CITIUS MAG Podcast with Chris Chavez

Running #18

A weekly podcast from hosted by Chris Chavez. Interviewing the stars of track and field every week. Whether it's athletes, coaches, writers or other interesting figures from running culture, we sit down for a laid-back chat on the latest happenings in the sport. Named one "The Best Running Podcasts" by Runner's World in 2021.

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Recent Reviews
  • All other nickmanes are taken
    Podcast for running fans
    I love this podcast. Chris always has really good conversations with his guests. So glad our sport has content like this.
  • Ersamuelson132
    Great running podcast!
    Enjoyed the interview with by golly molly! Chris and the crew are great hosts, puts the spotlight on the guests; very down-to-earth and authentic vibe.
  • anniemagnusson
    Must listen!
    If you love running podcasts this is one of my go-to’s.. and I listen to A LOT of podcasts. Love geeking out over track, training, and amazing runners. It makes me laugh every episode !😊
  • briz410
    The BEST runner podcast
    I subscribe to many running related podcasts but Citius Mag with Chris is my absolute favorite. His obvious research/preparation for each episode generates really great talks with athletes about a wider variety of subjects than the interviews by other show hosts. Chris helps track/runner super fans like me keep abreast of new topics in the sport, up and coming stars and pros.
  • 60marathondandrunning
    By Golly!!!! Great listen!!!
    AWESOME interview with the 🐐-Molly Seidel!!!! Thank you!!
  • dylandougherty
    Best podcast for modern track nerds
    I’ve been following these guys since day one and finally downloaded the app just to rate them on Apple so, that’s my review.
  • Kendall Bergeron
    Makes Being a Serious Fan of Track Accessible
    Loved Trials Talk and Torch Talk - fun mix of the silly, challenging, and awe-filled conversations. Just started listening to Chris a couple weeks ago after listening to his interview on Ali on the Run. I’m getting back into running this year and Chris has been one of the podcasters with a great archive of episodes getting me through some exciting increases in mileage recently!
  • TomS-
    Great Interviews and Fun
    I always enjoy listening to Citius Mag. Chris Chavez is one of the best interviewers out there. He understands how to pull both the serious and the irreverent out of his guests. I get great insights into these athletes as competitors and people while listening. The last episode with Eliud was a great example.
  • swainlori
    This is the track and field podcast to listen to!
    Excellent reporting & interviews! Such a great listen to stay current w the sport!
  • jshealy13
    Legs r feeling good
    Love the pod
  • craigrandall
    Torch Talk made me a T&F fan!
    Keep it up, love the trio of Chris, Dana, and Kyle.
  • GeorgeJ80
    Great listening and fun concepts!
    I looked forward to listening to Torch Talk every morning during the Olympics. I couldn’t wait to see what the MV trio had to say about all of the races and even to get filled in on what I missed. Chris with his regular Citius has also been doing a great job. Keep up the great work! I’m definitely part of the Throws Guys crew now!
  • bigthrowsguy
    Big throws guy
    Love it. Track baby!
  • listener in the woods
    Knowledgeable and thoughtful track and field discussion
    Great podcast
  • Grub dr
    I love this podcast <3
    Thanks for being so entertaining during the olympics and always giving me something to listen to on my morning runs. Y’all are the best! I hope I’m the 1000th reviewer... insta handle @mayabtz !!!
  • orionbt1
    great pcast
    i like it very much
  • coachtimgeldean
    Thanks for the running chatter!
    The show’s been excellent and the recent Trials and Torch Talks were a great way to extend the enjoyment of already stellar meets. Keep up the good shows, interviews, etc. @coachtimgeldean
  • robenck
    I love having consistent periodical track coverage
    Hearing the Athlete’s perspective in a sport with chronically low media coverage is incredible. The podcast provides much needed content for track and field fans in a beautifully detailed format that humanizes athletes and gets me more excited about the sport than I ever have been.
  • esfjl
    My Favorite Podcast out There!
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast so much. It’s great getting a look into the lives of track athletes off the track. Thank you!!!
  • KNeust
    Legendary commentary, 10/10 best source to get the running nerd lowdown
  • TylerEnerson
    Awesome Podcast!!
    Love listening! Always makes my day much much better!
  • Benerson
    Love it!!
    This is the best podcast out there!
  • MDoss22
    Love it!!
    Thank you so much for all the great conversations! Loved them all and was laughing out loud while on my runs.
  • rachel63829
    Trials and Olympics: no better recap
    Love listening every morning! Hope the gang reassembles for a post Pre recap as well!
  • AMBarsa
    Just getting into track, this is a great listen!
    Long time runner here, but just starting to follow track & field and elite marathoners. I love this podcast- the perspective and expertise that the hosts bring is great as I’m learning more about the professional side of running (& field events! Shotput- it’s gonna be big!) But the chemistry is also really fun and it’s genuinely a good listen. I was obsessed with the daily Olympics updates (THANK YOU!!) but I’ve really enjoyed many episodes aside from those as well (Phil Knight?!! What a great interview. Among others). Definitely worth a listen!
  • AliA2208
    Quality, thought provoking discussions and a few laughs
    Love this crew and will miss them when the Olympics are over. They have quality, thought provoking discussions and a few laughs. Love listening to this on my runs @alia2208
  • Wonderbread53
    I ❤️ Track & Filed
    The best running pod on the charts
  • Sawggggggghh
    Pretty Good
    The pod is pretty good, David melly is annoying when he’s on though
  • LisaMarie711
    Love it!
    Excellent job always, but it was especially great to hear this dream team every day during the Olympics! Thank you. 🌟
  • Millertime26_2
    Loved It!
    As a huge running nerd I really enjoyed this podcast during the Olympics listening to it on my drive into work.
  • MollyD OC
    Thank you for Torch Talk!
    Every morning of the Olympics, I woke up, went to the gym and listened to Torch Talk. It kept me so psyched all through the games. And now I can’t wait for the rest of the season and Word Champs!! Chris, Kyle and Dana were so well prepared, knowledgeable and funny! Thanks for all the hours you put in. I. Love. Track and Field!
  • Rockies Fan99
    The best running podcast
    These guys know the sport, are fun and easy to listen to, and ask good questions. Always have great guests on. My running podcast of choice for solo runs
  • SarahW712
    Running Pod Superiority
    Can’t get enough of trials talk and torch talk! Amazing listen each and every time. I learn more about the sport while also staying entertained by the spunky cohosts. 🌟10/10
  • MN Runnee
    Hard to listen when it’s all laughing
    I subscribe and listen regularly and appreciate the time, work and commitment to each episode. The last torch talk was so bad I had to stop listening. It’s hard to understand when all you hear is laughing. If this is what you’re going to do, keep up the professionalism and change your goal as your target audience needs to be changed from someone who loves track and field to someone that wants a tik tok like joke.
  • I have awesomeness
    Message to Chris!
    First off, I have to say how much I love the work you are doing at CITIUSMAG. This was the first podcast I started listening to when I began running my freshman year of high school, and I still look forward to listening to it every week. I have also been really enjoying these recent daily pods for the track trials and the games! The amount of work and dedication that goes into putting out these comprehensive summaries of everything from the previous day is mind-blowing. Having said that, though, I am a little concerned. On one of the Torch Talk episodes, everyone was discussing how they were looking forwards to Sunday to be done reporting on the games. So, do the Paralympics just not count, then? Do they not matter? I was hoping that you would continue to cover the Paralympic track and field athletes with just as much depth and dedication as you have been covering the Olympic track and field athletes. Paralympic track and field athletes are athletes competing at the highest level of sport, just as Olympic athletes are. CITIUSMAG has a platform that could be potentially life-changing for some of these paralympians. They have continually been pushed aside, looked down upon, and ignored in favor of the olympics. Treating the Paralympics the same as the Olympics, as they deserve to be, could bring so much awareness and fandom to these athletes who work just as hard, if not harder, and receive barely a fraction of the attention or rewards for everything they have done.
  • kmital
    Thanks :)
    This is the hype our sport deserves! Loving the torch talk series!
  • MB400
    Thank goodness for this pod!
    Really appreciated this pod to keep me up to date on all the ins and outs of track and field in the Tokyo Olympics. I love tack and field but haven’t been able to watch it all so I love hearing the details of what I missed and the analysis of all my favorite events. The mix of personalities of Chris Kyle and Dana is great and their banter sometimes makes me laugh out loud. Thanks Citius Mag!
  • stephapete
    But seriously this platform is doing some seriously great work for track and field fans. I’m so excited for quality content and reporting done by actual fans of the sport. Not only are they superb journalist and host, but their passion for the sport clearly shows! This is how we build the sport, getting to know and invest in the athletes and their stories!
  • RilesSko
    Morning run entertainment
    Just love waking up to new podcasts and listening to the updates and banter! @rilesmiles_
  • maymaymorrison
    I love track and field
    I’m a 46 yr old mama of 4…probably Not your target audience. But guess what - I adore all that you’re doing. I love the insider insight from Kyle & Dana. And love the industry expertise & unparalleled passion from Chris. Keep it up. @marymargaretmorrison
  • halcyonnwar
    Feel like I’m getting insider knowledge
    Truly enjoying listening to this during the Olympics. I’m a trail runner and struggle to follow all the track and field storylines, this podcast helps to learn the storylines, characters and stats. Probably also has made me into a #bigthrowsguy. Just sad I’m not the 1,000th review! @melissagetsoutside
  • Ben noppl
    The whole package!
    Started listening during trials and have loved this podcast! Content is the whole package….some great insider info, perspectives and insights! Torch talk has been awesome! Looking forward to CM being a regular pod listen!
  • rtorbs
    Love listening to the podcast each morning! Thanks for early mornings and late nights! @rachperko
  • Vader Father
    The Best Running Buddy
    The only bummer is they can’t do two-a-days so they can fill in the gap between the morning and afternoon sessions that were going on in the middle of the Olympics. I’ll seriously miss the daily chats after this weekend. Great content and better people from what it seems.@runmike1323
  • erinmp3
    Makes track fun
    This podcast keeps me entertained and has turned me into a true track geek. Chris Chavez is changing the landscape of coverage for the running community. Keep on keeping on! @erinmp3
  • meggiemclean
    You’ll want to be part of their crew after you listen!
    Wish this was review 1000 because of course I want a crew neck but I just couldn’t wait! You know you love the podcast when you hear the theme music in your head and start humming it. Love the content, love the enthusiasm, 10/10 recommend!
    Every single morning you all crushed it with the analysis, the stories and the commentary about Tokyo Olympics T&F; thank you tons and I’ll miss you all as much as I’ll miss watching the all races, the jumps and the throws (I’m a big throws guy now!). Been running for 44 years and love it as much as I did when I started as a 13 year old-you’ve made it so much fun! And go Cole Hocker (same class as my son at Oregon!)! Thanks again and see you at the Prefontaine Meet in 2 weeks!
  • Tucker1111111
    Is this what it feels like to be friends with the pros?
    As a certified big jumps guy I am a huge fan of Torch Talk and what the crew is doing bringing in the insider scoop to the Games. Keep up the hot takes 🌶
  • bravowhiskey23
    I think I’m a #bigthrowsguy now 🤔
    This pod has taught me how to love… track & field.
  • hays66210
    As a former thrower, I love all the throwing talk. Keep it up!
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