musicians, and even when you are not a fan of the musician, genre, or particular topic, he still weaves a story that you will probably find very interesting. The Ongoing History was a long running radio show on CFNY in Toronto, and has only been available in podcast form in recent years. Allen Cross has hundreds of great stories and I am sure that you will enjoy to listening to them!
  • Tishie182
    Love it but please play full song
    Alan’s voice is calming and easy to listen to. He is full of interesting info and you can tell music really is important to him. I only wish they played the full songs during the podcasts and not just clips.
  • Lynn_tintin
    I love that there is a podcast now! I can’t always catch it when it’s on the radio, but I love this series so much!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • EC416
    Favorite podcast and I listen to many
  • AltKid42
    The best Podcast out there
    I started listing to Allen Cross when I lived in Buffalo when I was a young adult. He has such great insight and knowledge on music, especially alternative. I have learned so much about the artist I listen to and whom music I love. This is a must listen to podcast for any alternative music fan!
  • Mookie Blayrock
    Essential Listening
    This hidden gem is easily my favorite music podcast. Cross manages to uncover new details and stories about my favorite artists. If you like Sound Opinions then download this podcast and enjoy.
  • Zak71296
    Easily a favorite
    This podcast has quickly become one of my first listens each week. He’s smart and knows the history of music. The shows are entertaining and informative. If you love alternative music or music in general you should listen to this show.
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