Drinking From the Toilet: Real dogs, Real training


A behind-the-scenes look into the reality of dog training, behavior, teaching, and learning. We love our dogs, we love our jobs, but sometimes it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes at the end of the day, you just need a drink and friend who gets it. We'll keep it fun, and keep it real.

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  • Rachel Lees
    Fantastic Podcast 💕
    Hannah is beyond relatable! This podcast gives me insight and ideas for training and everyday life! Keep up the AMAZING work Hannah!
  • aja k9
    Just waiting on your next episode. Love listening to you I have learned a lot. Thanks
  • Channel Ten Zen
    My dog-training friend recommended this podcast to me. Thank you for helping me and my pup bond and communicate with each other
  • C.K.Hoxter
    A Must Listen To!
    Are you curious about dog training? I am! I started listening to Hannah’s podcast about a year ago when I adopted my first dog and knew nothing about positive training. I’d only ever heard of traditional training and didn’t want to do that to my dog. Hannah makes the science accessible. She has helped me understand confusing concepts and shaped my training with my pup. She also has introduced me to so many new concepts via her guests. This podcast is a “Must Listen To” for me and I look forward to every new episode!
  • christa Daley
    Feels like talking shop with your girlfriend.
    I love this podcast. My absolute favorite dog training info, resource, rambling about my favorite subject. She's so real and smart but it's not stuffy, it's funny without being annoying to listen to other people laugh. I love her voice,she's so easy to understand and great audio quality. I listen and drink my wine before bed after a long day of dog training.
  • K9 Kim
    Podcast passion
    Love your passion for training; it clearly shines through! I have learned so much through your podcasts; they motivate me to further research the concepts you address. I am happy to recommend you to fellow trainers, on the APDT member site, and on R+ FB pages. Best of luck with the book; please do a seminar in South Florida (maybe this winter? Lotsa sunshine and warmth here in January.... ;} ) Kim Geisert Director of Day Training dynamitedogtraining.com Delray Beach, FL
  • IsabeauZS
    Thank you!
    I train horses, but your info is very useful as overall training education. I found my way to you from Equiosity podcast.
  • Starnostar52
    Awesome dog training podcast!
    Perfect podcast for dog trainers and behavior nerds. I stated training as a zookeeper but have recently transitioned into dog training and I learn something new every time I listen. Thanks!
  • erynnmurphy
    This podcast is EXACTLY what I have been looking for
    I discovered this podcast after purchasing Hannah’s book “Awesome Obedience” and I absolutely love it. Hannah does such a great job exploring topics that surround clicker training/R+ methods that every trainer finds themselves thinking about, and puts them into a very practical perspective. I am only 10 episodes in an have already found myself gaining a new understanding of some of the very “basic” principles that I have learned on my journey thus far. I SO wish that I had been a listener prior to my KPA professional program, I know that the new perspectives that I will acquire through this podcast would have been very valuable background as a KPA student. Thanks for putting out great content!!
  • Lullery
    Love love love
    I love this podcast! She’s so smart but not snobby, and a REAL PERSON which I love. Love her sense of humor, and full of great info! I recently got a course on pet nutrition and although they are smart, the delivery is boring/snotty. I love learning from real people who can act authentic, which is exactly what Hannah is! Reinforcing her to create more episodes w 5 stars :) lolz
  • Emachac416
    High-Value Reinforcer for Training Geeks
    You'll laugh, you'll be inspired, you'll gain new perspectives, and you'll become a better trainer! Hannah's podcast brings everything a behavior geek could want: thought-provoking ideas, entertainment, heckin' realness, relatability, loads of diverse and science-based perspectives, and a good variety of geeky training topics. It's like having another behavior geek friend in the car with you! I have a positive CER to getting into my car for appointments since I started listening to this on my drives to my clients' homes. Hannah's (and her guests') ideas are so often immediately applicable to your own training. I learn something awesome and useful from every. single. episode. (I have a Masters degree in Clinical Animal Behavior plus other training quals, started as an amateur 20 years ago and went professional 12 years ago, if that helps you gauge how much ANYONE has to gain from listening.) Do yourself and your dogs (and your clients) a favor, and check out Drinking From the Toilet!
  • vickie and auggie
    So much great education!
    So much great information- thank you! Being so new to dog training much of the information is beyond my comprehension but I am working hard to understand more all the time - and the podcasts help so much! The Awesome Obedience book offers a clear, methodical training plan that I am taking my time with. The education you have given me access to is great and I always appreciate your encouragement and positive, realistic approach to both dog training and how it fits in our busy, demanding lives. I am now a dedicated fan! Thanks!
  • hallie.beth
    Great podcast for dog trainers!
    I enjoy listening to Hannah’s podcast so much! The topics she covers are relevant and she keeps the information clear. The different guests have been engaging and entertaining as well. Highly recommend to anyone interested in dog training and animal behavior.
  • Happy it's above freezing!
    Dog geeks beware!
    If you’re not looking for your next podcast addiction, don’t start listening 😉 Hannah is informative, funny, and down to earth. Even when she and her guests dive deep into things I never even pondered, I come away learning something new.
  • LittleLilah
    AMAZING podcast for behavior nerds!!
    I can’t get enough of this podcast! Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t hear about it sooner because now I can binge-listen to half a dozen episodes a day! Thank you Hannah for making a place where behavior nerds can nerd out together, because I am pretty sure all the other people in my life are sick of hearing me toss technical terms like “rate of reinforcement” into every day conversations 😂
  • Lbxs
    Thank you!
    Love listening to your podcasts! Some are challenging and all add to my knowledge base. Look forward to each episode. Lisa Smith
  • Mirandahc
    ABA nerd falling in love with dog training all over again
    I recently happened upon Hannah’s podcast right before getting our newest puppy. As a dog trainer and BCBA, I know what I’m doing with other people’s dogs, but I am of course panicking about ruining my own puppy. Hannah is so reassuring, and once I got through all of the puppy episodes, I have been soaking up everything else I can find. I love the balance of behavior nerdiness with real life talk - and the care and accuracy of the language used. I am feeling confident, learning so much, and recommending many episodes to my grad students too!
  • Incredible Canines
    Greatest. Geekery. Ever.
    I love this podcast! I saw Hannah at Clicker Expo in Portland. I wasn’t aware of her podcast and went immediately home and subscribed. Thank you so much for what you do. I learn so many awesome things from your podcasts and I use them with my clients ( and they think I’m way cooler than I really am). I work as an Atlas Assistance Dog trainer and I pick up so many tips and tricks and tools from your show. Please keep making them! Cindy Wilmot Incredible Canines LLC
  • Goodbeats
    I have been a Certified Professional Dog Trainer for about two years and I am always searching for opportunities to learn and build my training skills. This podcast allows me to do just that. Great information/ interviews and gives me peace of mind that I’m not doing everything wrong. Thank you Hannah, hope to meet you at clicker expo in 2020. #newpuppyowner
  • Nisa 🌞
    An absolute favorite
    By far my favorite dog training podcast! It’s accompanied me on many a drive to and from events and makes time fly. Hannah is absolutely wonderful and I’m always looking forward to the next episode.
  • 10017nyc
    I love this podcast
    When I’m not working with dogs I’m driving all over Northern Virginia doing my other job. Hannah’s podcasts make my time in the car fly. But my time in the parking lot, not wanting to leave the podcast, has grown. They are amusing, informational, and often international. I love Hannah’s energy. She’s really an inspiration. Kim Alexandria Va
  • ChristiAshelle
    My favorite podcast
    I absolutely love Hannah’s podcast because it absolutely fulfills my behavior/training nerd needs. I have not found another dog/animal training podcast that has the depth and range of topics and concepts. For the average pet dog owner, this may be way too in depth to retain interest long term, but for fellow training nerds or professional trainers I could not recommend this podcast highly enough. Thanks Hannah for feeding my life long learning soul! I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet you in person!
  • The best positive dog training
    SUCH a good podcast!
    This is suuuch a good podcast! Hannah is incredibly knowledgeable and thoughtful. One thing I REALLY appreciate is how interesting and insightful her episodes are. Once you listened to a few dog podcasts, it becomes a bit repetative, and everyone starts to say the same thing. But I can completely honstly say I've learned something new from every episode I've listened to. Please keep producing awesome content! I get really excited for every episode :).
  • Claudia Barbuto
    This podcast is just right for dog trainers as well as experienced pet dog owners. The topics are current and discussed at the right level. Hannah goes deep, but not too deep. This is one of the best dog training podcasts!
  • BittyQ
    Everything I want in a Podcast!
    I halfheartedly searched around for podcasts related to dog training, found a few that I would listen to once or twice then sort of forget about. DFTT is everything I ever wanted in a podcast and more - I frequently think of episodes I’ve heard as I’m working with animals, it’s fun and engaging, it makes me want to turn my non dog training friends into people who think about behavior so they can listen to the podcast with me. I love that Hannah takes the time to “unpack” and clearly define every term she uses. Keep the episodes coming Hannah! I’m looking for more podcast stations to listen to, because you’ve converted me to a listener, but I’m having a hard time finding any that hold my attention as well as yours does!
  • Julie Rutter
    Has it all!
    Content, presentation and voice all excellent! Thanks Hannah!
  • noblenewf
    Smart & Funny!
    This is the first podcast series I’ve found that is dangerously addictive for me. Hannah is irreverent, clever & knowledgeable about positive dog training techniques. Made me dust off my clicker!
  • Kiko's Owner
    best dog training podcast
    This is a great dog training and behavior podcast - I love how Hannah breaks down behavior and training concepts and explains the intricate details of positive reinforcement training. If you just finished reading "Don't Shoot the Dog" by Karen Pryor, start with the Drinking From the Toilet podcast! She also keeps the episodes fun and light, and brings in a lot of guests.
  • sailportunus
    DFTT is Fabulous!
    So, I am late to this train but I am binge listening, laughing, nodding, replaying, and feel like I have a new training buddy! Hannah has a great mix of technical expertise, real life experience, and humor! Non-judgemental, and encouraging, funny and inspiring. Completely recommend!
  • BanditsFriend
    Delightful, refreshing podcast
    Updated: Outstanding deep dives into dog/animal/human training. I've already saved 9 of the episodes to return to later for deep-dives. Thank you, thank you! And I just ordered your book.
  • Learning Lots
    Training Inspiration
    I’m totally addicted to Hannah’s podcast! Full of fantastic training and love her sense of humor! She inspires me to get out there and train!
  • irkenequine
    Wonderfully dense, engaging, and funny
    If you’re looking to satiate your love of nerdy dog training nuances, this is it. Drinking From the Toilet imbibes you with the enthusiasm to really re-evaluate your understanding of human/dog psychology. The content is wonderfully dense and isn’t for casual listening - but guarantees that you’ll be scrambling for a pen to write down an “aha!” phrase that will stick with you into your next training session. Bonus: Hannah manages to keep the material approachable and motivating, with some laughs in between. The pinnacle of quality dog training podcasts!
  • trishiriye
    Great dog training podcast
    Love this show! Something for everyone! Behavior, training, laughs and puns!
  • enmonjea
    Great listen!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful podcast Hannah! You’ve really helped me elevate my training to a whole other level!
  • 2Basenjis&Toller
    It has all the geekiness, fun and super awesome dog training/behavior discussions you would ever want. Always learn something super helpful each time.
  • Mtngewrl
    Love it!!
    This is a great podcast. I learn a little something with each episode.
  • hal319
    Fantastic podcasts
    Learning so much while walking my clients. Thank you for easy to listen and motivating podcasts.
  • robi5671
    Great for horse trainers too!
    I am new to taking my business on to social media but I’ve recently started to keep up with other trainers I hope to emulate. I do train dogs but I’m at primarily a horse trainer and found this podcast incredibly helpful for both. Thanks!
  • Dmocon
    Chirag Patel
    Minding expanding podcast! Loved every minute of it - learned so much, as I do from all your podcasts. Thank you for providing us with this insight and ability to learn from the best!
  • khilmert
    Great information in a fun format
    Thank you Hannah and all her guests for sharing their knowledge. So much good stuff . I appreciate the variety of topics covered and the humor that is weaves throughout the podcasts.
  • Kb11354
    Love this podcast!
    I love this podcast. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, so I love nerding out over human behavior. This podcast is a great animal behavior parallel, and I have been able to apply what I have learned to my dog. Plus, Hannah is funny to boot!
  • Kim and Rafe
    Send me to rehab...
    HELP! Send me to rehab! I am addicted to Drinking From The Toilet. (Just think what my non-dog human friends would think if they heard me say that...!!) I cannot wait to get my "fix" and almost drool with excitement when I see the announcement that a new podcast episode is available. Well done, Hannah, well done!!!
  • MatthewC603
    Great advice grounded in solid behavioral science!
    I recently found out about DFTT and have really enjoyed learning from Hannah's vast experience. As a BCBA, I know that the principles she is talking about is grounded in decades of behaivoral science, which is a breath of fresh air when considering that some dog trainers still use punishment based techniques. I will definately apply what I have learned from this fantastic podcast! Matt Cicoria, The Behavioral Observations Podcast
  • Saffstar
    Informative and fun!
    I recently started listening to this podcast. Hannah, I love your humor and attitude. Each episode has given me something to think about, often quite a few things! I have had to turn it off at least once so I could concentrate on traffic instead of starting a whole new training plan in my head. This podcast is reinforcement for my commute!
  • Griffin1470
    Dog Geeks Unite
    I love that Hannah caters dog geeks everywhere! Her show is educational, funny, and thoroughly entertaining. Geek on!
  • TibbsNan
    Love your energy!
    While some of the issues covered in your podcasts are over my head- I really enjoy listening. Great energy!
  • Reuben T. Dog
    Amazing Training Podcast
    I can't even begin to express what a fantastic resource this is for dog trainers! Whether you're just getting started or have been doing it for a while, these episodes are full of great information. Even with topics you feel like you hear about in the dog training community over and over and over again - Hannah has a way of discussing them in her podcast that make it feel new, interesting, easy to understand and fun to listen to. I'm so gald somebody recommended this podcast to me. Truly Awesome!
  • FuzzyLogicRVA
    A must listen for any dog trainer
    So much good information here and so well presented! Perfect for any behavior nerd, whether professional or not. Thank you Hannah!
  • Leslie Kupkowski
    Hannah is da bomb!
    I have loved Hannah Branigan from the moment I saw her with Rugby in an elevator at Clicker Expo! I was a complete newbie to dogs and dog training, and had no idea who she was (thought she was an attendee like I was), but she gave me the warmest smile in that elevator. I was feeling lost, and that smile was like a hug for me. THEN I discover not only who she is, but what an engaging, brilliant, humorous, and approachable instructor she is! And now she has this amazing podcast - seriously, if you are interested in dog training, and how and why things work (or don't!) this is the podcast for you! Hannah covers a variety of topics, and there's always some pertinent take away for me. Thank you, Hannah, for being such an awesome person, dog trainer, and instructor, and for taking the time to produce this podcast! ~Leslie in Dawsonville
  • Cjk-Aussie
    Don’t know which podcast it was - there are so many that are so awesome! - but the way Hannah described the mechanics of shaping finally made it all click for me (pun intended) 😀. I was struggling to help my dog learn “find heel position from wherever you are, even if i’m not moving”. Using the correct mechanics after listening to Hannah, it took FOUR tiny progression steps and he’s flinging his rear into position before my human brain can catch up to click for starting the movement. It’s like magic. Seriously. Love love love it!!!
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