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The Pilot to Pilot podcast is a place for aviators to come for inspiration and encouragement. We aim to help all types of aviators to continue pursuing their aviation dreams, whether that be flying commercially or flying for fun.

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  • NW_Nick
    Thanks for the episode with Chris White
    This episode was great. I’ve been a nurse for 10 years. Now at 38 I’m making a career change and am just 3 hours into my private pilot. Love hearing from people who came to being a professional pilot later in life or as a second career.
  • _Grace.White_
    5 Stars for my father, Chris White.
    Incredible job revealing a story that even had me intrigued the entire time. We are so proud of you dad… who would have thought?!
  • conner702
    This is the best aviation podcast out there
    This podcast has been vital to me in getting me through my ratings. Always good conversations and awesome guests!
  • johnjonesy33
    Great stories
    I’m working on becoming a pilot and it’s been difficult at times to push through but all the awesome stories from other pilots has been incredibly inspiring. I can only hope one day I’m good enough to make it on to here and inspired others as so many on here have inspired me. Thank you for this.
  • AZNFlush
    I’m thinking about becoming a pilot after I retire from the military and I stumbled upon this podcast. I love hearing the pathways and experiences the guests on this show share.
  • hunterG-pdxflyer
    Easily My Favorite Podcast
    I love this show a ton, for many reasons, but mostly because as aviators we love to talk about flying and share stories and nerd out about planes and you get a little bit of all of that with P2P. Justin, thanks for doing what you do - I started listening during my training and have tuned in every week since. Aviators, welcome to your new favorite podcast!
  • Theonetwo3
    Great for newbies!
    This podcast is very helpfull and inspiring for people looking to get into Aviation. Lots of great interviews. Thank you Justin and all the Interviewees!
  • m.cuneo
    Pilot Drew
    This interview was outstanding. His story was very inspirational and also very funny. I know that he was very pleasant to interview. I love the rapid response questions to have him.
  • Flying Bearman
    Darned fine show
    This show is great entertainment with an awesome host and very interesting guests. I look forward to each show, thank you for your hard work!
  • PGBAv
    My Go To Podcast for Happy Feelings
    This podcast is not only informative but entertaining, and the range of guests is fantastic. The format is great. You feel like you’re listening in on a fantastic conversation over drinks at a party. Well done, Justin!
  • SteveSchwab
    Good Suff!
    I’m a pilot who has been licensed since I was 17. I’m 59 now. I never chased my dream of flying for a living and I now kick myself for not. Channels like this benefit people like me because we can live a bit vicariously through others. Keep up the good work, I love to listen.
  • CoPilot Mom
    Don’t miss a single episode
  • BryanTBenj
    Love the show
    As someone who is randomly interested in aviation and not a pilot to any degree, I find Justin’s interviews super intriguing, educational, and well planned. I hope to use the knowledge from him and his guests to help me some day secure my own private pilot license. Keep up the solid work!
  • SMOlili
    Great interviews
    Thx for the great podcast and exposing me to all the different aviation career paths. Your interviews are so good, I always enjoy them :)
  • MΔTT
    This pod rocks!
    This podcast really gets me there man. The stories are unreal! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!
  • cl65skip
    This is the standard.
    Justin sets the standard for interviewers in the podcast world. Each episode takes you on a fascinating journey of so many different personalities, backgrounds and professions within the aviation community. Every pilot has a story, and Justin is an expert at guiding his subject to explain their own literal ups and downs as they become airborne. If you have any interest in aviation, this podcast is an absolute essential download. Great stuff.
  • Alden Volle
    A must have for interested pilots!
    I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to Justin’s conversations and insights with fellow pilots. When I became interested in aviation this was one of the first podcasts I started listening to and it continues to be my personal favorite!
  • rat88fan
    CitationMax interview
    Great interview with CitationMax, he’s an interesting young pilot. Thanks, love the podcast.
  • Omerion
    Great podcast, love the insights
    I discoved P2P this year and have been following and listening to it as soon as they come out. The insights are very interesting and I look forward to each episode. Thanks for your work!
  • Ilovesharkd
    Best podcast out there
    Deserves more then 5 stars
  • Mikeymikemmmmm
    Well made interviews
    Great show! Keep em coming.
  • sten 05
    Awesome podcast
    This is an incredibly well done podcast, being both educational and inspiring to anyone who listens
  • Trashman85
    Awesome Podcast!
    I just listened to his latest podcast with Max Weldon (AKA Citation Max) and it was really good! I really enjoyed listening to Max’s story and get his perspective on flying. I hope to hear one of my other favorite pilot you tubers Premier 1 Driver, Greg Mink. Keep up the great work!
  • Plano Adam
    Personal & Informative
    First, I need to say I’m newly subscribed, having found your podcast via CitationMax. Truly you have a nicely formatted/produced podcast with the right questions, informative answers with an entertaining result for the listener. Very Enjoyable.
  • peter.tarantelli
    Started with You Tube...
    As an aviation nut I was searching for some podcasts to accompany me on my long walks. I stumbled on this one and discovered right away a couple of the You Tube pilots I follow and started listening. Very enjoyable, very easy to listen to. It’s just a couple people having a conversation. 5 STARS! Update: all caught up and just listened to the CitationMax episode. I follow Max on YouTube. He is as professional as they come yet very humble and very grateful for everything in life. Well done Justin! Still 5 STARS!
  • MatheusSSouza
    Great content
    Interesting content, always with a well-conducted conversation done by Justin.
  • Appdev23
    Excellent podcast
    Thank you Justin for always finding the right people in the industry, to bring us such a variety of information and knowledge from the aviation industry. The diversity of people you bring on the show, really makes it interesting and something to look forward everytime. Keep up the good work, Deon Mitton
  • Matty Boz
    Stories are everything!
    Justin puts together a great podcast that is enjoyable and informative to listen to. I’m an aviation enthusiast who is considering a career flying planes, and as an outsider to the world of aviation I have found this to be an amazing resource. The format of interviewing fellow aviators and hearing their stories is such an impactful way to reach the multitudes. No matter who you are, there is something for you on this podcast and the stories you will hear will inspire you. Keep up the great work Justin, and of course, GO BUCKS!!
  • Onlymichaelberg
    One of the best!
    This is one of THE best podcasts for aviation enthusiasts. I really enjoy the diversity of the guests. Pilots from every avenue of the field bring their expertise to the aviation world. Awesome podcast! I definitely look forward to new episodes.
  • spjeep4x4
    Great podcast!
    Very inspiring podcast with an awesome variety of pilots from all avenues of aviation. Good mix of education and I really enjoy listening to other’s stories. Keep up the great work!
  • sgriffi17
    Inspirational and informative
    I’ve been out of flying for a few years but have been hungry to reignite my flying career. Pilot to pilot has exposed me to so many areas in the flying world and educated me to a huge variety of possibilities as an aviator. This podcast has nearly single-handedly rekindled my passion for flying and shown me that my aspirations are possible. This is the perfect podcast for any aspiring/hour-building pilots at any stage or avgeeks.
  • goat rancher pilot
    Good stuff
    Hey man, this is good stuff. In all seriousness no one in my family has ever been a pilot but I start my pilot training this fall in Omaha Nebraska and this podcast reassures me that I made the right choice. Thank you for that.
  • That Hippie Pilot
    Hands-down favorite podcast...
    ... and I listen to a lot of podcasts. It’s been a great time following Justin’s podcast. Be sure to go back the beginning and follow along as he progresses. Not just as professional aviator, but also as a podcaster.
  • HRahman57
    So Helpful!
    Thanks so much for the great content! I really appreciated the episode on AOPA with Gary Crump! I really had no idea how much the organization offered and the complexities behind a medical until this episode. Keep’ em coming!
  • Check_Wheels_Down
    It's About the Journey, Not Just the Destination
    You can't google everything about flying as a career, sometimes you have to sit down and chat with someone who's been there and done that. Justin does exactly this in his interviews. As a CFI who hopes to contiunue a lifetime of flying professionally, this podcast gives me hope in a career that can sometimes be uncertain. Justin and his guests remind us that while there is no perfect path in aviation, the journey is well worth sticking to it. Keep up the good work Justin!
  • iPhone OS 3.0
    Love the podcast!
    Interview Vincent Aiello from the fighter pilot podcast!
  • dfwgal
    Episode 107, Type 1 Diabetics get their wings
    I’ve been listening to Pilot to Pilot for the past 8 months or so, after my son committed to becoming a professional pilot. I want to learn all I can to help him in anyway possible. He’s a senior in high school and was accepted into the aviation program at South Eastern Oklahoma State University in the fall of 2020. This episode hit me in the feels hard! I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic as a 20 year old in 1991 and MY dream of becoming a pilot died that day. So to hear that people like Pietro and other t1d’s now have a path to that elusive left seat definitely brought tears of joy. Thanks and keep up the great podcast.
  • IFlyHawks
    I’ve Listened to Every Episode...
    Pilot to Pilot is one of my favorite podcasts and one of the top-tier aviation media networks. Justin does an incredible job of picking and having conversation with aviators from all parts of the sky. Politics are set aside and your left with a light, enjoyable, informative and usually funny story of the podcast guests journey through the world of aviation.
  • TangoUniformCharlie
    Fantastic Podcast For Anyone
    I believe this is a podcast for anyone looking for a good story weather you are interested in aviation or not. I started listening to this podcast before I started flight school and I continue to tune in weekly as a student. A lot of the stories and experiences shared in this podcast are things most aviators can relate to, and it feels good to know you are not alone. It just goes to show anyone can fly a plane if you really have the drive and passion. Fantastic work! Keep it up.
  • Bobert199
    Great quality
    Every episode of Pilot to Pilot is very well produced. Wether you are an ATP pilot or just an aviation groupie every episode has very interesting content!
  • Adonis Mendoza
    I once believed flying was impossible for me.
    I once believed flying was impossible for me. I dream of flying when I was a kid up to my teenage years however I had to make a choice of flying or my current carrier. If I had podcasts like this back, then, I would have been a pilot because of the stories it brought back that passion for flying. 20 years later. Nice job!
  • Spanky_Spangler
    Great podcast!!
    Been listening for about a year now and have learned so much from Justin and all the people he has interviewed. I listen when I’m at work and it helps me get through the day. Keep it up man! I wish apple wouldn’t make it so hard to write a review or I would of given it 5 stars a long time ago. Thanks so much for everything. I also just ordered a hat because they look sweet
  • Candice Helms
    Great podcast for aspiring pilots
    I’m not (yet) a Pilot, my husband and I are still locking in a flight school in our area, but we both LOVE listening to Justin’s podcast. The numerous knowledgeable yet interesting interviews is what draws us to listen every morning. Great podcast for beginners and advanced pilots.
  • Alexjd0205
    Great podcast for student pilots
    I am a student pilot and I love this podcast. It teaches me so much about the aviation industry while still being a lot of fun.
  • altb0754
    Grassroots inspiration
    I was always interested in aviation. But hearing stories all walks of life has been super inspiring. So much so I’ve started saving for flight lessons and started buying study materials. Thanks for getting me through the long drives at work!
  • Dodge23
    Great podcast!!
    I am not in the Airline industry. But coming from a airline family. This is a great source for pilots to follow there dream. Justin is my brother Founder of Pilot to Pilot. I just listened to the podcast with my Dad I heard things I have never heard before. The detailed questions and quality of the podcast is amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of my brother. Great podcast and will help a lot of Pilots follow there dream!!!
  • wg12345678910
    Best Aviation Podcast
    So inspirational and informational! Definitely the best aviation podcast!
  • Jerret Kfhsr
    Very inspiring
    I look forward to and cherish each episode as I become more inspired and motivated to continue to learn more about aviation with each episode, keep up the good work! 🤙
  • PhilipStas
    Simply awesomeness
    I am not in the aviation industry .. but it’s been my dream to become an airline pilot since I was a wee little one, and it still is more and more every single day. The one and only thing holding me back to making that first step into the start of training is the costs. As I’m sure it is for many many others. But listening to pilot to pilot is bringing me closer to making that big decision one episode at a time. This is my favorite podcast by far, and I highly recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in aviation. Cheers Justin, keep doing what you’re doing, absolutely outstanding work!
  • V1pilotJC
    Amazing podcast!!
    I have listened to this podcast for a couple of years now, and the perspective Justin and his diverse guests bring has been instrumental in flight training and building towards my career. The conversations are a blast to listen to, and the messages are inspirational. I recommend the podcast to all of my friends, avgeek or not.
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