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From creator Jon Grilz, a collection of the most famous and disturbing creepypastas and urban legends in the world. Listener discretion is advised. Story requests can be made on Instagram @creepypod or via email at

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  • Jljess1128
    Bedtime ritual
    I love this podcast but… I miss The Holders! It’s my favorite!
  • 👁💁🏽‍♂️👏🏽
    If that’s cool with you This is your podcast
  • Commander One Hander
    Drugazi wrote this!
    Always my go to bed time story! Rotation of narrators keeps things fresh. Can’t beat the annual extra spooky 31 days of Halloween. It also helps that my girlfriend is in love with two of the male narrators voices so she’s always more than willing to listen in on episodes! Great job Creepy!!
  • kong rong
    This might be what you are looking for
    An earnest, well curated and acted scary/weird/gonzo story podcast that has mostly outgrown its “creepypasta” roots into a more mature weird fiction showcase. A variety of stories styles that are more hit than miss, and rarely pretentious even when occasionally overly ambitious. I still feel grateful I found this show on a cold dark lonely night years ago. It is a good listen by the fire. The host/creator is very likable.
  • Ettaylorew
    Occasionally worth it
    Wish they curated the content a bit better. Many of the stories are great, but as often as not I find that I wish I had picked a different show.
  • allylou2004
    The holders is getting so old
    Every holder’s episode is basically the same. I LOVE this podcast but every time time so dissatisfied it’s just another holder’s episode, please please take a break from therm. They’re so predictable and boring.
  • joeeessdeee
    I used to really enjoy this podcast but The Holders series is such a pain to get through. I endured the first few episodes thinking that was it but we get more and more episodes. They’re so boring and they feel so repetitive. I haven’t listen to the last one but I can tell exactly what going to happen…
  • diverdoc13
    Narrator is TOP Notch!
    Mr. Creepy-pasta is a excellent narrator. Plain and simple. The story content well that leaves something to be desired. To all you writers out there, the woke traits more and more creepy pastas are having is getting absurd. You may find this shocking but not all or even most straight white males are actually pure evil. Crazy I know but I have been getting the sense that many of you don't know that since overwhelmingly the antagonists of stories are....straight white male (if the villain is human). Like all the time... Of course it is your complete right to write any story you wish but and some point you might have to display some creativity and find a new villain. And if you choose to write the same woke crap all the time people won't want to patronize you in any way. Crazy how that works huh?
  • diana 1229
    the BEST
    definitely the best scary story podcast but also the favorite of all my podcasts (of which there are many, in several different genres). i look forward to it every Wed and Sun
  • Aleepal
    Excellent, only one critique
    I love this podcast! I enjoy most of the narrators, but I’ve started skipping any stories JV reads. They always sound sarcastic and condescending.
  • Danella76
    Just listen. Thank me later.
  • lacy133
    Love Spell
    Love this podcast. Jon is the bomb!!
  • Miguel0083
    One day a religious person won’t be portrayed as a psychopath but not on this podcast.
  • LewBrizzy
    Love the show but…
    You should really think about having more guest narration. I LOVE the show, the stories, but every time I hear the name of the narrator I can almost always know exactly how I’m going to feel about the story I’m going to hear. Mostly BORED. Honestly man. The only person that changes the tone or inflection of their character read is John. John is literally the only one that changes or even attempts something new ever. New accents, new changes of character. New ideas. I don’t know. I just know how I feel after two years of listening loyally.
  • coppertopper2000
    Holders series hot garbage, otherwise great pod
  • MasterOfDarkSouls
    Holders Series
    I absolutely love this series and just started to listen to it. I hope that it finishes the 500 some parts because I love just imagining the process of if you do one wrong move and have to do everything ever so perfectly. Great series and can’t wait to see more parts!!!
  • Jerry Cunningham
    The holders series
    Please tell me the Holders 13-18 is the last if this crap . The podcast is 5 stars if you just skip over this series. I’m not going to lower to 4 stars because everyone makes mistakes.
  • 2020BHC
    Great stories buried in between boring stories based on white woman hero complex and lame stereotypes. Worth a binge.
  • NatitheWonderless
    This is Creepy!
    This podcast never disappoints. Highlight, Jon Grilz's voice. Oh my, yes. But I have to say thanks for everything y’all do. Everyone at Creepy. Y’all make a difference.
  • L@ugh/Cry
    Loving the Events
    Loved the summer event and the extended month of horror. Sooo creepy. Keep them coming and I appreciate your hard work.
  • hdjsidbc
    i don’t like horror but this podcast is amazing 😈🖤😈🖤😈
  • LSCroft
    Delightfully Delicious
    They have such fun with these creepy pastas!
  • Disabled Homesteader
    Listening to these two girls and the language they use is so disrespectful to there stories.
  • Gwenfarr
    OMG I Love me some Peter Lewis
    31 days of Horror. I love you guys, all of you, love what you produce. Adore John. But was so happy and surprised to hear Peter Lewis for this month I think I busted a blood vessel. Awesome podcast I can’t live without, but the addition of Peter Lewis is an early Yule present!
  • mmmmmcbabe
    Good horror story podcast with a wonderful, goofy host
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for 5.5 years now. This was my FIRST horror podcast and I still love it. I’m behind on episodes right now, as I’m always cycling through my favorite pods to catch up. But I’ve probably listened to every single one through last year at least twice. John is a super likeable host and also my favorite voice actor on the pod. He’s super goofy and charming. Just like every horror podcast that I’ve listened to after this one, the stories are really hit and miss, and I don’t love all of the voice actors. But it’s a quality podcast that I will listen to for life, and I suggest all horror fans do the same!
  • live,lagh,love
    I like it👍
    I listen at night when it is dark. I get very scared and enjoy. I’m a horror kid🫠 my fav insidious movie is the second one. If you know you know. I didn’t like the lion one tho. I don’t like imagining some scrawny guy rubbing his d*** on the wall. I see enough of that in the school bathrooms😭😭😭
  • jgfffj
    People are weird.
    I love this show. The quality does vary every episode but I don’t mind. If there’s an episode I don’t like I just skip it. After reading some of the reviews, i didn’t know there were so many people who think this show would be anything other than inclusive. Using phrases like “anti white” is hilarious when majority of the stories don’t even tell you the characters race. It’s such a stupid complaint. Leaving one star reviews because you hate hearing bout inclusivity is insane. I hope all these people have horrible days for the rest of their days. Love the show!
  • Qjdjsusbe
    Tire of woke
    Use to love to listen but now every character in story is woke it seems
  • It's all goo
    Great show
    Listened to every episode and enjoyed them all.
  • 20,000
    Jon Grilz Rules
    I seriously love this guy, and this podcast is so prolific that it’s a wonder he has time for it all (plus SCP, etc). One star docked for the inconsistent quality of the story submissions they accept.
  • Itnevarap
    Uneven Quality
    When a Creepy story is good, it’s very good, but when it’s bad it’s boring. I got hooked on the first several stories I heard. The acting was terrific, the narrative suspenseful. Then, however, the quality of the stories became inconsistent. They were dull, or so badly written that I was unable to sustain my willing suspension of disbelief. I found myself fast forwarding through them. It’s a great concept for a podcast. I wish all of the stories were well executed.
  • frankieswifey8765
    I love this podcast!!!
    This is definitely one of my favorite podcasts ever!! I just finished Autumn Wolf and I don’t usually enjoy werewolf stories but that story is now one of my favorite stories and I will share it with others because it is beautiful!
  • MgraceM8791
    Enjoy this podcast!
    I really love joes voice. He’s not monotone. Love the stories too!!! I love the episode “Autumn Wolf.” (Not the beginning of the story -that was rough- but the rest was great.
  • Todd Hedges
    Woke CRAP
    If this show would stop being anti-male, anti-white, anti-Republican/Conservative and anti-Christian, this would be an ok podcast. Stick to the creepy and leave out politics and social justice nonsense!!
  • Kellydawn68
    This episode is just bad. What was that story about??? I recommend this podcast a lot but this one was just bad. 9/10/23
  • ameliajinx
    Ads make it unlistenable.
    Loved the show, but I just cannot listen with the weird, loud, obnoxious, terribly placed ads. Def not for falling asleep, since the only actual jump scares are every 5 minutes are when you have to rush to your find your phone in the dark to skip the cacophony. Bummer!
  • Leesh2023
    Fave Horror Podcast!
    Absolutely loving the “Scare You To Sleep” series… has been my favorite so far!
  • Sars AKA Jade81
    So scary!!! 😱👻👹
    These stories are sooo creepy. Some are a bit disturbing, so depending on your age, you should listen to the listener discretion. This is for sure one of the best scary podcasts I have listened too! I LOVE the narrator! The voice is soooo good!! It’s a night and day difference from other podcasts I’ve listen too. Definitely give it a listen!!
  • BookHangovers
    My go-to for Creepy Comfort Content
    My love for Creepy Pod is ASTRONOMICAL!! Everything about this Podcast is exceptionally STELLAR!! ….From the background sounds and haunting ambient music, to the stories themselves and the killer narrations. — Creepy Pod’s TOP NOTCH production makes this podcast my number one MOST favorite CREEPY Content Creator!! They get all the stars ⭐️ ♾️+1
  • BWalk2007
    Starts strong but can’t keep it going.
    The earlier seasons had a wealth of creepypastas and urban lores to go off of. These were definitely the pinnacle of the show, the first 100 or 200 episodes. Once it transitioned to fan submitted stories the episodes got much weaker. Ironically, the worse the plot got, the better the quality of guest narrator for the show. Nearly all of them convey emotion and setting better than Jon does, it’s just a shame they’ve got to work with junk scripts.
  • kittykat13plus
    A very interesting show and it tickles my scary side
  • bfield3
    Good stories, boring voice
    Most of the stories are good. But the author’s voice never changes. It’s always sublime with no change in tone. He just never shows any excitement or change. I like the guest authors much more because they actually have inflection and change in their voices when reading the stories.
  • mattmacp215
    For some reason this helps me sleep and then I have wild dreams
  • rickroll7777777
    Love it but…
    Love it but I wish they would make longer stories or at least not end half of them with cliffhangers. I like those few times where it actually does happen like my new favorite story, parodaxal/ at my most human state.
  • Mlatherton
    This podcast is so funny. 😂😂 Is it supposed to be? I don’t know. Not my thing at all. No thanks.
  • husky 202
    I love the one am I a sex worker my fav bye
  • RM Vice
    Pretty Good Stories
    In general the stories are descent, the audio is great, the narrators are really good but could use some improvements. Regardless, I’ve stuck with the podcast and have had many days worth of stories.
  • SheDrivesZ
    I Love “Creepy”!!
    I have listened to this podcast for many years and I absolutely love it. However, I find myself going back and listening to the older episodes. For some reason they are memorable and I really enjoy them. The newer episodes just don’t strike me like the older ones. My favorite narrator is Joe and there’s a few others that I like but there are a few narrators that I don’t much care for. They don’t deliver the story like Joe does. I find myself focusing on the distraction of their voice, and I end up missing the entire story. I understand change is good, but why fix something that’s not broke. “Creepy” is the very first podcast I ever listened to, so it’s quite memorable to me and I will always listen to it. You’re still my all-time favorite podcast:)
  • Christine de Pizan
    Please add brief psummary
    Hi, I love spooky stuff and have listened to this podcast for years. I would listen more if I could get a brief, one sentence preview of what the story is about in the podcast notes, so I can know ahead of time if I think a story will appeal to me. Right now, I listen less than I used to because I don’t want to get invested in a story I might not like, especially since I’m going it blind. Would that be possible?
  • ZSpiff
    Decent at best
    The stories are great but the narration leaves a lot to be desired. He tries. It is especially cringey when he attempts to be suspenseful/creepy. It is hard to hear him at times because he just ends up mumbling. The other narrators are about the same.
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