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  • 837374834732
    It would be great to see a talk with Bishop Robert Barron and Hamza Yusuf. That would be interesting. Both have a good deal of knowledge. There needs to be more discussion between Catholics and Muslims.
  • SK@OH
    Insightful and deep discussions
    Hamza Yusuf is a blessed individual.
  • Meener17
    Hamza Yusuf is a Brilliant Scholar
    I’m so thankful to be living in a time when a Brilliant Scholar such as Hamza is among us.
  • farghamb
    Amazing podcast
    Each podcast is an amazing jewel filled with wisdom. Shaykh Hamza is such a blessing not only for Muslim community but for all the communities at large.
  • Nicole Mansingh
    Thank you!
    Amazing episode. I heard this after Fajr prayer and it moved me!!! I would love to hear more episodes. I do not hear heavy breathing or sniffles. Audio on my end is perfect. Thank you so much for this.
  • CH321123
    Too much heavy breathing
    The message is great but the person breathing heavily and sniffling is very distracting.
  • Salihandro
    Please try harder with the audio
    I don't want to hear breathing and you sniffling your nose brother. Episode: The gift of prayer. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf is a gem though, and bro do you really need to repeat the reminder of your running cost for the straight first two minutes of the podcast? Don't worry about the running costs, think of the Baraqa you're getting by sharing these beautiful messages Ameen.
  • 258904367995
    Many blessings
    Sheikh Hamza’s lectures are a great comfort to me. I’m disabled, so I don’t get out much, and I have a lot to learn. I trust Sheikh Hamza’s lectures, and through listening to them I understand more about Islam and feel closer to Allah. May Allah keep the sheikh and his family close in this world and the next.
  • JesseTrigger515
    great content
    where the audio quality may lack the message makes up for it.Allahu Akbar!
  • tuckjosh
    Can’t understand a damned thing
    The audio is literal garbage quality.
  • studentofdeen
    An erudite scholar of our time
    A Muslim can spend their entire life in study, but only with Tawfeeq and providence can a person become as learned as Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. This Muslim Central channel uploaded clips that were previously on other sites. But the collection is not well organized nor is it updated frequently. Still, there is many hours of content here for the seeker.
  • UltimateReviewr
    Life Changing
    Please don’t stop posting sheikh Hamza’s lectures. You have no idea how much impact this could have on somebody Jazakom Allah Alf Kheir Ahmed
  • GinnyIAm
    I am very grateful
    I have listened to Hamza Yusuf for several years because I always learn something new, and he helps me to expand my vision to see the world in a new light. He is a scholar of the first order, and I appreciate that about him. I am really happy and grateful to know more of his knowledge and understanding through his contributions to Zaytuna University and this podcast.
  • namar0x0309
    Much needed knowledge
    Great to see Sheikh Hamza Yusuf knowledge everywhere Mash'Allah! Beautiful lectures and much to learn! Jazakallah Bi Khayr!
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