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Every week on the Ali on the Run Show, I talk with inspiring people who lead interesting lives on the run and beyond. And while running is what brings us all together, on these episodes, we're digging a little deeper. These conversations are about the decisions people have made to get where they are today, and how getting sweaty has factored in. Whether you’re on the run toward something great or away from something that’s holding you back, join me on this never-ending adventure, and let’s all pick up the pace together.

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  • Rnsteph
    Ali is the best podcast host!
    Ali has this incredible personality that makes every person she interviews so relatable - including herself. This is the one podcast I listen to religiously. Now my next goal is to run a race that she announces at - it’ll be a big fan girl moment 😊. We love you, Ali!
  • BooVT
    Ali has become an unknown best running friend. She has literally made me laugh out loud while running. Love her energy.
  • gal with crohns
    Overall good but
    I like the show however sometimes Interviewing style rubs me the wrong way particularly when Ali recently assumed one woman didn’t have issues with her body image and said “wow so it sounds like you don’t have any body issues”. She also seems to glorify over exercising in her latest episode about recovering from an injury shows her own relationship with exercise may need to be modified as she is a role model for many young women and girls who may also be over exercising.
  • ChristieH_Runs
    Ali is your friend for running and beyond! 🏃‍♀️💕
    I was lucky enough to discover Ali’s podcast early on and have been a consistent listener for years. This will sound cheesy but I truly feel like she’s a friend. Her podcast provides much more than running advice and info. I love her “beyond the run” episodes that dive into mental health and other topics related to running. I listened throughout the early days of the pandemic while running with my daughter in the jogging stroller. I swear Ali’s voice kept me calm and sane! I’ve been running for 15+ years and running friends have come and gone but it’s amazing for feel a part of the Ali On The Run community. THANK YOU Ali for all you do!
    My favorite podcast!
    I just listened to episode 517 and loved it so much! I didn’t expect to relate so much to a comeback from injury but the mental aspect is so relatable! I missed running so much during my pregnancy and have been surprised at how hard it has been to get into it again even though I want to so badly. What you and Carrie talked about really hit home for me. Thanks for sharing your personal experiences as well as all the professional and expert advice. I’ve listened to this podcast consistently for years and Ali is just amazing, this is my favorite podcast 💕
  • Lauren Harnick
    Always look forward to these podcasts!
    These podcasts are amazing! I love running, but I absolutely love the human side of the athletes Ali interviews as well. Her candor, kindness and humor make my week! You can feel the emotion through the podcasts! There is always something learn from all the guests and I look forward listening to them every week! The sponsored products are amazing too! I’m a true Ali groupie!!!
  • Meredith Hensley
    Love this podcast!
    I love listening to Ali on the Run! I’m so thankful I stumbled upon Ali’s podcast. She’s super fun, upbeat and brings on wonderful people. I love being encouraged about all things running and learning about fun, new products, cookbooks, gear, etc. Thank you, Ali, for all that you do!
  • AlyE25
    The best!
    I recently discovered this podcast and I love the variety of athletes, the Olympic behind the scenes info and the excellent content. I listen on my runs and I love love love it!
  • Spunge24
    A wonderfully well rounded show
    Ali is a great interviewer. She makes it sound so easy but as a fellow podcaster it is hard! I learn so much from listening to her episodes and I love that multiple come out a week. Great guests, great topics and it’s always interesting!
  • marathonmom5
    Olympic trials review
    I loved the update of your weekend in Atlanta!! Had a few crying episodes on my long run this morning❤️ Loved Boston recap 2022!!
  • Sephorafan
    💙💛Boston Marathon Recap💙🦄💛
    🦄Loved the Boston Marathon recap💙🦄💛& everything you did all weekend!!!so cool getting an inside peek at such an awesome race!!!(and listened to it using.”Shokz”headphones for the first time. They’re amazing &life-changing!!!)
  • runsongas
    BOSTON recap
    Your happiness is infectious!
  • Jillrunshills
    Alli on the Run gives me all the feels. She keeps me company on so many runs and has me laughing out loud and sometimes crying reflective tears. When I listen I feel a part of a huge running community and love how accessible her guests seem. Die hard fan!
  • becky.derison
    My favorite podcast!
    Been a listener since 2018 and have loved listening to Ali transform into who she is today! I struggle to listen to other running podcasts because I constantly compare them to hers. Her interview style is unmatched and she is so open and honest across all platforms. Highly recommend !
  • Triangelmom
    I’d give Ali on the Run six stars if I could
    I’ve been a regular listener of Ali on the Run for about three and a half years now and whatever I might have missed of her show beforehand, I’m all caught up. Alison Feller is a true professional, asking all of the questions her viewers want to ask while also putting her guests at ease and most oftentimes, leaving us all feeling like we have made a new friend. Whether it’s an on the job profile or she’s interviewing an Olympic marathoner or doing a Love on the run special with professional running couples, Alison brings such realness and authenticity in her interviews that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
  • Swimmer752
    Only Podcast I Subscribe to
    I’m not big on podcasts, but Ali has a way of sucking you and making you crave more! Started listening on my easy runs to help me take them “easy!” And now I listen getting ready in the morning, on lunch break, basically all day, every day. Love the Ali on the Run Show! Now I want to be best friends with Ali and all the runners on the show.
  • Lkwinston
    My fave podcast for running…. And life
    I LOVE this podcast. Ali is incredibly skilled at interviewing. She keeps it fun and interesting with all of her guests. This is my fave podcast for easy runs and long car rides ….. and short car rides. She’s funny and entertaining and I love getting to “know” her and her guests. Thanks Ali!
  • stlrunningmom
    Ali on the Run
    Whether I am running to work or on a long run, I love listening to Ali and the wide variety of running-related guests she is able to interview. From professionals to Peloton instructors to everyday runners doing amazing things, I am always left inspiring, laughing and wanting to go for a run.
  • J LaForce
    The best!
    So much to love about Ali! She gets the best guests with the most interesting and inspiring stories and I always leave a podcast encouraged and filled up. I save the ones I am really looking forward to for the earliest morning run wake ups. Never fails to get me out of bed!
  • akwjwvskhsgbsk
    I can’t listen to other podcasts now…
    …without comparing them to Ali’s and how good this is! She has a natural ability to make each interview sound conversational, interesting, and mostly up-beat. I’ve learned about more pro and non-pro runners and been inspired by their stories than in any other running podcast I’ve listened to. To sum it up- content can’t be beat and Ali is brilliant.
  • Baj1460193
    My favorite
    This is by far my favorite podcast…such interesting guests and Ali is such an excellent interviewer who spreads positively even when tackling difficult subjects.
  • Awesome12345689183
    One of the best running podcast
    Loved to listen to Ali on the run while on my run. Ali has so many different runners that are so inspirational and real. It’s every type of runner from elite to everyday runner which makes the show relatable
  • okayrunner
    Great podcast for all
    Whether you’re a runner or not, Ali on the Run show is always a great listen! Ali makes each podcast relatable and fun. My runs are always more enjoyable when I listen to this podcast. Thanks Ali!
  • Hollie on the run
    Everything you could want on the pod (and the run!)
    Ali on the Run has quickly become my favorite podcast! Ali has created the perfect mix of casual conversation, inspiring stories, and heartfelt moments. I’ve laughed and I’ve cried and I’ve learned so much - from the everyday runner and on the job series, to conversations with elite athletes - Ali does it all and is such a joy to listen to.
  • Adams6311
    I listen on every single run!
    I was never really much of a podcast listener until I started listening to this one. Now, it’s my go-to for every run. Ali is an amazing interviewer. She asks great questions and knows how to get people to open up. I’ve learned so much about the world of professional running, and heard from so many inspiring, strong people who I would not have been introduced to if not for Ali’s show.
  • Fluegeka
    Easy, enjoyable, knowledgeable
    The Ali On the Run podcast is wonderfully put together. You can truly tell how much passion and kindness Ali has for EVERYONE in the running community. Her shows are easy to listen to, you get absorbed into everyone’s story, and you learn to appreciate all the levels of runners out there.
  • julB6
    The sunshiniest podcast
    I found Ali On The Run by accident - was looking for a podcast with Josette Norris in it and stumbled upon this one. I subscribed right away and I am in love - I just got back into running after a long long break and it has reinspired and remotivated me. Ali knows all the right questions to ask her guests to truly get to know them. Love it! Keep going!
  • Emmirules
    It’s like running with your BFF
    Love Ali On The Run! Ali is as genuine as they come and you can tell in her interviews. I have learned so much about the sport from her podcast. I look forward to episodes every week! Thank you Ali for all you do for the running community
  • SAHMLaura
    Love it!
    This show is so fun. I learn a lot and am always so inspired to run by listening to it.
  • tennisck
    My favorite podcast!!
    I save my Ali on the Run episodes for days when I am going out running. I have missed running with friends during the pandemic and I love having Ali keep me company on my runs and hearing from a wide variety of pro and everyday runners! There’s a great mix of talking about running and other things in life to keep it interesting!
  • S. Caitlin
    Always makes my day better!!
    Listening to Ali on the Run always makes my day better!
  • Kristin McW
    Awesome podcast! Ali is genuine, positive and creative! She gets the best guests and I love hearing the professional running interviews.
  • KAMrunn
    Love this podcast!
    Love Ali’s energy and authenticity:) Her positivity is contagious, and I always look forward to listening! As someone who struggles with their mental health, I also am really loving the new Beyond the Run series! I think it’s important for all runners to talk about and address the mental side of the sport as well as the physical. Thanks for all you do Ali!
    Every day runners!!
    Love all the variety of interviews you do! I’m inspired by the elite athletes, but also LOVE to feel like I can relate and see myself in the every day runners you interview!! So special!!
  • AKRunner.LEA
    Love your show with Betty!
    She’s such an inspiration! Love her energy and focus!
  • BenRunning
    Awesome show!
    The show is so upbeat and relatable! It’s awesome learning about the guests and Ali! Keep up the great work!
  • Schmid b a c
    I can honestly say this podcast has gotten me through Boston marathon training this year. But Ali’s podcast is great for beginner runners, casual runners, and competitive runners. I can’t think of another podcast that is so well rounded and enjoyable, but also teaches you life lessons from the joys and pains of running.
  • MaiaDD
    I started listening to this podcast in earnest when attempting to return to running after an injury. I was extremely out of shape, running was difficult, progress was slow, and the whole process was frankly boring! Ali’s podcast is not only extremely entertaining and made the miles fly by but most importantly, it captures the essence of the running community and reminded me of how much I treasure being a part of it all! It’s the most motivating material I’ve listened to! Go Ali!
  • weston walker
    Love it!!
    Ali’s podcast is a wonderful asset to the running community!! I look forward to each episode and she’s very real and personable!!
  • H Fillipo
    Ali’s positive energy and outlook are contagious and inspiring. Her conversations with both professional and every day runners bring me joy and motivation every week (or even more often when I’m lucky!).
  • theyankeeswin25
    Not Ali’s typical demo but I like it
    As a 50+ male, I don't fall into Ali’s usual demographic but having listened to 5-6 episodes so far I find her conversational and light-hearted style an appealing listen. The episode with Dr Ian Nurse and Emily Saul was eye opening and impactful to hear the connection between mental and physical health. Ali’s chat with Michelle Wolf was a gem to listen to as well. The breadth of guests is appealing and I will continue to hand pick episodes to listen in on.
  • Laini2333
    Ali is authentic
    Ali is such a gem. Yes, she has great people on her show, but she is the reason I’m loyal to this podcast. I love love love listening because I feel like she’s my friend.
  • katekloss
    Awesome interviews
    Ali is such an authentic interviewer. Ali’s energy is contagious and I love tuning in during my runs! I feel inspired in different ways with each guest!
  • Bri Hutchison
    Simply the Best
    I listen to a lot of running related podcasts, and this one truly brings me joy every single week. I feel like I have learned so much about so many parts of the running world through this show. Thank you, Ali, for making my solo runs feel less lonely, and for all the joy you bring to this space!
  • alyssa_f7
    Lovely podcast and great interviews
    I look forward to listening to this podcast every week. The best guests and wonderful interviews. Thank you, Ali!
  • EndurancegirlCO
    Best Running Podcast Out There
    This has been my favorite running podcast (and honestly my all-time favorite podcast) for the past few years. Ali is such a positive spirit and she brings such a wide variety of guests and perspectives, and she is just one of those people that will make you feel like you’re best friends even though you’ve never met. I look forward to each new episode and love hearing stories from the elites to the everyday runner, and everyone in between. The series she comes out with are fantastic too! I also appreciate her continuous approach to diversifying her guests and being open & honest about her journey in the DEI space. If you need a pick-me-up, the Ali on the Run Show won’t disappoint!
  • Jenna_L
    This show made me fall back in love with running
    Thank you Ali, for your positive attitude, self-deprecating humor, pointed questions, entertaining but short advertisements, and ability to connect with your guests and audience. This review is long overdue and you deserve all the stars in the world. Keep up the great work!!!
  • imabookgirl
    Love this!
    This podcast has been a lifesaver! It’s super positive but honest. Listening to tough and courageous women (mostly, plus a few men) talking about doing hard things in a really helpful, realistic way is so life giving. Highly recommend, even if you’re not a running nerd.
  • t-hamster
    AMAZING podcast
    I absolutely LOVE this podcast. Normally I get bored with the same podcast show after awhile, but not with this one! There’s so many different series (on the job, everyday runners, love on the run, etc). Plus, Ali asks great questions and has such a good sense of humor! It’s a great mix of entertainment, education, and different perspectives!
  • TiffKar
    Loving Love on the Run Week!
    Love on the run week has been so fun, creative, refreshing! Thanks for changing it up and putting the extra episodes out. You’re a light in my week!
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