Drinking From the Toilet: Real dogs, Real training


A behind-the-scenes look into the reality of dog training, behavior, teaching, and learning. We love our dogs, we love our jobs, but sometimes it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just need a drink and friend who gets it. We'll keep it fun, and keep it real.

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  • Alicia Sweezer
    Amazing Podcast!
    Hannah does a great job of talking about a variety of topics to help dog lovers. I learned a lot in the episode with Jennifer Shryock.
  • Filly Bu$ter
    Frustrating to listen to
    This is could be a good podcast if the host would stop rambling on & on and not ever letting her guests speak. Learn to self edit.
  • StoneDog Designs
    LOVE this podcast!! It’s PAWSOME!!
    Hannah is smart funny and very relatable. Started with her first show and I am working my way through them ALL. Taking notes along the way as I continue to grow as a trainer. So much to learn and so little time but Hannah explains many possible difficult concepts so very well.
  • Emptykitchen
    Great Info!
    I’m a pet dog mom who has never really had a lot of success in dog training and never liked trainers that teach with corrections! I’m learning so much here!
  • Yarnho2
    Brain ache!
    Thank you, Hannah, for making my brain hurt( in a good way)! You are a wonderful speaker and I love the way you analyze behavior and training techniques! You really make me think, and I wish I had started your podcast earlier! Keep up the excellent content! Krishna
  • Anne1492
    Great podcast
    I love how well Hannah translates the science of animal behavior in ways I can understand. Hers was the first dog training podcast I started when we got our pandemic rescue and I still follow most of her episodes even though I am not a trainer or even that much of a dog person. If I followed her advice our dog would be easier to handle but he’d be so much harder without it!
  • Sunny Cheyenne
    Phenomenal Podcast
    I have quickly become obsessed with Hannah’s pod. She offers practical, applicable training advice with clear, bite sized examples. With a long commute every day, I love the length of the episodes and the variation between guest interviews and Hannah’s teaching. The perfect dog training podcast!
  • Tree6877
    Introductions are too long.
    Nearly an hour podcast? This is like listening to a seminar with no visual aids. Cut these into multiple episodes. Your introductions are too long. If it took you 10 minutes to say who is on here and what you’re gonna talk about I’m afraid to listen to more. You’ve clearly done research on how DOGS learn but consider how PEOPLE do. We are absorbing info through only one sense hearing. Even dogs don’t absorb sound information. Please reconsider. I’m certain you have valuable info but I can’t even absorb it. You’re losing listeners as a result. I don’t doubt that your 4.9 rating is because people who CAN absorb are getting good info but consider how many you don’t even reach. This may be ok with you but I think your podcast would likely be even more successful if it had a broader reach and trust me, shorten it and get to the point.
  • RHRIVER555
    Great podcast
    Thank you so much for answering my question it helped a lot they are getting along really good. Just wanted to ask I think they’re just playing but can they get too rough while they’re playing like is there a certain point when I should stop
  • Tim_in_CA
    Consistently good!
    I listen to a lot of podcasts about animal behavior. Hannah does a great job of breaking things down into understandable language for newer trainers. She also presents great new ideas based on solid "basics" so that trainers can immediately apply what she's described. This is a fun, insightful, and very practical podcast that all dog trainers should be listening to.
  • ContagiousSwag
    Could listen to Hannah speak forever
    Everytime I listen to this podcast I learn a LOT about dog training, I discover things about life and behavior, and I laugh out loud in public with headphones on (I need to work on that behavior). Thanks for keeping it real Hannah <3
  • Lorissa L
    I’m listening to episode #169 and was enjoying the episode. Until about halfway through. Then you both started laughing about other dogs exhibiting undesirable behavior on walks. And how you both would put books in your neighbors mailboxes so THEY could do better to make YOUR walks nicer. And as a dog mom whose fur baby has a less than ideal puppyhood, and has pulled and whined on walks in our neighborhood. Our neighbors have made it clear they do not like my dog. We’ve been in contact with a trainer for almost the entire time we’ve had him in our family. He’s grown so much and we’re constantly working on skills. So maybe when you’re talking, think twice.
  • Warriors super edition
    A missing piece!
    My new favorite podcast in all the world! I've been a veterinarian for almost 30 years, and have trained/managed my own family dogs for way longer. But I've only recently started nerding out, as I work with the first "my dog" of my lifetime--a raucous joyful handful of an adolescent Irish Setter. I've been consuming pods and books and classes like a fiend, but in this podcast, and in Hannah's voice and wisdom and humor, I feel like I've found one of my missing pieces. I'm learning a ton and maybe laughing way too much at her little asides. Going through the back catalog now, dreading the moment I've caught up. This one goes to 11!
  • GWP Guy
    A Truly Great Podcast
    I’m an amateur gun dog trainer and over the past few years I’ve been looking for opportunities to learn more about positive reinforcement methods that I can apply. This podcast has been a major breakthrough for me and it exceeds all expectations. I’ve learned tons directly from the podcast (Hannah is a great host - working to break things down into bite size and memorable pieces that can be applied every day). The podcast has also helped me connect with so many other great resources through her guests. All that and I’m only just listening to podcasts from 2020, as I’ve gone back and started listening from the beginning! Thank you Hannah!
  • DeaneBeanGardenKwing
    Love this podcast
    Listening is fun and informative. Hannah is an entertaining host with a wealth of knowledge. I find it accessible as someone relatively new to the training world. My dogs have certainly benefited from the information I’ve learned here.
  • LouiseSh87
    Just brilliant
    The best dog training podcast out there (trust me I’ve listened to a lot of them)! Practical and insightful.
  • StacyBS
    Nerdy joy!
    If you’re a dog-training nerd and want to geek out deeply in the company of other training nerds, this is the podcast for you! If you’re a sports dog trainer, a professional behavior modification specialist, or just a pet owner wanting to dig deep on behavior dive in!
  • Treatladyrva
    Favorite podcast
    I’ve learned so much just by listening to this podcast. Thank you Hannah for sharing your knowledge and expertise!
  • Mdh224
    Love it!
    Man. The one about being in a training funk hit me in the feels! Thanks for the help!
  • Rosie the Kelpie with Bacon
    Great Podcast for Dog Training Nerds
    This is a phenomenal podcast. Both in quality of content and quality of production. The content is second to none as Hannah Branigan is an absolute expert in the field of positive dog training. She knows this stuff inside, outside, upside down. She has a range of expereince in everything from big dogs to small dogs and everythign from "my dog won't stop jumping on me" to upper level agility and obedience. The quality of the podcast is exceptional. Great audio. Great production. Just wonderful. For those of us listening with small children, I was concerned with the "parent advisory" label on the podcast. I'm over that now. I've listened to hours and hours of this podcast and the most "parent advisory" thing that ever happens is an occasional swear word. No big deal. Nothing that bothers me if the kids hear it occasionally. I've used things I've learned in this podcast in working with my dog, my children, and our livestock and can 100% reccomend. I've also bought her book- Awesome Obedence and her buddies's book - Agility Right from the Start. Both books are top notch. Just like this podcast. You can't go wrong. Happy Listening!
  • TrainingGeek
    #141 with Marsha
    Enjoyed so much. Marsha Penner is a great pick and hope she will do a ‘sequel’ and a third… I am on 2nd listen and looking up various studies & concepts-so much to think about. She also has great looking website. Thanks for introducing her to audience. Love all your podcasts and content Hannah. Thanks for doing all you do and being YOU!
  • paulasdogs
    I really learned a lot about CAT. I use it a lot in my business. It’s all about choices, safety and respect. I have found that teaching my clients that dogs are just like us, helps them get a real clear picture into their dogs emotions. I always use the “going to a party and everyone is a stranger.” analogy. I ask clients, how do you feel and what is your reactions? I think empathy for the dog is crucial. I really love your podcast Hannah, Thank you for giving me another opportunity to learn while driving. 😀 Paula Shimko KPACTP
  • amswiss
    behavioral euthanasia
    This podcast is a gem! Question: During the podcast with Dr. Pachel you don’t discuss the bigger picture. Every day, so many healthy, go lucky dogs are euthanized while we pour all resources into one dog. The case of the dog who’s on medication cocktail #8, must wear a muzzle constantly, and is confined to his home, makes me doubt about his and the human’s life quality. Plus management always fails. As a professional dog trainer, I struggle so much with this. I look at the animal and human in front of me and see the suffering, yet I also see the love and bond they share. I have had cases where speaking about how many dogs need a loving home, and by setting their heart dog free they will ‘save’ one more animal, has helped with the decision. Could you address this in a part 2?
  • Ffhxjzgdnfhvvvdfcciuddsjcu
    A revelation
    Thank you, thank you for this pod!!! I have border collies and you are spot on with your info, experience, humor and encouragement. Keep up the great work!!!!!
  • Zman131313
    The best science-based dog training podcast I’ve ever heard
    Hannah and her unbridled wit provide awesome insight into the world of dog trainers. So many great tips, and awesome guests. Whether you’re a dog training amateur, intermediate or professional, this is essential.
  • Myacsm
    Great content, professional, enjoyable and reliable
    If you’re looking for the best, you’ve found it here.
  • Cpm815
    A Gifted Podcaster With Great Content
    Hannah has “it” — the rare combination of insight, wisdom, humor .. all with a “just right” energy! This is one of my favorite podcasts (not just for dogs but overall). Keep up the great work, Hannah 🤙🏼
  • Claudia Barbuto
    Fantastic dog training podcast!
    This is one of the best dog training podcasts ever! It is perfect for dog trainers and dog enthusiasts. Hannah mixes it up between both instructional and conversational podcasts, which keeps things interesting. She researches her topics and is easy to listen to and follow. She gets me thinking and I love that!
  • batesnpenny
    Education and entertainment
    Nerdy enough that I learn tons and every episode gets me thinking and reflecting, yet also fun enough that I often laugh out loud while listening. Highly recommend!
  • Ginny Thompson
    Clear science AND plenty of laughs!
    As a trainer, DFTF is my favorite dog training podcast for several reasons. Hannah has a unique way of explaining challenging concepts both clearly and with humor as well as adding in useful analogies. She lets each of us professionals off the proverbial perfectionist hook by regularly highlighting her own mistakes and misconceptions. I honestly got a bit teary eyed with gratitude once when listening to an episode after a challenging lesson resulted in thinking I should toss in the towel. Instead, I was able to get out of that negative thought spiral and remember how to pick myself up and move forward. But overall, the clear science (mixed with layers of complexity as there should be!), the fantastic guests, great topic choices and Hannah’s funny but approachable personality have made this podcast a staple in my library.
  • BerkeleyGirl527
    Great podcast
    I found this podcast by way of social media and I have been recommending constantly. It’s a great, accessible podcast whether you are a seasoned handler or getting into pet ownership. I’m really enjoying these, please keep producing them!
  • Cassie from Clickstart
    Just perfect
    Hannah never does anything halfway. Every episode, guest, and topic is addressed with great care. As a trainer, I greatly appreciate this high quality (
  • amzimme
    So Helpful
    This is the dog training and behavior podcast every dog owner needs
  • ladyyas123
    Smart, funny, educational!
    I am not a dog trainer, but am very interested in learning about how to have the best relationship with my dog. Hannah is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I’m thoroughly enjoying this podcast!
  • TDuren
    I love everything about Hannah’s podcasts! From her humor and enthusiasm to her truthfulness and practicality, the podcast is both informative and entertaining.
  • Lynnemd
    Thank You!
    I just picked up my new German Shepherd puppy in early April. I appreciate the ideas for getting her used to her new big world while also coping with the pandemic. The establishment now of a model of our future routine, the importance of her having some “alone time” and the importance of being comfortable at the veterinarians office were all great tips. Many thanks.
  • Busydoc78
    New puppy
    I got a new puppy right before quarantine. This post cast has been a great resource for me. My beloved pup of 15 years passed away last spring so it’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy. I loved the podcast series about loose leash walking. My 12 week puppy is doing great with it!
    Great presentation, fun listening and super learning
    I have really enjoyed listening and learning about positive reinforcement and how to apply it. I’ve been a volunteer trainer for several years and was getting stuck and not understanding what went wrong. Your podcasts have really opened my eyes and I am sharing what I have learned with my fellow volunteer trainers and pointing them to your podcasts. Thanks and keep up the good work 👍🏻
  • jclemen1
    I have been listening to this podcast for he last three years. At first, because I was new to this type of training, I had to listen to some of the podcasts over and over and discuss them with my colleagues. But the more I listened, thought and shared, and applied the easier it became. You have helped me, my colleagues, and my dogs in more ways than I can express. I also think that your book is great, and though I don’t compete I do use many things out of your book to help my charges. I am very much looking forward to seeing you at Clicker Expo in Louisville KY (hopefully it will still be on next week)
  • Dell age
    O. M. Gosh! Awesome!
    This podcast is super funny. Super informative and just plain SUPER! I am very motivated to work with my k9 athletes and attempt all the things I learn from these amazing humans and their dogs.
  • Rachel Lees
    Fantastic Podcast 💕
    Hannah is beyond relatable! This podcast gives me insight and ideas for training and everyday life! Keep up the AMAZING work Hannah!
  • aja k9
    Just waiting on your next episode. Love listening to you I have learned a lot. Thanks
  • Channel Ten Zen
    My dog-training friend recommended this podcast to me. Thank you for helping me and my pup bond and communicate with each other
  • C.K.Hoxter
    A Must Listen To!
    Are you curious about dog training? I am! I started listening to Hannah’s podcast about a year ago when I adopted my first dog and knew nothing about positive training. I’d only ever heard of traditional training and didn’t want to do that to my dog. Hannah makes the science accessible. She has helped me understand confusing concepts and shaped my training with my pup. She also has introduced me to so many new concepts via her guests. This podcast is a “Must Listen To” for me and I look forward to every new episode!
  • christa Daley
    Feels like talking shop with your girlfriend.
    I love this podcast. My absolute favorite dog training info, resource, rambling about my favorite subject. She's so real and smart but it's not stuffy, it's funny without being annoying to listen to other people laugh. I love her voice,she's so easy to understand and great audio quality. I listen and drink my wine before bed after a long day of dog training.
  • K9 Kim
    Podcast passion
    Love your passion for training; it clearly shines through! I have learned so much through your podcasts; they motivate me to further research the concepts you address. I am happy to recommend you to fellow trainers, on the APDT member site, and on R+ FB pages. Best of luck with the book; please do a seminar in South Florida (maybe this winter? Lotsa sunshine and warmth here in January.... ;} ) Kim Geisert Director of Day Training dynamitedogtraining.com Delray Beach, FL
  • IsabeauZS
    Thank you!
    I train horses, but your info is very useful as overall training education. I found my way to you from Equiosity podcast.
  • Starnostar52
    Awesome dog training podcast!
    Perfect podcast for dog trainers and behavior nerds. I stated training as a zookeeper but have recently transitioned into dog training and I learn something new every time I listen. Thanks!
  • erynnmurphy
    This podcast is EXACTLY what I have been looking for
    I discovered this podcast after purchasing Hannah’s book “Awesome Obedience” and I absolutely love it. Hannah does such a great job exploring topics that surround clicker training/R+ methods that every trainer finds themselves thinking about, and puts them into a very practical perspective. I am only 10 episodes in an have already found myself gaining a new understanding of some of the very “basic” principles that I have learned on my journey thus far. I SO wish that I had been a listener prior to my KPA professional program, I know that the new perspectives that I will acquire through this podcast would have been very valuable background as a KPA student. Thanks for putting out great content!!
  • Lullery
    Love love love
    I love this podcast! She’s so smart but not snobby, and a REAL PERSON which I love. Love her sense of humor, and full of great info! I recently got a course on pet nutrition and although they are smart, the delivery is boring/snotty. I love learning from real people who can act authentic, which is exactly what Hannah is! Reinforcing her to create more episodes w 5 stars :) lolz
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