You Meet In a Tavern - A 5E D&D Actual Play Podcast

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Follow the continuing epic podcast adventures of Tug, Derf, and Karl (played by Kirk, Jamal, and Bryan) as we navigate our way through our first 5E D&D campaign.

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  • Mr fawsum
    Pretty new to these podcasts and this is actually my first IV started listening to bit these guys are pretty hilarious, awesome story line so far as well, keep it up👍🏻👍🏻
  • that toe kid
    Spooky and fun!
  • *~Ren~*
    Great Gameplay!
    Absolutely love this podcast! Love the chemistry and friendship between everyone. Just started listening and I already love it. I would definitely recommend.
  • JakeGreen32
    Amazing podcast!!!
    This podcast introduced me to Dungeons and Dragons and now I’m obsessed! I binged every episode and loved every second of it
  • bonoger
    Love this podcast! I started my first campaign a few months ago. These guys are hilarious, the DM is great, and I’m learning some skills while being entertained. Definitely recommend!
  • Joshua954247743
    Great adventures await you
    These guys do a great job of bringing you along on their journey. I am laughing out loud at least once an episode. There are also some exciting and powerful moments.
  • SammyJOM
    A GREAT D&D Podcast
    I just became a fan of YMIA Tavern towards the end of Season 1 and Season 2 doesn’t disappoint! In both seasons, the story starts quickly so you don’t have to listen to hours and hours before the action kicks off. The players, Kirk, Bryan, and Chris, keep it entertaining and engaging, and Joe masterfully DM’s it. Definitely download a few beginning episodes to try it out!
  • patrick1233456779
    D&D beginner
    Just starting out this is entertaining and has some great humor. Very informative as I get started on my own D&D journey!
  • afjd nh
    Aaaaaaaaa yesss! This is the best!
  • Stegs22
    %100 New to D & D
    I’ve never played D & D but a friend approached me recently to ask if I’d like to. It was something I’ve always been curious about so I told him I’d read up on it and get back to him. After a small bit of research and then discovering this podcast (only about 5 episodes in from the beginning) I am already itching for my first campaign. These guys are very fun to listen to and make the game sound amazing. I truly can’t wait to try out D & D for my first time almost solely from this podcast. So thank you guys and can’t wait to listen to more!
  • Gunman02
    Happily Surprised & Thankful
    I wasn't sure if it was better to jump in to your guys newer stuff or not. Thankfully I started from the beginning and each episode makes me greatful that I did. There is always something that makes me life and makes me think about my own adventures. This podcast is a great listen especially if you need some entertainment. I really wanted to say thanks to you guys as you turned my 1&1/2 hour drive into a good time. And you got me and my friends to start playing D&D again. Keep it up 👍
  • Shakdubeak
    Best actual play podcast!
    I’ve been listening since late in the first season, and I binged the whole thing. I was so excited when they announced a season 2, but then my enthusiasm was crushed when I found out it was going to be a Pokémon setting. I know nor care nothing about Pokémon. However, Kirk, Brian, Joe, and Jamal you have made something completely uninteresting to me into the podcast to which I look most forward! You guys are hysterically funny. Thank you!
  • PunkPirate07
    Just keeps getting better
    This podcast just keeps getting better as I progress though it. Great cast and one of the best DM’s I’ve heard. Keep it up and thank you for all your hard work.
  • havenybaby
    By far one of my favorite podcasts.
  • ICE33SAM
    Great balance of comedy
    5 episodes in I was enjoying it, but upon a “I kick the door in” and “Get your ear pussies ready.” in episode 6, I almost cried laughing at work. Well done!
  • robmdeleon
    These are the guys I wish I could play d&d with. Awesome role playing. Impressed with joe’s story.
  • Mdawg210
    The unexpected journey
    I’ve always been D&D adjacent with my love of fantasy books, movies, and MTG but I’ve never made the leap into a game of D&D. I decided to listen to an actual play podcast during my commute to work and decided on YMIA Tavern mainly based on the cover art in iTunes. I feel like this was the best choice I could have made due to the groups general lack of experience with actually playing D&D. They all had D&D adjacent hobbies much like me and I feel like I’ve learned the game right along with them. The episodes are the perfect blend of humor, noobness, and D&D. I’m 40 episodes (not counting the extra one shots and other fun sidetracks) and I just keep getting more and more invested. Take the plunge and go on an unexpected journey with these fantastic four gentlemen. You won’t regret it in the slightest.
  • Gjfryj
    Awesome Podcast
    I was missing D&D so I decided to look for a D&D podcast, and I found this! I love it! Everyone is hilarious and I have enjoyed the story thus far (Episode 7). I listen to it as I drive to and from work, and it makes it much more enjoyable.
  • Timpicc
    I started listening because I was joining a D and D campaign and I never played before. Not only did these guys teach me how to play but I am hooked into their story. I can’t get enough. I look forward to driving just so I can hear them.
  • AJ Bringaze
    Fantastic work fellas!
    Been listening to the podcast for about a month now, just finished the final episode. Just wanted to say you all did a really remarkable job, both as players and as a DM. You made the characters and the world tangible yet magical at the same time and it was a joy embarking on the grand adventure with you. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for season 2. Thanks for being great, guys!
  • SpartanCrafter7
    A perfect listen for anyone
    I started listening to this podcast about two months ago and I was hooked and still am, I’ve listened to this entire podcast twice in the span of two months and am working on my third. It’s really great for people thinking about getting into DnD and even for those who really don’t care whether or not they want to or don’t. The characters are extremely lovable, especially our three mains: Derf, Karl, and everyone’s favorite gnome monk Tu-... wait, he’s not a gnome? Then what is he? A Halfling? Well that just doesn’t make sense. Okay cut out what I said, it turns out that he’s a halfling but nonetheless! They are lovable and funny and all have their own moments. Karl being the more serious one but also having his funny bits (thank you Sorahs Bane or however you spell it) Tug Mugbar being the absolute most mad lad out of all of them with his love of music that doesn’t exist yet (All Star) and the fact that he’s a gno- halfling monk just makes it all the better. And last but certainly not least we have our boy Derf. The absolute unit when it comes to sacrifice (LIVE FOR ME) and the balance between the more serious Karl and the “naw, I don’t wanna do that” of Tug. I believe that without Derf they would probably eat each other alive. But that’s my two cents, if you read all of this than congratulations! All that matter though is that this has got to be one of if not the best actual play DnD podcast’s out there. Listen to it if you haven’t already! Do it! DO IT NOW!
  • Mellony97
    Ended up clicking on this podcast because I wanted something interesting to listen to while at work and it is amazing! The guys have such a great dynamic and they’re hilarious! The story is super creative and exciting. The best part is that you can tell it’s real and not very scripted and that they’re just having a great time. Awesome to see the character development in the story! Hoping for more!
  • Yeager rules
    Great group of guys, favorite DnD group
    I found this podcast almost immediately after I started playing DnD and I have been in love with it ever since. These guys have such a great dynamic and amazing characters, not to mention an awesome DM. I hope they continue to do more podcasts even after this campaign comes to an end.
  • Nightsiderider
    Great Podcast
    I started listening just to try and learn DnD to start with some friends, and instantly was hooked. The guys are hilarious and the story is fun. Great podcast.
  • Besette
    Please do more
    Guys, I love your podcasts, and I believe that you can continue the adventures of Derf Terftow, Tug Mugbar, and Karl Withak. You’ve given us the Pokémon arc, but please don’t let that be the end.
  • jenniferstm
    Hilarious, cute, creative
    Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast. It’s a fantasy setting with creative plot lines, and most importantly, the 4 guys are all funny with distinct characters and personalities. I was completely new to D&D and was drawn in because of them.
  • KsSpurs21
    As a fellow DM myself, I take a lot of inspiration and base my DMing style as very similar to Joe. He’s right up there with Mercer as one of the best DM’s out there. I love the characters and the plot.
  • Don Hitman
    Greatest podcast
    This is one of my favorite podcast. I appreciate everything you guys have done!!
  • rlame
    One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to
    It was fun listening and and laughing with you guys I hope you will get the chance to make more pod casts because this was a blast
  • Mr Big Papa
    Non D&D player
    I have never played the game but was looking for some entertainment while I drive on my long commute to and from work. I LOVE THESE GUYS!!! They are real, it does not sound like a forced pre canned exchange. These guys are very entertaining and have won me over! I now want to try to play this I just need to find the outlet to do so! Thank you for opening my horizons on gameplay and the hours of enjoyment! And by the way, “I Disrespectfully Disagree” with any negative review they may get!
  • jtt_16
    Top Notch!
    Fantastic podcast for experienced players or anyone just interested in D&D. Characters and story are great, not to mention these guys are hilarious! Definitely a must listen!
  • A Norma11 Guys opinion
    Out of all the dnd podcasts I’ve watched this has had to b on of the funniest and amazing storylines I’ve experienced
  • princess Tamny
    This is the first D&D podcast I have listened to and it got me completely hooked on D&D The ending was fabulous and I am sad to see it go thank you for the many great hours of listening to you have a blast with a great game
  • jarydM83
    Highly Recommended
    In what became the very first podcast I ever listened to, I found a group of gamers that seemed excellently paired together, and a dungeon master who understands what the game is actually all about. It was fun to hear them learn how to play and adventure together, as well as how each of the characters grew throughout the adventure. It felt like playing with old friends, and I hope the conclusion of this first tale is not the end. Cheers guys, and may our adventures meet one day!
  • Lejean
    First D&D podcast I've listened too and worrh it!
    This was my first podcast I've ever listened too, and I'm glad I did. They hooked me with their personalities and humor which really made listening to this D&D podcast enjoyable! Just by listening to them, they helped me get ready for my first campaign I was going to play in. The story is great! I also love the one shots that they do with various people that join them (got me listening to the people they host as well) . Definitely give these guys a try they are so worth it!!!
  • Ugandandan tribe
    A simple must for DND fans or those interested
    It’s amazing,funny,charming,hilarious,captivating, and so much more. Honestly when I first started I didn’t think much of it. Now I’m really gonna miss these four guys and the world they made. You truly feel that they loved what they were doing the whole way through. I’ve never written a review on anything and this really made me want to, just so I can help in the few ways I can, and if you’re on the fence about downloading this podcast... You’re gonna want to write a review after just a little while. All around it’s one of the best out there and you’re gonna love it.
  • JJsalohcin
    The BEST DnD podcast that exists
    I’ve been listening to this podcast since almost the beginning and now the thought “when is the next YMIAT episode?” is part of my weekly routine. It’s gonna be hard to shake that. This podcast is exactly what all of us non-neck-bearded casual DnD players live for. A fun and easy to follow story with an emphasis on the players enjoyment rather than strict rule following and hard role playing. Honestly I’m gonna miss these guys. When/if they do start again it’s gonna be so hard to adapt to new characters because of how well they played the previous ones. Joe, I appreciate you and all of the time you’ve given us. I know it doesn’t mean too much coming from an iTunes review but I wanted to thank you. You are a remarkable DM and what seems like an even greater friend. As sad as it is to see the end I do realize that it has been a long three years. People have personal lives and a hobby is just that. Of course I will be waiting for a new campaign however it’s completely understandable if they don’t end up coming back. Let us all appreciate the work they have given us and hope they inspire some new people. Thank you to the whole cast and crew for a great experience! Anyways TLDR: if you are like me, a dnd casual, this is the perfect podcast for you to listen to on your runs, transits, or simply to get you through the day.
  • Cantwaitforthezombieapocalypse
    No more??!!
    Sooo are we starting a new story arc?
  • Live Life for God
    Is this ending? Are you doing another campaign? Seriously addictive. :’( For everyone else, this is an amazing podcast that provides basic knowledge of D&D in an imaginative expansive world(s) that you will not be disappointed in. One of my favorites that I have continued to listen through. The guys are funny and you will be immersed into the complex characters. You guys are awesome, thanks Joe for getting the whole crew together.
  • Mockingjay-Directioner
    This podcast always helps me with DM writer’s block! I have a special connection to it because my campaign has three of my friends who also started out as newbies and we’ve got a paladin and druid too!
  • You meet in the tavern
    I love you guys
    You guys are one of the greatest podcasts ever will you make more episodes or another season or just anything or maybe a new show but that would be great if you guys get this review soon I don’t know if it’s possible can you review me back I don’t know well i’m nine years old by the way and I listen you guys all the time but if you do end up making another series or something will you make them shorter instead of like a little bit over an hour long thanks
  • Meowmix67
    Can't recommend enough!
    This is my first foray into D&D Podcasts and I am so glad I checked these dudes out. I've listened to about 30 episodes now, and it legit feels like I know the guys. The storylines are fantastic and the laughs are plentiful. More than one time I've had tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard. As a person who has just started as a DM and is learning to play the game myself, this has really helped me learn a lot of the rules and how to keep the adventure entertaining. Thanks very much for all you do, guys!
  • SteeleDee112
    Words cannot describe how amazing it is.
    Super funny and such a great story! I love Kirk’s voice! It is so much fun to follow this great adventure with amazing plot points. I binge listened to 44 episodes in about two weeks, foregoing TV and video games the whole time just to listen.
  • ecissel2
    I didn’t know what to expect when I tried a DnD podcast..... and this group has gotten me hooked! As an avid player this cast makes me want to get back to my own adventures and see what trouble we can get ourselves into!
  • KirianX
    just started listening to podcasts recently I knew I liked DnD so thats what I looked up and I found you guys i've truthfully had an amazing experience listening to all of the podcasts and now im just waiting for the finale! loving the pokemon one shot as well this is just an amazin podcast!
  • BoofMaster3000
    Best Podcast
    I go through torture waiting for the next episode.
  • Wwertyyuioplkjhfddv
    Enjoying the hell out of it
    Loving the pod, great work ... can’t wait for what’s next ... maybe a nice big dungeon full of traps and treasure
  • Dyydcgs
    Love these Guysm
    Excellent podcast. Extremely entertaining, and for a beginner to DnD, it was helpful in learning.
  • mike gust
    New listener it’s whatever
    Just started really playing myself. Very relatable to what is being done. Love the play and the comic relief. Will listen and have shared with friends.
  • No nicknames for B
    Great gaming
    Insane, ridiculous, irreverent, funny as hell and surprisingly deep at times. YMIA Tavern is great the guys have a blast and somehow work in some great gaming along the way. Definitely worth a listen!
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