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The top business headlines from The Wall Street Journal, three times daily. Whether it’s the latest on overseas markets, economic news out of Washington or closing numbers from Wall Street, you'll be in the know in a flash.

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  • terrishar
    This is a better quality daily podcast.
    It's time for me to give up the barrons. The sound quality of your podcast is much better. For a podcast listener, sound quality is of utmost importance. Thanks.
  • matt2377
    favorite short news updates
    Very informative snippets; great resource.
  • Sarita7981
    Informative and concise
    I appreciate the short updates with minimal ads
    5-stars in spite of the negative reviews
    I’m a daily listener of the WSJ Minute Briefing, and have been for many years, it’s the perfect bite size snippet of market news I can snack on first thing in the morning, lunch time and then on the commute home. A quick scroll through the comments nets a bunch of boomers turnt up about the ads on a FREE show like tapping the “skip 15 seconds button” is the end of the world.. and the other half complaining about the way ONE episode was reported on that they don’t agree with LOL. Get over yourselves.. PAY FOR IT if you don’t like the ads and skip past the report you don’t agree with because it challenges your ideologies - that doesn’t make it a poorly quality podcast.
  • Asilnagoh
    Could be great
    They repeat the same commercial every two minutes. You can’t even get five minutes of news without some insipid female feeling hawking the same product over and over and over. I can not fathom how a producer can think people will listen. I’m sure the numbers are good but the bean counters can see who turns away. I love the journal but this is way beneath the quality of what they are capable of. Find something else for news. NPR has a great news podcast. You get a commercial every 19-15 minutes
    All Commercials
    25% if the episode is a commercial and they play the same commercial for the entire day. So listening to back to back, same day podcast will yielded 4 of the same commercials in a 4 minute timeframe. Nuts - waste of time.
  • Bjl500
    Correction needed
    In reading the news, Zoe Thomas incorrectly reported on April 4 2023 that Donald Trump pleaded GUILTY to 34 charges in arraignment in New York. The former president pleaded NOT GUILTY. I listened to podcast 3 times
  • mjnorcross
    An Opening Bell briefing would help this podcast.
    This is a great briefing for up to date business reports. The morning briefing is great for when I take a shower, while I listen to the afternoon and Closing Bell briefings during my lunch break and commute home from work respectively. One thing that would help this podcast is an Opening Bell brief for whenever the stock markets open. Overall, great news updates from this series.
  • bob gingras
    Wake up
    We are in a recession using all previous measures. On today’s show the speaker referenced going into a recession. Stop being political
  • drjekyllmrlee
    Could like it more.....if only one nets suite ad per episode
    I am a digital WSJ subscriber for years. Added the WSJ podcast couple years ago but really do we need two identical Netsuite adds per episode? This keeps up and will have to drop. The multiple ads only turn people off.
  • Austin H.H.H
    Netsuite Ads Relentless
    Great info and format. Almost impossible to listen to recently because there’s a Netsuite pre and post ad on every episode. The frequency is relentless and a turn off from continuing to listen.
  • Ken Jacobson
    Feb 7
    The Feb 7th episode is replayed every time I ask Siri to play WSJ Minute Briefing. Frustrating that there is no way to delete unsaved episodes.
  • aqedhuj
    Too many ads.
    I don’t enjoy ads and this podcast has 30 seconds of ads in the beginning and at least 15 seconds of ads at the end. The podcast is only a 2 minute segment making 50% of its content just ads.
  • Callandra94118
    Too many commercials, too little news
    boring, repetitive commercials surround a tiny headline. Plus, today (11/02) featured a “news flash” from October 25th. Add sloppiness to the mix.
  • Uncle Ducky Dude
    Deleting WSJ Minute Briefing
    The problem of too much advertising repeating ad nauseam has gotten worse. At the same time, the usefulness of the reporting has decreased. No longer a good use of my time.
  • ASAdEtrdsfft
    The podcasts are very good, but the annoying adds are repeated over and over again. Sometimes back to back, it makes it impossible to hear the podcast.
  • CS from Oklahoma
    Good Podcast
    Good info, good summaries, not too long. One of my favorite.
  • Robert Henry Holtz
  • DTB19XX
    Repetitive ads create an unpleasant listening experience
    We understand you need the ads but please consider the repetition. Does not create the best user experience. I enjoy the content, but consider skipping some days due to the repetitive ads
  • Jon V xyz123
    Too many repetitive ads
    How do you expect your listeners to even consider the companies advertising for you when you play their commercials repetitively. It is annoying. Please have some variety.
  • vcvvvvvvvvvvb
    The ads!!!
    The repititive ads caused me to delete 4 days worth of episodes.
  • Thiago Malena
    Often misleading narratives
    Often misleading narratives full of bias misinformation
  • KaliR222
    Very special rioters
    Really disappointed in the coverage of the pro-Trump mob that rioted at the capitol and have to unsubscribe. Honestly bummed because the reporting is usually good but after hearing “Trump told protestors to go home” ...and nothing else, unfortunately I can’t continue to support. Not for nothing but the same ad on all three daily episodes was annoying, too and I almost unsubscribed/jumped off a building during the election with that insipid Absolut shake or stir the election ad.
  • Sylvestrixxx
    Facile mediocrity
    I expect more advanced expertise and technical analysis, and less bias from an establishment of the stature of WSJ. Used to be I could read (or listen to I guess in modern terms) NYT and WSJ and get all the relevant facts and critical analysis from the best of the best from both minimalist and expansionist views of public policy and government. This just a complete waste of time.
  • Abusheery
    Repeating that same ad over and over detracts from the podcast....I understand the need to monetize the podcast and generate revenue, but to have half the podcast run time devoted to ads (and the same ad over and over) is annoying.
  • WSJ warrior
    Helpful, succinct stories but painful ads
    Really enjoy the content but someone’s got to do some thing about the ads. Not only are they pretty long and repetitive given how short the podcast is but they seem to be geared toward mostly a high school audience with recent ones instructing us how to prioritize voting over drinking hard liquor, and how Facebook is so wonderful it can police itself and educate us on how to vote.
  • confusedbankuser
    Great if you like a minute of repetitive ads in each four-minute podcast
    The Absolut Vodka "Vote First, Drink Second" spot gets my vote for Most Obnoxious Ad EVER, and I heard it at least eight times today. This is the last straw; cannot listen anymore. WSJ, what are you thinking?
  • Tom30433
    Playing the same ad four times is intolerable
  • MikeDarra
    Very balanced reporting. Also true reporting, and not opinion. I can’t say that for the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, which is definitely on the far right.
  • emily_rj
    Drop the Autism Speaks ads
    I’m a daily listener, disabled and from a journalism and communications background. You don’t have to look far in Disabled Twitter, Autism Twitter and disabled and autistic communities online and off to discover all the damage AS has done to autistic adults and kids. AS still promotes ABA treatment and actively works to eradicate nonverbal autistic people, in methods medicine finally has reviewed and advised is malpractice and even torturous. AS has a long history of even worse actions that’s created irreparable harm, and while I understand AS wants a clean slate to reinvent itself in autism, it’s not owned up to and made apologies to the many it harmed the over years. If you take ads from this, understand you traumatize many autistic listeners, and uphold an organization widely decried and avoided in patient and provider communities. Otherwise, good show.
  • JCLReviewer
    Stop with the 30 second ad intro
    Decent morning minute briefing but why does half that time have to be spent with the annoying 30 second introduction
  • rosemary focaccia
    In this day and age, news is far too verbose, this podcast is succinct and to the point. Outstanding.
  • jimjsb
    Great podcast but recording level low
    Great short and to the point business podcast. The recording level is really bad though. Ad is normal level then the meat of the podcast is really soft. Doesn’t happen on the other WSJ podcasts. Need to fix that.
  • jack_holt
    Keeps me up to date
    No need for a two hour newscast. I get the highlights I need to point me to the news I need.
  • Ben S.2015
    Sweet and simple
    Good for those who are on a time crunch.
    Keeps me up to date
    Great show for a quick news blast to stay updated throughout the day. Doesn’t cover everything but helps at bringing light to the big stories of the day you might want to follow up on
  • LousyNotes
    Love it
    I just love it news that is mostly news
  • SmokedBakon
    Good podcast.
    This is an informative podcast that gives a briefing of the world in less than 2 min.
  • Pbroph
    I hate the new format. Before I could type in WSJ latest podcasts and I could listen to today’s morning three and other today’s topics. The new format is much more cumbersome and not worth the effort to listen to Todays podcasts. I am very disappointed in the new format as a Wall Street Journal subscriber. Patti B
  • Dutch JimBo
    Fast format
    Sends you bite-size nuggets of info
  • GRJR721
    Great Information, Perfect Length
    60 seconds are less, yes please too many "podcasts" are bloated!
  • drakenfletch
    A great one my minute update for the whole day
    I love these quick update it helps point me in the right direction for important news.
  • SM2ALL
    Ads longer than episodes
    It’s obnoxious to have to listen to 30-60 second ads on a 60 second podcast. It’s especially annoying when it’s the same ad over and over again. WSJ, I can assure you, no one cares about your Future Of Everything Festival.
  • Diva Sharma
    Love the 2 minute structure- tells me what I need to know. Their other podcasts go a little deeper, but this minute podcast packs a punch.
  • DayneDad
    Love the quick format
    Provides a quick scan of important news. If I want more info, I can read related articles later. A must listen.
  • thejacobbennett
    Love the Concise Wrap-up!
    I listen to all WSJ podcasts throughout my workday, and I definitely enjoy the summary this podcast provides, and usually the other podcasts produced later in the day delve deeper into the details.
  • Ozymandias1
    Great length!
    Stay up to date throughout the day with extraneous details—love it!
  • racerhomie
    Not a good Format.
    I like the Content ,but this minute podcast is definitely too rushed in my opinion. 5-25 minutes is my sweet spot for Podcasts . Potomac watch & opinion Journal already does this. But experiments are always good.
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