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From creator Jon Grilz, a collection of the most famous and disturbing creepypastas and urban legends in the world. Listener discretion is advised. Stories requests can be made on twitter @creepypod or via email at

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  • Jinx willow
    Amazing I love how the stories are scary and a mystery🤩🤩
  • KatJanette
    Best horror podcast out there!
    Beautifully nuanced storytelling that just keeps getting better.
  • hdhfkskam
    I love this stuff and I have been none stop for like a week
  • AK Ajijic
    The voice sounds like a robot
    Horrible voice. The cadence sounds like a robot.
  • Hernandez8277
    The stories keep me on my toes! I am not even made a dent in the episodes. Lol. I’m working on it
  • Smar1eb17
    Most stories great
    I appreciate the content warnings and always heed to them before choosing which episode to listen to. I wish more podcasts adopted that methodology. Great work!
  • Pvicks
    I’m very disappointed that you would allow a politically bias ad to air on your podcast
  • Asterola
    I really like this podcast, its great to binge to.
  • Julehleh33
    The original narrator is the best one..
    Leave politics out of this. I keep wanting to be a patreon but then a story has an ACAB agenda, or racism and prejudice against white people. Some stories are really good, but some fall short. Also, I don’t care about the alien stuff. I’m here for the ghosts. Please listen to your reviews. You have great potential, I don’t even mind the ads. This “not so hidden” agenda and pandering is tiring.
  • fartspreader
    Great but
    Most recent episode had a lot of slurring. Making podcasts is tough work. Hopefully he’s alright and not using
  • Killswitchv0300
    Creepy 4L
    The Gas Stations tales are by far the best stories I've ever heard! I recommend Creepy to all my friends and send them episodes on a weekly basis. They have a wide selection of different types of horror that will put you on the edge of your seat every time! I have been listening for almost 3 years now and I have not been let down yet! Although this 31 days of horror I wanted to hear a tale from Old Man Henry or the guys at the gas station.
  • El Rey aka robo rob
    If you love horror fiction don’t miss out on this show
    I love horror fiction podcasts and this one is top notch!
  • briiesta
    I miss the gas station episodes!!! Your stories are great
  • OhJackie0
    Good show but day 14 is horrible
    Overall I enjoy this show but Day 14’s story (“My house told me…”) is unnecessarily derogatory towards women. There was nothing in the story to indicate why the character would take such a demeaning tone and it did nothing to drive the plot. I kept listening and thinking that some explanation would develop, but was disappointed that this would go through all levels of review that happens in planning and production and no one would flag it for editing.
  • TheRealSavage887
    Day 12
    I’m A Fan Of The Show But The Reader On Day 12 Isn’t Really A Strong Reader And He Makes The Episodes He Reads Seem More Dragged Out And Full Of Stumbles And I’ve Heard Him Read Multiple Episodes. Still A Fan Though Jus An Opinion. 5 Stars!!!
  • stinker maddy ❤️
    Such a spooky podcast!!
    I love this podcast so much! The stories always give me chills. I’m a bit of a wimp so I’m very thankful that there are trigger warnings so I know what I’m getting myself into. Let’s hope I don’t get nightmares!
  • magicmurderfan
    So so
    Not a great narrator (the main guy that does the creepy en espanol ad) Always seems lost. The stories don’t make any sense. No feel for a tense moment or sentence flow. Meh.
  • 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️
    By all means listen
    The attempt of word combinations and voice overs, the intent behind storytelling is to engulf the listener and what they have done here is superb in measure. It has caught my attention by miles. I absolutely love this podcast, and listen to this whenever the day has me down. And it always brings me up. I even listen to THE DARK SOMNIUM. On my off times. It’s absolutely awesome they do this. Love y’all scary stories.
  • Cody, First of His Name
    John Can Read Me the Phone Book
    … and I would still be enthralled. This is some of his best work out of the many podcasts and episodes he works with and on. Don’t sleep on John!
  • EPRmax
    It said that it was not explicit in the rating but then it says it is
  • LewBrizzy
    Why you so WOKE?
  • Brit Rami
    Love this pod!
    I started from the beginning episodes and am almost caught up to current episodes! Love this podcast so much! Especially loved the recent creep away camp!!
  • L4990
    This podcast is only as good as the creepy pastas they choose. Sometimes they’re really poorly written, sometimes they just have a few instances of poor vocabulary. Narration/reading is pretty good besides the guy whose inflection is so distracting and over the top that it’s hard to pay attention to the story- I usually skip his episodes. I also wish they would quit picking stories that have villainous fat people in them or character descriptions talking about how gross being fat is. It’s 2022, let’s move beyond demonizing an entire group of people for absolutely no reason. Very teenage-sounding writers from some of these stories but that’s how creepy pastas are sometimes. Looking forward to better picks in the future.
  • ElleHelle
    Reliably solid
    One of the only pods where I don’t skip the ads.. they’re like these bizarre little palette cleansing comedy/horror bits that make me laugh every time. That’s real talent to make me actually pay attention to the ads just as much as the feature
  • Tillooertube
    Updating my review
    Needed to update my review, the latest episode was aMAZEing!!!! Thank you John for all the work you put into the show. And now in SPANISH! I am a fan for life. Definitely one of the very best podcasts out there. Old review: Everything else is amazing. Truly deserving of five stars but the music just KILLS the mood. It’s not terrible, just terribly wrong for the creepy feeling I’m looking for.
  • Levi_859
    The do you see my smile ore gave me chills
  • emmayaga
    One of the best but
    The “my name is garbage” had a quick bit of animal cruelty in it which wasn’t grotesque or over the top but I wish they had mentioned it in the trigger warnings. Otherwise, I’ve found them to be one of the best horror podcasts, especially of those that are considerate enough to include episode warnings. Great narrators and episode length - I will continue to listen!
  • Live Life for God
    Gang Stalker!!!
    This last one about the mother contacting the narrator…too close to home. MIL. Lots of good scary stories.
  • NewportBeachGirl
    Tied for my favorite podcast! The entertainment value is exquisite. I can listen to the Creepy Podcast’s mind-bending stories for hours. The stories are deliciously disturbing and the narration pulls you into new mysterious worlds. The tales are original and not a repeat like you hear on other podcasts. Highly recommended.
  • Miya Delbal
    Such great stories!
    Loved the camp series! I appreciate the longer episodes but they’re all great 👌
  • Dsahina
    Great stories
    I am loving the Creepaway Camp stories! Keep up the great work.
  • tavyn,age9 alaska
    Scary = ehh
    Not scary enough
  • Lil Lizifer X
    Love it, but
    I don’t know what happened but a lot of the voices lately just make me sleepy. Which, like. Aren’t most of us just perpetually depressed and exhausted lately anyway? Torn between loving horror writing and being supportive or like, falling asleep driving.
  • ElK969696
    Shots of What?!!
    Once the narrator says she’s doing shots of Malibu as she writes, everything that follows is suspect
  • rayanne53
    My favorite
    Best scary, spooky and sinister story collection out there.
  • King🧚✨
    I’ve found my horror fix 😂
    I listened to an episode for the first time ,and I wasn’t able to sleep that night!! That may seem bad, but I think it’s great B) Plus the voices used is perfeeeect 👀✨
  • K_Sted
    All day every day
    I can’t stop listening. Already donated. Let it never end
  • cupahotcocoa
    It’s so good it’s like an orgasm for your ears!!! 😂😂
  • amrcorbin
    My favorite podcast by far!! Love it!!
  • +4:30
    Love Nate Dufort
    Production quality is great, but I absolutely find the Dufort episodes to be the best of the best.
  • 34673826383928102947
    Used to be better back when they were covering older original stories
    This podcast has slowly gotten worse over time, back when it was just John it was great, but slowly the podcast ran out of the stories that made it great, and with the hire of pretty bad voice actors and the onslaught of modern stories, it just got worse, which is ok, I’m from Minnesota as well and is still support the podcast, but to anyone listening from the beginning it unfortunately gets worse and the constant pushing of the LGBTQ agenda gets tiring over time.
  • Amy True Crime Review
    Annoying ads annoying voice
    Host has the worst voice and the ads are awful
  • I'm Kimberly
    Sometimes it’s good
    This one is really hit-or-miss, story-wise and not all narrators are great. I’m getting a little annoyed that every story that takes place in a remote area is narrated with an egregious “southern” accent (the latest one 03may2022 is in Vermont smh). No, not everyone who lives in the woods or on a farm sounds like that. Cole Burkhardt and JV Hampton-VanSant both have a sardonic inflection in every single story they narrate and it gets old fast especially with Burkhardt’s vocal fry on top of it. Michelle Kane, Nate DuFort, and Danielle Hewitt are usually great. Jon Grilz is decent in the gas station jack stories, but Owen McCuen really outshines everyone in that.
  • Sipter
    Cole Burkhardt
    I enjoy this podcast, but Cole, you need to stop with that enunciation in your voice. I know you can speak with a straightforward inflection because it does come out every so often. Good god I’ve had this review from a while back but it’s the same annoying voice. Chill out with the wannabe Katherine Hepburn crap. Ugh.
  • Daniblaze
    One of my favorite podcasts that I eagerly anticipate every week. The stories and voices are *chef’s kiss*. I’m so glad you’re full time now! Congratulations and thank you for providing us with a top tier podcast!
  • Five2midnight
    It WAS creepy
    From horror to eye rolling.
  • Steibz
    Great podcast until it went woke...
    I used to listen to this all night from season one because I'm a truck driver. The stories in the first few seasons were very interesting and frightening, but recently I can't even stand to listen to the show anymore. Woke culture ruins everything. It's a darn shame.
  • Just a lonely drawer
    One of my favorite creepy podcasts!
    I normal listen to creepy stories when I draw. When I first started listening to these stories I loved them but they sometimes scare the crap out of me but that’s what I love about them! Keep it up :)
  • GrumpyGurl1081
    I want to get this out of the way first...Jon, if u keep making ur HILARIOUS ads, no one is going pay for ur show!!! That statement alone should tell everyone and anyone the love, care, and dedication Jon and ALL of the members of the Creepy team bring to this incredible podcast. This was the podcast that introduced me to the world of podcasts!!! And I’ve been in love and 110 percent dedicated ever since. Creepy is the best of the best in that it was the “gateway drug” into all other horror and speculative fiction podcasts but it will ALWAYS be first and favorite. The stories, narration, production, and overall quality are top notch. Jon and his cast of narrators, and production team are incredible!! Besides their terrifying stories, they also are totally inclusive of all genders, races, backgrounds, and all other minorities and groups that are so under represented in horror stories without seeming preachy. I know other podcasts have done the same but CREEPY was my first to really see that all inclusiveness. That aside, this podcast lives up to its name and is truly a chilling, spine tingling, and terrifying adventure EVERYONE can enjoy!!! And whether u become a Patron or not the stories r AMAZING and the ads that Jon and his cast make r HILARIOUS!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK EVERYONE!!!!
  • Rev. Madison
    Consistently Creepy
    Good stories. Good narration. Couldn’t ask for a better podcast.
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