The Bad Girls Bible - Sex, Relationships, Dating, Love & Marriage Advice


Each week on the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, your host Sean Jameson interviews experts and professionals and everyone in between to teach you the tips and techniques you can use to improve your sex life and relationship or marriage. You'll also learn powerful insights on how to improve your dating and love life.

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  • Gottslm
    Enjoyed it. Tips were helpful. A little monotone.
  • Sozo2U
    More or less ’Bad’ - keep it coming.
    Fantastic podcast. Wide range of interviews. Some exotic and ‘out there’ beliefs. Some practices plain harmful (I’m in healthcare so my opinion will reflect keeping people safe). Covers every topic, and everything. I think the title is alluring, but ‘Bad Girls Bible’ but in some ways propagates myth that sex is ‘bad’, or wanting ‘x’ ‘y’ or ‘z’ is ‘bad’. So much shame exists on topic of sex that ‘bad’, although successful from a marketting and alluring perspective, probably feeds the ‘dirty’ myth.
  • Mike Moro
    Very informative
    Great podcast!
  • queerfemme
    Low libido #61
    I was excited by the title but disappointed by how heteronormative it was. It was also very couple focused, and there is almost no mention (maybe none?) of getting down with oneself!
  • Grabaco
    A guy?
    Seriously why is the host a guy? 🙄
  • Kalie smersh
    I thought I knew quite a bit but I am learning all kinds of new tricks! Thank you so much for the help in keeping my boyfriend happy and satisfied!
  • 1119 Diamond
    Legally blind n eyes opening
    As I said am legally blind n had two unsuccessful marriages mostly because of inhibitions some on their part n some on mine. This is very enlightening n I figured it was time to hear what I could do to see n help my future relationship, if there was one in my future
  • LyraTrad
    A Man?
    A man runs this podcast, and I’m never supporting a man’s sex tips. Nope.
  • ThorDaHammer
    Why is the host a dude? And why are there so many podcasts that are exactly the same goddamn thing?
  • M@Ri£6268
    I enjoyed the podcast. I do most of these tips already. He loves it!
  • lovemel239
    This podcast was everything so many points where talked about that many times we don’t talk about and their are essential for a relationship to be successful.
  • senual64
    First time listener
    I must say that I enjoyed the podcast. I am finally Coming into my own skin if you will and enjoy hearing a mans side of sex. Please keep them coming
  • bolinas royalness
    Great advice!
    As a woman I have zero issues with a man giving tips on how to pleasure myself and how to please a man. Keep the tips coming! I love it.
  • reading c
    You seriously started your podcast with this guy?!
    I can’t get past the first issue that is focused solely on same sex couples and perpetuates a patriarchal view.
  • Gkeesh
    I enjoyed the tips and I am grateful that Sean took the time to explain what men want when it comes to oral sex.
  • Alejandraforero
    I never felt more identified with a podcast before. The tips and suggestions on his website are detailed which is exactly what I was looking for to grow sexually. I can’t recommend it enough, it helped me and my boyfriend explore even more. I also learned about other things I was always curious about. Love it!
  • Kabdksjavdlaoa
    Almost Perfect
    Out of all the websites I’ve found on google, this is one of my top favorites! I find a lot of his content very relatable and helpful and LOVE that he also makes podcasts and videos.
  • MrsWaring
    I have seen quite a few reviews stating “it’s weird that the host is a man”, “it’s not helpful”, “the host seems rude and cold”. Now I just started listening so I’ve been listening to the 2019 episodes so far so maybe he has improved but from what I have listened to it’s been amazing. I have learned so many new techniques and tips to help my sex life with my husband. It’s even helped me open up to new ideas. And I don’t think it matters that the host is a male. It threw me off at first too because of the title of the podcast but there is nothing wrong with a man wanting to be helpful in this world with sex tips, ideas, and stigmas that should be squashed. THANK YOU FOR THIS PODCAST! I love the fact that I feel so much more at ease and comfortable with talking about sex. It shouldn’t be a dirty word or something that makes anyone uncomfortable. Even if your not married and you like sleeping around. No one should be judged for their sexual needs!
  • Theaeva1231
    Uncomfortable. I’m not one to judge right away but... within five minutes listening had to turn it off. This creepy?
  • Shiirraa
    Sean is not a woman
    I was interested in this until I listened and heard that Sean was a man... not sexist just think a podcast titled the Bad Girl’s Bible would be hosted by a woman!
  • skyash105
    Why is a man hosting a podcast that is for women and their sex lives?! Its 2019, is women want to hear from other women on women’s topics!! This sounds like glorified mansplaining to me.
  • Sysaphis
    Amazing Scam
    Podcast is...fine, but if you sign up for the website or newsletter, Sean sends you ads for his Clickbank products. Products like “Learn the 3 phrases to text that will make any man addicted to you.” Completely gross.
  • SapoCanhoto
    Good content from Sean, but lousy interviews
    The interviews are pretty worthless
  • Christina Chen 1123
    Episode 40, the guest is very nice, but the interviewer is so bad
    He should show more empathy, the girl is sharing her painful stories, but he is so cold. Very time the girl finished telling a short story, he immediately move to another question... makes me feel that he doesn't care the guest, I thought the girl is the interviewer's friend....but only want all the painful stories out of her for the podcast...
  • Helene Clement
    Great podcast!
    So informative and fun ! I highly recommend listening by yourself or together with your partner!! Thank you for all the great tips! My husband much appreciates it ;) Thank you for all that you are doing ❤️
  • MsBambina
    Great show
    This is a great podcast. I ave received the newsletter for months and it’s great! I love when Sean interviews experts! It doesn’t matter at all whether the host is a man or not as long as the content is excellent. My favorite episodes are when he interviews experts. This information being mainstream is a long time coming. I am a 26 year old woman and it is sad and amazing how much I don’t know! I am glad to have such a sex positive and well researched podcast (and newsletter/website!) to enjoy. Someone commented on how Sean always says “your man”... in today’s time we have a myriad of partners, FWBs, husbands, one night stands, boyfriends, etc. He is trying to use a term that will capture all that as best as he can.
  • Two in diapers
    Love this guy
    This is a fantastic podcast! I have used so many tips from this podcast! The blow hob tips alone make it with the listen but there so much more! Subscribe now and change your relationship!
  • Kenzie 2007
    Bad girls bible fan
    I seriously never listen to podcasts wasn’t really my thing, I am a 37 year old woman that is kinda old school I love to just have a physical book; however I found you by looking for better ways to deep throat my man and while I can not afford the book I very much enjoy your podcasts and I think it’s very cool that someone is finally talking about the importance that sex has in a relationship. That it’s not dirty or shameful or something that young men and women should be growing up ashamed of but rather be empowered by it. However, note to all :younger people under 21 and even 25 in some cases, sex is not a joke it is wonderful but you should know what you need and want before you even think about having sex with anyone, you can not revirginize yourself! Especially if you want to have a lasting relationship, and again I may be old school but I have never married because I want it to be genuinely a lifetime and I will not live unhappily nor should anyone! So Sean thank you for the pod casts would love any free physical material that you may offer too!! I can’t put an email here but point me in a direction and I’ll find it. 😊 I have been overly obsessed with learning all I can to please him and myself (of course) as I hope he will be the one but if not I will know more for the next guy. 😉 Thanks again Sean love your guests segments too!! ❤️❤️ Stay wet and hard. 🤘
    Great show!
    I love hearing all the real stories from real woman. Also it’s cool hearing from a mans point of view what mean actually want. Who better to tell us woman that than a MAN lol.
  • FlawlessNorks
    Amazing speakers .. Sean, not so much
    I’ve listened to a couple of episodes and it has been amazing. I have even shared some with my friend groups BUT, more often than not I find myself annoyed at Sean interrupting speakers. I understand he’s trying to navigate a conversation but it often feels intrusive. Many times I’ve felt the conversation is just sean asking questions and not allowing a speaker to finish their thought without imposing his own beliefs.
  • D. Ritch
    How a Mom Gets Her Groove Back
    I’ve read through some of the comments and to the women that are creeped out by Sean’s voice or the fact that it’s a male host giving this advice, this is why you may stay stuck with your discomfort toward sexual knowledge. Why not hear from a man on how to “keep a man happy?” It isn’t all about that, it’s about us and how to get the most pleasure. Being comfortable with ourselves sexually, begins with being comfortable listening to topics, reading, watching anything that can aid in your sex Ed. Who hasn’t learned to give a blow job from watching some seedy porn video? So why is Sean’s podcast any different. It’s 2019... Sean keep doing what you’re doing.
  • IDC it’s Belle
    Odd voice for the content
    Great content for the 2 EPs I listened to..... Maybe you could have a woman host instead tho?? Just a thought and I feel bad for asking but I can't continue to listen to this personally
  • Redthunda
    It’s refreshing to hear a man be non judge-mental and understanding to women’s needs. He’s also honest about his own issues with sex. I’ll continue to listen and share with friends!
  • lexiicon
    I haven’t listened yet but I was just gonna say... of course it’s a male host lol
  • gigiYiN
    Thank you !
    This is actually real good . A mans point of view to make us woman learn a bit more about our male companions .
  • jessrulesdaworld
    A male host? Really?
    I can’t believe a male is hosting a podcast about how to be a “bad girl”. Women want to hear this stuff from other women.
  • Ceah11
    Nice to Learn From A Man what Men Like
    I decided to enter 2019 with a desire to learn more about how to sexually please a man and myself. I actually prefer to hear from a man what a man likes. I do like learning from woman, also, because some women do know their stuff. But it's so helpful to hear a man tell me what a man wants and thinks and feels when it comes to sex. And I like the sound of Sean's voice, it's perfect for listening to while I work or do chores.
  • Summersoccergirl
    No, I’m not freaked out.
    I’d much rather get sex tips from someone who actually has a penis. Duh.
  • Tarnbaby
    Emotions on 😱
    Can you suggest some sights for video’s? I was deeply curious for my mate to get home😘
  • KnowItAll1731
    I thought I knew everything.
    I thought I knew everything not realizing my sex life in my 2 year relationship was becoming boring. I’ve been listening to your podcasts and surprising him with these new techniques and he’s going nuts we are hungry for each other and it feels really special.
  • Bail e
    Love this show!
    I recently stumbled upon this podcast by accident and I loved it instantly. I felt like it was so relatable. It is honestly a very entertaining way for me to learn new things. It’s nice to hear them from a real man’s perspective as opposed to Cosmo tips and tricks that just aren’t that great. Sure, not every episode pertains to me but there is enough content I feel there is something for everyone. It is especially a good podcast if you want to know more and you grew up with a conservative family that didn’t bring up the subject of sex ever. My only disappointment is there appears to be no new episodes which is a bummer 😭
  • Queenxkandii
    I feel like it could be a good podcast but it’s weird that it’s hosted by a guy I can’t get into it
  • Casually Out Of Control
    Any solid information is overshadowed by the male host’s constant use of the phrase “your man.” It comes off as some type of condescending 1950’s tutorial on keeping your husband happy.
  • R.p 🏁
    This is excellent information, especially if you grew up in a highly conservative/religious family. My marriage is great, but man this podcast really gives you an edge. Knowledge is power no matter what subject.
  • Nikkisicksable
    Anyone else feel creeped out that this guy is telling us how to be 'bad girls'?
  • MintyKisses
    Straightforward & uncensored
    Love this podcast! Clearly addresses what everyone wants to know but while other podcasts focus on their guest's personal experiences this podcast gives actual step by step instructions, candid and uncensored, easy to understand and implement. Plus he usually indicates when certain things are more basic or advanced
  • Missy2278
    Better than a lot of the "advice" shows
    I'm a grown woman and I get tired of the hosts and guests of other sex shows presenting topics like they're 12 and feel awkward. Or worse a bunch of bros giggling. This is very intelligent and informative approach and I enjoy it. I hope it'll continue and grow!
  • Lou Lu 27
    The first episode left me engaged! Definitely want to hear more.
  • Tried all the other names
    Spicing it up.
    Sean I cant thank you enough for this podcast and newsletter. It has been so helpful. I am enjoying myself and him so much more. I look forward to trying more of these tips in the future. I love the "awesome sauce" tip, my next adventure.
  • Cmayestanner
    Never seen my fiancé so satisfied!
    Using tips from this podcast I had my fiancé screaming for more!!! I'm so happy I can satisfy him more now and I can't wait for more tips!!
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