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The world's top authors and critics join host Pamela Paul and editors at The New York Times Book Review to talk about the week's top books, what we're reading and what's going on in the literary world.

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  • PurpleOakhurst
    My favorite podcast
    I look forward to listening to this podcast every week. Pamela Paul and the other people on the podcast are so insightful and at the same time very accessible.The books the podcast covers are usually very interesting. Pamela is an excellent interviewer of the authors and asks questions that I want to know the answers to. I highly recommend this podcast
  • David From Connecticut
    Truly enjoy the first half of this Pocast
    This is a podcast my wife and I listen to each Saturday and have been since 2016. Pamela Paul is very good. She is has a melodious voice, she conducts very good interviews and she is oftentimes very funny in a droll way. She also strings sentences together in a beautiful way , that leaves you grateful to have heard it, and mildly miffed that you I don’t have this gift. I am not a book person per se who makes a living from books. So the sections on "What is new in the book industry". I generally skip. Many thanks to Pamela and the folks at the NY Times for producing this show every week. I am truly appreciative of their efforts. It is one of seven podcasts I listen to regularly.
  • Kdhunter
    These Folks are Major Contributors
    This is a week ritual for me. I really look forward to each episode. The folks here put an amazing amount of thought, care and concern into bringing us listeners into the conversations. Just as importantly, these are conversations that matter about authors, books and their subjects.
  • nonickmamesavailableforme
    I Love This Podcast!!
    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple of years and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to submit a review. I look forward to its arrival every Friday. The author interviews are always engaging and interesting, even when the books might be ones I am not particularly planning to read, although I do often make note of authors and books from these interviews, putting them on my “to read” list. Pamela is a fantastic interviewer and I so enjoy the way she gets authors to respond thoughtfully. These interviews tend to make me feel my intellect is being stretched and challenged, while at the same time being so comfortable to listen to. I also enjoy the discussions of publishing trends—these open little windows into a world to which I am not a part. Finally, the conversations with reviewers are so warm and engaging, and I love the insights shared. Here, too, I often get ideas of what to read, but even when they are discussing books I will not seek out, I still find the discussions edifying. And I love the way the group shares thoughts about their reading tastes. This part of the show feels ‘homey’ and ‘cozy’, like listening to friends in conversation. Thank you for making this podcast!
  • 527kevin
    Am I the only one?....
    Who has begun to LISTEN to more books (as opposed to actually read) during this seemingly never-ending pandemic? I love reading and I love physical books...I’ve probably owned 10,000 books over the years. But for the last year or so I’ve found myself preferring to be read to. I generally read a mix of fiction and non-fiction and favorite genres are history, memoir and biography. Success depends often on the narrator and, like a physical book, I give it about 25 to 50 pages and if the story or narrator doesn’t work, I return it. I’d be interested to hear observations from other readers about listening to books and maybe Pamela Paul and crew would address the growth of listening to books in a future podcast.
  • Fireball1684
    Longer Episode Notes
    Guys, can you please write out longer outlines in the episode notes? I like the podcast, but sometimes I have no interest in the topics. Sometimes every interview is right up my alley. I find myself skipping an episode more often than jumping around, trying to figure out where each interview starts and ends. I’d love episodes outlines, as well as links to the books, recommendations, lists, etc. Please! Edit: Up to four stars for the longer notes!!
  • ansleystreetpress
    Tina Jordan read it? Sign me up
    I just want Tina Jordan know that I love all of her recommendations. My reading tastes align with hers. I can’t wait to dive into the Elizabeth David books. I am always happy when she is part of the podcast.
  • cassidy525
    Used to love it..
    Too many books on politics ruined this podcast for me. There’s so much great fiction out there. I’m not a huge Pamela Paul fan either.
  • Dave G reviews
    Racist propaganda
    It funny to see how many ignorant leftists are dumb enough to swallow this racist propaganda. Eventually, the self loathing will suffocate them till ending their miserable existence will be the only option left.
  • Lover of Podcasts
    Another Thought About Authors Straying From Usual Genre
    I’m enjoying the year-end episode addressing reader questions. One very high recommendation on the subject I titled this review with is Henning Mankell’s Italian Shoes. I have no interest in his formulaic crime novels, but LOVED this beautifully written, interesting, intimate tale that leaves his usual path. (The sequel is good too, but not as stellar.)
  • Lincoln@40
    Love this podcast
    Pamela PaulDoes an excellent job interviewing writers. Her deep dive into the books make for such an interesting podcast. Her interviewing techniques and questions are impressive. And you get to learn some interesting things about the writers. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys books and are curious about the people who write them.
  • Echonoble
    All Liberal Book Picks
    I was excited to hear the 10 best book recommendations. However, this list is overloaded with liberal writers. Barack Obama? Really? I won’t be coming back to listen to anything you have to offer, not interested. Funny that you give a convenient disclaimer which is actually a verification of your book selections.
  • Zhomb
    Mixed Emotions
    Why do I get so said when the weekly podcast ends? Suddenly, a week seems so far away.
  • balsamorhiza
    A Favorite Podcast
    I always look forward to the Book Review podcast to learn about some of the most important new books.
  • Prose Prose
    The Times Book Review is always informative often entertaining & always worth a listen
  • newsjunqui
    A Cohen/M Levine
    Fascinating discussion by both authors of their books. Supreme crt trend is deeply disturbing. I thank Cohen for shining a light on it.
  • Infogrl
    Brilliant conversation
    Look forward to hearing what they are reviewing every week!
  • World traveler....
    The book world explained...
    Always an intelligent conversation. I look forward to this podcast every week.
  • Supersmartsquirrel
    The Book Review
    I do look forward every week to listening to interesting conversations with Pamela and her colleagues (the gang). Thank You!
  • Michele@LivingOurDays
    There are so MANY good books out there...
    ...and I can only read what I can read. It’s nice to have help with the sorting process.
  • Cherba
    Great interviewer
    Pamela Paul is as good as NPR’s Terry Gross - enough said.
  • trish105
    Love this podcast
    This is the only must listen to every week podcast on my list. I am going to try an audiobook based on today’s recommendations; although I can imagine my mind wandering we will see how it goes
  • auto-de-fe
    The last 15 minutes
    I always move the position tracker to the last 15 minutes of each episode. I only listen to find out what they are reading. Beyond that, I have no regard for what liberals/democrats think. On the whole, I find them to be disingenuous, full of slander, and all too willing to pervert the course of justice.
  • SRosenman
    I have been listening to this podcast for well more than a decade. Am not interested in every segment of every episode but for thoe who love reading, its indispensable. Nice not to have co-hosts asking each other about their lives at home (which A. I don't care about and B. there is no co-hot) but I love the way Pamela Paul goes directly into each interview. Like the publishing industry gossip, too. Don't love hearing reviewers tell me what they're reading. A bit snarky. But I never miss an episode
  • RLHX17
    Please no more political books
    OK, since I wrote this review a month ago (see below), EVERY SINGLE EPISODE has had a major segment on a book about political current events, sometimes two, sometimes bleeding over into the “what we’re reading” section too. So I am downgrading a star. Please please please stop this, and discuss actual real books, like creative fiction and actual insightful nonfiction (could do without Hitler biographies, not insightful at all), love the nature books you discuss when you discuss. Please stop the National Enquirer stuff. Goodness, you guys are better than this. I am kind of at my limit with this podcast. ________________________ Title is self-explanatory. Please give us more stirring fiction and truly new and insightful non-fiction. No more political tell-alls about current events. Seems that half of each podcast lately is about this trash. That is not why I subscribe.
  • Mama to a baby
    Highly recommend this podcast to any book lover!
    I stumbled across this podcast since, and I absolutely love it. I think I’ve listened to 20 episodes in the past month and keep finding new books to read and authors to explore based on the recommendations. I think Pamela is an excellent host -her questions about the authors’ writing processes are my favorite. I also love the theme music and the insight about the publishing industry. Thank you to everyone who makes this podcast happen on a weekly basis! It’s truly been a treat.
  • lizzysong
    Love it!
    I really enjoy the variety of the segments and the books discussed. I usually end up adding at least one or two to my list each week. Pamela is wonderful!
  • Freddie bag of donuts
    Can you say indoctrinated
    It is funny watching the left identify with movies to explain their emotions.
  • Anniebananie973
    Who cares about Jim Baker?
    Not me. If he can’t disavow Trump then he’s an idiot. Even if he was so influential in the past.
  • AnnaB68
    So good, but...
    Pamela, your leadership of this pod is wonderful. Only one suggestion: when you interview people, please just ask the question once. Like many interviewers today, you follow up a great, direct question with several possible answers or your own thoughts. Please, please, just ask the question! Thank you.
  • Marksie100
    This podcast gives depth to subjects
    No matter the subject, Pamela Paul allows for widespread discussion- so rare in this soundbite world. She tackles tough subjects which is simply missing today, maybe because of people’s attention span of any longer than 2 minutes is frowned upon. Keep going, Pamela! Love the podcast!
  • GiorgosTheodorakis
    Thank you!
    A balme for the spirit. And the music is fine. Keep on. I love you! « We’ll talk about what I and the wider world are reading. »
  • Jazz Picasso
    Needs better episode descriptions
    How am I supposed to know what these books are about?
  • besthiker1
    Can’t give 6 stars...
    So giving 5 stars. Great podcast! I’ve been listening for years. They get good interviews and questions aren’t obvious.
  • Alex from Boston
    Excellent podcast and host
    Pamela Paul is the fantastically smart aunt we would all like to have.
  • Another Older Mother Runner
    This podcast just gets better and better, and I love listening to it regularly. I learn so much about times present and past. I enjoy getting to know (as it were) the NYTBR editors. It’s a blast listening in on a conversation with a favorite writer or a new writer whose book I simply must read, this very weekend. Five stars—end of story!
  • FLDrMom
    Best host
    I have been listening to this podcast because I love the host Pamela. She asks great questions. She’s enthusiastic and inquisitive. She brings out the best in her guests. I don’t care that much which book she’s discussing about because I know the podcast will be interesting. I love that she’s so enthusiastic about all kinds of different types books as well. I feel that she’s the kind of podcast host I would want to be.
  • SallyScottsdale
    Smart and satisfying
    Listening is like discussing a book with your smartest friend. Simply excellent.
  • athirkell
    Always a Stimulating Discussion
    I’m addicted to this podcast. Since it’s impossible to read all the interesting new books, this podcast keeps me up on what’s happening in the publishing world. The in-depth interviews with authors cover such a wide variety of literary fiction as well as memoirs and other nonfiction.
  • WashingtonDuck
    Appreciate this podcast
    So nice to listen too especially during pandemic. Always glad to listen makes me feel sophisticated just like I feel when I visit NYC.
  • HandsomeReggie
    First: Caste by Isabel Wilkerson-Fabulous interview which hooked me.Just listened to Daniel Mendelsohn discussing David Mitchell. The interviews are interactive. I feel like I am eavesdropping on smart people’s conversations. Love listening to people who love books.
  • MHaf7 SOH
    Great scope, insightful across the spectrum.
    Terrific in opening the door to areas I want to pursue moser deeply and ones I don’t, but am able to be enriched by the thoughtful glimpse. Insights into the publishing world and the eclectic reading of the NYT team are enriching too.
  • bassquade
    The Book Review
    Insightful and entertaining with wonderful interviews on a wide range of books.
  • Grandmotherlibrarian
    Haven’t missed a podcast for years
    This podcast is a wonderful way to end the week. The interviews are informative, and the portion about the book industry is interesting. I especially like the new, more informal discussion about what the editors are currently reading. As soon as I heard about Rennie Airth’s mysteries, I knew that I wanted to read them. It was refreshing to hear that even editors need to escape from politics and pandemic with a comfy historical mystery. Thanks so much!
  • John S Wren
    Every Week Podcast
    This is my first experience with regularly listening to a podcast, started making it a habit a few weeks ago, I try to listen every week, somehow it makes reading the Sunday New York Times Book Review even more interesting. Usually I listen to the podcast a day or so before the Sunday Book Review, sometimes after, and sometimes I listen more than once. It’s much much better for me than it would be if I was listening to this sort of thing on the radio, just today I couldn’t make out a date, I hit the rewind and heard “1963.” And I love the fact that there are so few commercial interruptions. Thanks very much for doing this. It feels a bit like making a new friend.
  • 5 star podcast5
    10 stars
    Just found this podcast. It’s 10 stars!! Hosts are excellent interviewers; guests so interesting. Love that they pick books I want to learn about but may be too lazy to read and love the recommendations.
  • coastalcalgal
    My favorite!
    My favorite podcast about books.Moderator Pam does a masterful job of interviewing authors and I also I look forward to the round tables where reviewers talk about what they are personally reading. I never miss an episode and have discovered so many books and authors here. It’s also a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the world of publishing .A highly entertaining and literate way to stay in touch with the literary world.
  • AnthonyG68
    One of my all time favorite podcasts!! Literary, charming, makes me think...I could go on. Pamela is a great host and I appreciate the variety of guests.
  • Gingiaa
    Best Podcast of All
    Every week the discussions are deeper dives into the reviews I will be reading in the Sunday Book Section. This podcast is a rich tasting menu to prepare me for what’s to follow. Pamela Paul has such a warm style of leadership that she has made me fall profoundly in love with all her reviewers. I have so much more background understanding when I read their reviews. I feel like I’m part of the team. Thanks for my weekly joy.
  • Coffeecups2
    This is a terrific podcast with a charming host. It has a great informality despite the important literay topics.
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